Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Seven beast skin whereabouts

Seven beast skin whereabouts

After parental resurrection, in the Jian Chen heart the biggest desire has been completed, these days mood has been happy.

Half a month later, Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba of two husband and wife Jian Chen and complete recovery got together in the same place, but on Bi Yuntian and face of Changyang Ba two people, divulged the strong concern.

„Xian'er, we stayed in Mercenary City were so long, was the time left, we returned to Changyang Mansion.” Bi Yuntian opens the mouth to say.

„Oh, in an instant on the past such a long time, Xian'er, we left Changyang Mansion too for a long time, although we have known Changyang Mansion some situations from your mouth, but we think impatient hurrying back, because there is our families.” Changyang Ba also makes noise saying that the idea of going home has occupied of half a month in their two husband and wife brains, is only the beforehand body has been very weak, therefore has not expressed.

Listened to the words of parents without hesitation, Jian Chen complied: „Father, mother, since you want, we as soon as possible leave Mercenary City.” Here, Jian Chen has as if thought of anything, on the face revealed scruple expression, hesitant small moment, complexion complex saying: „Father, mother, the present Changyang Mansion change is very big, before your soul just united with the body, child in order to makes you recuperate calmly, therefore has concealed something to you.”

About the Changyang Mansion news, Jian Chen indeed looked like Bi Yuntian two husband and wife to relate one several days ago approximately then, but said was not detailed, has concealed, the matter about Guardian Clan he had not said that the goal that he such made wants to enable the parents who just resurrection came to be able as far as possible the recuperation of tranquil frame of mind, after all on Lore City Changyang Mansion and Tian Yuan Continent the relations between Guardian Clan Changyang Mansion regarding Bi Yuntian two people, really extremely shocked everybody.

Now Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba two people recovers completely, Jian Chen did not have what worry again, then, he related about a Changyang Mansion some more concrete matter completely changed, including Tian Yuan Continent the Ten Great Guardian Clans situation and Changyang Mansion founder, had name of Changyang Old Ancestor the matter of Changyang Zu Yunxiao return.

Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian two people will soon return to Changyang Mansion, Jian Chen to allow them to understand ahead of time the Changyang Mansion current present situation, the psychology prepares, then, when they return to Changyang Mansion, was insufficient to be startled in the presence of everyone dumbfoundedly.

After knowing these matters, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian were startled chest cavity to be dumbfounded again, in the heart has raised the difficult situation, for a very long time is unassuageable.

Their two husband and wife have not thought that Changyang Mansion actually has the so deep background, has not thought that initially founded Lore City Changyang Mansion Changyang Old Ancestor, unexpectedly is on Tian Yuan Continent the Ten Great Guardian Clans direct descendant member.

Jian Chen went out of the room, leaves behind a quiet environment to the parents the cushion, the processes about own these years, Jian Chen is only in a few words brings, reign of terror that the detail, these years he has not experienced has many, several times walk in the life and death border, he did not plan that told the parents these matters, making in their hearts worry.

Simultaneously hostile relationship between own and Ten Great Guardian Clans, Jian Chen has not said similarly, competition between he and Ten Great Guardian Clans is not Changyang Ba husband and wife can participate, if told the parents these matters, will only increase the burden to them.

Then, Jian Chen had found Ming Dong and Tie Ta, he from the Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) mouth had known that the Ming Dong strength had already reached the Heaven Saint Master peak, these years by card in entering into the Saint Ruler boundary this together checkpoint, throughout is hard to break through.

Jian Chen puts out three white beast skin as well as a reel from Space Ring gives Ming Dong, said: „Ming Dong, these things can help you to comprehend the profound truth of the world breakthrough to the Saint Ruler boundary, initially I depend upon these their turn into saint, these days, you stayed in Mercenary City practice with concentration, strives for soon turn into saint.”

Ming Dong does not have the persuasive speaker polite talk, result three beast skin as well as that reel from the hand of Jian Chen, nod of maliciously, said: „Relax Jian Chen, when we will meet next time, my Ming Dong affirmation became Saint Ruler powerhouse.”

At this time, (Bai Yi) white clothes Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) walked from outside, the thing of vision on Ming Dong glanced at will, at first also and did not care, but the next quarter, his vision congealed suddenly, flickered stares by Ming Dong that is pinched that three white beast skin in hand, at once the body in a flash, then arrives in front of Ming Dong slightly instantaneously, took three snow white beast skin to size up in the hand from the Ming Dong hand conveniently carefully, revealed the surprised uncertain color.

