Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Meet Qin Xiao

Meet Qin Xiao

Chapter 303

Meet Qin Xiao

„Qin Xiao ~~~~” Jian Chen grief and indignation shouts one, the body is leaving behind together the remnant shade same place, like lightning has flushed away toward the place that three people fight by speed, at the same time, huge killing intent sends out from the body, the imposing manner is scary, direct impact sky.

Stands the yellow clothes female side Jian Chen at the back of the golden long bow, a face surprise stares is going far away instantaneously Jian Chen that with Jian Chen in together these days, she first time sees Jian Chen to be so rude, the mood fluctuation is so big. Immediately is treading the half step, not anxiously not slow walks toward the hillside under.

Jian Chen that drank greatly naturally is fought three people to discover, the person spirit that two whole bodies were bathed in blood inspired immediately, has not thought that bumped into this crucial time unexpectedly knew the person who the Tianqin Clan big Young Master person, two have achieved the spent force was similar to the straw that held life-saving has revealed the happy expression immediately, when they were bringing been wild with joy expression looked, expression is all startled, cleanness that the gloominess of whole face, just that joyful expression immediately dissipated.

Their two people knew regarding Jian Chen that is Tianqin Clan big Young Master Qin Xiao a friend who becomes friends in outside, although natural talent is good, young has the Great Saint Master strength, however their matches are Earth Saint Master, and is a strength is greatly strengthened, has wind attribute Saint Force Earth Saint Master, their two people collaborates only to be hit retreats in defeat again and again, was said had Jian Chen of Great Saint Master strength.

But at this time, had wind attribute Saint Force Earth Saint Master also to discover the arrival of Jian Chen, when he saw the Jian Chen that charming and young face, complexion suddenly big change, in the brain could not help reappeared half a month ago, a deep fear appeared in the wind attribute Earth Saint Master heart suddenly, let him again not the courage that continued to fight.

„Snort, today for the time being lets off you.” Wind attribute Earth Saint Master throws down ruthless words, is bringing whole face unwilling expression, runs away also going far away fast.

After the middle-aged man walks, a whole body is the person of blood, because is injured heavily, in addition serious overdrawing of Saint Force, finally could not insist the stupor.

But which in another person also very went, sits on the ground, the facial expression atrophy.

„Qin Xiao, Qin Xiao, how you, you awoke quickly.” Side hears together the anxious shout, before Jian Chen already arrives at the Qin Xiao body, is holding the head of Qin Xiao anxiously is shouting, in the expression has the anxiety of not being able to say.

Qin Xiao is injured very heavily, not only whole body is bathed in blood, the surrounding lawn had to collect many bloody water, but has two ferocious name terrors wounds on him, together on waist, Qin Xiao that bucket thick or thin cutting in two at the waist 1/2, only then half and lower part were connected, another wound in the chest spot, passed the body, five main internal organs seriously was destroyed, did not have one is complete, present Qin Xiao, is half only treadons enters Gate of Death.

„Quick, it shoots to me with your bow, do not let him run away.” The malignant influences of Jian Chen whole face, the hand points was running away to two kilometers beyond must vanish in the azure form of mountain top is shouting to clear the way to the yellow clothes female.

Latter upright anxiously is not slow the yellow clothes female who walks to with Solunar Bow give to kill that the person of say|way running away, but hears Jian Chen this is similar to the expression that the order manages, the delicate eyebrows a wrinkle, gives up immediately immediately does not do, must take the hand signal of bow also to receive, cold voice said: „I do not shoot, why to listen your.”

„peng~!” Jian Chen fist numerous pounding in the ground, pound -and-a-half meter deep big holes ground that soft stone, a pair covers entirely the eye of blood thread to emit the swift and fierce vision to stare at the yellow clothes young girl, intense killing intent not covers up, this time, Jian Chen got angry.

Similar to the wild animal vision gaze of bloodthirsty by Jian Chen this, the yellow clothes young girl moral nature trembles fiercely, the step of advance halts immediately in same place, but in heart actually inexplicable origin transmits a grieved feeling, at this moment, she somewhat regretted suddenly, the person who just why the different arrow will run away kills, when she changes the attention, that wind attribute Earth Saint Master crossed the hillside, vanishes to disappear.

