Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

5-Step Demonic Beast

5-Step Demonic Beast

Chapter 230

5-Step Demonic Beast

The invitation of Wake City City Lord, Jian Chen must go . Moreover, his also important matters needed Yun Li City Lord to help.

„Commander Duo Li, waited for me to process here matter in the past.” Jian Chen cups one hand in the other across the chest saying that now the Raging Flames Mercenaries new these members he has not placed appropriately, if throws these people does not manage here, unavoidably will make in some people hearts produce discontentedly to own, this is Jian Chen undesired.

„Good, since the words passed, I first said goodbye.” Commander Duo Li deep looked at Jian Chen one, finally the vision sweeps his behind that group of people, has not said anything, left Mercenary Union directly.

Just walked in Commander Duo Li, Jian Chen also brought was joining Raging Flames Mercenaries one group of people newly enormously and powerful to leave Mercenary Union. When Mercenary Union Zhongping person who gathers were many, 20-30 individuals simultaneously pass and out Mercenary Union is a very ordinary matter, therefore, combines Jian Chen one line in crowd not to arouse the too big interest.

„Kyle!” Walks on the road, Jian Chen opened the mouth to call out suddenly.

„In, Commander, does not know that has what instruction.” The age looks like had 60-year-old Kyle to open the mouth to say hastily that has experienced him of Jian Chen strength, has not had because of the Jian Chen age looks down upon slightly.

In these years, Kyle reaches the situation of today from initial small Mercenary, the matter that experiences and has seen the scene were many, therefore in his heart was also clear, on this Tian Yuan Continent behind, if the formidable backer support, by far develop on stronger compared with him many, if this backer were formidable enough, after him, walked wants unyieldingly many, people who even if were some strengths strong his does not dare to offend him.

But the Jian Chen age only then 20 years old about, however have this grade of strength in so the age, light from this, on the one hand on, Kyle initially concluded that Jian Chen behind definitely has the deep background, even if no what background, solely is this natural talent in practice, is worth Kyle following. But with Kyle similarly is Weiss of household head, obviously is also and Kyle thinks that went together, therefore, this two people first complies to obey Jian Chen, because already expected in their hearts, if Jian Chen can walk successfully, that future can definitely stand in the Tian Yuan Continent peak.

But this opportunity, they climb up the future peak the opportunity, if other Jian Chen moved Tian Yuan Continent, stands when Tian Yuan Continent most high-end, even if they have a mind to climb up this uncle, is a impossible matter.

„You lead everybody temporarily to live in your Kai Family, I have the matter to go to City Lord's Mansion immediately, now without enough time seperately arranges the dwelling radically.” Jian Chen expression light saying.

„Yes, Commander!” Kyle immediately respectful should reply.

„Weiss, you also returns to your family, later, your two people does business in Wake City, joins up mutually, strives to control Wake City all business in the hand.”

„Un, you feel relieved Commander, our Kai Family and Dole Clan collaborate, the strength is Tianxiong Clan must dread several points . Moreover the business that now Zhou Clan and Tianxiong Clan destruction, they controlled will be also unwatched, happen to we can seize the chance to compete, took this as the foundation, slowly will put in order the Wake City market to control in the hand, but, during this, perhaps needed some military force support, after all in Wake City some influences did not allow to look down upon, if they joined up, depending on our Kai Family and Dole Clan two families, basic on was not his match.” Weiss said.

Nod of Jian Chen approval, has hesitated slightly the meeting, said: „This matter is not anxious first, now Wake City will soon face the attack of Demonic Beast tide, all and other Demonic Beast tides finished discussed again.”

Arranges outside the temporary dwelling of Raging Flames Mercenaries member, Jian Chen directly soars City Lord's Mansion to go.

Before Jian Chen arrives at the City Lord's Mansion front door, guarded the soldier of front door to block the Jian Chen way, then expression extremely polite saying: „Is Mr. Jian Chen?”

