Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Exchanges the weapon

Exchanges the weapon

Chapter 40 exchange weapon

„Right, Lisa, I am Little Le.” The Liang Xiaole expression filled was excited and excited.

„Little Le, is really you, good, I have also thought that you exited, has not thought that I can also see you unexpectedly here.” After confirming the Liang Xiaole status, that named Lisa's young girl is also the happiness of whole face, with Liang Xiaole excited hugs.

At this time, looked like distressed incomparable youth arrives to hug before Liang Xiaole two female, smiling saying: „Liang Xiaole, after has not thought we are separate, unexpectedly in the forest has had a reunion once more, makes me be delighted.”

„Hello, can meet you very much happily here, does not know that you are willing to join our teams, believes that your joining, the strength of our team also formidable, hunted and killed Demonic Beast also to be more relaxed, moreover in this crisis-ridden forest, was good to take care.” At this time, before clothing similarly tattered youth arrived at the Jian Chen two people body, expression affable saying. However when he sees on Jian Chen that already completely by the blood incarnadine school uniform, in eye reveals surprised expression, he does not believe that these blood remain from Jian Chen own, otherwise, a person, if passed these many blood, perhaps became was weakly incomparable, is impossible is also maintaining face steady standing there . Moreover the vision so is sharp.

Jian Chen shakes the head slightly, politely refuses: „Excuse me, we were planning to leave here, therefore cannot with everybody in the same place.”

hearing that, in the youth person eyes reveals regrettable expression, but opens the mouth to console saying: „Two classmates, although here Demonic Beast was extremely fierce, but we overwhelm with numerical strength, so long as we unite in together, even if simultaneously meets two Demonic Beast, will not pose the threat to us, two first-order Demon Core that everyone delivers, believe that also quickly can collect.” Asking that the youth person does not lose heart. His vision is good, saw Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people is talented.

„This really does not have means that our two people had decided that must leave here, therefore cannot with everybody in the same place, please forgive.” Pays a man back in his own coin, the Jian Chen expression also appears very affable.

Hears Jian Chen two people to leave here, in youth person eyes reveals regrettable expression, he really does not think clearly, present range three days of time already only remaining last days, so long as pays going through a strategic pass that two first-order Demon Core can succeed, but at this time, Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people must choose to leave here unexpectedly, their can two people let go this opportunity?

The youth person also thinks that Jian Chen two people is gives up leaving this forest, he does not think, Jian Chen two people said leaves here refers to leaving the second region to go to the third region actually, but does not leave this forest.

At this time, the Tie Ta vision looked at to by a stature valiant student in hand in that the great axe, in the eye is revealed delighted expression immediately, immediately arrived in front of that build valiant student directly, saying of jar sound jar air/Qi: „Hello, I give you two first-order Demon Core, you and my change the axe this in your hand.” Saying, Tie Ta takes below in that he carries on the back the axe, but another hand also takes out two still also to moisten first-order Demon Core of blood from Space Belt.

But at this time, the people with amazement discovered that this in Tie Ta hand the great axe has moistened completely the blood on, the entire axe surface was been completely incarnadine by the blood, seems frightening, seems one has drunk big weapon for criminal of innumerable blood, but makes the people feel what incredible is, axe that completely makes becomes this is built up by the firm iron, the degree of hardness is not weak on the axe blade edge of steel and iron, became tattered and torn . Moreover the axe edges of some places already volume.

Sees this, most people felt that is incredible, almost to think Tie Ta initially when chose the weapon, this weapon is this shape, they cannot believe that this was hewn this axe by Tie Ta completely.

That build valiant student looks in front of own this tattered and torn, seems the blood red great axe that is congealed by the blood becomes, has felt immediately a little helpless. But other institutes after hearing the request of Tie Ta, immediately eye one bright, looked that has filled envying to that build valiant student, that appearance, wishes one could to take away the weapon in own hand with Tie Ta exchange.

„This fellow student, I use the sword in my hand also to exchange with you.” Before master holds the student of great sword arrives at the Tie Ta body, smiling saying.

hearing that, Tie Ta looked at the great sword in that person of hand, along with, even if shook the head, said: „, I liked with the axe.”

Listened to this saying, that person immediately a disappointment of face. Was more important than anything in this time two first-order Demon Core, let alone was he, even if were other people if possible, is willing in the weapon with own hand to go to and Tie Ta exchanges that two first-order Demon Core, even if the weapon in own hand compared two first-order Demon Core more valuable, they also refused to balk.

That tall and powerfully built guy is not stupid, after gawking next, immediately is the whole face happy the axe and Tie Ta in hand exchanges, has the business that such steadily gains does not compensate, who is not willing to do.

