Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

To holding Dragon Tiger Sect

To holding Dragon Tiger Sect

From Heavenly Eagle Kingdom very remote Qin Country , over ten thousand meters upper air, together very light human form empty shade high suspended in airborne, surroundings that white Yunhai (sea of clouds) thorough has covered his personal appearance, lets occupy four Imperial Protector in Qin Heavenly Palace has not realized his existence.

Human form empty shade vision cloudy and cold stared at Space Gate in Qin Country Imperial Palace, the fist closely has been pinching, saying of clenching jaws: „This damn bastard, will escape through Space Gate unexpectedly, then has troubled, I have not left behind the mark on them, is unable to know that actually they went where, if now wants to find them once more looks like must consume a big strength, oh, what a pity ah!” human form empty shade whole face is unwilling expression.

Has hesitated the moment, suddenly in his heart moves, muttered in a low voice: „This Jian Chen, since is Qin Country Imperial Protector, I because of this can inquire his some further information from Qin Country, so long as knows where he passed Space Gate to go, that is easier to do.” The voice just fell, hides in without a trace that the person's shadow in boundless Yunhai (sea of clouds) also vanishes.

In Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, here completely turned into the Raging Flames Mercenaries territory now, but the matter of Tungsten alloy mineral lode in Heavenly Eagle Kingdom hides early has also spread, lets the surrounding innumerable small countries and influences for it heart movement, but actually any side does not dare to take the action, except for influence huge Dragon Tiger Sect.

But pressure from Dragon Tiger Sect also along with Jian Chen without a trace of return dissipation, Jian Chen, although has does not fear the Dragon Tiger Sect influence, but he not initiative looks for the trouble of Dragon Tiger Sect, but after is calmly waits for two day , the arrival of Dragon Tiger Sect, because he must make Dragon Tiger Sect drag in lots of people, on a grand scale comes, turns over to dirtily.

The 2nd date early morning, in Heavenly Eagle Kingdom Imperial Palace main conference hall, Jian Chen was very optional sitting on the throne, but in his , a crane sent old man respectful standing of young face there, bent the waist to salute saying: „Servant He Yun has seen Sir Commander!”

Jian Chen be with smile on the face is staring at that old man, said: „He Yun Grandmaster, it is said you are in Heavenly Eagle Kingdom most famous Pill Refining Master, does not know that what Medicine Pill you can refine to come out.”

„Returns to the words of Sir Commander, the crane some truly some achievements in the ability of refine the pill of immortality, so long as there is an enough raw material for medicine, the majority of high-level Medicine Pill crane some can refine.” He Yun expression respectful saying, he actually, but deep awareness at present this age 20 -year-old youth are the what kind characters, that is the Raging Flames Mercenaries supreme leader, must listen to his words including the leaders of Heavenly Eagle Kingdom seven big influences.

„Now here has heavenly material treasure of ten thousand years of year, He Yun Grandmaster, does not know that your whether just it refines Medicine Pill.” The Jian Chen expression is amiable, completely by discussing the tone and He Yun spoke, do not have the slight rack.

One hear is heavenly material treasure of ten thousand years of year, He Yun first is one startled, at once is to make things difficult for, has hesitated the moment, said: „Perhaps Sir Commander, the crane some must disappoint you, crane some, although has some natural talent in refine the pill of immortality, but heavenly material treasure of ten thousand years of year was really too precious, perhaps the crane some did not have the ability refinement so treasure.”

„Jian Chen, not necessarily must refine Medicine Pill heavenly material treasure of ten thousand years of year actually, spiritual energy that in ten thousand years of year heavenly material treasure contains was too rich, radically is not living that your younger sister can withstand, invited the Pill Refining Master main goal is to increase in something Zhonghe spiritual energy, making spiritual energy docile, only then this can make your younger sister absorb.” Stands opens the mouth to say in Jian Chen behind Jiede Tai.

The Jian Chen slight bow, was saying to He Yun: „He Yun Grandmaster, does not know that you may be capable of achieving.”

He Yun relaxed, cups one hand in the other across the chest saying: „Returns to the words of Sir Commander, if only well distributed heavenly material treasure inside efficacy, the crane some are capable of achieving.”

„Such being the case, that trouble He Yun Grandmaster, these period of time He Yun Grandmaster temporarily lived in Imperial Palace, needs any material to raise freely, I will make the person collect by quickest speed.” Jian Chen said.

„Yes, Sir Commander!”


In an instant, two days of then passed by, but today, happen to are seven days of time that Dragon Tiger Sect gives last day. But above Grand Canyon of Tungsten alloy mineral lode site, Raging Flames Mercenaries several Heaven Saint Master simultaneously suspended calmly waits for the arrival of Dragon Tiger Sect there, but in the surroundings of Grand Canyon, is gathering dozens Earth Saint Master boundaries Expert.

Because this time match is Expert in Dragon Tiger Sect, therefore Jian Chen only makes Raging Flames Mercenaries top powerhouse send out, even if these strength insufficient Earth Saint Master people came unable to play anything greatly role, instead the disciple increased the casualties, therefore this Raging Flames Mercenaries altogether came less than hundred people of teams.

But on the flat land of Grand Canyon not far away, places a long table, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Tie Ta, Huang Luan, You Yue, Bi Lian, Jiede Tai, Nubisi, Wang Yifeng as well as Little Fatty one group of people are sitting there one is changing chats is eating the fruit on table at the same time, has not paid attention to forthcoming Dragon Tiger Sect completely.