The response of Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) lets Ming Dong, Jian Chen and Tie Ta three people stares, Jian Chen has as if realized anything, in the eye the fine glow dodges to pass, opens the mouth to ask: „Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) Senior, you recognize these three beast skin.”

Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) had not replied immediately that with rubbed to pinch in the hand beast skin for a long time, after the moment, slight bow, flashing eyes looked to Jian Chen: „Jian Chen, these three beast skin you come from where.”

„Was I long ago never from the place obtained, Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) Senior, is it possible that you know secret that these three beast skin hid.” Jian Chen said that regarding these beast skin, he has learned of some basic news from the Mo Tianyun mouth, but knows still limitedly, except for knowing this beast skin altogether 18, as well as, only then after Primordial Spirit of Saint Emperor boundary can make them fuse, other knew nothing.

Actually to hide regarding these beast skin has any secret, in the heart of Jian Chen is very curious.

Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) has hesitated half sound, said: „This beast skin our Mercenary City also one, is counts the hundred thousand year ago our Mercenary City elder outside accidentally obtains, continuously since preservation, when this beast skin, the hideaway has mysterious and formidable strength, this strength ambushes, nobody can realize in the slightest, when it realizes, changes can evolve profound truth of the world, very mysterious, moreover this beast skin incomparable tenacity, nobody can destroy its in the slightest all over the world, even if I by far is not good.”

„Regarding this beast skin secret, my Mercenary City many older generations had guessed, besides suspecting it has been the Ancient Divine Beast Heavenly Winged Tiger God fur, other had achieved nothing.”

Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) gentle rubbing is pinching the white skin in hand, muttered \; „This beast skin my Mercenary City has one, retains in the hand of Ten Great Guardian Clans has six, adds these three in your hand again, presented ten to open, does not know such beast skin, altogether many.”

Sees own not to get the answer from the Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) mouth, in heart of Jian Chen a disappointment, but he is not does not have to attain, at least he knew these beast skin another seven whereabouts, in Mercenary City, six in Ten Great Guardian Clans, remaining only remaining eight was missing.

„These beast skin, only then Primordial Spirit of Saint Emperor boundary may make them merge into one organic whole, is not anxious.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly, in heart had set firm resolve, will find in the future certainly the way to collect all beast skin.

Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) gives Ming Dong these beast skin, said \; „Had the help of these three beast skin, you break through Heaven Saint Master become Saint Ruler are just round the corner, what a pity my Mercenary City that beast skin long ago was achieved Saint Emperor boundary Great Elder to lay aside by a strength in that temple that in Sir City Lord leaves behind, I am unable to take out, otherwise, already lent you to use, lets your as soon as possible turn into saint.”

At once, the Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) vision looks to Jian Chen, said: „Jian Chen, I know that you must depart, you lead your parents to go back, Ming Dong and Tie Ta two people stays here, when Ming Dong becomes Saint Ruler, he naturally will look your, the Tie Ta status was quite special, his War God physique has awakened completely, the characteristics of body obvious, but you recently and contact of Ten Great Guardian Clans is also frequent, therefore, Tie Ta cannot go back with you, otherwise, once his identity were recognized by Ten Great Guardian Clans, even if were I do not have the means that because he was not the person of my Human Race, moreover previous generation War God also and Ten Great Guardian Clans has blood sea Deep enmity.”

Good that Jian Chen nod silently, Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) said that the Tie Ta status was extremely special, when his strength has not achieved to be able with Guardian Clan contends with the situation, best do not expose in front of Guardian Clan, but once the Tie Ta status exposes, Jian Chen absolutely will stand Tie Ta, but he, once has helped Tie Ta, perhaps will immediately be fastened the crime of revolting clan by envious hatred his these Guardian Clan, Lore City Changyang Mansion will receive implication of own, the consequence is serious.

Listened to Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) this saying, Tie Ta expression immediately one dark, the mood becomes very heavy.

Jian Chen has patted the chest of Tie Ta, said: „Tie Ta, these period of time you practice relieved here, some days, I will have come.”

Tie Ta nodded, is silent.

After Jian Chen and Ming Dong Tie Ta said goodbye, was bringing Bi Yuntian Changyang Ba and Rui Jin Hei Yu left Mercenary City together, but before departure, naturally must have detaining of Little Spirit, consumed the Jian Chen good time finally to convince Little Spirit,

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