Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

6-Step Demonic Beast

6-Step Demonic Beast

Chapter 353

6-Step Demonic Beast

„Blue root, you were too simple, first that the matter thought the person who called Yang Yutian we did not understand his details, if his behind had any abundant background, then to our Lanming Clan indeed was a good deed, but did you have to think, if Yang Yutian offended any strength fearful enemy, our Lanming Clan will end up to turn out what kind of fate, although in our Lanming Clan Ville-Savoye the status was very high, but this was only restricted in the Thacia City like this small place, on Tian Yuan Continent, our Lanming Clan was similar to an only ant is small and weak, some troublesome basic on was not we can mess with, therefore, I do not approve of life-long sacrificed Ying'er hit this gambling happily.”

„Said is reasonable, this person status of calling Yang Yutian was not clear, at present we have not been able to expect that actually he Lanming Clan will bring the gospel or the disaster to us, this too take risked.”

„You don't badness that such matter imagines, as the saying goes in the riches and honor danger asked that did not enter the tiger's den, tiger, if we did not take risk to wrestle, our Lanming Clan only then forever withdrew in small Thacia City, this to our Lanming Clan was an opportunity after all, such young powerhouse on Tian Yuan Continent was very rare, but each was the heaven-blessed rare talent, in the future the achievement will be limitless, this perhaps was our Lanming Clan an opportunity of rising.”


Several people in encircling on the board you said my one are discussing intensely, regarding Lanming Clan young lady Lan Ying betrothed to Jian Chen, then tied up Jian Chen some people of holders at Lanming Clan this matter opposed that had various reasons respectively, moreover was rationally, therefore discussed for quite a while of saying, still has not put out the final decision.

„Was good, everybody calm down a bit first, we discussed like this cannot discuss the result comes, might as well listen to the opinion of Patriarch.” A person opens the mouth to say.

Immediately, several people of vision collect on Lanming Clan old Patriarch.

Old Patriarch unemotionally to sit in the first place, one type does not get angry to the person from the feeling of prestige. His vision swift and fierce looks at the people, the sinking sound track: „You see Earth Saint Master such powerhouse with all one's heart toward wins over, you think really such character so is easy to win over? Moreover like young powerhouse supercilious, although also many conduct low-key people, however such talent character is also not we small Lanming Clan can remain, others in the Thacia City stay too long time, will not be perhaps good, left was discussing, this matter stopped, my free conclusion, you, if had the leisurely mood, discussed how because of this to cope with Black Wind Robbers, snort|hum, my treasure granddaughters dare to move unexpectedly continually, this matter our Lanming Clan, if did not ask to return just, that our face has not based in Thacia City.”

„Yes, Patriarch!” The people acknowledged that prestige of old Patriarch in Lanming Clan is high, regarding his words, nobody dares not to listen.


Next morning, Jian Chen sent to scout own these servants, then left Lanming Clan to saunter on the avenue.

Thacia City is Second Class City, traffic also very many, on some lively avenues the full avenue is the attire appearance magnificent person's shadow, mixes in some also many Mercenary appearance contour uncouthly men, the middle of street remained the trace that a carriage is grinding stays behind obsolete, seems symbolizing the Thacia City splendor.

„Makes way, makes way, everybody makes.” Suddenly, one team of more than 20 people of Mercenary ride first-order Demonic Beast mount to come from behind rapid running, finally the wind spreading electricity hold up rushes toward city gate, stirs up the surrounding pedestrian to throw the surprise in abundance the vision.

„This probably is the wild wolf Mercenary Group person, looks at their appearances hurriedly, has probably any urgent matter have.” A passer-by looks one team of Mercenary that goes far away were discussing.

„This you do not know, yesterday late uploaded a news to come, it is said Myriad Poisons Mountain Range in 500 kms away presented 6-Step Demonic Beast, as if just gave birth, and is also seriously injured, the whole body blood drippings, battle strength was inferior including 5-Step Demonic Beast that looks at the black wolf Mercenary Group so hurried appearance, as if overtakes for this matter, if can experiencing personally heavy losses 6-Step Demonic Beast strikes to kill, that is a startled day wealth.” Person of nearby Mercenary appearance opens the mouth to say.

„Boasted, since there are to experience personally severely wounded 6-Step Demonic Beast there, why you did not go.” That person does not believe that questioned.

That Mercenary is also a helplessness of face, said \; „Although is one experiences personally severely wounded Demonic Beast, but is not good to cope, perhaps by my trivial Saint Master strength, is a problem including the escape, such matter I little participate, otherwise, how long guaranteed unable to live certainly.”

Not far away Jian Chen ear moves slightly, immediately hears the dialog of two people clearly, immediately before arriving at that person, asked: „This you, you said that what Myriad Poisons Mountain Range presents the 6-Step Demonic Beast matter is really?”

„Naturally real, I passed through from that place yesterday evening, there gathered big one group of people, is almost Great Saint Master, even also has Earth Saint Master such powerhouse to appear, you said that can have the vacation.” An stern of that Mercenary face, looked that to was not says the appearance of lie likely.

