Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Blood Demon Great Emperor

Blood Demon Great Emperor

powerhouse of enough more than 50 Saint Ruler 9-layer boundaries collaborates all-out attack stone gate again, these time displays the Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique person enough several people, the terrifying pressure that then transmits from the world arrives immediately, floods in the entire palace.


In thundering bang sound, dozens powerhouse strikes in addition ten several Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique fully almost at the same time bombardment maliciously on stone gate, that wild energy fallout erupts, again withdraws simultaneously that the people clash.

In this just likes in front of the energy storm of violent storm, nobody can stabilize lives in the personal appearance.

Half sound, when that wreaks havoc in energy storm dissipation in palace slowly, sees only on that incomparably hard stone gate, had one meter crack.

„This leafed door was too hard, this way, we , to break him, at least must cost several days.” Some people exude the whoa, complexion serious.

„Can be prevented by so hard stone gate, inside treasure affirmation value not poor, we come several times, would breaking it.” powerhouse has not wanted to give up, starts to inspire the people.

„We rest first a meeting, when restores some vitalities to continue to break stone gate again.”

Afterward, the people start to sit in meditation the restoration in various places, especially that several display the Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique person, every time will display one time to create very big loss to them, moreover they must guard to encounter from foray in this environment, will therefore not dare unscrupulously will display one after another second time, must frequently maintain enough battle strength.

Then, the people continue to start to shell stone gate fully, almost fully gets rid, a strength complete display, coordinating Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique to give stone gate most to strike, but displayed the Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique person from several people to grow to more than 20 people, people who all grasped Heaven Rank Battle Saint Technique has joined.

Under people crazy bang explode randomly, stone gate by unceasing destruction, after lasting several days, that firm stone gate was rumbled finally the smashing, has revealed long passage.

Jian Chen and Nubisi, Evil King three people with crowd careful vigilant walks toward the treasure, but in their behind with the Mo Ji four people, in all person hearts retained one point of vigilance.

Across long passage, the people present line of sight of suddenly saw the light, appeared in very huge space, this space seems is more like a warehouse, inside assorted has piled up with big pile of goods.

In the presence of everyone the vision of person slowly sweeps to be obsolete from inside thing, in the eye reveals the huge wild with joy and greedy color, sees only in the center position of warehouse, has the pile such as mountain water crystal coin, sends out intensely bright rays of light, completely is best-quality, quantity many inestimable.

But in big pile of water crystal coin mountains, Divine - Grade Water Crystal of some fist sizes promiscuous, sends out the formidable and pure water attribute fluctuation of energy, in all around of warehouse, then has chocked up the iron stand that by fine is produced strongly becomes and table that has been made by the spirit wood, on the iron stand is hanging altogether several dissimilar in shape and form weapons, each weapon is the unusual brightness four shoots, sends out the intermittent formidable fluctuation of energy, in the spirit wooden table child on, has also chocked up the small wooden boxes as well as Divine - Grade Water Crystal of all kinds of books and shutting tightly.

These Divine - Grade Water Crystal small to fist size, to number of people size, sends out the misty brilliance, is really charming, the quantity are many.

The vision of all people collect on that big pile of best-quality water crystal coin and Divine - Grade Water Crystal without a single exception, in the vision is flooding thick greedy, perhaps they do not regard as important regarding best-quality water crystal coin, but the enticement of Divine - Grade Water Crystal is all people are not actually able to endure.

The Jian Chen vision sweeps all around, the wealth that this inside piles up lets palpitating with excitement that he cannot bear, his vision does not stay on these Divine - Grade Water Crystal, but tight stares is hanging several dissimilar in shape and form the weapons on iron stand, in the eye has the wild with joy color that is hard to conceal.

„Ruler Armament, here unexpectedly these many Ruler Armament.” Jian Chen shouts wildly in the heart, regarding him, that several Ruler Armament value also wants precious many compared with these Divine - Grade Water Crystal, if he brings back to Tian Yuan Continent to give the powerhouse use of Raging Flames Mercenaries these several Ruler Armament, that can promote the Mercenary Group strength enormously.


An intermittent rumor transmits, fires into places Divine - Grade Water Crystal as well as wooden boxes that sees only innumerable powerhouse not been able to bear on spirit wooden table, unexpectedly unmanned pays attention to hang several Ruler Armament on iron stand.

Ruler Armament regarding the Tian Yuan Continent person is indisputable supreme treasure, but regarding a Sea Clan people, although value still not poor, but cannot compare these Divine - Grade Water Crystal by far, therefore, all Sea Clan powerhouse will focus in Divine - Grade Water Crystal, nobody pays attention to these Ruler Armament even is King Armament.

Jian Chen, Nubisi, Evil King and Mo Ji four people have not hesitated, fired into big pile of treasures to compete in abundance, but Jian Chen that started to be thrown into confusion did not have such as them like that to fire into these Divine - Grade Water Crystal as well as various not well-known treasures, but turned toward the iron stand to graze to go like lightning, received in several Ruler Armament Space Ring rapidly, then competed for these Divine - Grade Water Crystal.

Under sweeping that in dozens powerhouse are thrown into confusion, places Divine - Grade Water Crystal around warehouse and does the treasure to be swept finally, only leaves behind that like mountain Bangao best-quality water crystal coin, in all powerhouse eyes has the joyful and excitement that is hard to conceal, greatly has the harvest.

