Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Six Paths of Samsara ( 1 )

Six Paths of Samsara ( 1 )

„The strength of my Highest Origin is unable to use unexpectedly, this... Actually here what happened......”

„It is not good, mysterious strength have invaded my within the body, not only makes my whole body be incapable, is unable to utilize the strength of Highest Origin, and Spiritual Consciousness is unable to use, God King level Principle that senses also leaves me to go, Azure Sea Divine Palace Item Spirit has encountered the mishap......”

„Azure Sea Divine Palace has exchanged ownerships... This, this how possible......”


At this moment, all Peerless Generation God King complexion changed, sends out to call out in alarm, is hard to keep cool, in heart by one piece frightened and thick startled filling up. All of them are facing similar condition, in this flash, from that scenery infinite Peerless Generation God King, thorough degenerates into an average person.

The heart of Jian Chen is also becomes heavy incomparable, complexion is ugly, he sensation to own body within the body, mysterious strength existed, freely only then seems like not worthy of mentioning one continuously, but actually incomparable great strength, not only suppressed his strength of Primordial Spirit, and Chaos Force was suppressed.

In addition, the strength of flesh body his whole body loses, invades the within the body energy to create with this.

„Actually this is any strength, so is unexpectedly terrorist.” In the Jian Chen heart panic-stricken, he at this moment, became the incomparable frailty, not only cannot stand, and Huan Zhen Tower is unable to use.

Suddenly, the Jian Chen vision concentrates suddenly, a face with amazement is staring at the front, his vision pierced the darkness, clear incomparable sees an extremely terrifying energy, is changing into the naked eye obvious thick bad fog, tuck dive comes in waves toward the people, blocks the sky, the place visited, all materials all were submerged.

„It is not good, runs away quickly......”

„A bit faster flees from here, Azure Sea Divine Palace has exchanged ownerships, captures the Azure Sea Divine Palace person in secret is not the friendly kind, he must extinguish kills us .....”

Collection Peerless Generation God King here in screams, is uses the strength of whole body to crawl toward 8-layer, among many person expression has covered entirely flustered. Because of them, the bad fog that comes in waves from front that felt dense killing intent, this was one makes them all over the body live cold terror murderous intention.

Even if better than Zhu Wen, Shui Yunlan, powerhouse of Ao Li Duona this grade of level, is all over the body lives coldly, feeling that Great Calamity is difficult to run away.

However, these people lost the strength of whole body, even if they put forth the strength that nurses to crawl toward 8-layer, but speed is also slow like the snail, but distant place that has filled ice fierce killing intent, the terrifying energy of come in waves bad fog, speed is actually quicker and quicker, illuminates their this speed, radically impossible when that bad fog covers, enters 8-layer space.

Jian Chen vision stubbornly stares at front that to be similar myriad devils in making threatening gestures the common smog, in the heart is also anxious incomparable, is thinking deeply about the countermeasure with hardship.

How, he now such as other these Peerless Generation God King are also ordinary, thorough degenerated into a mortal, Profound Sword Qi was unable to use, Space Ring did not have the ability to open, places inside Universe Shifting Symbol, could not take.

However in Jian Chen is at a loss, his expression is startled suddenly, at once his two eyes, is lacking light purple rays of light suddenly, another eye, then turned into pale azure.

The ambush in his within the body Purple Azure Sword Spirits, has braved in this moment suddenly, in front of these many Peerless Generation God King, the Purple Azure Sword Spirits heart has the scruples, is unable obviously to melt directly, has with the aid of the situation that both eyes of Jian Chen observe the outside.

„Really is the strength of reincarnation!” Looks at that to blot out the sky, the terrifying energy of come in waves, Purple Azure Sword Spirits had determined finally the guess in own heart, exudes the screams, appears shock.

„It is not good, the master, the strength of this reincarnation is very fearful, do not contaminate, even if tiny bit, by master present cultivation level, does not have the strength of slight resistance facing the strength of reincarnation, even if contaminates a point, must fall into the perdition.” Qing Suo facial expression anxious saying.

„Six Paths of Samsara Immortal Senior the strength of reincarnation?” On the Jian Chen face reveals the forced smile, the reminder of Purple Azure Sword Spirits was too late.

