Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Turtle Clan Great Emperor

Turtle Clan Great Emperor

„Well and healthy, you are not besotted, the past flood dragon ancestor was in all Great Emperor powerhouse in our Sea Region history, most made person respect/honorable, most made Great Emperor that one respected, he has handled many matters in the life for our Sea Clan, had the greatest merit, how today this Palace Master helplessly visits you to ruin the flood dragon ancestor's this together hero soul.” Ya Di Lan Mo said in a soft voice that the sound is tranquil, cannot listen to the laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness, along with the voice, is not weak to send out from her in the Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master vast pressure, the terrifying fluctuation of energy is similar to the mountain torrent is erupting, wreaks havoc in the world.

Sea God Temple Palace Master has gotten rid personally, her pure white such as the palm of jade ties seal in chest front, in the collection world eight side essence, displays formidable secret skill.

At this moment, the person who the surroundings observe has polished the eye of own in abundance, looking at steadily is staring at the battlefield direction, in vision has been full of the anticipation and excited color, Sea God Temple Palace Master must fight with Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master, confrontation between two Great Emperor in Sea Region the matter that but many years will not have, has naturally caused the anticipations of all people, wants to witness two big Palace Master who who to be actually weak.

„We withdraw again a distance, in order to avoid being injured by fight fallout.” Saint King that the distant place observes said loudly that immediately withdrew once more several kilometers, arrives at one to think the safe place.

Other people also in abundance so, they were away from the battlefield to be far enough, but all people once more backward have drawn back a distance at this moment, Flood Dragon Temple several temple elders are no exception.

„Ya Di Lan Mo, do you want to begin with this Palace Master?” Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master both eyes torching, projects two scary rays of light, stubbornly is staring at Sea God Temple Palace Master, has been full of the intense hatred, he knows, if Sea God Temple Palace Master must protect Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people, he cannot kill them today in any event, this makes him very not willingly. This two people does not eliminate today, in the future sooner or later can be a big trouble.

In the world eight side essence gather in the Ya Di Lan Mo hand, finally condenses a handle silver white trident, Ya Di Lan Mo is grasping the trident single-handed, said: „To preserve flood dragon ancestor's hero soul, does not make the flood dragon ancestor's hero soul ruin your hand, today this Palace Master must prevent you.” Ya Di Lan Mo gets rid very decisively, the voice just fell, trident thorn to flood dragon ancestor that huge body.

The trident remains next gorgeous silver-white rays of light in the midair, to be about inconceivable speed to pass through void, has hit a target the flood dragon ancestor's head.


In the thundering bang sound, the flood dragon ancestor's head explodes suddenly, changes into rushing energy fallout toward to proliferate in all directions, has formed violent strong winds in the world.

Might no small matter that Ya Di Lan Mo this strikes, the unsurpassed secret technique that breaks Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master to use, sees only flood dragon ancestor that huge body has exploded from that the head to start, disintegration fast, dissolves energy dissipations in the world.

Flood dragon ancestor that huge body was Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master displays the unsurpassed secret technique formation, Ya Di Lan Mo scattered flood dragon ancestor's the body of energy, has rescued the flood dragon ancestor's hero soul, making the Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master last resort not display.

The Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master personal appearance was compelled, reveals true colors in the upper air, the personal appearance is distressed, already did not have the past dignity like that but in both eyes is actually the ominous light four shoots, jumps projects incomparably scary rays of light, mixed with the endless anger and hatred.

Ya Di Lan Mo does not have zaili society Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master, the turning around vision looks to Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people, after the moment, voices opinions, said: „Jian Chen, now ** really made me hold in high esteem, has not thought that in short time, your strength went to so the situation, worthily by the person who Your Majesty selected.”

„many thanks Palace Master praise.” Jian Chen cups one hand in the other across the chest saying that although a distress, but is energetic.

„Earlier goes back, a more important matter must be done.” Ya Di Lan Mo bites in a soft voice is, then the body in a flash, changed into the remnant shade to leave here together, suddenly vanishes in the horizon end.

The Jian Chen vision is staring at same distressed Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master, on the face appears to sneer, said: „respect/honorable Palace Master, you because of this have not thought that can be such result, you let Tao Zhengtian me from a Sea God Temple territory guide to the Flood Dragon Temple territory, then gets rid to cope with me personally, finally not only does not have successfully to cut to kill me, the own distress of instead also making.”

Listens to Jian Chen this to be full of the satire the words, a Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master face immediately the been mad paleness, chest fierce fluctuating, thinks that the Lord of his solemn territory, the status is aloof, today actually so is satirized, this made his lung be about to explode with rage.

But he also knows that is unable to cut to kill the opposite two people by the own current condition in any event, although the opposite two people seem the wounds is very heavy, but battle strength does not have weakened many , to continue to hit, own can profit not necessarily. Because he met Ya Di Lan Mo to strike by the body of severe wound, in the wound adds the wound.

„Tie Ta, we walk!” Jian Chen has not stayed here, calls Tie Ta, then two people simultaneously flies to Ba Huang Temple.

When Qing Yixuan several Saint King as well as Turtle Clan some elders see with inextricably involved two mysterious Great Emperor that Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master hits unexpectedly are Jian Chen and Tie Ta, all people were startled dumbfoundedly, cannot get back one's composure good long while.

Although Qing Yixuan several Saint King just already faint has guessed correctly two mysterious Great Emperor status, when guess in being careful by true confirmation, still makes their several people feel unbelievable.

„The King, unexpectedly is a King, with Great Emperor of Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master war unexpectedly is our Turtle Clan King.” A Turtle Clan elder makes the excited sound, entire body in fierce shivering, tears.

His words Saint King that watched the fun by surroundings these heard, in hearts vibrates greatly, Turtle Clan was born unexpectedly Great Emperor, this causes a stir in the entire Sea Region matter sufficiently. Moreover looks at this situation, another strange Great Emperor as if also relates with Turtle Clan Great Emperor significantly, this is the extraordinary important matter.

„Some matters went back to say again that you returned to Ba Huang Temple first, we leave here now.” Jian Chen was saying to some people.

Now Jian Chen in the Turtle Clan clansman mind, is similar to god general existence, is very naturally amenable regarding his words people, returns to Ba Huang Temple in abundance.

A Jian Chen move, the Ba Huang Temple volume reduces, finally the fist size flies in his hand, then and Tie Ta two people left here, hurries to toward the Sea God Temple territory.

Because he sensation, Heaven’s Spirit Hall Palace Master arrived here, is hiding in has not come in secret, this to Jian Chen is a ten points not wonderful matter.

Initially, he extinguished Heaven’s Spirit Hall Palace Master Primordial Spirit clone, has caused the extremely serious damage to it, both sides have become enemies, he worried that Heaven’s Spirit Hall Palace Master can join up to cope with own and Tie Ta with Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master.

„If my Purple Azure Dual Swords has refined, even if Heaven’s Spirit Hall Palace Master and Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master collaborate, I can also cope with ease.” In the Jian Chen heart secretly thought, his Sword Primary boundary, must be able to display in a big way the might with the aid of the immortal sword, now Purple Azure Dual Swords has not refined, he quite therefore is using to be unarmed is opposing the enemy, throughout is inferior.

„Now I already collection complete all materials, then practices the sword, but refined Purple Azure Dual Swords is not an easy matter, needs to make many preparations, required enough time.” That moment that in the Jian Chen heart unusual anticipation Dual Swords practices, but after he three day, must go to Hopeless Sea with Sea God Temple Palace Master, now does not have the time.

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