Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Showdown Saint Ruler ( 1 )

Showdown Saint Ruler ( 1 )

Chapter 624

Showdown Saint Ruler ( 1 )

The huge pressure transmits from the palm of Jian Chen, the boundless energy such as a mountain presses from top to bottom, speed like the lightning, quickly, below space was extruded quickly, the density rises rapidly, in an instant as if turned into a frozen ice piece, is exceptionally firm.

When four that from below jumps is addicted to the Blood Demon ape just now to achieve 50 meters upper air, by space of surroundings that suddenly coagulation to restraint lived in the body, that fully 30 meters high, such as a tall and strong body of hill size also by deciding stiffly in airborne, moves not to fear.

The boundless energy that „Bang!”, the place above ominous impetuous charge comes then maliciously hit four to be addicted to the body of Blood Demon ape, with a dull thumping sound sound, four had the 6-Step Demonic Beast strength is addicted to the Blood Demon ape by compared with jumping also to want on the quick several fold speed to drop to go toward, is in the midair, fresh bloody stools one after another put out from their mouth, their eyes, the ear, the nose, as well as all pores from top to bottom had the blood to overflow.

Four are addicted to body pounding of Blood Demon ape maliciously on the earth, erupts one such as the stuffy thunder-like sad sound, the intense impact makes the trim earth in fierce is shivering, split giant cracks, the collapse that a not far away mountain peak was shaken.

A surrounding area several hundred meters ground has undercut ten meters deep depth, four deeply do not see the bottom the black hole to be obvious, this is by four four big holes that is addicted to the Blood Demon ape to pound, their bodies deep falling in inside, had not moved again in the slightest, unknown whereabouts.

Jiede Clan several powerhouse chest cavity are dumbfounded, whole face unbelievable looks at this, in the heart turns the difficult situation at present, is not extremely tranquil, the powerful strength that Jian Chen shows, gives to be startled unable to speak them.

Merely one palm, gives to defeat four powerful 6-Step Demonic Beast, and unknown whereabouts, is this really the Heaven Saint Master strength?

Meanwhile facing four step into the Third Cycle boundary is addicted to the Blood Demon ape, even if Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master displays Heaven Tier battle skill unable so easily defeating, because Demonic Beast battle strength is inborn more formidable than humanity, but Jian Chen only need hold unexpectedly has achieved, actually this is what strength.

Jian Chen has taken back the palm slowly, vision light stares under is falling into four endocraters to be addicted to the Blood Demon ape, exclaims: „This 6-Step Demonic Beast vitality was really tenacious, withstands my this palm not dead unexpectedly, compared with Moyun clan that several Heaven Saint Master.”

„Your you... You are really Jian Chen.” Good long while, finally the old man has gotten back one's composure, a face cannot believe stares at the Jian Chen question saying that he really cannot believe for several years ago will participate in Mercenary martial arts contest meeting Jian Chen actually to have the so formidable strength, because any person who can participate in Mercenary martial arts contest meeting, that year discipline absolutely not over 50 years old.

„This... Is this Saint Ruler strength?” A middle-aged woman loses the shintoism.

„Jian Chen is impossible to have such strong strength, you actually who?” Also is a middle-aged man exudes the question sound, they have not seen Jian Chen, is naturally impossible to recognize his appearance.

Jian Chen looks to sneer, just about when starts talking, suddenly in the eye the fine glow dodges, flashing eyes is staring at the front.

Saw only front space to fluctuate slightly, wore the white long gown together, the crane sends the young face, the old man of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality suddenly appears there, this person Jiede Clan Old Ancestor, in Jiede Clan only Saint Ruler Rank recluse powerhouse.

„See Old Ancestor!” Jiede Clan several Heaven Saint Master simultaneously bend the waist to salute, manner respectfully.

Regarding these people Old Ancestor of saluting Jiede Clan is regards , if no thing, the vision falls on Jian Chen directly, when he recognizes Jian Chen, expression is startled immediately, as if some cannot believe the person who the eye of own, the own untold hardships want to catch, will be unsolicited unexpectedly, initiative walks to bring death, this makes him feel being startled quite.

However at once, Jiede Clan Old Ancestor complexion became some gloomy, sinking sound track: „Jian Chen, unexpectedly is you!”

„Good, is below, today pays a visit the aristocrat below personally.” Jian Chen smile has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Jiede Clan Old Ancestor, a spirit of honorable gentleman, if the bystander sees this, but also thinks that they are the friends of acquaintance.

cold snort that Jiede Clan Old Ancestor did not appreciate kindness rendered, he does not eat Jian Chen this set, at once the vision sizes up under ground that four deeply not to see the bottom the endocrater, expression gradual became must somewhat serious, saying of unemotionally: „Jian Chen, is this your one creates?”

„Here except for me, as if no others.” Jian Chen gives a calm smile.