The harvest of Jian Chen is also very huge, not only obtained several Ruler Armament, Divine - Grade Water Crystal also has harvested dozens, in addition in does not know what is loaded with wooden box.

„Had these many Divine - Grade Water Crystal and helping of high-level Demon Core, my Chaos Body can break through to 3-layer quickly.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly that also decides, after waiting, immediately closes up, fully breakthrough to Chaos Body 3-layer.

„This unexpectedly is the Ba Huang Great Emperor personally written letter.” Screams transmitted, see only powerhouse to turn on a wooden box, put out a palm of the hand size from inside the booklet.

„My this really has the Great Emperor Gu Yue diary.” Also the screams transmit together, the person who these time spoke was Tisi Naike, at this moment in his hand was holding books, among expression has been filling surprised and unbelievable expression.

„Anything, presented the Great Emperor Gu Yue diary unexpectedly”

„Is it possible that is 30,000 years ago Great Emperor Gu Yue that elapses, how his diary will fall in the hand of Ba Huang Great Emperor”

„Passed on a message Great Emperor Gu Yue also to want on an old generation of legendary character compared with Ba Huang Great Emperor, in the past when Great Emperor Gu Yue ran amuck Sea Region, Ba Huang Great Emperor has not appeared, Great Emperor Gu Yue thing by Ba Huang Great Emperor attaining”

The people whoop, felt very surprised, at once more comes also many people to start to turn on the wooden box.

„.” Suddenly, a pitiful yell sound transmits, sees only an old man pain holds the head to tumble on the ground, but in hand also fell in the wooden box by him on the ground, side is lying down blood red books, is passing several points of monster different.

Sudden startled changed attracted the attention of all people, the people collected the vision on that old man, that books of often look ground, revealed the surprised uncertain color.

„This book is any thing, so is unexpectedly fierce, making me come to see.” Puts on the middle-aged robust man of ash-gray long gown to pick up the ground conveniently the books, however when his hand just moved the books, complexion big change, has thrown the books suddenly at once immediately by far, grasps the head to send out the painful with both hands the pitiful yell sound.

Sees this, expression of all people become dignity without doubt, vision fix the eyes on the books on tread, no one dares to go to one.

At this time, painful finally weakened of that old man, his vision frightened was staring at that blood red books, the trembling sound track: „That that unexpectedly is Blood Demon Great Emperor Cultivation Technique, inside is remaining Blood Demon Great Emperor slaughter energy, my Primordial Spirit had been injured by slaughter energy.”

Hears Blood Demon Great Emperor, in the field in many person eyes reveals the color of doubts, many people have not heard the Blood Demon Great Emperor given name.

In the Tisi Naike eye the fine glow dodges, calls out in alarm said: „You said anything, Blood Demon Great Emperor, you determined that is Blood Demon Great Emperor remains.” In the heart of Tisi Naike turned the difficult situation, regarding the Blood Demon Great Emperor legend, he also saw in the ancient ancient book of family.

Blood Demon Great Emperor is 50,000 years ago top powerhouse, passed on a message his strength to be the 18 stars Sea God warrior stage, the terror, was in the Sea Region world first powerhouse, was fiercer than Palace Master of three big temples.

Blood Demon Great Emperor by the slaughter practice, his bloodthirsty, had raised reign of terror in the Sea Region world completely at that time, innumerable 14 stars level above powerhouse dies in his hands, even also many 15 stars and even 16 stars Rank powerhouse, was classified as name of the killing devil.

Present age some people once had also suspected, if not the worry can cause arrival of Celestial Decay, Blood Demon Great Emperor in the average person to Sea Region will even begin, because of slaughter, is his practice, only then unceasing slaughter, his strength will become stronger.

But finally, the Blood Demon Great Emperor behavior keeps three big temples from enduring, Palace Master of three big temples also get rid, fights in beyond the heavens and Blood Demon Great Emperor, finally Blood Demon Great Emperor dies in the hands of three big temple Palace Master.

But that time, three big temples also pay the serious price, Sea God Temple, Flood Dragon Temple Palace Master experience personally the heavy losses, the Heaven’s Spirit Hall Palace Master tragic death in the Blood Demon Great Emperor hand, lets of a Heaven’s Spirit Hall three big temples position of entire vacancy Palace Master millennium, has created the huge stir in Sea Region.


Tisi Naike related the Blood Demon Great Emperor legend, making in the field all people shock, was startled unable to speak, immediately also nobody dares to move that books again, but vision actually still tight was staring at that books, the beat that the heart did not make every effort to succeed.

This is Blood Demon Great Emperor Cultivation Technique, once obtained it, that can practice the Blood Demon Great Emperor unsurpassed marvelous ability, this is the how huge enticement, but was a pity that in the books remains to have Blood Demon Great Emperor the air/Qi of murdering, in the field person nobody dares to take risk to touch, because Primordial Spirit, once is damaged, that will be very difficult to restore, moreover is very likely to leave lifelong the hidden danger, its life is unable to break through finally.

The scene fell into died general silence, the vision of all people collected in the books that Blood Demon Great Emperor left behind, in the heart has been full of the regret.

What puts at present is a how huge enticement, what a pity they absolutely do not have enough ability to obtain, this made in all person hearts fill unwillingly, but also had no alternative,

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