Chaotic Sword God

By Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Thinking highly of

Thinking highly of

The tenth chapter

Thinking highly of()

Changyang Ke both hands tight gripping axe, a face vigilant looks at Jian Chen, because there is a moment ago a that lesson, in his heart does not dare to despise Jian Chen, therefore this time specially discrete.

On the Jian Chen face is hanging the light smile throughout, but sees in the Changyang Ke vision also to bring teasing that Changyang Ke could not have been understanding, said: „Can Third Brother, start to attack?”

Changyang Ke tightened the axe in hand, this time he transferred within the body Saint Force, immediately turns toward Jian Chen to flush away once more, speed obviously be quicker than before on.

Jian Chen optional waving in this branches of remaining half meter lengths, in the heart suddenly have only had a marvelous feeling, as if the own god has a very vague relation with this branch, simultaneously in the brain of Jian Chen, reappeared in own previous life when soon the death, comprehended by Soul Imperial Sword Realm divine ability, finally in hand „” god of treasured sword in him under the control, leapt hundred meters distance to pierce the curtain of Dugu Qiubai throat.

Thinks of here, the Jian Chen thought moves, gets down the control of meaning the branch in hand to puncture toward Changyang Ke.


The thought just got up, in hand seemed to be lived to be the same in by branch of Jian Chen, independent departs from the Jian Chen hand, punctures toward Changyang Ke by extremely quick speed, but the entire branch was being wrapped by one group of light white rays of light faintly, the faint trace fills the sharp air/Qi sword qi to send out intensely, speed of branch is quick, just likes rapid like lightning, sees only rays of light to dodge, arrived in Changyang Ke chest front.

Feels the branch flight on speed as well as the branch that does not know sword qi that from where comes, Jian Chen has a big shock, immediately controlled the branch to stop, by speed as well as branch that on this branch punctured sudden sword qi, he did not doubt, this branch can pierce the body of Changyang Ke absolutely easily, even if detoured does not die, but must be seriously injured, once led to such consequence, that Jian Chen also brought the big trouble.

When the branch was just arriving in the chest of Changyang Ke, finally stopped, for all this, but front of branch also pricked in the chest of Changyang Ke, what is good is pricks is not deep, but pricked the skin, if the Jian Chen response is slow, the body of that Changyang Ke will be pierced by this branch, by that time the consequence will be dreadful.

Jian Chen has scratched the cold sweat on forehead, his god and branch have a very vague relation, through the induction of branch, Jian Chen understands that the branch punctured a Changyang Ke skin, does not have what to obstruct greatly, this made Jian Chen relax at heart much.

The severe pain on the chest transmitting let Changyang Ke that plump and fair-complected small cheek white white, when he lowered the head saw the bloodstain on chest, complexion suddenly changes, immediately „.” Has cried, the tears in eye just like fountain continuous tumbling.

„Blood... Blood... Has bled,... Fourth Brother .... You .... You hit me, hum .... Mother... Mother ..... I must tell mother... Mother .... The Fourth Brother hits me ....” At this moment, Changyang Ke as if turns into the mischievous child who a love has made a tearful scene, discards the lignin axe in hand, crying runs toward the garden outside. After all, now Changyang Ke is only one is also less than ten years old, and in the greenhouse middle accomplishment long child.

Looks gradually vanishes Changyang Ke in line of sight, Jian Chen helpless shaking the head, walks toward the own dwelling, in his heart understands, then, perhaps own must receive criticizes harshly.


„Anything, Senior Chang , you will not be joking with me.” In a study room, Changyang Mansion Patriarch Changyang Ba has stood from the chair suddenly, vision tight stares is standing in an opposite old man, expression surprised saying.

That old man Changyang Mansion steward, Senior Chang .

Senior Chang affirmative nod, saying of complexion serious: „Patriarch, this matter I do not believe that but in the kitchen has dozens individuals to see clearly, has been injured, moreover finally had more than 100 jin (0.5 kg) waiter lifting this body weight that fourth young master indeed works the waiter who hits a kitchen fully, has thrown five meters far distance, moreover what was most important, this waiter himself was one has the 3-layer Saint Force strength.”

Listened to this saying, in the Changyang Ba eye that surprised expression was thicker, faint also has several points to be incredible.

Senior Chang looked at Changyang Ba, slightly hesitant meeting, opens the mouth to say once more: „Patriarch, just I received the message, fourth young master, when the garden neutralizes third young master carries on the martial arts contest, only with a branch injury that third young master hits.”

„Anything, Xian'er and Ke'er contend in martial arts, Xian'er injured Ke'er unexpectedly.” In the Changyang Ba expression has filled once more surprisedly.

„Yes, Patriarch, moreover fourth young master uses is also only a branch, but what third young master uses is Wooden Axe.” Senior Chang adds.

„This is how possible!” Changyang Ba has stood from the chair once more, said: „Xian'er is unable to practice Saint Force, but reviews Ke'er, Ke'er is not only older than on three years old Xian'er, but also Saint Force has also achieved 3-layer, in addition these period of time daily is practicing martial arts, not to be how possibly defeated by Martial Art Xian'er.”

