Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

I do not need

I do not need

„Do you want to submit to me?” The black robe man vision stares at Wu Tian Great Demon Senior that group to bloom radiant rays of light Primordial Spirit, the corners of the mouth reveals wipes the color of teasing.

„Good, I am willing to submit to you, becomes your subordinate, a Yi Xin (wholeheartedly) intent works for you.” Wu Tian Great Demon Senior hurries saying that he passes message by Primordial Spirit, lets Tian Clan Dynasty another two big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, is hears clearly.

These two big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse complexion that this made immediately became gloomy, revealed the decadent color.

„Reason that Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, my Tian Clan ends up to turn out so is out, is because offended Heavenly Demon Saint Religion. Wu Tian, you gave to harm our entire Tian Clan, oh, if one had only known, initially when you must begin to Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, we because of this fully prevented you.” In these two big Highest Beginning powerhouse hearts has been full of the endless regret, but in their hearts also understands that by supporting, is unable to change anything in the regret.

Because Tian Clan ended, Tian Clan numerous backbone strength as well as high-level strength, almost centralized await orders in Imperial Palace, finally all of them, turn into ashes under a that fearful palm.

„As far as I know, in Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, besides you, again does not have any Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, but I am one reached to Highest Beginning Realm 4-layer powerhouse, once there is my joining, to Heavenly Demon Saint Religion is even more powerful.” Wu Tian Great Demon Senior said that to go on living, he is almost anything is willing to do. Because he is clear, if not so, that waits for his, will be the ratio will die also wants the fearful result.

„You said is very right, in Heavenly Demon Saint Religion except for me, indeed again does not have any Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse.” The black robe man said in a soft voice that looks to the Wu Tian Great Demon Senior vision is actually as before indifferent.

Wu Tian Great Demon Senior has delivered the tone, however when he thinks when Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder must admit pledging allegiance to of own, Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder below a few words, all of a sudden have actually struck back Wu Tian Great Demon Senior the hell.

„Was a pity that I do not need!”

The voice falls, the head of Wu Tian Great Demon Senior blasts open immediately, by the palm that demon qi wraps, crushed his head directly, has grasped his Primordial Spirit in very crude way.

„” Wu Tian Great Demon Senior does not send out the sad and shrill pitiful yell, however this pitiful yell has continued the flash merely, then stops suddenly, his Primordial Spirit vanishes in the Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder hand does not see, was received.

Then, Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder, vision changes Tian Clan Dynasty another two big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse.

„Extinguishes Heavenly Demon Saint Religion, as well as seizes this little girl, is a Wu Tian person does, does not have any relations...... Tian Clan Dynasty Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse to sigh with us” lightly that both eyes are gloomy, if surface dying embers.

A Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder character did not say, both eyes light was indifferent, does not have the slight emotion color, direct has grasped, two groups of brilliance radiant Primordial Spirit taking.

Lost Primordial Spirit, Tian Clan Dynasty two big Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, the body immediately weak falling down, from them fills the air, but formidable aura, in weakened fast, merely in a minute, in this stretch of world, then thorough lost their aura.

„Wu Tian Great Demon Senior, already falls/dies......”

„Tian Clan other two people, similarly already falls/dies......”

„One generation of Eternal Dynasty, this in a flash, vanishes into thin air......”


Northern Territory, outside Luoshen Clan, collection peak powerhouse here voices the opinions, among expression very complex.

these days, Tian Clan Dynasty once pressure must they not gasp for breath, is at present, so formidable Eternal Dynasty, is actually in such a short time, from that powerful condition, has deteriorated rapidly, until vanishing into thin air, this huge transformation, gave them in the mind to have very powerful impact.

„Comes the person, transmitted orders, all personnel send out, to go to central region to cut rapidly to kill Tian Clan remnant......” Tongtian Peak Peak Lord to be rapid, then the vision looks to standing in these peak powerhouse, expression serious saying: „, We here wait, sees this Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder.”

Hears this word, collection all peak powerhouse mind simultaneously big quakes here, immediately some people call out in alarm said: „What did you say? Heavenly Demon Saint Religion can Supreme Elder, come here to come?”

At this moment, their complexion changed, before has not experienced Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder has gotten rid personally, their to Heavenly Demon Saint Religion Supreme Elder, some merely is one dreaded, but now, in their hearts actually has been full of the fear, in the innermost feelings has filled being anxious.

Tongtian Peak Peak Lord nodded, turns around to look to the Luoshen Clan direction, said: „Please come out Xiu Si Dun!” The Tongtian Peak Peak Lord sound spread to the Luoshen Clan deep place directly, one specially is Tongtian Peak in preparation yard in good taste.


Southern Territory, Peaceful Heaven Divine Country Dong An County, in Tianyuan Clan, wears Sheng Yu that a white vigor installs to stand above the Tianyuan Clan roof, vision with amazement stares is covering the trim Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) billowing demon saying that at present, Tianyuan Clan, is Peaceful Heaven Divine Country, and even entire Southern Territory, because of covering Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) existence of the demon cloud, but black puts out a hand not to see the five fingers.

In Tianyuan Clan, as well as the main street and small alley in Dong An County county city, in all directions lit the lights, scatters the surrounding darkness taking advantage of the weak flame, has provided some light.

„very powerful!” In Sheng Yu heart secretly thought, extreme vibration.

