Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

The death of Shi Family Saint Ruler ( 1 )

The death of Shi Family Saint Ruler ( 1 )

Chapter 610

The death of Shi Family Saint Ruler ( 1 )

„Vanishes, did not exist!” Jian Chen whole face earnest saying, in this Mercenary City, he does not fear Saint Ruler.

„What? Vanished? Doesn't exist?” Jiede Clan Saint Ruler was also hard to keep cool, complexion suddenly big change, looked that also became to the Jian Chen vision swift and fierce, just liked two leaves the sharp sword of sheath.

Because Ruler Armament regarding them was really too important, was family the treasure of inheritance so is not only simple, it similarly was a powerful force weapon.

„Good, thing that you want already not.” Jian Chen said with a smile pale.

two people complexion is one fluctuates, but quick restored,

Because they do not believe that Jian Chen has to destroy the Ruler Armament ability, let alone his Heaven Saint Master, even if Saint Ruler boundary recluse powerhouse displays Heaven Tier battle skill unable to injure to Ruler Armament in the slightest, after all, that is the thing that Saint Ruler 9-layer powerhouse leaves behind, so is can it be that easy to destroy.

Shi Family Old Ancestor cold snort said: „Jian Chen, it seems like you do not want to return are our things, the truth told you, Treasure Mountain Seal passed through my Shi Family previous generation Saint Ruler many years of sacrifice to refine, only then had my Shi Family bloodlines person to coordinate corresponding secret skill to use Treasure Mountain Seal, but you were not my Shi Family person, naturally did not have my Shi Family bloodlines, even if you obtained secret skill unable to use Treasure Mountain Seal, this thing placed on you, not only did not have the least bit use, instead will also increase difficulty for you, why not to return us, later we two hostility wrote off, our Shi Family will not haggle over you to kill my Shi Family number powerhouse again. Matter.”

„Good, Jian Chen, Ruler Armament we must take carry back inevitably, we speaks while the present fortunately, you why not simply, directly the Ruler Armament restore in us, and our Jiede Clan and your hostility also write off, later will not ask you to trouble again, you did not need to stay in Mercenary City.” Saint Ruler sincere saying of Jiede Clan.

Although Jian Chen in their two people at present, but their two people in Mercenary City does not dare to begin, if Jian Chen has stayed in Mercenary City does not exit, they are unable to attain Ruler Armament, so waits with it, why not temporary tactful, brings back Ruler Armament is most important.

„Was sorry two, I just words said was very clear, thing that you want really already not on me.” Jian Chen is smiling, is intractable.

Shi Family and Jiede Clan two Saint Ruler complexion both became somewhat ugly, this for them without doubt was a huge bad news, because they most were worried is Ruler Armament of own family will fall into other strong presences in the hands, by that time, to seize is not that simple.

„That Treasure Mountain Seal actually in who hand!” Shi Family Saint Ruler sinking sound said.

Jian Chen pointed at has referred to the day, said: „He in any person hand, did not disappear in this stretch of world, or became part of my body.” Treasure Mountain Seal and Breaking Clouds Sword were built up to turn into Chaos Force to strengthen his body, therefore the view of Jian Chen is also appropriate.

However behind Jian Chen those words fall in two people of ears, lets two people of mind big quakes, the whole face is expression that with amazement as well as cannot believe.

„What? Treasure Mountain Seal became part of your body, did you fuse with Treasure Mountain Seal?” A Shi Family Saint Ruler face shocking has stood from the chair, Jiede Clan Saint Ruler also opened the eye, expression that the whole face cannot believe.

In the Jian Chen heart moves, from two people these words, he as if has known about Ruler Armament the application method.

„Can Ruler Armament also with the body fusion?” Jian Chen maintains composure thinks secretly that this news is for him important, he is lacking a weapon while convenient now, if Ruler Armament can really with the body fusion, then before Purple Azure Dual Swords refines, he could look for one with Ruler Armament that Light Wind Sword matches to replace.

Although what a pity he knew Ruler Armament to be able with the body fusion, but actually completely did not know the concrete method, although two Saint Ruler know all these at present, but he was not good to ask, because this completely was the percentage time . Moreover, even if knew the method, to seek for one with Ruler Armament that Light Wind Sword matched is not that easy, therefore, in the Jian Chen heart also understands that this matter own also can only in the heart think, was not the short time can complete.

„Is impossible, this is absolutely impossible, Ruler Armament is Saint Ruler 9-layer powerhouse because of the predestined time of death when to dying in a sitting posture remains, to fuse Ruler Armament, that must achieve the Saint Ruler 9-layer boundary, you trivial Heaven Saint Master strength, how can fuse Ruler Armament now, Jian Chen, when you really we are three -year-old child who anything does not understand.” The Jiede Clan old man shakes the head saying that in heart actually secretly relaxed, once Ruler Armament really and body is in one friendly, their Jiede Clan forever lost this Ruler Armament.

Listens these words that Jiede Clan Saint Ruler spoke, Jian Chen somewhat disappointed sighing, has not wanted the Saint Ruler 9-layer strength to fuse Ruler Armament, this from present him was too remote.

