Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator ( 1 )

Secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator ( 1 )

After several days dates, Jian Chen and the others underwent a conditioning, starts once more, hurries to toward 12-layer.

Quick, they then arrived at 7-layer, but at this time, Jian Chen their speed were also becomes slow, among expression, filled has been vigilant the color, even if is better than Shui Yunlan and Ao Li Duona two people, was in the slightest relaxed.

„Several days of time passed by, does not know battles between that lava Giant Lizard and these Peerless Generation God King, final outcome how.” Counts beside hundred thousand li (50,000 km) from the 8-layer entrance, Jian Chen stopped dignified, the vision is looking at the front, brings to wipe the worried look, at once Spiritual Consciousness like sword, fast goes toward the front spread, shortly will then cover 1 million li (0.5km) range.

„You wait for my here, front I have a look at the situation.” Jian Chen was saying to the people that voice falls, his then body lightning, vanishes by quick inconceivable speed in several people of eyes, twinkling ten thousand li (0.5km).

Shui Yunlan, Ao Li Duona, Rui Di, Zhi Ye, on blows Mu'er as well as Ming Dong and the others, subconscious stopping in same place, suspended looks at the direction that Jian Chen is departing in the upper air, Spiritual Consciousness fluctuations transmit from them on, similarly is blotting out the sky spreads to go toward the front, observes the front sound.

Very obviously, they know that Jian Chen has drawn out strength terror lava Giant Lizard in 8-layer space, achieves Beginning Realm high-level lava Giant Lizard facing one, the rank that even if they make in Peerless Generation God King is not low, does not have the slight assurance to deal, therefore appears very discrete.

„Has the person near the entrance, and quantity are many, we also with have a look.” Ao Li Duona has taken back Spiritual Consciousness slowly, was saying to several people.

At once, a number of lines person also grazes to go in the direction that Jian Chen departs.

The entrance to 8-layer space, more than 20 God King dispersions is sitting cross-legged to sit in all around, all of them are complexion are pale, the expression dispirited, the body clothing is tattered, even puts on best-quality Saint Item Battle Armor Peerless Generation God King, Battle Armor was broken, has revealed exposed outside, that big piece had been fired jet black flesh.

Very obviously, all of them experience personally heavy losses, half people remaining half have only assigned, even also some people, seem suffocated, life aura is gloomy, lacks lacerates few legs, has plenty of such people.

Also is because the injury extremely in the serious reason, making their many people weak continue to hurry along, seeks for place of hiding to come the healing strength not to have continually, can only disperse near the entrance, is away from a distance respectively, swallows the high-grade level healing Medicine Pill to restore.

Suddenly, sword light like lightning, such as the meteor cuts the expansive sky to come together quickly, but ten thousand li (0.5km) distance twinkling , before treating, then to the 8-layer entrance, changed into manner uncommon youth.

This person's arrival, awakened here healing more than 20 God King, when they open the eye, when sees clearly the person, expression of all people change, in the vision spout the dreadful anger, looks at that to touch the type, obviously hates to the marrow of the bones to the person.

„Jian Chen, you also dare to come to here......”

„Jian Chen, your this sinister deceitful mean villain, has cruelly harmed Peerless Generation God King on several hundred God King Ranking, you die like a dog......”

„You must pay the serious price for your actions, entire Saint Realm again does not have your place of taking shelter......”


Sits cross-legged to sit here healing more than 20 God King, half people open the mouth to shout angrily, clenches jaws, in the heart to hate of Jian Chen, penetrated bone marrow.

Other half people, is the vision tight stared at Jian Chen, in the heart has been filling vigilantly, prepares for that momentarily ran away.

Is listening to the cursing angrily sounds of these people, Jian Chen cold snort, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Your several hundred Peerless Generation God King to chase down me, does not hesitate to run up to 5-layer to come from Azure Sea Divine Palace 12-layer, then pursues to 8-layer, asked that my Jian Chen can offend you? But has provoked you? Only allows you to chase down me, can't I find the way to cope with you?”

„You, if refreshed hands over that little girl, several people can unable to pass with you, all these, are you bring upon oneself.” Peerless Generation God King opens the mouth saying that although this person is injured very heavily, but vision as before cold incomparable.

„Are all these I bring upon oneself? Ha Ha Ha, I whether to say, you can end up to turn out such fate, similarly is also your own casts, if not you compels with hardship, if not your heartless chasing down, how you will end up to turn out so are out at this moment.” During the speeches, Jian Chen approaches toward them gradually, among facial expressions an indifference, in both eyes also gradual jumps projects intense killing intent, cold sound track: „If were I have defeated, perhaps my Jian Chen now became an icy cold skeleton, but was a pity that illuminates the current situation, a side of defeat was not I, but was you, therefore, degenerated into the skeleton a side, naturally also because of should be you.” Jian Chen has put out Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword, Nine Stars Heavenly Law Sword in his hands, fills a light star splendor, along with being the power and influence gradual release of Divine Item, is blooming like stars rays of light.

At present more than 20 Peerless Generation God King, experience personally under the heavy losses, obviously did not have the strength of resistance, Jian Chen to move has killed the heart.

„Jian Chen, they could not constitute to threaten to you, you give their way out, should not be ruthless.” At this time, the Ao Li Duona sound passed from rear area, saw only her and Shui Yunlan and her party, also hurried along from the rear area.

„If there is put them, that your highness news, definitely a quicker revelation, will kill.” Shui Yunlan cold voice said.

Ao Li Duona wear a look of anger is staring at Shui Yunlan, said: „For serveral days, many people left Azure Sea Divine Palace inevitably, all news that in Azure Sea Divine Palace has, hide the truth from outside person, perhaps outside about your existence, passed to went, killed them also to no help.”

Ao Li Duona expression, the vision has swept from more than 20 Peerless Generation God King slowly, said: „Moreover I concluded, even if you must begin to kill them, impossible to leave behind them, so long as among them has one person to run away, the causes of death of other people will pass to their respective families. In these person of behind, stands shakes a side famous the respected family big influence, even clearly passes on the Saint Realm top influence, if makes their behind person know Peerless Generation supreme talent that cultivates laboriously dies in your hands, they will certainly not let off your, will chase down you in entire Saint Realm.”

„In 8-layer space, many Peerless Generation God King died in that only Giant Lizard hand, their falls/dies, has the relations of not being able to withdraw with me, their back influences, will definitely look for me. I offended these many big influences in any case, is offending several not to matter.” Jian Chen said.

„That is different.” Ao Li Duona shaking the head of gently, said: „Although falls/dies of these people have the relations of not being able to withdraw with you, but they were not cut to kill by you after all personally, moreover in Azure Sea Divine Palace hid so formidable lava Giant Lizard, truly stems from the anticipation of all people. Therefore, this matter only needs our God Clan to act to convince, not necessarily may not make them no longer investigate this matter. If the Magnificent Heavenly Palace person is also willing to act, that matter was easier to do.”

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