„Sacred Feather Tiger Emperor, because of should in having been through repeatedly slaughter grow stronger, grows under the endless blood baptism of enemy, not like you now this appearance, slow practice in tranquil and easy and comfortable day, you, finally is also only greenhouse middle accomplishment long flowers, cannot haunch a day.”

At this moment, the sound passed on behind Sheng Yu together.

In the Sheng Yu heart that this sudden sound, made in great surprise, he got back one's composure suddenly, sees only one to wear the man of black long gown, appearance that been quietly in his behind.

His black clothed, blends with the darkness of surroundings in the same place, resembled integrated in the trim world.

The Sheng Yu footsteps withdrew immediately several steps, his raise one's head looked to cover entire Tianyuan Clan formation, called out in alarm said: „How do you come in?”

„This formation can indeed prevent the Great Primal powerhouse footsteps, but could not have prevented me.” That black robe man expression light saying.

At this time, the Sheng Yu pupil light pierced the darkness, finally saw clearly the face of this black robe man, this let his mind big quake immediately.

„You... You... You are......” Sheng Yu is staring an eye stubbornly are staring this black robe man, among expression completely is unbelievable expression.

„Thinks that you had already guessed correctly my real status, good, all your guesses are correct.” The black robe man said.

„That... How should I because of call you?” Sheng Yu is quickly tranquil, his vision complex saying.

„Mo Tianyun, this is my real name, is not the alias.” The black robe man said that at once, his vision suddenly became swift and fierce, tight was staring at Sheng Yu, said with the extremely severe expression: „Our Sacred Feather Tiger Emperor, is in the world one of the most formidable bloodlines, pursues Ancestral Dragon, but hides the bloodlines strength and the infinite potential in our body, only has experience life and death time and time again to whet, is treading corpse mountain blood sea, with the endless blood baptism of enemy, just now can be awakened completely. You stay in Tianyuan Clan like this, does not pass through the war of life and death, to you, is hundred evils does not have a profit, finally, in vain will only have wasted your strength of bloodlines.”

Mo Tianyun these words said clank powerful, educates Junior by the stance of elder completely.

Sheng Yu was taught ashamed, said: „I know that I stay here, only wants to wait for my brother to come back.”

„Your elder brother?” Mo Tianyun is startled, but at once his both eyes light become profound incomparable, is correct saying that the color of divination flashes in the eye, in a flash, who he knew the elder brother in Sheng Yu mouth is, said: „Jian Chen is all right now, you do not need to be worried for him, then, you because of should the road that goes to your own to take.”

„Our Sacred Feather Tiger Emperor, should be the person of World of Immortals, does not belong to Saint Realm, we will sooner or later return World of Immortals, avenges a grievance, at that time, I hope that you had the strength of certain self-preservation.” Mo Tianyun said that mentioned avenges a grievance, he was very difficult to keep cool, the mood had the slight fluctuation.

At once, he puts out Rune Chart to give Sheng Yu, said: „This transmission symbol, will transmit you to a place, then directs you to go to a broken big contact surface. There is the Spirit Immortal World ruins, environment is extremely bad, crisis-ridden, does not pay attention slightly, will then have the danger of perishing. But the crisis, always follows with the chance, to you, is good informed and experienced place, after you prepare, on the past.”

„In that place, falls/dies Beginning Realm powerhouse has many, but after you pass, I will not give you any aid, all, can only depend on your own.”

„Not must make Sacred Feather Tiger Emperor bloodlines be shamed......”

Leaves behind that to say Rune Chart, the Mo Tianyun form then quietly vanishes, does not have shade, does not have trace, covers Tianyuan Clan formation, for him, described nominally.

Northern Territory, outside Luoshen Clan, these are built on summit of continent peak powerhouse, at this moment is the silent station here calmly is all waiting, in many person hearts has filled anxiously.

But wears Xiu Si Dun of scarlet long gown, impressively also in crowd, static standing in Tongtian Peak Peak Lord body side.

At this moment, wears black clothed together, resembles integrated the person's shadow in darkness completely, the appearance of being quietly outside Luoshen Clan, he crosses the hands behind the back to stand, is separated by hundred meters with Luoshen Clan numerous peak powerhouse.

This person, is Mo Tianyun!

His arrival, is these peak powerhouse pupils of command shrinks immediately in abundance, expression become extremely dignified.

„You came finally!” Tongtian Peak Peak Lord vision tight stares is integrating the person's shadow in darkness, expression dignified saying.

The Mo Tianyun vision has not looked to collection numerous peak powerhouse here, but looking at steadily stared is standing in Tongtian Peak Peak Lord body side Xiu Si Dun, the state of mind experienced the fierce fluctuation, the eyeground deep place, even was disclosed excitement and anticipation that was hard to conceal.

But was quick he to be tranquil, the vision then fell on standing in the front line, that wear white long gown, features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, the crane sent on Tongtian Peak Peak Lord of young face, said: „These years, many thanks you to his attendance.”

Tongtian Peak Peak Lord takes a deep breath, said slowly: „I saved him in the past, all consider for entire Cloud Province, I do not endure to look at Cloud Province life extinction.”

„I and Tian Clan matter, stop, the following matter gives you own to solve.” Threw down these words, Mo Tianyun no longer said that the hand wielded, demon qi curled Xiu Si Dun to vanish does not see.

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