But first steps into Tian Yuan Continent all matters of Little Fatty to outside that curiously, kept consults all kinds of issues toward everybody, often jumps several very naive words from his mouth, stirs up people one to laugh, but is explaining some experiences of under own the wanderer accumulation toward the people who Wang Yifeng is also unwilling to fall behind, him who is good at exchanging to keep on Tian Yuan Continent, quick becomes integrated with the people, integrated this association completely, but Jian Chen also often inserts several words, only then Nubisi and Jiede Tai two people relies on the status, sits maintains mental tranquility there closed the eyes, a few words did not say.

After half double-hour, Nubisi and Jiede Tai that closed the eyes maintains mental tranquility have simultaneously opened the eye, flashing eyes is staring at the distant place. Later, Jian Chen has also discovered difference, stopped and people chats, vision sharp is staring at the front, said in a soft voice: „The Dragon Tiger Sect person came, Nubisi, Jiede Tai, your two people hides own aura, should not be discovered by their people.”

„Is great Nubisi!” The Nubisi discontented whisper, cares about the front two words.

Quick, several Heaven Saint Master imperial empty to come from the distant place, sky over Grand Canyon hovering, is separated by hundred meters distance and Raging Flames Mercenaries several Heaven Saint Master to holding, is Dragon Tiger Sect one crowd of Expert.

Jian Chen sits in the under vision swiftly and fiercely stares at Dragon Tiger Sect one group of people, in the eye is flashing through cold glow, this group of people always actually have much are the ripe faces, three people that leads on the same day before the Dragon Tiger Sect entrance with three powerhouse that he fights.

„Raging Flames Mercenaries, seven day time arrived, does not know you consider how.” Stands says with a smile in forefront Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master Chris pale.

„Chris Sect Master, does not know that you must make us consider any matter, might as well was saying one.” Under, Jian Chen still self-poise sitting before the table is eating the fruit on table while said.

The Chris vision falls on Jian Chen immediately, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Jian Chen, said with a smile: „Originally is Raging Flames Mercenaries Commander, Qin Country Sir Imperial Protector, current Dragon Tiger Sect Sect Master Chris was courteous.” The Chris expression has stopped slightly, then continues saying: „Sir Imperial Protector, our Dragon Tiger Sect this line comes for the Tungsten alloy ore, the matter of Tungsten alloy mineral lode, our Dragon Tiger Sect must occupy two-thirds resources, other one-third turn over to you.”

Long body of Jian Chen from chair, vision such as a handle sharp sharp sword tight is staring at Chris Sect Master, sneers saying: „Your Dragon Tiger Sect is really big tone, wants to make us hand over two-thirds mineral lode resources unexpectedly to you, do you think this possibility?”

Chris does not lose one's temper, he he said with a smile: „The Imperial Protector Sir, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom region turned over to our Dragon Tiger Sect to wield, but the Tungsten alloy mineral lode appears in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom territory, mentioned reasonably, this Tungsten alloy mineral lode because of this belonged to my Dragon Tiger Sect to be right completely, but now our Dragon Tiger Sect looked that in the Qin Country face wanted two-thirds, left behind one-third to you, this showed extreme tolerance.”

„Good splendid excuse, the Dragon Tiger Sect person you are listening to me, now the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom territory belonged to my Raging Flames Mercenaries control completely, but the Tungsten alloy mineral lode also completely belongs to our Raging Flames Mercenaries obtained, now I limit you in the time of burning a joss stick to leave here immediately, otherwise, do not blame us not being impolite to you.” Jian Chen cold voice said that is disinclined to consume argument and they quibbles.

„Big tone, Jian Chen, the old man must have a look at you not to be how impolite to us but actually.” The Jian Chen voice just fell, together in old sound then sky enormous and powerful passed on, sees only above top of the head of Dragon Tiger Sect one group of people, a tall old man slowly obviously melts, is Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen look coldly stares at that old man, the corners of the mouth is revealing one to sneer, said: „Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler, you appeared finally, I also think when you must hide.”

Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler unemotionally is staring at Jian Chen, said: „Jian Chen, although your natural talent is good, but eventually is Heaven Saint Master, if no Qin Country to support in your behind, you ants in the old man eyes are not, the previous old men looked that forgives your life in the Qin Country face, otherwise, your where can also live today, but at this moment you dare not to know the immensity of heaven and earth leaves the boastful talk to my Dragon Tiger Sect population, thinks seriously Qin Country can protect you for a lifetime to be inadequate, do you believe the old man dead not to have by you now burial ground.”

„Your Dragon Tiger Sect did not fear Qin Country.” Jian Chen exploratory asking.

Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler sneers saying: „Qin Country cannot take care of oneself now, where also has the energy to meddle these matters, Jian Chen, if you want to preserve own with the aid of the Qin Country influence, I urged you to lose heart, obedient resigned the Tungsten alloy mineral lode two-thirds resources, old man then not to make things difficult for you, otherwise, you know that can be any consequence.” Does not arrive to compel to have no other choice, Dragon Tiger Sect Saint Ruler does not dare to kill Jian Chen under glare of the public eye, although Jian Chen in his eyes is only Heaven Saint Master, is similar to the ants is small and weak, but his another single layer status is actually Qin Country Imperial Protector, this makes in his heart also somewhat dread.

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