Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 675

Chapter 675

In the Jian Chen hand took three beast skin to study for quite a while not to study the least bit feature, now these three beast skin became same so is in his eyes ordinary with the past, besides material quality special, did not have the least bit to be able the noticeable place.

„It seems like is unable to peep at profound mystery by my present boundary, ok, does not manage, first throws there, perhaps later will have the opportunity to know that actually in this to hide has any secret.” Jian Chen somewhat disappointed light sighed that afterward received in these three beast skin Space Ring.

Received three beast skin, Jian Chen lowers the head to hesitate the meeting, muttered in a low voice: „Now I the success breakthrough to the Saint Ruler boundary, does not know whether my Radiant Saint Master rank has achieved 7-Step, asks the big brother to try.” At once, Jian Chen sets out to get out of bed, turns toward the big brother Changyang Hu dwelling to hurry to directly.

Now in Changyang Mansion is holding the grand banquet, in the entire mansion is jubilant sound one piece, very lively, Jian Chen just went out of the room, in the ear is flooding the noisy clamoring sound that hears from the front courtyard.

Does not have the least bit interest regarding clamoring Jian Chen of front courtyard, bypasses from the backyard hurries to toward the Changyang Hu housing place directly.

„See fourth young master!”

Every Jian Chen place visited, all guard maidservants bend the waist to salute to him in abundance, the manner became compares was more respectful before.

When Jian Chen arrives in the Changyang Hu room, closed the eyes of Changyang Hu Zhengan static lying down on the bed maintains mental tranquility, he does not like clamoring, therefore the Changyang Mansion grand feast he has not gone to participate, but was a person returns to the own room to rest.

Perhaps heard the sound of footsteps, eye opening that slowly Changyang Hu that shuts tightly, when his seeing stands in Jian Chen before window, on the face shows the bright smiling face immediately, said: „Fourth Brother, you do not accompany the guest, arrived at your big brother here to come.”

„Big brother, my strength broke through successfully, I cross two to have a look whether today specially to restore the four limbs for you.” Jian Chen said.

Listened to this saying, excitement how Changyang Hu has not displayed, be with smile on the face looks at Jian Chen, said: „Fourth Brother, are you 7-Step Radiant Saint Master?”

Jian Chen shaking the head of gently, said: „I do not know that Radiant Saint Master rank own is unable to induce, the Radiant Saint Force intensity of only then according to me controlling judges, Big brother, you such are lying down, making me try whether to make you restore perfectly.” Jian Chen closed the eye slowly, the god melted the world, in Radiant Saint Force by thought communication world fast collected toward him.

Jian Chen condenses Radiant Saint Force speed to open very much, tight several time of breath, collected Radiant Saint Force before his both hands has achieved peak, that gentle white rays of light was just like space Sun to be generally dazzling, has illuminated the entire room.

As both hands of Jian Chen sag slowly, that rich Radiant Saint Force slowly covered the Changyang Hu entire body, has covered up his entire body.

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