Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Extinguishes the city

Extinguishes the city

Scattered Clouds City these two transform adult 7-Step Demonic Beast itself to close up in the Scattered Clouds City place bottom deep place dives to cultivate, after the mutation of realizing Scattered Clouds City having, immediately wakes up from the practice, in an instant then left bottom deep place the institute of closing up, quietly appears in the midair.

7-Step Demonic Beast is equal Saint Ruler on Tian Yuan Continent, even if places Beast God Continent, in a radius of 1000000 mile s is also monopolizing the power in a place powerhouse, but these two Scattered Clouds City 7-Step Demonic Beast are similar to the Scattered Clouds City two protection Spiritual God, along with their appearances, in Scattered Clouds City fell into startled in various step Demonic Beast hearts to stabilize numerously in abundance much.

These strengths most achieve 6-Step Demonic Beast, has a worship as well as the trust of the heart regarding 7-Step Demonic Beast, even if they felt that the turnover toxic gas that golden python strength is not similarly weak, but the golden python has not transformed person after all, causing in numerous Demonic Beast minds to think the strength of golden python also 7-Step, because violently poisonous fierce.

Therefore, after Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step Demonic Beast appear, in the city some Demonic Beast also in abundance stopped running away, stops to stay over, in the distant place waits and sees, believes that Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step powerhouse decide however can cut to kill the person of attack with ease.

„Antiquity Variation Beast Silver Striped Golden Snake.” Scattered Clouds City two transform the adult 7-Step Demonic Beast vision to condense on the golden python, the pupil micro cannot be looked up shrinks, simultaneously exudes the low and deep screams.

Antiquity Variation Beast, is having the unusual status in Beast God Continent, because such Demonic Beast is often symbolizing the huge potential as well as the unequalled great strength, in the same rank level, nobody is their matches, has to be possible the ability of step challenge.

The Demonic Beast quantity that Beast God Continent has numerous number, but the Antiquity Variation Beast quantity, is similar to extremely rare is scarce, but without a single exception, when presents Antiquity Variation Beast, can cause a stir in Beast God Continent, because of this unusual animals, if grows smoothly, in the future will step into 8-Step surely, even there is a such uncertain opportunity becomes 9-Step Demonic Beast, and same rank is invincible, only has with is Antiquity Variation Beast bloodlines can take their matches.

However at once, Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step Demonic Beast in the old man vision reveals the thick greedy color, looked that also had the change to the vision of golden python, as if puts at present their is not one is full of the violently poisonous Antiquity Variation Beast gold thread silver wire color, but is a giant buried treasure.

„Cuts to kill this only Silver Striped Golden Snake at present, causes his meat, drinks his blood, or swallows his Demon Core, will have very big probability to let own variation, making me a more formidable, future road also magnificent.” At this moment, in the Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step Demonic Beast hearts has simultaneously emitted such thought that thinks that what is placed in the front is one has very big probability to let own variation the opportunity, their breath became rapid.

Excessively many spoken languages, Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step Demonic Beast have not gotten rid, in the vision has filled the burning hot, wants this only Silver Striped Golden Snake to strike to kill in the shortest time at present.

Form that sees only these two old men quietly appears before the golden python body, the thought moves, controls Space Force, in an instant coagulated space between this piece of world, wants in this method golden python restraint, then both hands to become Claw, grasps like lightning to the head of golden python, by simplest, the way of most reducing effort striking will kill.

This is several thousand zhang (3.33 m) Silver Striped Golden Snake naturally is Nubisi, Nubisi has not sent out own aura, and appears by the main body, this makes Scattered Clouds City two 7-Step Demonic Beast not see that he was suppressed in the Saint Ruler 9-layer strength, wrong regards 6-Step Demonic Beast to regard him.

On the Nubisi face reveals the taunt expression, several thousand zhang (3.33 m) body shakes gently, coagulation space immediately shatter, cannot prevent his in the slightest, then, his several thousand zhang (3.33 m) body moved suddenly, the speed rapidness, sees only a golden light to dodge, when strength slightly weak 7-Step Demonic Beast has not responded, closely was twined by the snake body by him, then he opens the mouth, bites another strength to reach the 7-Step peak Demonic Beast, only hears „crack”, this strength was cut by biting by Nubisi in the Demonic Beast entire arm of 7-Step peak.

Demonic Beast of 7-Step peak exudes the stuffy pshaw that is full of the pain, complexion instantaneously becomes pale, is bringing the whole face unbelievable retrocedes like lightning, looked that has filled panic-strickenly to the Nubisi vision.

And, in his breaking arm place, the bright red blood rapid is transforming toward the black, Nubisi not only has cut by biting his arm, simultaneously is violently poisonous also invades in his body, shivering that the Demonic Beast body of this only 7-Step peak making kept.

„You... You are not 6-Step, but is 7-Step, and 7-Step peak.” Demonic Beast of 7-Step peak was startled to call out, until this moment, he suddenly realized that present Silver Striped Golden Snake, the strength by far was not in the own imagination like that small and weak, his great strength, was not own can cope.

Nubisi cracks into a smile, although does not have incarnation person, but mouth speak human speech, said: „You said right, my great Nubisi already was not 6-Step, what a pity you knew was too late.”

hearing that, the Demonic Beast complexion disastrous incident of 7-Step peak, has not hesitated, is suppressing the violent poisonousness of within the body, abandons him to manage many years of Scattered Clouds City to run away to the distant place.

Nubisi has not gone to pursue, a pair is full of heartless and cold blood vision stares by another 7-Step Demonic Beast of own winding, the body is contracted suddenly, as if turned into meat grinder to result, this only 7-Step Demonic Beast strangling to death while still alive, met a cruel death.

„Touches.” Suddenly, this only 7-Step Demonic Beast day spirit breaks, his Primordial Spirit set of shield, flies like lightning to the distant place, has been full of the fear.

However when also not waits for him to depart is too far, together golden rays of light dodges to pass, sees only the snake tail of Nubisi from the distant place from out of the blue to come, overtook running away Primordial Spirit instant, under pulls out, Primordial Spirit dissipates immediately, body and soul completely eliminated.

Scattered Clouds City, spread violently poisonously the less than half city, changes into smog to turn toward under lead of breeze the distant place to spread, but in the distant place, standing that all Demonic Beast are dumb as a wooden chicken is staring there airborne, in the vision has filled with amazement, Scattered Clouds City two strength incomparably formidable 7-Step Demonic Beast such quickly are repulsed unexpectedly, finally also ends up to turn out the fate that dies runs away, this has shocked all Demonic Beast in Scattered Clouds City.

Suddenly, fills the panic-stricken beast roar to transmit, one length of body one zhang (3.33 m), outside the taking the form of cat, the body covers entirely Demonic Beast of scales to exude one to call out in alarm the sound, runs away by quickest speed to the distant place.

Other Demonic Beast in Scattered Clouds City also recover, immediately, all Demonic Beast become a fugitive completely together, displays peak speed, hears a stormy sad sound of footsteps in the ground.

„From now, this city does not exist, here will be one of my numerous domains, will remember my name, Antiquity Variation Beast Silver Striped Golden Snake, great Nubisi.” Nubisi has not been ruthless, Ha Ha of suspended in upper air laughs, is still maintaining the snake body, has not changed into the human form.

„Antiquity Variation Beast, unexpectedly is Antiquity Variation Beast......”

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