Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

War God inheritance

War God inheritance

The Tie Ta vision became somewhat complex, at this moment, his heart was also again hard maintains tranquil, started the fierce beat, shivered fiercely, his tall and strong body slightly was shivering, thick sad sent out from him,

„Jian Chen, actually this is any thing, why my I see it, is very at heart sad, is very sad, Jian Chen, I am quite uncomfortable.” The Tie Ta expression suddenly became very painful, his own does not know that is why to be actually sad,

„This is the blood of War God Arukins, Tie Ta, the master of this golden blood, is your Senior.” Jian Chen expression complex saying,

„Anything, this is the blood that antiquity age Hundred Clans War God Arukins left behind.” Hears this saying, Hei Yu is surprised, but has felt at once relaxed, said: „No wonder, no wonder makes me feel to tremble, originally this is War God Arukins drop of blood essence.”

Tie Ta stands there is looking at present this golden blood, flowing that two lines of limpid tears can not help, he is War God of Hundred Clans new generation, although with former generation War God is not the same person, but they have homologous the strength of bloodlines, stands in front of this golden blood, Tie Ta as if saw previous generation War God Arukins to lead the clansman to draft under battling heavens, made every effort to seek place of the finding a place to live for the clansman, finally actually died in battle in the heroical grand appearance of foreign land another region,

Thick moved transmits from the Tie Ta heart, invisible , since he as if established a subtle relation with front that golden color blood,

A front space fuzziness, obviously melts, but the golden blood became more and more pale, as if momentarily must vanish in void,

Here formation only then, when some people intrude is activated, other time are the deep hideaway in void, now activate formation Jian Chen to depart, this soon will also vanish by formation that the War God blood will form,

At this moment, that golden blood started to beat fiercely, one group of dazzling golden glow sent out from the blood, has prevented formation strength unexpectedly forcefully, at once an incomparably formidable fluctuation of energy mixes with soaring to the heavens fighting intent to erupt from the golden blood,

Bang, bang, bang......

A series of fierce bellows transmit, erupted the powerful energy fluctuation that to break open restraint from the golden blood directly its formation, all around rock crack, lost the restraint of formation, powerful fighting intent as well as terror that energy fallout in this golden blood hid proliferated immediately, has covered entire dragon island, let the hills in the fierce vibration,

But golden blood, is changes into one bunch of golden rays of light to turn toward Tie Ta to flush away like lightning, finally integrated in Tie Ta forehead to vanish does not see, immediately, that battle-axe mark of Tie Ta forehead place jumped projects ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) rays of light, exceeded the brilliance of Sun, golden glow shone the earth, reflected red the trim universe,

Tie Ta has closed the eye unrestrainedly, his consciousness entered that bleak world, the entire world was being covered by powerful fighting intent,

However under this fighting intent covers, Tie Ta not only had not felt that slightly ill, instead also felt that very warm, very kind, that feeling, seemed one leaves home many years of child to return to the arms of mother,

In the Tie Ta front ten meters places, a whole body covers the person back in golden armor is crossing the hands behind the back to stand to Tie Ta, on his body, has a conceited imposing manner, as if, he is the Spiritual God between world,

Tie Ta cannot see clearly the look of that person, but faces that person, he feels very kind, this kind compared with him facing own parental even more stronger fierce hundred times of thousand times,

„My Arukins, is a battling heavens God Clan lineage/vein person, the person who can awaken my this together mark, only has with me for the person of same blood relationship......”

The vigorous sound resounds in the world together, sound clank powerful, has to contain a formidable Primordial Spirit attack, will only have with is a battling heavens God Clan lineage/vein talented person is affected,

„Thinks that I for the battling heavens God Clan person, am lived by the world, World's preaching, ascended the sky thinking of fondly, battle strength is matchless, finally actually dying in battle another region, pitiful, lamentable......” thick moved flooded in the world, this was the mood that War God Arukins left behind in the past,

„Beast Clan goes too far, invades my homeland, drives away my subjects, I lead the subjects to go on an expedition Beast Clan, how does not beat Heavenly Winged Tiger God, but retreats, then attacks Tian Yuan Continent, actually kept off by Mo Tianyun, thinks that I for a battling heavens God Clan lineage/vein person, battle strength is matchless, custom is the law of world, is invincible with the boundary, finally is actually not Heavenly Winged Tiger God and Mo Tianyun match, is really laughable, laughable......”

„I died, in the heart is worries the subjects , the new generation the person of War God God Clan is lived by the world, completes my last wish, protects my subjects, gives them one to seek for a stretch of happier world, as the repayment, I leaves you by drop of blood essence strength and a sensibility......”

