Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Temple to holding

Temple to holding

Tao Zhengtian retroceded a kilometer far distance to stabilize, a face shocking looked at the whole body to send out golden rays of light Tie Ta, expression that the whole face cannot believe that he can feel that the Tie Ta strength was not strong, at least has not visited 16 stars powerhouse, however such strength can actually moisten at fingertips display so fearful attack, in that golden axe blade edge that in he divided also has to be similar to Primordial Spirit attack strange divine ability, method like this he first time saw in Sea Region.

Moreover in his heart is similarly clear, if not for the own strength has reached the Saint King 8-layer peak, Primordial Spirit stronger is bigger, perhaps when the most powerful fighting will impact that facing the golden axe blade edge contains, is impossible in such a short time to reflect that but in that electric light flint, reflected, if on slow some, that not only repelled being out, at least will experience personally the heavy losses.

„powerhouse that actually this person where braves, practice is any heaven defying Cultivation Technique.” Tao Zhengtian calls out in alarm in the heart secretly, strength so fearful powerhouse is unexpectedly obscure in Sea Region, this makes Tao Zhengtian feel that is not very normal.

However did not wait for Tao Zhengtian to have the unnecessary idea, Jian Chen flushed from the distant place, Emperor Armament was twining a Chaos Force thorn to Tao Zhengtian, Tao Zhengtian entanglement stubbornly, did not make him go to rescue other Saint King powerhouse.

„Tao Zhengtian, making you taste fierce of Saint Tier battle skill.” Nubisi exudes one to drink greatly, the vast energy twines around his body, his both arms are paddling by a marvelous rule before the body, is displaying Saint Tier battle skill that the own reorganization becomes.

Now Nubisi complexion is pale, just Tao Zhengtian hit to fly his palm, has made him receive the heavy wound, but he after is Antiquity Variation Beast, although the flesh body defense strength is inferior to Jian Chen, but also very formidable, injury cannot affect his battle strength.

The Saint Tier battle skill obvious no small matter that Nubisi displays, is unable to achieve by his Saint King 4-layer strength displays instantaneously, but also requires 1-2 the time of breath to ferment, sees only a rich golden energy continuous from Nubisi within the body turbulent divulging, fast is moving around his body, looks like the color the energy, although with Tie Ta using is completely same, but this is only the superficial phenomenon, the energy that in fact, Nubisi and Tie Ta two people uses differs, but hundred thousand eight thousand li(500 km), completely is not the same type.

„Dragon snake soars, ascends the sky into.” Nubisi face upwards to exude one to roar, surrounds in his golden energy of body surrounding rapid revolving in an instant the congealing reality, turned into one to occupy there golden big dragon, with a resounding dragon roar sound, the snake-shaped golden big dragon soared, having a giant world pressure to fire into Tao Zhengtian directly, coped with Tao Zhengtian with Jian Chen together.

The Saint Tier battle skill attack intensity that Nubisi displays has been the Saint King 7-layer level, for all this, but Tao Zhengtian simultaneously deals with the Saint Tier battle skill attack of Jian Chen and Nubisi still appears very calm, in the lance every along with his hand time brandishes, can the energy golden big dragon cutting two halves, Saint Tier battle skill that but Nubisi displays contained a Silver Striped Golden Snake Highest Origin essence, obviously is out of the ordinary with common Saint Tier battle skill, the golden big dragon was cut two times not to dissipate in the sky by Tao Zhengtian, but in a short time once more reorganizes, as before power and influence continuation volume unexpectedly to Tao Zhengtian.

Another side, before Tie Ta arrived by that gulf that Tao Lin pounds, in the hand the great axe brings to wipe under dividing that golden rays of light is relentless, ended the Tao Lin life thoroughly.

Tao Lin was killed, making the Tao Zhengtian body also fierce trembles, among expression reveals a sorrow, he wants to rescue, but tying down cannot withdraw the body by Jian Chen and Nubisi two people, moreover Tie Ta is away from Tao Lin such near, even if he were offers a sacrifice to the temple is also without enough time, therefore only then helplessly looks at Tao Lin in own at present falls/dies, but did not have the means.

After Tie Ta accepts Space Ring in Tao Lin hand, arrives at side flatter Qing Yixuan, saying of jar sound jar air/Qi: „Here gives me, you help Jian Chen.”

The Qing Yixuan anything words have not said that nodded, gives Tie Ta to cope the own match, turns around to fire into Tao Zhengtian.

Had joining of Qing Yixuan, Tao Zhengtian has felt a pressure finally, now Saint King powerhouse of own this side unceasing falls/dies, own was dying every time Saint King powerhouse, in the Turtle Clan camp will vacate Saint King powerhouse to cope with own, the time was long, his match will be getting more and more, deals with is also difficulty.

Thinks of here, Tao Zhengtian knows that cannot continue to tow like this, the time drags for a long time, the loss of own this side also serious, but reviews Turtle Clan powerhouse, although some people are injured, but actually nobody died in battle.

„Tao Family is respective, immediately enters temple.” Tao Zhengtian shouted to clear the way loudly, when billowing voice gland several Saint King powerhouse have fought thundering explosive sound that exuded, in hundred li (0.5km) continuous reverberation in surrounding area.