„Right, is I!” The Jian Chen vision has swept this guard lightly.

„Mr. Jian Chen, please wait a bit the moment, my this goes to notify.” Confirmed Jian Chen status, that guards to run immediately toward inside.

Looks to vanish guard in front door place, on the Jian Chen face does not have not to bear, static standing is waiting for in the front door place patiently. How long has not let Jian Chen , etc., afterward saw only to wear Yun Li City Lord of casual attire to walk from inside on the stride.

„Oh, the Jian Chen little brother, how came to stand outside, oh, this was I entertains inconsiderately, in please, be please quick requests personally.” A smile of Yun Li City Lord face, great distance far away greets from this Jian Chen, the enthusiasm of whole face.

Jian Chen shows a faint smile, after the Yun Li City Lord smalltalk several, was invited by Yun Li City Lord.

In a peaceful conference room, Jian Chen and Yun Li City Lord two people sits facing each other, just sat down, Jian Chen opens the mouth to ask: „Does not know that what City Lord this time asked me to come behavior.”

„Oh!” Listened to this saying, the Yun Li City Lord deep sigh tone, the smiling face on face also to vanish does not see, entire complexion in an instant became somewhat heavy.

„Jian Chen little brother, after you such one noisy, our Wake City strength has died away much, now this Demonic Beast tide to the pressure that we resulted is bigger and bigger.” On the Yun Li City Lord face has the difficulties of not being able saying that the whole face is sad expression.

hearing that, Jian Chen shows a faint smile, said: „City Lord, please allow that I asked that did the past Demonic Beast tide have to present the 5-Step Demonic Beast matter.”

Yun Li City Lord complexion became along with Jian Chen these words somewhat heavy, said: „Has, Demonic Beast Mountain Range will attack Wake City is almost every several other 20 years will occur one time, according to record, Wake City since establishment, had the matter that more than 20 Demonic Beast have attacked a city, in this period, altogether met five times to present the 5-Step Demonic Beast event, but in the middle of these five times, front four times have caused the considerably large losses to our Wake City, we paid the extremely serious price to strike to kill this only 5-Step Demonic Beast, but a 5-Step Demonic Beast attack that finally had, because we have informed King City promptly, therefore King City dispatched Earth Saint Master Rank powerhouse to come to cope with 5-Step Demonic Beast, therefore finally one. 5-Step Demonic Beast attacks a city has not caused the too big damage to us.”

„, Then, presents the 5-Step Demonic Beast probability not to be big.” Jian Chen muttered in a low voice said that immediately on face showed a self-confident smiling face, said: „Yun Li City Lord, you completely may feel relieved that Jian Chen will assist Wake City to resist the attack of Demonic Beast tide surely fully, so long as this time does not present 5-Step Demonic Beast, that thinks that the issue will not be big, although we lost Tianxiong Lie and other Expert of big Saint Master Rank levels, the role that however their can play, can make up in the next person completely, even goes beyond.”

„He He, had Jian Chen little brother's these words, I felt relieved much, I believe that the Jian Chen little brother was not the person of that talking irresponsibly.” Yun Li City Lord that tight wrinkle brow, along with Jian Chen these words but Shu has launched, regarding the Jian Chen strength , he although does not have personally to see, but in the heart actually is also clear, Tianxiong Clan and Zhou Clan destruction, is the best evidence.

„City Lord, City Lord, the important matter is not good......”

In this time, is mixing with several points of startled big call to put from outside, the conference room that this shuts tightly has not undergone anybody's notification, directly was opened uncouthly collision, sees only a whole body is the soldier whole face of blood anxious clashes from the outside quick steps.

„City Lord, the important matter is not good, we investigate the sub-element when the Demonic Beast forest execution detection duty, suddenly had discovered 5-Step Demonic Beast, our sub-element runs away by luck besides me, other people died in battle completely.” That soldier just entered conference room, immediately the asthma whistling saying, among expression has the anxiety of not being able to say.

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