Spoke these words, the body of Arukins bursts suddenly, changes to everywhere fragment to vanish in void,

„Heavenly Winged Tiger God and Mo Tianyun are immeasurably deep, they got rid of restraint of predestined time of death, with the world same longevity, permanent exists forever, do not revenge for me......” in that moment that the Arukins body fragment soon will thoroughly vanish, is the sound transmits from the sky together, later, body thorough disappearance of War God Arukins, but this desolated world loudly is also stave,

The Arukins body fragment has been divided into two parts, part is the memory fragment, integrated Tie Ta Primordial Spirit, another part is the strength of implication in blood essence, integrated in the body of Tie Ta,

Immediately, Tie Ta felt that in brain of own were many lots, that is a Arukins sensibility, regarding sensibility of fight, is containing many might startled world indescribably tragic battling heavens deep meaning,

Tie Ta within the body, that drop of blood essence changed into formidable strength to flow in the body of Tie Ta, although this strength component is few, but this after is strength that War God Arukins once left behind, is compressed by the huge quantity world vitality, incomparable fearfulness and great strength,

Such a wee bit strength, can be as good as a Saint Emperor powerhouse whole body less than half energy, several Saint King energies,

The Tie Ta entire body was being wrapped by dazzling golden glow, War God Arukins memory unceasing was absorbed by him, that incomparably pure strength also in continuous integrates in the body of Tie Ta, takes one type to be about inconceivable speed rapidly to transform as Tie Ta own strength,

battling heavens God Clan is lived by the world, has the exceptional superiority, War God Arukins and Tie Ta are homologous the strength of bloodlines, is left behind strength that to come to be by him Tie Ta promotes the strength, will not leave any malpractice and hidden danger to Tie Ta,

Tie Ta imposing manner in unceasing enhancement, within the body energy intensity also in rapid promotion, quick from the Saint Ruler 5-layer promotion to 6-layer, and this type promotes speed not only not to have the half minute weakened tendency, but also is increasing successively, is getting quicker and quicker,

Jian Chen and Hei Yu two people stand are staring at Tie Ta that about 30 meters look at steadily, what silently is Tie Ta Custodian,

„Evidently Arukins the drop of blood essence by Tie Ta absorbing, this was one drop of blood essence that surmounted Saint Emperor boundary top powerhouse to leave behind, fearful strength that inside hid even can cause heavy losses to Saint Emperor powerhouse, unexpectedly such easily was obtained by Tie Ta.” Hei Yu exudes the sigh sound, looked that is having the color of several points of envying to the Tie Ta vision,

„I expect blood that right, War God Arukins leaves behind really has the huge help to Tie Ta, then Tie Ta obtained the big chance, does not know that his strength will be increased to any degree.” In the Jian Chen heart has filled with the anticipation,

Saint Ruler 7-layer......

Saint Ruler 8-layer......

Saint Ruler 9-layer......

The Tie Ta strength in the according to quick unequalled speed rapid promotion, the tight half-day time, from the Saint Ruler 5-layer promotion to Saint Ruler 9-layer, took four small boundaries,

Both hands of Jian Chen have gotten hold, vision does flicker is staring at Tie Ta, Saint Ruler and Saint King, although is Saint Realm, but the span between this is also very big, does not know that Tie Ta can break through the Saint Ruler 9-layer checkpoint with the aid of this drop of blood essence strength successfully, steps into the Saint King boundary,

The Tie Ta Saint Ruler 9-layer imposing manner increasing slowly, he every time is promoting the energy that a small boundary needs to grow now, when breakthrough the time needed is getting more and more long,

Finally, the Tie Ta imposing manner increased to the Saint Ruler 9-layer apex, then in Jian Chen is filled with under the attention of expectation, finally the faint trace vast and boundless pressure produces from the Tie Ta imposing manner, by initial small and weak rapidly became formidable, blotted out the sky,

Meanwhile, mixed with that powerful fighting will in imposing manner also to have the qualitative change, became compares was more formidable before,

Suddenly, one bunch of golden rays of light have broken the sky, passes through dragon island that battle-axe mark on ten meters forbidden space accurate hitting a target Tie Ta forehead place,

This is World's preaching, a battling heavens God Clan lineage/vein person lives by the world, ascended the sky thinking of fondly, their strengths promote a boundary every time, will accept World's preaching,

The Tie Ta subconscious supineness began, by forehead to the day, accepts World's preaching, mysterious news produce from void, becomes through the golden light beam the bridge enters in Tie Ta forehead,

In a desolated mainland, survivor one crowd has the enormous difference life community with Human Race, among them has the height about ten meters giant, there is on the back grows a pair of wings, the attractive elf of sharp-eared sharp, male British pretty girl, the whole body skin is swarthy, height not over one meter dwarf, even also has the whole body is stone person who comprised of the stone,

This piece of mainland named Barren Continent, was the antiquity Hundred Clans survival place, by numerous race combinations, was not pure humanity, but the appearances of some races seemed with Human Race very similar,

In the Barren Continent most center, has mountain range that tall Chongru said that entire mountain range was bare, above was infertile, the rock stood in great numbers, the topography was precipitous, unattainable,

But in the mountain range roof, golden temple sends out ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) brilliance an all over the body all year long, static standing erect there, sends out desolate and plain aura, experienced the glorious years, with world with saving,

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