„Sword .... Sword .... Jian Chen.”

In Jian Chen must prepare with Radiant Saint Force is Qin Xiao healing, a thin inaudible acoustical shadow comes and goes out in the Jian Chen ear suddenly, sees only the eye that Qin Xiao that shuts tightly to open a tiny slit, the lip shivered slightly, unclear talking over.

„Qin Xiao, you insist that I will make you be restored to health quickly.” Saying, Jian Chen must control Radiant Saint Force is Qin Xiao healing, now Qin Xiao is very dangerous, the life hangs one, may depart anytime.

„Sword .... Sword .... Jian Chen.” The Qin Xiao eye can only open a small slit, he lifts the right hand to hold Jian Chen strenuously is the palm, puts the waist of own slowly, off and on saying: „Gang... Gang... Helps me...... space... Waist... Brings... Waistband ....... Green .... Vial... Bottle... Bottle... Jar .... With .... Comes out.” The Qin Xiao speech is worn out, behind is unable to send out including sound, can only exude the expiration sound, a words saying ends, his head one crooked, stupor in the past.

Jian Chen still hears the Qin Xiao words clearly, immediately cautiously loosens Qin Xiao Space Belt, for fear that has bumped into the wound, then hurried turned to look from inside, finally finally has discovered three green small jade bottles on a wooden frame.

Jian Chen takes completely three small jade bottles, then turns on three small jade bottles completely, examines the thing of installing.

In each small jade bottle thinks of a thumb size Medicine Pill, is sending out the weak white light.

„This .... This is.” Jian Chen is surprised, he can the clear feeling, in these three Medicine Pill surfaces, although is some raw material for medicine powder, but inside is actually pure Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen is in itself Radiant Saint Master, very clear Radiant Saint Force effect, pours Medicine Pill to feed in the mouth of Qin Xiao from the bottle immediately.

As Medicine Pill enters the abdomen, Qin Xiao complexion also in fast change for the better, although in that little Radiant Saint Force with Medicine Pill was unable to make his injury be restored to health, but saves the life not to have the issue, but he has not sobered.

After injury stability of Qin Xiao, Jian Chen also big relaxing, at this time, he turned the head to look that to man who another two whole bodies are bathed in blood.

This two people Jian Chen has seen, one of them is Qin Jue, listening to Qin Xiao saying that Qin Jue by his grandfather the baby who picked from outside, grew up in Tianqin Clan since childhood, to Tianqin Clan loyal Geng En, now also in stupor. But another person is not the Tianqin Clan person, but arrives at Mercenary City one of the three people with Tian Zhou through Space Gate, with Tian Zhou is the same adversity life and death brothers, at this moment is complexion is also pale, whole body weak sitting on the ground, is eating the healing medicine restoration injury silently.

Three person's shadows appear on the steep slope of distant place, and rapid is approaching toward here.

Three people of arrivals have immediately aroused the vigilance of people, „big brother!” Suddenly, mixes with the joyful sound to transmit from side, sees only sits eats healing medicine healing person whole face excited is looking at three people in side, immediately struggled to crawl from the ground.

These three people, unexpectedly are Tianqin Clan Tian Zhou and with another two by the person who Tian Zhou leads.

„Fourth Brother!”

„Fourth Brother!”

„Fourth Brother!”

The Tian Zhou three people also quickly recognize the person who that whole body has been bathed in blood, exudes the screams, running over of half step.

„Fourth Brother, how you were, who injured this you.”

„Fourth Brother, you told me quickly, which bastard was makes into this you.”

Looks touching type that the Fourth Brother whole body is bathed in blood . Moreover the two people anger cannot say, but Tian Zhou complexion is not very attractive, at once in three people of vision unceasing on the scene back and forth is taking a fast look around, lay down Tian Jue and zither who the family|home big Young Master nature at the same time remained unconscious is discovered by them, but Jian Chen and his behind that also fell into several people of eyes at the back of the yellow clothes female of golden big bow.

„Who you are!” One of them vision swift and fierce stares is getting angry at the back of the yellow clothes female of big bow shouts to clear the way, Jian Chen is they come together, they recognize Jian Chen, only then that yellow clothes female they did not know.

