Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Horned Demon Pig

Horned Demon Pig

Chapter 116

Horned Demon Pig

Next morning, when the sky mistily shines, sits cross-legged to sit in the tent tests the absorption world vitality to practice night of Jian Chen slowly to open the eye, feels Saint Force that within the body that has not been growing, Jian Chen has sighed deeply the tone, although he absorbs the world vitality now speed is far from the past may compare, these world vitalities that but he absorbs, almost in that one purple one azure two colors light point by his Dantian had been robbed completely, his own can absorb truly, almost can not neglect.

Left the tent, Jian Chen has stood outside deeply has inhaled several early morning fresh air, immediately raise one's head, looks in the top of the head slowly the branches and leaves of that cover, now the double-hour early, the weather still mistily is also displaying, not completely bright, but East that Sun raised every day, was dim.

The snoring sound that listens in several other tents to be hearing the slight breathing that as well as occasionally presents, Jian Chen disappointed shaking the head, at his aural acuity, easily can listen to this moment Raging Flames Mercenaries person to sleep completely, unexpectedly nobody is practicing.

„Oh, is so sluggish, how strength can enhance, although on the path of practice, individual natural talent is very important, but diligent is more important than natural talent, even if natural talent in high person, if not practice diligently, achievement might as well natural talent that he obtains is mediocre, person who actually diligently cultivates.” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly.

Afterward, Jian Chen went to the woods to look for some dry branches, lived one fires, has been making a prill simply, then put on several Demonic Beast meat to roast.

Perhaps was awakened by outside sound, the head of Kendall Commander drills the tent, looks outside lighting a fire barbecue Jian Chen, said with a smile: „Jian Chen, such already got up.”

Saying that heard the sound, Jian Chen does not return to: „The sky is about to have shone, was not early.”

Kendall Commander watched also the weather that becomes gray mistily, hey has smiled two, has not spoken, afterward also drills from the tent, before arriving at the fire of high-piled firewood, sat.

After Kendall Commander comes out shortly, Raging Flames Mercenaries other people as if also had been awakened by noise by outside sound, goes out of the tent in abundance, then immediately began to receive the tent, put in Space Belt, after some tidied up was appropriate, all people gather before the fire of high-piled firewood sat, but in the Hu Po hand took a wine pot to drink the young wine.

The seeing personnel came neat, Jian Chen raise one's head looks at Kendall Commander, said: „Kendall Commander, regarding the following motion, does not know how you arrange.”

„Then in these generation of activities , to continue certainly to hunt and kill first-order 2-Step Demonic Beast, first stays in Demonic Beast Mountain Range last several days, after we have achieved the rich harvest leaves here.” Kendall Commander light saying.

hearing that, Jian Chen silent meeting, then opens the mouth to say once more: „Kendall Commander, I have a suggestion, does not know , said does not work as to say.”

The Kendall Commander vision falls on Jian Chen, said with a smile: „Jian Chen, you have anything to suggest directly saying that does not need to care about anything, since has joined our Raging Flames Mercenaries, regardless of the age size, we are the brothers, even if spoke incorrectly nothing.”

„My suggestion is, was inferior that we are once more thorough, directly hunt and kill 3-Step Demonic Beast.” The Jian Chen vision is gazing at Kendall Commander lightly.

„Anything, hunts and kills 3-Step Demonic Beast, Jian Chen, you are insane, the black tiger of 2-Step peak so is difficult to kill, let alone is 3-Step Demonic Beast.” Xiao Dao surprised looks at Jian Chen, said in great surprise. Although Raging Flames Mercenaries increased one to have Jian Chen of middle-level Saint strength, however looked like in Xiao Dao, if so the strength wants to hunt and kill 3-Step Demonic Beast, was a little difficult.

Listened to the opinion of Jian Chen, all person deep frowning, now Raging Flames Mercenaries, although initial-level Saint Master, sur- six Great Saint, but Demonic Beast as a result of the congenital superiority, the strength absolutely be more formidable than humanity of same rank, only if has battle skill or has attribute Saint Force, otherwise, humanity powerhouse is almost is impossible to kill the strength and he stemming from Demonic Beast of same level, even if can kill, the price that pays is also the incomparable seriousness. But in 3-Step Demonic Beast that in Demonic Beast Mountain Range presents, if meets 3-Step initial-level Demonic Beast, kill under can also striking by the Raging Flames Mercenaries strength fully reluctantly, but if meets the strength stemming from 3-Step peak Demonic Beast, that Raging Flames Mercenaries was helpless.

After all, formerly hunted and killed a 2-Step peak Demonic Beast, not only Kendall Commander and Changning Feng received certain minor wound, but also in final moment, if not there is a stop of Jian Chen, perhaps they have not been able to leave behind still at the 2-Step peak black tiger that strength.

Therefore, Jian Chen this hunts and kills the suggestion of 3-Step Demonic Beast, in the Raging Flames Mercenaries people eye, that brings about own destruction without doubt.

Dhesse looked that flashes through together strange expression to the Jian Chen vision, opens the mouth to ask: „Jian Chen, since you proposed that hunts and kills the 3-Step Demonic Beast matter, that thinks that you also because of should have to hunt and kill the 3-Step Demonic Beast strength.”

Listened to Dhesse this saying, Jian Chen to hesitate the meeting, then nodded, said: „When is different meets three 3-Step Demonic Beast, we it can be said that do not have slightly dangerously.”

People eyes one bright, shock, surprised, suspects as well as cannot believe that and so on complex vision go to Jian Chen in abundance.

