Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chaos 10-layer ( 1 )

Chaos 10-layer ( 1 )

Saw own to give to move the entire Dong An County influence, Jian Chen still did not have the tiny bit scared look, this made in two old man hearts sink immediately, felt unusual was not wonderful.

Especially sees Jian Chen to mention when Dong An County that superficial manner, lets these two old man psychology faint realizing, this chapter of this high-grade Divine Crystals mineral lode, has perhaps brought in a strength very strong enemy.

Two old man complexion gloomy, have looked at each other eye mutually, at once wears in the old man eye of ash-gray long gown to reveal severe light, was saying to Jian Chen cold snort: „To wrest away this mineral lode, first defeated both of us to say again.” Along with the voice, a handle black long sword appears in the old man hand, brandishes along with the long sword, immediately curls up dark rays of light, opens along with filling the air of this black rays of light, the hot sun of space was camouflaged the proper brilliance, the entire world becomes a darkness.

Jian Chen is without turning a hair, stands same place immovability, even has not lifted up including the view, regards this darkness completely , if no thing to be ordinary, sees only him to point, sword qi jumps to shoot from referring, blooms dazzling rays of light, makes this come from Dong An County two Heavenly God initial-stage both to fill the air for it discoloration terror sword qi.


In the bellow, fills in the endless darkness in world to dissipate immediately, but that grey robe old man, is the opens mouth spouts a blood, the body such as broken line kite results, weak has flown upside down toward the rear area, the expression dispirited, experienced personally the heavy losses.

Sees this, complexion of white robe old man also changes, immediately flew to catch the body of grey robe old man, however when his palm just according when carrying on the back of grey robe old man, complexion suddenly changed, only felt that incomparably formidable and swift and fierce sword qi transmitted suddenly, immediately was makes his palm hurt, sees only him according to the grey robe old man back palm, at this moment is covered with blood.

In white robe old man heart startles greatly, the whole face is startled stares at expression indifferent standing that accommodates there Jian Chen, in the heart is vibrating greatly, at present the strength of this young people was really too fearful, merely was conveniently one finger, then had such inconceivable might, merely was this, then nobody in eastern South county can achieve.

„This strength has surmounted Heavenly God late-stage completely, are this young people God Lord?” In white robe old man heart calls out in alarm secretly, after drawing this conclusion, in the heart is violent immediately jumps, at once no longer has hesitates slightly, immediately leads the grey robe old man to make a getaway, all person summon that simultaneously to mined, making all people flee from here by quickest speed.

Heavenly God in Dong An County is a Old Ancestor level character of side respected family, regarding their words, nobody dares to question, in the mine tunnel, after is mining Divine Crystals these miners received the white robe old man summon, all people immediately by quickest speed fled from here.

„Had God Lord to come here, must wrest away this mineral lode, everybody hurried to run away, hurried to run away”

„Had God Lord powerhouse to extinguish us, hurrying that does not want dead ran away, on slow one step might probably forever stay here”

Immediately, were full of the startled shout to transmit in all directions, all miners were frightened complexion to be pale, speed that became a fugitive are quicker

Jian Chen stands on the summit, tranquil looks at this, has not stopped, that after all miners run away does not remain, he floating arrived at the most deep place of mine tunnel, then the hand wields, Bright Moon Temple exudes a sad sound, steady falling in ground.

Along with front door opening of temple slowly, saw only black clothed Shen Jian to walk from inside.

In Jian Chen rushes to Peaceful Heaven Divine Country from Nine Star Divine Country on the way, Shen Jian injury then under the help of healing wondrous medicines restores such as beginning, but takes Fire Cloud Pill also to make him pay not the small price, sees only his complexion still presents a paleness of morbid state, obviously is the vitality damages severely.

Sees Shen Jian has not recovered, in the Jian Chen heart to acclaim the great strength of Nine Refining Life Returning Pill again. Fire Cloud Pill he also took similarly, similarly has also paid some prices, should the vitality damage severely, after may take Tong Tian that Nine Refining Life Returning Pill, he not only injury restores such as beginning, the vitality of losing completely has also supplemented.

„Shen Jian, what don't you have to obstruct greatly?” Jian Chen was asking to Shen Jian, is having the meaning of several points of concern.

Shen Jian vision light sweeps all around, said: „Your relieved cultivates, strives to break through in the shortest time, the Custodian issue gave me. However happens God Lord Realm, needs you to get rid to cope personally.”

Jian Chen is holding the fist in the other hand to Shen Jian, after having taken back Bright Moon Temple, then directly goes to mine tunnel most deep place.

In the most deep place of mine tunnel, Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit here, revolves along with Cultivation Technique, the strength of all around Highest Origin comes immediately, forms completely the mist encirclement that is condensed by the strength of pure Highest Origin becomes around the Jian Chen body, but the Jian Chen body, seems a bottomless pit general, crazily is absorbing all around the strength of this pure Highest Origin.

Along with his absorption, all around these hide high-grade Divine Crystals in rock, its rays of light immediately became gloomy, changed into the most common rock.

Now Jian Chen anxious needs to promote the own strength, even if his present cultivation level used high-grade Divine Crystals too to waste, he also refused to balk.

Outside Black Cloud Mountain Range, Shen Jian is sitting cross-legged to sit on a mountain peak, realized that the energy of bottom deep place Divine Crystals mineral lode is unusual, immediately is moved, said: „Cultivation Technique that Jian Chen cultivates truly, has absorbed speed of strength of Highest Origin so to be unexpectedly quick, and can also absorb the entire high-grade Divine Crystals mineral lode the strength of Highest Origin.”

„This high-grade Divine Crystals mineral lode, is the one's favorites of Dong An County these superior families, they such giving up easily, does not know what action they will take.”

When Jian Chen absorbs high-grade Divine Crystals mineral lode practice, guards came from in Black Cloud Mountain Range that two Heavenly God of Dong An County superior family, hurried back to Dong An County by quickest speed, does not have all superior families that in telling county city the least bit conceals the matter that Black Cloud Mountain Range has.

Black Cloud Mountain Range was seized, immediately provoked the angers of Dong An County all superior families, Heavenly God Realm Old Ancestor of more than ten superior families are assemble by quickest speed, complexion gloomy discussing countermeasure.

In the eyes of these superior families, but had already regarded the one's favorite Black Cloud Mountain Range that mineral lode. Because of this mineral lode, relates to their family future development and hope, very important.

„Bai Zi Qi, what you said is real? Seizes the Black Cloud Mountain Range person to have God Lord cultivation level really?” What speech is a body wears the middle-aged man of red long gown, said with the unquestionable expression.

Facing this middle-aged man's question, the white robe old man does not dare to have neglects slightly, immediately has stood, said: „Although I cannot completely understand his strength, but he can actually strike at will injures both of us, such strength has surpassed Heavenly God late-stage absolutely, surely is God Lord without doubt, and he comprehends Way of Sword.”

This red robe middle-aged man, a strength has achieved Heavenly God late-stage, is away from God Lord Realm not to be remote to the feeling of person. He, is in Dong An County one of the three top powerhouse, one of the Huo Family Old Ancestor, comprehends Divine Fire Principle.

„God Lord of Way of Sword boundary? Is it possible that is Wen Jian County Ling Hougong?” Red robe middle-aged man complexion becomes extreme serious. The mobile phone user please visit

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