At this moment, was one team of rapid hoofbeats passed from behind, sees only one team of more than 30 people of teams were riding Demonic Beast mount fast in the city gate direction hurries.

„That is the Golden Unicorn Mercenaries person, what runs in front is gold/metal scale Mercenary Group Commander and Vice-Commander, they also hurry to toward Myriad Poisons Mountain Range evidently.”

Just walked in the gold/metal scale Mercenary Group person, the rear street end was one team of troops fast ran.

„That is of Hou Niao Clan Thacia City two respected families.” Sees that team of troops, immediately some people call out in alarm make noise.

„That is not Hou Niao Clan Patriarch, he is one of our Thacia City three Great Expert, is Earth Saint Master, look at them such anxiously hurrying along, had what important matter?” In the street has the passer-by to whoop immediately.

Shortly after the Hou Niao Clan person walks, was one team of troops has spun from the street end. When Jian Chen sees this team of troops, in the eye reveals surprised expression immediately, because this team of troops unexpectedly are the Lanming Clan people, front line old Patriarch of Lanming Clan.

When the Lanming Clan person must from own, Jian Chen went out of the crowd to block Lanming Clan one line. Just started on one line of faces of Lanming Clan to reveal the angry look, when they saw the opposite party are Jian Chen, without a trace that the anger on face dissipated immediately, smiling and Jian Chen greet.

On the face of blue Patriarch also shows a smiling face, said: „Little brother, found you finally.”

„Old Patriarch, looked that you are so hurried, what happened inadequately.” Jian Chen opens the mouth to ask.

The old Patriarch nod said: „Good, we received a news last night, Myriad Poisons Mountain Range in 500 kms away has one to experience personally severely wounded 6-Step Demonic Beast, we rush to there, original today's early morning I send for inviting, but you already not in family, as a result of time press, therefore we, so long as informs the guard and others you to come back this news to tell you, then we walk one first step, the little brother, does not know that you are interested in going to Myriad Poisons Mountain Range with us together.”

„Originally this matter unexpectedly real.” Jian Chen twittering, was accepting in a low voice the request of Lanming Clan.

Then, among the Lanming Clan person the person resigned skin mount to give Jian Chen immediately, but his own with another person with riding.

Jian Chen rubbish, rides mount simultaneously to rush to Myriad Poisons Mountain Range along with the Lanming Clan No. thirty person. After he walks, standing of that Mercenary still blankly looks at the form that Jian Chen is going far away there, muttered: „Who this person is, unexpectedly and Lanming Clan walks is so near, even/including Lanming Patriarch is polite to him, oh, early knew on the multi- method friendship.”

Jian Chen and Lanming Clan person in dashes about wildly on the road together, but what blue Patriarch is also unceasing is Jian Chen is explaining the Myriad Poisons Mountain Range news.

The people rode 3-Step Demonic Beast mount to leave Thacia City quickly, was dashing about wildly on the major road, after hurrying along of-and-a-half double-hour, arrived at the Myriad Poisons Mountain Range surrounding finally, can see front to have piece of huge mountain range by far such as giant beast to crawl in the place, mountain peak sharp point in the fog partly visible, the topography steep did not say, moreover was high, the high point at least also more than 4000 meters, were away from far away, can see Myriad Poisons Mountain Range to flutter light toxic gas.

But in the Myriad Poisons Mountain Range surrounding, gathered a troop person, the population at least also several thousands, already dense and numerous builds many tents.

Lanming Clan one line of stopped in the Myriad Poisons Mountain Range surrounding, then old Patriarch puts out a jade bottle to give Jian Chen, said: „Little brother, this is the medicine of disintoxicating, although here toxic gas is not strong, cannot pose the threat to us, but some time long unavoidably influences, therefore, we are under the clothing/taking evade poisonous pill for safety.”

Jian Chen nodded, pulls out one to evade poisonous pill to swallow down on such as the eating together soybean from inside.

After the Lanming Clan person swallows respectively the next grain evades poisonous pill, in abundance has gotten down mount, leaves behind the two people guarding, other people go toward the Myriad Poisons Mountain Range deep place line with old Patriarch together.

Has not needed to distinguish the position to here, because the ground had trod out path a to deep place by the dense and numerous footprints, they only need to proceed along this road, naturally can guide their direction by the path that the front person steps on.

Among people strength weakest has achieved Great Saint Master, therefore speed is quick, when are not many climbed up the highest that mountain peak, then after walked a Little Duan distance, stopped, because in their front, several hundred people gathered here, facial expression serious is staring at the front.

By a Jian Chen body light and lively jumping onto big tree, the clarity that inside picture looks, sees only in the people front 50 meters places, snow white tiger languid lying closes one's eyes there all over the body lightly, blocks behind cave mouth with the own body. The tiger body is not big, the appearance that the whole body blood that only then three meters appearance, hair pure white piece, said with Thacia City that Mercenary mouth in drippings is extremely incompatible. But in the front of tiger, there ground was been incarnadine by the blood, over a hundred lost corpse scattered in disorder lying down of life aura on the ground, in the middle of these corpses, not deficient Earth Saint Master Rank Expert.

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