Yellow clothes female vision disdains has cast aside several people of one, immediately arrogantly will cast aside one side, looked that is disinclined to look, did not speak a few words, the meaning of despising exposes without doubt.

Yellow clothes female the manner of so makes the speech that person of complexion one cold, shouted to clear the way again: „Little mother skin, Sir asked that your words, you deaf had not heard.”

Hears this words, yellow clothes female complexion sinks, the vision fills murderous intention is staring at that person, the sinking sound track: „You said one again, I make you die immediately.” If not for Jian Chen in the one side, guessed that Jian Chen knew with their several people mostly, the yellow clothes female already began to several people, after all, these three people may be Earth Saint Master, the body has many participating tokens.

„You .....” that person fly into a rage, surges along with rushing Saint Force, a handle sickle appears in the hand immediately, gets angry: „You live are impatient, now makes me teach you well.” Saying, was wanting to rush goes.

„Hi, the Second Brother, you too did not understand the character and style, a such attractive young beautiful woman you also under went well.” Stood puts out a hand to block in sidereal revolution look ugly person put out the Saint's Weapon Second Brother immorally, the vision on the yellow clothes young girl was taking a fast look around.

hearing that, the Second Brother stares slightly, along with, even if responded that hey badly said with a smile: „Third Brother, is you are smart, such attractive young beautiful woman such killed has really been a pity.” Immediately hey badly was saying with a smile to the yellow clothes young girl: „Young beautiful woman, Elder Brother I change now paid attention, killed like you such attractive beautiful woman has really been a pity, might as well accompany elder brother several crisp one well first, if Elder Brother several serving was comfortable, elder brother several naturally can put you.”

Yellow clothes female whole face cold frost, complexion gloomy like water.

Listened to these words, Jian Chen complexion also slightly to sink, because although formerly matter he to yellow clothes female very big opinion, but this two people achievement he was really unable to continue watching . Moreover, how to say again now he and yellow clothes female are also the people on same strip ship, but apparently did not have the least bit favorable impression regarding sidereal revolution several people of Jian Chen hearts, formerly in Tianqin Clan, the sidereal revolution had not been short of to make things difficult for Jian Chen.

„Words that does not want dead, your two people should better put cleanly the mouth.” Jian Chen has stood slowly, vision yin cold is staring at several people of sinking sound tracks.

„Mother, the boy, we and young beautiful woman spoke, where wheel obtained you to meddle, wants to refuse stubbornly.” Second Brother vision ominous severe stares at Jian Chen to shout to clear the way, murderous aura of whole face, although Jian Chen and Tianqin Clan big Young Master Qin Xiao relates well, but Tian Zhou also similarly is the Tianqin Clan person, but as the Tian Zhou brothers, their several people also knows Tian Zhou very repugnant Jian Chen.

Stands also sinks in one side little speech Tian Zhou complexion, looked that has filled intense killing intent to the Jian Chen vision, Tian Zhou in Tianqin Clan has very big opinion to Jian Chen, had the struggle of argument, if not for Tianqin Patriarch rushed promptly has prevented two people, he already began to Jian Chen, but on entering the Mercenary City road, Tian Zhou also more than once wanted to begin to Jian Chen, has scruples Supreme Elder to endure patiently, now a such good opportunity puts at present, he will certainly not miss.

Tian Zhou was being the Fourth Brother of blood has caused a meaningful glance to that whole body, the Fourth Brother understands meaning that quickly the sidereal revolution must express, immediately pointed at Jian Chen to shout to clear the way: „Big brother, the Second Brother, the Third Brother, our several people was injured by this boy, this boy is heartless and cruel, wants to kill Tianqin Clan Qin Xiao, I and Tianqin Clan another brothers unexpected under was sneak attacked to make into the severe wound by him, if not the big brother you rushes promptly, perhaps young four I again could not see you.”

Saying of small 41 nasal mucus tears, very pitiful.