„My words said that is believed by you, two Senior, Junior also has the matter, does not accompany, said goodbye.” The Jian Chen food was also disinclined to eat, set out to leave the table to turn toward in the building to walk, quick vanished in Shi Family and Jiede Clan two Saint Ruler eyes.

Shi Family and Jiede Clan two Saint Ruler vision blankly is staring at the Jian Chen back, quite a while cannot get back one's composure, since they step into the boundary of Saint Ruler, this is first time meets Heaven Saint Master so not to them the face.

Partly after making a sound, Shi Family Saint Ruler tight grips the double fist, vision cloudy and cold stares at Jian Chen to vanish the position that saying of clenching jaws: „Jian Chen, you, since hesitates to do something until forced to do even more, that did not take it ill us.”

hearing that, Jiede Clan Saint Ruler sighed lightly, said: „Was a pity that here is Mercenary City, we have a strength actually nowhere to display spatially, how him, but does not know where Ruler Armament he placed, why was I away from him such nearly not to induce existence of Ruler Armament?”

„Ruler Armament on him, he perhaps has certainly isolated us and Ruler Armament relation with any special method, this keeps us from inducing, snort|hum, his body has the death mark that my Shi Family leaves behind, regardless of he ran away to where me can find him, only if this generation stayed in Mercenary City.” Shi Family Saint Ruler sinking sound said that afterward then and Jiede Clan Saint Ruler left this inn together.

Shortly after two Saint Ruler walk, in inn also has many people to depart, they are the people of various respected families, hurries back having the matter here reports to above.

But in inn corner, Hu Xiao Tian is sitting there is eating the barbecue, said with the unclear expression: „They just talked actually do not have the least bit sound to spread, this controls the space ability, only then recluse powerhouse of Saint Ruler boundary will have such divine ability, it seems like Jian Chen little brother's match Huan Zhen (really) is not simple, I must help the Jian Chen little brother one.”

Hu Xiao Tian hesitant meeting, sighed lightly: „Family never intervenes the battle on Tian Yuan Continent, by my Heaven Saint Master strength, even if has this heart not to have this ability.”


In following days, Jian Chen has stayed in the inn neutralizes the Purple Azure Sword Spirits coordination together clear within the body death mark, has almost never gone out of this inn.

During this period, continuous had the powerful influence to find Jian Chen, claimed that is willing to be the problem that Jian Chen solves him to encounter now, but the condition almost must make Jian Chen join their influences, even has also pledged a richer condition, but by the Jian Chen tactful veto, because Jian Chen does not want to increase too many burdens to the own shoulder on.

But along with winning over Jian Chen of these big influence so big fee strengths, Shi Family and Jiede Clan Saint Ruler also started to be worried, because these dare to win over the Jian Chen influence not to be weaker than them, even also some let them is incomparable dreading, but faced so the aspect, their two people did not have the slight means that the only method only then watched changes quietly.

Although some of some of his two also relations, but in their hearts also clear, at this moment is few influences is willing to offend Jian Chen, called is also to call in vain.

Several days later, Qin Country Third Prince Qin Ji arrived at Mercenary City to find Jian Chen accompanied by several Country's Expert, presented the lives of Qin Country four Imperial Protector to give Jian Chen to give a message personally, making Jian Chen this days stay in Mercenary City, do not go out , should not be the Qin Country standing erect foreign enemy.

Qin Ji has not stayed for a long time in Mercenary City, after transmitting the news, and Jian Chen exchanges greetings several hastily to leave Mercenary City, walks unusual is hurried, making Jian Chen also keen smells Qin Country recently as if to have any important matter.

In an instant, two months then passed, in these two months, Jian Chen was almost the elimination within the body death mark stay up till dawn, after two months of effort, initially Third Elder kept his within the body death mark to be eliminated two-thirds by him, once the death mark eliminated completely, he again did not have anything to dread that can do everything possible to escape the control of Shi Family and Jiede Clan, regained the freedom.

In a not far away inn, Shi Family and Jiede Clan two Saint Ruler are standing before the window is staring at that room of Jian Chen housing, Ruler Armament to them was really too important, therefore monitored the Jian Chen duty also completely personally to hold the post by their two people, lest presented any careless mistake.

„Jian Chen had not left room one for half a month, I heard that once he smoothly escaped from the thorough monitoring, azurite, on Jian Chen, since had existence of your Shi Family death mark, you nose now he whether under there, have not let him hide from our eyes sneaking off.” Saint Ruler expression light saying of Jiede Clan.

The Shi Family Saint Ruler slight bow, has closed at once existence of eye response death mark, however the next quarter lets his complexion big change, calls out in alarm said: „It is not good, the death mark in rapid weakened, was being about to dissipate, these period of time he unexpectedly continuously in clear death mark.”

Jiede Clan Saint Ruler is surprised: „What? He had method clear death mark unexpectedly, was not good, we quick in the past, once the death mark vanished, if we want to find him to be possible not to be that easy.”

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