Passed through Tie Ta after two first-order Demon Core receive in exchange for a matter of axe, the people looked that had the change to the Tie Ta vision immediately, some intelligent people even associated to this axe perhaps by Tie Ta hewing this, from this point, can show directly Tie Ta that good strength, otherwise, how he possibly conveniently puts out two first-order Demon Core to come out, after all here outside, before arriving at forest, the institute on has taken away students all Storage Equipment, on also one changed by the careful search, basic on impossible from outside. Demon Core taking to bring. If wants to gain Demon Core here, only then only means that hunt and kill Demonic Beast.

However, throughout a little makes the people unable to think through, that is Tie Ta and Jian Chen two people, since had hunted and killed the Demonic Beast strength, why that in has not sufficed three days of time to leave here dull, after all, the custom of institute must survive on three days of time in the forest, and delivered two first-order Demon Core is goes through a strategic pass, these two were indispensable.

„He does not spare a glance to that reward, departure that or he said deceives own actually, is really the goal does not want to hunt and kill Demonic Beast with own several people.” In all person hearts has had such idea, in this idea does you give birth, immediately some people looked has a faint trace to be discontented to the Jian Chen two people vision sufficiently.

Jian Chen has not cared about the expression of people, looks that with another girl hugs Liang Xiaole, opens the mouth saying: „Liang Xiaole, since now you had found the own friend, you might as well with them in the same place, the person many have to take care.”

Liang Xiaole slowly and that girl separated, turns head to look at Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people, nod of gently, said: „You are more careful.”

Afterward, Jian Chen and Tie Ta have not stopped here, left here directly.

After their two people walks, that is called Lisa's girl expression a little discontented asking: „Little Le, who they are, unexpectedly such big rack, disdains and us in the same place.”

„Lisa, you misunderstood them, they were not do not want with us in the same place, but must leave here.” Liang Xiaole answered.

„Cannot!” Lisa immediately a face does not believe that „Lisa, looked that they can put out first-order Demon Core conveniently, this explained their two people had to kill the first-order Demonic Beast strength, moreover just and we received in exchange for the weapon with two first-order Demon Core, this behavior showed very much obviously they must continue to fight, to leave how possibly here.”

„Is, Little Le, you were given to deceive by them mostly.” youth adds in side.

Liang Xiaole shows a faint smile, said: „They must leave here, but has not actually talked clearly to you words, because they must leave the second region, goes to the third region to hunt and kill 2-Step Demonic Beast.”

„Anything! Liang Xiaole, you crack a joke, they must go to the third region to kill 2-Step Demonic Beast, this is how possible.”

„Their strengths have achieved Saint, but this is not right, if they have the Saint strength, why that must ask us to change the weapon.”

„They act recklessly, unexpectedly wants to go to the third region.”

„This is courting death purely.”


The Liang Xiaole voice just fell, brings in the discussion sound that the people talked at once, without a single exception, nobody thinks Jian Chen and Tie Ta two people can survive in the third region.

Lisa the Liang Xiaole small hand, is asking with the expression that does not believe obviously: „Little Le, they not real going crazy must rush to the third region.”

Liang Xiaole nodded, said: „Good, they must go to the third region, Lisa, you may do not despise them, they are very actually fierce.” An earnestness of Liang Xiaole face.

„, Have their strengths achieved Saint?” Lisa's surprised saying, this activity, institute, but some explicit stipulations, the strength achieve the Saint person, must the third region, not be surely impossible to appear in the second region.

Liang Xiaole shook the head, „, their strengths have not achieved Saint, because they have not congealed Saint's Weapon.”

Listened to this saying, in Lisa eyes that surprised expression was getting more and more abundant, did not arrive at the Saint strength to survive in the second region to be difficult, let alone was the third region, after all, Demonic Beast of third region may be 2-Step Demonic Beast, in first-order Demonic Beast compared with second region incessantly the 1-Star least bit, between both was unable to compare. Congealed Saint's Weapon, the person who achieves the Saint strength to strike to kill 2-Step Demonic Beast, is very difficult, must also take several people to collaborate, can cope.

Lisa is the Liang Xiaole very good friend, Liang Xiaole does not have anything to conceal to him, lowers the sound saying: „Lisa, I told you, yesterday I personally saw their two people in short day, has killed more than 70 Demonic Beast.”

Listened to this saying, Lisa has a big shock, calls out in alarm makes noise: „Anything! Little Le, you are not crack a joke, that two person days have killed more than 70 Demonic Beast.” Lisa is extremely shocked, the sound has not suppressed, said when following that instead was getting more and more soaring, finally lets a clarity that other eight people give to listen. Immediately, all people are complexion change, in the brain quick Jian Chen two people that accompanies Liang Xiaole to come together, then reveals incredible expression.

„Lisa, you were saying anything, which two person day have killed 70 first-order Demonic Beast.” youth opens the mouth to ask, he does not believe in these words „that two people” were refer to just had casual acquaintance Jian Chen two people with them.

Lisa long left several tones, has patted in the heart of fierce beat, put out a hand to refer to Liang Xiaole, said with the expression that a little shivered: „Little Le said that she personally saw just that two people to kill more than 70 Demonic Beast in day.” In Lisa's expression fills inconceivable.

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