Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Refining up blood clouds

Refining up blood clouds

Jian Chen enters in blood clouds, then felt that an incomparably huge oppression strength from transmits to come in all directions, just likes mountain results is having the extremely powerful pressure maliciously on his body, making his body sink suddenly, advance speed was affected greatly, became slow many, at the same time, filled evil aura to spread to the brain of Jian Chen, was affecting Jian Chen Primordial Spirit, was faint, as if had the illusion to appear.

The Jian Chen vision concentrates, in the eye has the Divine Light twinkle, calm, depresses in the brain that to receive the stimulation of this evil strength to have the illusion faintly the thought that at once Purple Azure Dual Swords suspended in its top of the head, sends out one purple one azure two color rays of light, forms a sword curtain to cover him, Chaos Force in this moment is also the proliferation to the whole body, with Purple Azure Dual Swords coordinates, to prevent the pressure that transmits to come from blood clouds.

After all, this blood clouds is equal to strength of Evil Spirit heyday, although was purified one-third by Eternal Divine Silk divine nature strength, but other two-thirds, its formidable degree by far has also surpassed the Jian Chen strength, if consciousness of Evil Spirit also, then it, even if controls this remaining two-thirds energies, strength that can display, is far from Jian Chen and Holy Spirit King two people can resist, although now Evil Spirit already by destruction, but this blood clouds strength with its great strength, can still give Jian Chen to create not a small pressure.

Jian Chen has not approached the blood clouds dead center, but penetrated hundred meters distance merely, stopped in the blood clouds border place, sitting cross-legged of expression serious sat.

Even if knows that Evil Spirit was eliminated, but places in this blood clouds, Jian Chen still does not dare to have slightly negligently, because this blood clouds strength was really too formidable, has surpassed God Realm by far, even he suspected, even if were strength that Heavenly God Realm powerhouse controlled does not have this blood clouds to be so formidable.

Jian Chen sits cross-legged to sit in blood clouds, takes a deep breath, has closed the eye slowly, starts absorption blood clouds strength cautiously, because this blood clouds strength is extremely formidable, and inside also contained extremely evil aura, Jian Chen does not know whether own Chaos Body can absorb this energy, cannot determine whether this energy not helpfuls but harmful to own, he who therefore first attempts does not dare to have crudely, has absorbed such as an embroidery needle like that big or medium small blood clouds energy slightly merely.

After this extremely tiny wisp of blood clouds strength was absorbed by Jian Chen, has not waited for Jian Chen with enough time to refine to it, his body started to shiver fiercely, this small blood clouds strength just entered his within the body, erupted very formidable might to come, powder keg that just like one exploded resulted, erupts the dreadful prestige, has had the astonishing fluctuation, nearly shook the meridians of Jian Chen within the body.

This energy was too formidable, by Jian Chen 8-layer Chaos Body, somewhat is hard to withstand, this absorption also merely is the small silk of embroidery needle size, if his disposable absorbent are too much, perhaps he will suffer very serious wound.

Jian Chen clenches teeth, endures this fierce pain silently, his Chaos Body is promoted every time one time, must experience one time to refine the pain of body, every time refining up the body, just like is a life and death suffers, this blood clouds strength to the pain that he brings, might as well refine the pain of body, withstands such ache, such as the potluck was ordinary regarding Jian Chen.

In Jian Chen Chaos Dantian, this moment Chaos Body rushes turbulently, the turnover leaves Chaos Force, simultaneously Cultivation Technique revolves, doing utmost refining up this blood clouds strength.

blood clouds strength is freely formidable, but only has this small silk, the latter source is insufficient, the time of small moment was built up to melt by Jian Chen merely.

Built up to melt this blood clouds strength, Jian Chen, not only did not have the least bit happy appearance, instead frowned, has opened the eye slowly, twittering said in a low voice: „This energy was actually refine to turn into the nihility, has not brought the least bit to me the profit, is it possible that the energy in this blood clouds, is unable to be built up.”

„Is impossible, Chaos Force is in universe strength of maximum level, besides Black and Yellow Energy, without any energy can with Chaos Force Bi Jian(side by side), Yin-Yang Qi be evolves by Chaos Force, although my present Chaos Force could not have called true Chaos Force by far, but somewhat is also having faint trace Chaos Force characteristics, although this blood clouds strength strong grasps 8-layer Chaos Force in me now, but this after is the without owner energy that who is not appointed to control, mentioned reasonably, if I want to refine the absorption this group blood clouds energy, there are possibilities of seven 8-layer to accomplish.” Jian Chen overthrew Chaos Body unable to absorb this blood clouds energy quickly the thought that according to him the understanding Chaos Force, Chaos Force can absorb all energies between world, absolutely did not have the division of Five Elements attribute, naturally, premise absorbed energy in his Chaos Body withstanding range.

Jian Chen has not given up , to continue to absorb the blood clouds energy to start to refine, formerly the thinking of that moment, making him believe that Chaos Force can absorb this group of blood clouds energies, if this group of blood clouds energies were controlled by Evil Spirit, he naturally does not dare to have such thought that but now, this group of blood clouds energies are only one are unable to revolt, even does not have the active attack function death energy, this provided one to refine to him to change into the possibility that oneself used.

Chaos Body is promoted one every time, the energy of needs is growth doubled and re-doubled, the demand very huge, now his Chaos Body has been in 8-layer, to be promoted 9-layer, the resources that needs have exceeded the imagination of Jian Chen, but this cultivation resources is also far from Tian Yuan Continent can have, if can at this moment after Evil Spirit falls/dies the clone energy of leaving behind makes his Chaos Body go a step further again, even if unable to step into 9-layer, then to Jian Chen is also a huge good fortune, not fault-tolerant.

The second attempt, Jian Chen was also defeated, that wisp of blood clouds energy of absorption, stiffly has become by his building up in his within the body the nihility, not having the half minute to stay behind, but his Chaos Force has not grown a point similarly.

Jian Chen has not been discouraged , to continue to carry on the third attempt, the result third attempt is also defeated.

The fourth time, failure

The fifth time, failure

Finally, after being defeated five times, sixth Jian Chen has succeeded finally, was inhaled within the body by him like the blood clouds energy of embroidery needle size, finally was built up to turn into Chaos Force by him, changed into own strength.

„I understood, this blood clouds energy because of its particularity, therefore cannot refine to change into Chaos Force each point of energy, must take its essence only then, but difficult difficult, this essence is hard to distinguish radically.” In the Jian Chen eye reveals the bright glow, so long as this blood clouds energy can be built up to change into Chaos Force, even if must waste a lot of time, that for him, is one is worth the happy matter.

Even if refining up the blood clouds energy to have too failure, so long as refine to melt one successfully, can enable his Chaos Force to have the weak growth, although the quantity of this growth were not many, but if calculated by the absorption world vitality practice, this quantity sufficiently could be as good as him for several years, even was dozens years of self-torture.

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