Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Dantian difference

Dantian difference

Chapter 106

Dantian difference

Then, Jian Chen and Raging Flames Mercenaries several members chatted, chatted these year of own to walk respectively some the heard stories on Tian Yuan Continent as well as interesting matters, after this chat, Jian Chen and Raging Flames Mercenaries relations of between several members in also has pulled closer much.

However what is worth mentioning, among the Raging Flames Mercenaries member, including Kendall Commander, is straightforward, the person of sincere feeling truehearted nature, although Jian Chen has only exposed the own D Rank Mercenary Group badge to them, but they therefore have not actually been looking down upon Jian Chen, takes the strength as Venerable in this, by fist speech Tian Yuan Continent on, such person, although has, but is rarely seen.

Therefore, in the Jian Chen heart the impression to Raging Flames Mercenaries, was good immediately on.

Time already to noon, in this time, knock from door to divulge to an outsider.

„Certainly was Dhesse they come back.” Hears the knock, in the stature thin and weak Xiao Dao eye to reveal joyful expression, immediately walks to open the door.

But the Jian Chen vision also falls outside the door, in his heart clear, perhaps was another two members in Raging Flames Mercenaries comes back.

The gate opens, two wore the person of cotton garment to walk from outside, one of them seemed the age is about about 30 -year-old youth, youth stature middle-grade, was equally matched with Jian Chen, a bright eye was glittering bright Divine Light. Another person is a middle-aged man, from the look, the age and Kendall of Commander some middle-aged man compares, but in a pair of ordinary look, often flashing through together fine glow.

„Dhesse, Dille, your two people came back finally.” On the Kendall Commander face has been full of smiling face, said: „Come, I introduced for you, this was Jian Chen, joins our Raging Flames Mercenaries member newly, later everybody was brothers, must look after mutually.”

Immediately the Kendall Commander vision looks to Jian Chen, said: „The Jian Chen little brother, that youth person name called Dhesse, although his strength was not strong, was actually in our Raging Flames Mercenaries the most intelligent person, many decisions that we rolled, was almost the comments that Dhesse gave, what another age and I was similar was Dille, was in our Mercenary Group member a strength strongest person, had the high-level Great Saint strength, believes that in these 2-3 years, can break through Great Saint, became Saint Master.”

Afterward, Jian Chen and Dhesse as well as Dille two people mutually polite, was knows initially.

„Jian Chen, I think your age probably about 20 years old, does not know that what strength you have now.” Dhesse flashing eyes stares at Jian Chen, in the expression is bringing curiously some.

Jian Chen shows a faint smile, has not given the positive answer, but must bring to put out a Mercenary badge to come out from space, said with a smile: „I also in some time ago, became D Rank Mercenary.”

„oh!” Dhesse nod of slightly, vision deep looked at Jian Chen, in the eye has revealed a thinking of not easy detection, immediately loosened own Space Belt, gave Kendall Commander, said: „The thing that Uncle Kendall, we need I have gotten ready completely certainly, will wait for tomorrow to start off.”

Space Belt that Kendall Commander result Dhesse hands over, said: „Good, now all supplies on road certainly have gotten ready, we start off early tomorrow morning, this time, must butcher several Demonic Beast much, the Jian Chen little brother, do you have any opinion.”

„No, all obey the arrangement of Uncle Kendall.” Saying of Jian Chen smile.

„Ok, that today's everybody rests well, raises the full spirit, tomorrow will prepare to go all out one.”


After leaving this hut, a Jian Chen alone person strolled in Wack, regarding the tomorrow's fight, Jian Chen has not cared, because of by the Raging Flames Mercenaries strength, to hunt and kill Demonic Beast in the situation of non- casualties with ease, only then chooses 2-Step, as for 3-Step Demonic Beast, although Raging Flames Mercenaries has Saint Master, four Great Saint Master, however such strength copes with 3-Step Demonic Beast a little to be reluctant, but Raging Flames Mercenaries at this moment hunts and kills 2-Step Demonic Beast or 3-Step Demonic Beast, can say that is unable to pose the threat to Jian Chen, only if meets 4-Step Demonic Beast.

Moreover, even if meets 4-Step Demonic Beast, although Jian Chen cannot hit, to run away, he is a little self-confident, therefore, will go to the motion of Demonic Beast Mountain Range regarding tomorrow, in the Jian Chen heart has not felt the slight pressure.

After Raging Flames Mercenaries other members reach an agreement the tomorrow's collection time, Jian Chen on the grounds of supplementing supplies, left this dim house, is strolling in Wake City.

Although Jian Chen arrived at Wake City to have some days, but the majority of time evaded in Demonic Beast Mountain Range, truly the time in the city staying, it is estimated that only then about ten days, moreover these during ten days his most time passed in the practice, the time of real amusement, can say does not have, while free time, Jian Chen also planned strolling Wake City well.

Although the Wake City area is not big, the city wall that but also several hundred kilometers area, the entire city thickly reaches as high as by one wraps in inside, if hurries along by speed of ordinary people, arrives at the west from the east, must step onto several double-hour. Because Wake City geographical advantage approaches Demonic Beast Mountain Range, the restaurant that therefore in the city almost the lively, transient population many, entire Wake City almost one-third area personal were opened every day completely does to occupy.

Jian Chen strolls on the avenue, curious vision unceasing passed over gently and swiftly in the stall that by the street places, the vendor who these set up a stall is almost some Mercenary, naturally also the merchants of some parts, but goods that sells from a stand, besides some strange gadget, some herbal medicines, Demon Core wait / etc., but these Demon Core overwhelming majorities first-order, 2-Step is very rare, basic on attraction not Jian Chen vision.

Although has many Demon Core purchase business on Tian Yuan Continent, but some Mercenary the person, if sold to these purchase business Demon Core, can only receive in exchange for the Demon Core itself value about 70% money, therefore, many Mercenary rather sell by market price low about one Demon Core in hand, is not willing to sell to these purchase business, therefore, this built many Mercenary to spread one's wares on the ground for sale to sell the Demon Core matter, for all this, but by Demon Core in the Tian Yuan Continent master/monarch people needs the function, still had many rich men to buy from these Mercenary hand Demon Core, therefore, these spread one's wares on the ground for sale to trade the Demon Core place, always gathers round. Some people were bargaining back and forth with the vendor.

While Jian Chen treads leisurely and carefree step to stroll when the street, suddenly, in his Dantian that one purple one azure two colors light point started to beat fiercely, along with the beat of this two light points, Jian Chen entire Dantian greatly was affected, from originally the lake surface of tranquil not slightly ripples, the mighty waves that instantaneously changed turbulent, within the body Saint Force nearly not by the control of Jian Chen.

The one purple one azure two colors light point that Jian Chen complexion big change, in Dantian own is unable to control suddenly, is the matter that in his heart most worries about, although usually in this two light points peaceful staying in Dantian, only knows that robs the energy in Demon Core with him, but in Jian Chen heart clear, the two light points in own Dantian, sooner or later will become to other party some troublesome, but today, this one purple one azure two light points, no longer is finally tranquil.

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