„Jian Chen, you said, when we are different meets three 3-Step Demonic Beast, that will not encounter the slight danger.” The breath of Kendall Commander became loud, anxious asking. If eternal truth Jian Chen said is so safe, that Kendall Commander said that anything also wants not to draw Jian Chen to hunt and kill 3-Step Demonic Beast, after all 3-Step Demonic Beast the corpse or Demon Core, its value compared with on 2-Step Demonic Beast high several times.

„Jian Chen, do you have to hunt and kill the 3-Step Demonic Beast strength really?” The Dille expression a little cannot believe obviously. Although Jian Chen has killed a 2-Step peak black tiger, but this black tiger book is the body of severe wound, the 3-Step Demonic Beast of strength and complete condition has no way to place on a par.

„Yes, Jian Chen, this matter may the least bit unable to be careless, otherwise that is must lose the life.” What speech was Changning Feng, in the expression has filled dignifiedly.

Jian Chen smile looks at everybody, regarding everybody's response, in the Jian Chen heart had not felt that the slight unhappiness, by the Raging Flames Mercenaries present strength, hunted and killed 3-Step Demonic Beast after all difficultly indeed extremely at a point, did not pay attention slightly, but will present the personnel casualty, the discretion of people, in reason.

„This everybody might as well believe my one time, if actually we are unable to resist 3-Step Demonic Beast, also there are some strength whole bodies to draw back fully.” In the Jian Chen expression has filled self-confidently.

hearing that, everybody's vision gathers on Kendall Commander immediately, regarding such important matter, must personally decide by Kendall Commander.

Kendall Commander deeply inspired, flashing eyes is staring at Jian Chen, when he sees on the Jian Chen face that incomparable self-confidence, clenches the teeth, set firm resolve finally, shouts to clear the way: „Good, this time we do his meeting, Jian Chen, since you are so confident, I give you command jurisdiction of team temporarily, how should do, takes responsibility by you completely, does not know that everybody does have the issue.” Saying, the Kendall Commander vision was sweeping to the people.

„I do not have the issue!”

„I do not have the issue!”

„I do not have the issue!”


The decision of Kendall Commander passed all people quickly, unexpectedly does not have one person to have the opinion, the whole staff passes. Sees this, on the face of Jian Chen has shown a happy smiling face finally, said: „Good, since everybody such trusts me, I will not disappoint everybody absolutely, now I arrange.” Speaking, the Jian Chen expression, was continue open the mouth saying: „Meets to take the lead by me, the position invariances of other people, once meets 3-Step Demonic Beast, by me on, then you pays attention to all around the security first, preventing other Demonic Beast while to attack randomly, if there is other Demonic Beast to appear, you with every effort constrain it, remembers do not go all out, only needed to constrain on the line.”

hearing that, the Raging Flames Mercenaries people have looked at each other eye mutually, saw the thick doubts as well as the surprise from the eye, in their hearts indeed very curious, why only has Jian Chen of middle-level Great Saint strength to hunt and kill 3-Step Demonic Beast, moreover is not coarse from his these talks, he as if has not cared 3-Step Demon Core.

After having had the breakfast, the people pack the thing, then turns toward the Demonic Beast Mountain Range deep place to set out once more, the present formation changed, Jian Chen spreads out people ten meters to take the lead, but other people, then maintains the beforehand formation is invariable, the entire team has not sent out a wee bit imposing manners or murderous aura comes out, in the journey, attracted many first-order Demonic Beast actually,

However as a result of the present anxiously reason of hurrying along, therefore these first-order Demonic Beast have not given Xiao Dao several people to process, but is in that several Great Saint by Raging Flames Mercenaries is struck to kill directly.

Along with people unceasing thorough, the topography in forest also started becomes bad, in the ground everywhere was the naked eye indiscoverable bogs, but all kinds of poisonous insects as well as brought the violently poisonous plant everywhere are being, occasionally also will receive some to eat person the attack of special plant.

All the way, the people are maintaining the vigilant condition, is paying attention to the ground of under foot, while pays attention to the surrounding environment to go forward cautiously, the people have harvested along the way several first-order with 2-Step Demon Core, but along with their unceasing thorough

, First-order Demonic Beast also gradual has been short, but 2-Step Demonic Beast, almost walks a distance every, will meet a head.

In this time, Jian Chen ear of taking the lead is vibrating slightly, the step of immediately going forward stopped suddenly, lifted the hand to hint to follow to stop in the behind Raging Flames Mercenaries member.

Had detected the Jian Chen movement, the Raging Flames Mercenaries people also followed close on to stop, complexion tense annotations all around, although Jian Chen had guaranteed over and over when were different met over two 3-Step Demonic Beast, almost will not have any danger, however in the heart of people was still an anxiety, what after all this facing was 3-Step Demonic Beast, was not common 2-Step Demonic Beast. 2-Step Demonic Beast and 3-Step Demonic Beast, although only has the first-order difference, but the strength actually must differ several times.

At this time, a howling of wild animal transmitted from the front, along with front weed fierce rocking, a build had two meters high huge Demonic Beast to appear in the line of sight of people fully, this only Demonic Beast looked like just likes wild boar results, nose long, with wild boar only different in the corners of the mouth place, there grew the one-to-one ruler to come the long snow white fang, on the forehead, with was long only single horn.

The Kendall Commander vision sweeps at present this Demonic Beast, complexion immediately became dignified, said: „Horned Demon Pig! Jian Chen is careful, this is 3-Step Demonic Beast Horned Demon Pig.”

Jian Chen slight bow, vision light is staring at present this Horned Demon Pig, silver-white Light Wind Sword appears in the right hand gradually, dim sword glow sending out, wraps the entire sword blade.

„Handled affairs as scheduled, this Demonic Beast gave me to process, you paid attention to own security.” Throws down these words, Jian Chen raises the sword fast then toward the single horn wild boar flushes away.

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