A style plain temple was ejected by Tao Zhengtian, the temple grows perceptibly against the wind, suddenly turned into an imposing manner broad giant temple, sends out desolate aura, has covered entirely the trace of years, obviously the past was very remote.

The temple falls in the ground, immediately exudes an incomparably sad sound, the trim earth is violent trembles, front door big wide open of temple, the huge volume is similar to the hard fortress, from the sky will divulge, but below wild energy fallout prevents outside, enables to become a stretch of safety zone in big piece of space of temple front.

Sees this, these disperse in all around, straw that but also as if held life-saving in the Tao Family clansman of fearful and apprehensive avoidance intense energy turbulent current, in abundance before the body quickest speed that can achieve flushes away toward the temple.

Dazzling golden rays of light blooms in midair together, the great axe in Tie Ta hand has potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt to divide to body previous wears on the old man of black long gown, the old man has the Saint King 5-layer strength, but he in experienced personally the heavy losses with fighting of Qing Yixuan, therefore faces a Tie Ta this might peerless axe at this moment, any strength has not resisted, had been created the flash in his Primordial Spirit by the fighting will influence of most powerful, the golden great axe had cleft in two his head.

At this time, altogether nine Saint King powerhouse of Tao Family alliance had been cut four that killed by Tie Ta in the thunder method, but also remaining five Saint King powerhouse by strenuous efforts were still supporting, but without a single exception complexion of all people became the incomparable dignity, just had not faced again Turtle Clan powerhouse to show was intensely self-confident.

But in the Old Ancestor heart of Moxi Clan is the regret, if he early knows Turtle Clan to be so formidable, he initially in any event will not agree with and Tao Family marries, will not begin to Turtle Clan with Tao Family together, this line copes in the motion of Turtle Clan, their Moxi Clan damages extremely seriously, because was cut one person that in that four Saint King powerhouse kills by Tie Ta, is the Moxi Clan person.

„We enter the temple quickly.” Tao Zhengtian complexion gloomy drinks one lowly, is not prolonging contact, doing utmost lance in swing hand two people of Jian Chen and Qing Yixuan compels to draw back, then immediately leaves to draw back, the personal appearance dodged entered in the temple, but another four Saint King powerhouse movements of Tao Family alliance were also not slow, displayed quickest speed is almost and Tao Zhengtian entered in the temple at the same time.

The front door of temple is closed suddenly, the giant temple rises straight from the ground, rose a kilometer upper air rapidly.

„Old Ancestor, making us go in......” over a thousand strength mean Tao Family clansmen not to come and enter the temple, exuded the sound of entreaty, on the face has filled desperately, but some brains smart people saw to enter the temple to be hopeless, immediately turned around to run away, ran away toward the distant place, on the one hand wanted to shunt chasing down of Turtle Clan powerhouse, on the other hand also avoided affecting by energy fallout that the both sides war broke out once more.

Tao Zhengtian controls the temple not to depart, but rapid pounds to fall toward below Jian Chen several people from the kilometer upper air, wants to contend with Jian Chen with firm of temple their eight big Saint King.

The disparity to the Tao Zhengtian intention, Jian Chen coldly smiles, said: „Tao Zhengtian, is it possible that thinks, only then you have the temple to be inadequate.” Then, Ba Huang Temple appeared in the Jian Chen hand, immediately turns into a giant temple, the size not in the least compared with the Tao Zhengtian control temple difference.

Jian Chen, Nubisi, Tie Ta, Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, Mo Kasi all moved sideways to enter Ba Huang Temple, Ba Huang Temple went against the flow under the control of Jian Chen on, flushed away toward the upper air by extremely quick speed, is powerful, looks at that tendency, actually in welcoming the Tao Family temple that pounded down from the upper air is hitting.

Although Ba Huang Temple was hit by the Beast God Continent king is badly-damaged, but it has the ability of automatic repair, after such a long time automatic repair, Ba Huang Temple, although did not have the complete restoration such as beginning, but at least has repaired 8-layer, moreover seems from outside is a breakage does not have.

„Bang.” As a fierce bellow resounds, Ba Huang Temple and Tao Family temple in midair violent hits in together, the strength of formidable counter- shaking shook two temples in abundance to turn toward the reversed direction to shoot.

Two temples as before are perfect, this fierce hit, even links a scratch not to stay behind in the temple.

After an confrontation, two temples then simultaneously high suspended in the upper air, in their hearts understands, only if has to be better than the Saint Emperor strength, otherwise no one how the opposite party.

„Turtle Clan King, has not thought that you have a temple unexpectedly.” In the Tao Family temple has broadcast Tao Zhengtian that cloudy and cold sound.

Appearance that the Jian Chen form is quietly in the Ba Huang Temple roof, vision coldly stares at the Tao Family temple kilometer away, cold voice was saying: „Tao Zhengtian, I could not have broken your temple now, today's matter first stops, but your Tao Family alliance and Turtle Clan enmity will therefore not actually melt, when another day I have to break strength of your temple, my Turtle Clan powerhouse once more will definitely visit.”

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