„Is impossible!” The Old Ancestor brow of Jiede Clan closely wrinkled, his vision swift and fierce is staring at Jian Chen, the sinking sound track: „Jian Chen, this half month does not see, how your strength possibly becomes such fierce, you broke through Heaven Saint Master, strided in Saint Ruler this supreme boundary?” Speaking of behind, in the Jiede Clan Old Ancestor expression has panic-stricken that was hard to conceal, is unable to maintain again in calm is usually calm.

„Big of world, every possible strange thing, does not have anything is impossible, but a little I can be clear told you, I still the Heaven Saint Master boundary, had not broken through.” Jian Chen said that now his boundary indeed also stays in the original position, is only Chaos Body small accomplishment, making him have Saint Ruler battle strength, if cannot comprehend profound truth of the world, that can never be called Saint Ruler.

Listened to this saying, Old Ancestor long relaxing of Jiede Clan, just in his heart sudden that idea, gives to have a scare his own.

Breaks through into Saint Ruler powerhouse in the less than 50-year-old age, this really shocked everybody.

Looks at the Jiede Clan Old Ancestor touching type, on the face of Jian Chen appears to sneer, said: „You do not want to bring back your Jiede Clan Ruler Armament very much, now my person here, although comes to take.”

Jiede Clan Old Ancestor returned to normal quickly the own mood, the vision took a fast look around discretely under all around, tried to seek to hide in powerhouse in secret, he does not believe that Jian Chen met all alone to come here, because this and brought death anything not to distinguish. However Jiede Clan Old Ancestor sought for moment, does not have to attain, had not discovered that hides in secret has powerhouse.

Saw Jiede Clan Old Ancestor suddenly becomes so discrete, the Jian Chen moral nature sneered secretly, said: „Since you do not begin, that makes me come first, first meets my palm.” Also Chaos Force condenses together in the palms of Jian Chen, the direct palm pats toward opposite Jiede Clan Old Ancestor, the energy of rushing gives to extrude one group front space, making Jiede Clan Old Ancestor body surrounding space coagulate rapidly.

Is feeling this strength formidable as well as periphery suddenly coagulation space, Jiede Clan Old Ancestor complexion suddenly big change, he has not thought that this short a half month does not see, the Jian Chen strength becomes such formidable.

Although in the heart is incomparable panic-stricken, but the Jiede Clan Old Ancestor movement is not slow, sends out sonic boom to drink suddenly, the boundless energy divulges from his within the body, shakes crushes, making this piece of space all around space of that coagulation fluctuate fiercely, space of that coagulation also returned to normal.

The Jiede Clan Old Ancestor personal appearance rocks slightly, his entire body as if completely combines with space of surroundings, to control the space ability, the body then moves to hundred meters beyond instantaneously, a face with amazement is staring at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen this palm punch, by Chaos Force the boundless energy continues toward distant place to rush forth to go across the position that Jiede Clan Old Ancestor just stood, finally hits directly on a bulge mountain peak.

„Bang!” with a fierce bellow, the big mountain peak made into the smashing directly, changes into everywhere the crushed stone to splash in all directions, the entire mountain peak completely vanished does not see.

„How possible, you... You... You have achieved the Saint Ruler boundary unexpectedly!” The Old Ancestor heart of Jiede Clan started to beat fiercely, was hard the automatic control losing sound track, just the might of Jian Chen that palm, obviously only then Saint Ruler can achieve.

Listened to this saying, Jiede Clan several Heaven Saint Master simultaneously in great surprise, many person complexion became pale, so young Saint Ruler, really shocked everybody.

„Draws back quickly!” An old man drinks one lowly, leading Expert in several family to draw back completely by far, the fight between Saint Ruler is not Heaven Saint Master can participate, depends near, unavoidably will suffer the disaster of fishpond.

Jian Chen did not reply, Chaos Force gathered in the palms together toward Jiede Clan Old Ancestor pats.

Feels powerful energy that the front is raiding turbulently, this Jiede Clan Old Ancestor has not chosen the avoidance, the sinking sound track: „Jian Chen, even if you strides in the Saint Ruler boundary, but also is only Saint Ruler 1-layer, now I make you take a look at Saint Ruler 1-layer and 4-layer disparity am actually giant.” Boundless Saint Force gushes out from Jiede Clan Old Ancestor within the body, shakes the powder all around space of that coagulation, then waves to pat toward Jian Chen, that formidable energy bursts out from his palms, making surrounding space fiercely twist.

„Bang!” two powerful energies collide in the midair together, erupts a fierce bellow, the sound is deafening, such as the startling thunderclap above nine days crack, real people losing one's hearing of ear Duan Zhan. Wild energy fallout is mammoth, rolling goes toward all around by the potential of blotting out the sky, in a surrounding area ten li (0.5km) range all trees the wooded mountains eradicated to fly completely by far.

Transparent barrier suddenly appears, covers the Jiede Clan mountain village, this turbulent energy isolation outside, barrier in fierce is rocking, resists is also extremely difficult,

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