Tian Zhou complexion gloomy like water, vision ice-cold is staring at Jian Chen, cold sound track: „Boy, my big brother is in vain polite to you, treats it as distinguished guest, but you make such heartless matter unexpectedly, today my Tian Zhou does not forgive you, the third child, goes the murderer who wants to kill my Qin Xiao nephew to grasp this.” In the Tian Zhou eye, Jian Chen is Great Saint Master, has not placed in him the heart, from falling personal beginning of status.

„Yes, Big brother!” The third child complies with one immediately, a face sneers walks toward Jian Chen, his own Saint's Weapon has not put out, from the start does not have only then „Great Saint Master” the boy of strength will place in the eye.

In Jian Chen eye cold glow twinkle, he had not argued, because this is completely unnecessary.

„Stop!” Suddenly, a somewhat weak sound conveys suddenly, sees only Qin Jue that the whole body is bathed in blood not to know when awoke to transfer, his strenuous crawled from the ground, expression weak saying: „You have misunderstood, we were injured by powerful Earth Saint Master, has nothing to do with this little brother.”

Tian Zhou complexion slightly changes, vision looked at Qin Jue, shouted to clear the way: „Nonsense, Qin Jue, you estimated that was the head is muddled, you and fourth child as well as Qin Xiao nephew obviously is sneak attacked to injure by this boy at present, where had others.”

hearing that, the Qin Jue vision has glittered two, along with, even if not utter a word, he just woke, has not heard that words that Tian Zhou formerly spoke, therefore also not too clear situation, but now, he listened, the sidereal revolution is must unable to pass with Jian Chen sincerely, now he is the body of severe wound, cannot take care of oneself, even to prevent is the strength is also insufficient.

At this time, before the third child arrived at the Jian Chen body, a face sneered was staring at the Jian Chen that handsome and white and tender face, the direct palm turned toward the shoulder of Jian Chen to grasp, on the palm was having the formidable strength, if common Great Saint Master were held by this palm, perhaps the bone black was grasped broken.

In the Jian Chen eye the cold glow dodges, Light Wind Sword appears instantaneously when the right hand, in the third child has not responded, Light Wind Sword that sharp sword blade edge has built on third child's shoulder neck.

The sudden accident makes the third child have a big shock, but grasps unbendingly to the palm of Jian Chen shoulder also in airborne, enters is not, draws back is also.

„Your your you .......” the third child are at a loss for words looks has put up the long sword on own neck, the shocking words could not say.

„Great Saint Master” in situation that unexpectedly in own does not realize weapon on the neck of own, lets have in the third child heart of Earth Saint Master strength spatially is the shock, is hard to accept this fact.

„You invert the matter again not black and white, do not blame me not being impolite to you.” Jian Chen vision ice-cold sidereal revolution several people, cold sound track

Was pointing at the nose threat by a junior, making the Tian Zhou big feeling honor not have the light, loudly shouted to clear the way: „On, has killed him, saves the third child.” Saying, in the Tian Zhou hand was reappearing a handle fiery red great sword, raised the sword to turn toward Jian Chen to flush away.

Second child also immediately puts out own Saint's Weapon, simultaneously turns toward Jian Chen to overrun with Tian Zhou.

Meanwhile, was also flashed through intense killing intent by Jian Chen one sword in the third child eye on neck, when the Jian Chen attention places the Tian Zhou two people, hand claw, quickly turns toward the throat of Jian Chen to grasp.

Sneering that Jian Chen cold snort, the corners of the mouth appear disdaining, puts up Light Wind Sword on third child neck to truncate immediately suddenly, third child's head immediately and nape of the neck separation fell, such as fountain blood column from break nape of the neck place turbulent sprays. Dyes blood red the ground quickly.

„Third child!”

„Third child!”

„Third Brother!”

The Tian Zhou four people of items bare to crack, exudes the sorrowful screams.

„Your this bastard, today I , if not kill your me to vow is not the person.”

„Revenges for the third child!”

Tian Zhou several people of whole face murderous aura, the binocular blowout flaming anger, as if wishes one could to be cut to pieces Jian Chen.

„Searches for!”

Suddenly, sound transmits from the ear from out of the blue, sees only golden rays of light to shoot together from Jian Chen behind, like lightning pierced the chest of second child by speed, projects a fist size in his heart spot the transparent hole, the heart vanished does not see.