Also in this moment, that turns into the thick bad fog, the strength of reincarnation comes in waves from the front, came with potential of volume seat the violent storm, Jian Chen including all Peerless Generation God King, covers all.

Immediately, Jian Chen felt that the own vigor in rapid passing, is full in within the body that boundless life can in withering fast, the light of Primordial Spirit becomes gloomy, the whole body is getting more and more weak.

He as if sees six huge reincarnation compasses, orthometric height high hanging in the own top of the head, wishes one could to pull into own.

The strength of this reincarnation is too terrorist, is too fearful, Jian Chen in the face of the strength of this reincarnation, does not have the strength of least bit resistance seriously.

Even if Shui Yunlan and the others, at this moment is also facing and Jian Chen similar condition, in the face of the strength of this reincarnation, all people does not have the strength of resistance, the strength of life is withering, the light of Primordial Spirit is gloomy.

At this moment, presents the place of strength of reincarnation, is not only 9-layer space, in entire Azure Sea Divine Palace 12-layer space, all by the strength of reincarnation covering.

In Azure Sea Divine Palace 8-layer, in that volcano world, was given to fill up by the strength of reincarnation similarly, under foot that fiery red lava, turned into the black ink black by naked eye obvious speed, the strength of this reincarnation, as if can soak any place, the continuous Large expanse of volcano, is that boiling hot lava, could not block its step.


Suddenly, roars to transmit, giant lava Giant Lizard, the body has the ferocious name terror wound to rise with a spring from the lava, in that giant eye has filled inexplicable panic-stricken, wants to flee from here.

However quick, the appearance in its eye became gloomy, resembled lost all strength in the flash, just leapt in the huge body to midair, pounded loudly in the lava, submerged slowly.

Even if Azure Sea Divine Palace 12-layer space , is hard to escape by luck, that four Highest Beginning statues, were covered by strength of the reincarnation similarly, a statue already collapsed, only the remaining three statues send out the dense light, is supporting tenaciously.

At this moment, big Azure Sea Divine Palace, only not affected, only had 9-layer space that Azure Sea Mountain. But this Azure Sea Mountain Supreme formation was also the full play, formed a huge energy barrier, will put in order Azure Sea Mountain to cover, prevented the invasion of strength of reincarnation.

In Azure Sea Mountain, Chan Long Grandmaster stands on a highest mountain peak, looks the strength of reincarnation outside wreaks havoc, complexion becomes the incomparable dignity.

Side him, that only giant python is also the winding there, the illusory snake eye is bursts out the dignified glow, looking at steadily is also staring at outside world.

„Ancient Principle!”

At this moment, the illusory sound conveys in the world together slowly, the sound is old, is having feeling of the vicissitudes, resembled experienced the infinite long distant years, brought to ignore the continuous reverberation of intent rhyme of all living things in entire Azure Sea Mountain.

Chan Long and that giant python pupil simultaneously shrink, vision neat looks to the same place.

Sees only in their dead ahead, situated in Azure Sea Divine Palace beside, is having together the fuzzy form float in the upper air, the strength of tuck dive whole body reincarnation, resembled to form an immortal cloud in his.

Takes a quick look around, this fuzzy person's shadow seems the control between world, including the strength of so formidable reincarnation, was stepped on by this person in the under foot.

„Who are you?” Chan Long Grandmaster sinking sound shouted to clear the way, saw this fuzzy person's shadow, the soft body hair of his whole body has exploded, the spine was sending coldly.

The plate was only big in of his side the python, the whole body scales has set upright, the pupil shrank the small accomplishment eye size.

„Old man Six Paths of Samsara!” That say|way fuzzy person's shadow start to talk, the old sound, contains the strength of infinite Great Principles, making 3000 rules be disturbed, becomes the disorder.

PS: Said today starts to make up, but the condition is not truly good today, the spirit is very exhausted, symbol time, under the finger often does not listen to direct, absolutely cannot be helped, has to place will start tomorrow. In brief, this month, is makes up one month, the Xiao Yao plan in other this month 20 days of time. As far as possible all chapters that owing make up.

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