The golden light shot through the chest of second child, remaining power did not reduce in the slightest, continued to shoot toward behind, finally vanished on the hillside several hundred meters away, projected deeply not to see the bottom the hillside huge hole.

Jian Chen turns head to look that sees only the behind yellow clothes young girl surface , if incorruptible, at this moment is taking golden Solunar Bow, still does is drawing the archery the posture.

The second child formerly spoke to insult her, by the disposition of yellow clothes young girl, naturally cannot let off the second child, if not for the third child had been cut the head by Jian Chen, the yellow clothes young girl already one and killed the third child.

Second child eyes stare in a big way, unbelievable stares is grasping the yellow clothes young girl of golden long bow, he has not thought that an age is about 20 -year-old delicate young girls, actually has so fearful battle strength, golden arrow speed that projects quick makes the ability that he responded not have.

„Bang!” the body of second child straight but actually, had been killed by an age 20-year-old delicate young girl, making him die with injustice unredressed.

Looks at the fate of second child, Tian Zhou complexion suddenly big change, instantaneously became pale, Jian Chen battle strength of strength yellow clothes young girl big stemmed from his anticipation, the strength and he differs not the big second child and third child two Earth Saint Master, put in an appearance unexpectedly is cut to kill.

Golden energy arrow that especially yellow clothes young girl projects, was makes in the Tian Zhou heart dread, just that arrow, if shot at him, he will not have the possibility of shunting under so near distance certainly, the fate with the second child similar fate.

Tian Zhou fired into the Jian Chen step to stop immediately, now the development of situation has surpassed his anticipation completely, making him in a dilemma.

Jian Chen vision ice-cold gaze complexion azure white Tian Zhou, say|way of taunt: „Just did not say that must kill me, how now not to begin.”

hearing that, Tian Zhou complexion immediately became ugly, the vision was full of the hatred was staring at Jian Chen and yellow clothes young girl, clenched teeth saying: „Boy, the matter of today my Tian Zhou will not forget.” A words saying ended, the Tian Zhou personal appearance moved, immediately turned toward the distant place to run away.

The yellow clothes young girl has pulled open bowstring immediately, must shoot running away Tian Zhou, but at this time, Jian Chen was leaving behind together the remnant shade same place, to pursue compared with Tian Zhou quicker speed.

Pursues, Jian Chen Light Wind Sword waves, swift and fierce sword qi shoots toward Tian Zhou.

Realized that the behind difference, Tian Zhou starts to move aside immediately, smashing that sword qi that simultaneously the great sword belt in hand burning hot Fire Attribute Saint Force is unable to evade strikes, because this delays, Tian Zhou speed also slow, quick by Jian Chen overtaking, the thorn that Jian Chen Light Wind Sword was relentless immediately.

Runs away is blocked, Tian Zhou was forced must fight with Jian Chen, erupts along with his within the body Fire Attribute Saint Force fully, surrounding air in rapidly is increasing, the green grass in ground in fast withering.

„Drinks!” Tian Zhou explodes drinks one, the great sword burns is similar to the substantive flaming roaring flame numerous toward Jian Chen to cut.

Jian Chen does not dread, two fingers of thick or thin Light Wind Sword are only bringing soaring to the heavens sword qi and great sword collides in together, then the Jian Chen arm inspires, Light Wind Sword whipping maliciously in the great sword, contains the formidable strength on Light Wind Sword toward to ripple to go directly at the same time, immediately Light Wind Sword that the great sword whips takes advantage of opportunity on, being relentless pricked the chest of Tian Zhou, and piercing, will drop behind sword sharp him of blood to break through.

„You, you actually have the Earth Saint Master strength, how this is willing the energy.” Until at this time, Tian Zhou suddenly awakened, that had not been placed Jian Chen in eye by him unexpectedly is not Great Saint Master, but is Earth Saint Master.

„No wonder, no wonder you can that killing third child easily, no wonder you be able to overtake my speed.” A gloominess of Tian Zhou face, with also deep regrets, if early knows that Jian Chen is Earth Saint Master Rank powerhouse, he said that anything will not provoke on own initiative.

„Was a pity, you know was too late.” Jian Chen unemotionally, in the eye that formidable killing intent not covers up.

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