At this time, in the Senior Chang hand suddenly presented -and-a-half meter branches, said: „Patriarch, fourth young master defeats third young master with this branch.”

Changyang Ba borrows the ratio small finger that Senior Chang has handed over also to want on the thin several points of branches, but in another head of branch, but also moistens a little selects the blood.

On blood when the Changyang Ba vision falls when of branch interrupted place been dried up, complexion suddenly became dignified, said: „Senior Chang , Ke'er is all right.”

„third young master is all right, but just broke a skin.” Senior Chang replied.

The Changyang Ba slight bow, complexion was then attractive, then with carefully looked at several in the hand this branch, but expression in eye also more and more had doubts, the start to talk that finally could not bear said: „Senior Chang , this is only one ordinary cannot the ordinary branch, moreover sharp point place also extremely smooth, by Xian'er strength, with this branch because of should the impossible wound to Ke'er.”

Listened to this saying, the Senior Chang slight bow, but in the eye actually gradually reveals fine glow, said: „Patriarch, I have a bold guess, perhaps fourth young master is not one is unable to practice the Saint Force disabled person, but looks at fourth young master today's performance, perhaps fourth young master early has practiced Saint Force, moreover Saint Force of 4-layer intensity, otherwise, fourth young master was at least impossible to be defeated to have 3-layer Saint Force Qiu Er.”

hearing that, Changyang Ba complexion slightly one happy, but in the eye gradual appearance excited expression, is also excellent regarding this since childhood natural talent, four sons who is actually not able to practice, this is in the Changyang Ba heart the biggest regret.

„Senior Chang , you meant Xian'er not only can practice Saint Force, but also is a practice talent.” The Changyang Ba expression shivered slightly, has been full of the excitement. Seven years old achieve Saint Force 4-layer, this places on Tian Yuan Continent, indeed is the rare talent. After all normally, wants the year about age to achieve Saint Force 4-layer generally.

The Senior Chang slight bow, said: „fourth young master I am visit him to grow up, his excellent natural talent, I am the clarity that looks, regarding fourth young master, in my heart has been having very big expectation, the faint feeling in the near future, the fourth young master achievement can certainly exceed me.”

Hears the Senior Chang following those words slightly, trembles, in the eye that the Changyang Ba body cannot bear reveals cannot believe as well as wild with joy expression.

Senior Chang continues saying: „However initially in knowing fourth young master was one is unable to practice the Saint Force disabled person, I also felt that very strange, always felt that this as if a little did not suit, but actually throughout does not understand where issue concrete was, two matters that until today, makes from fourth young master, I had affirmed my beforehand guess was correct is, fourth young master is unable to practice the Saint Force person, instead was a practice talent.”

Changyang Ba takes a deep breath, slowly returns to normal the own that excitement, when will say anything, sudden male servant ran, to Changyang Ba expression respectful saying: „Patriarch, third young master has been injured, three madames asked Patriarch to pass.”

„Knew, you draw back.” Changyang Ba waved, expression light saying.

„Yes!” The male servants have complied with one respectfully, slowly has drawn back.

The Changyang Ba vision looks to steward Senior Chang , said with a smile pale: „Senior Chang , was inferior that we had a look together in the past, cared about Xian'er while convenient, these period of time indeed desolate Xian'er.” Said here, Changyang Ba slightly, expression serious say|way: „Senior Chang , that two bully the Xian'er kitchen waiter, but also troubles you to expel my Changyang Mansion them, snort|hum, two servants, bully on my Changyang Ba son unexpectedly.”

Senior Chang shows a faint smile, said: „Patriarch, that two people I have expelled in them the mansion, although one of them is Big Madam Ling Long (exquisite) said that another person is in the mansion the younger brother of protect guard Captain hill, but since dares to bully the head of fourth young master on own initiative, they do not need to continue to keep in the mansion, otherwise, my Changyang Mansion honor where.”


In one in the unusual luxurious room of decoration, is lying by Changyang Ke that Jian Chen injures on the bed spaciously, complexion is a little slightly pale, but the wound on chest had been wrapped up carefully.

But on head, Changyang Ke mother Yu Fengyan whole face grieved sees the own son, not far away, Jian Chen and own mother Bi Yuntian, as well as Eldest Aunt Ling Long, two paternal aunt Bai Yu Shuang, Second Sister Changyang Mingyue stands in the room.

Yu Fengyan turned head, angry-looking is staring Bi Yuntian, the expression a little gloomy say|way: „fourth sister, your precious son was really more and more bold, unexpectedly injured Ke'er with the weapon for criminal, my Ke'er luck had good luck ever after fortunately greatly, wound was not serious, otherwise, Huan Zhen (really) does not know that what consequence will cause.”

Listened to this saying, the Jian Chen knitting the brows head, saying that is not convinced: „This may no wonder I, be the Third Brother on own initiative asks me to go with him to contend in martial arts, moreover both sides fight by some minor wounds are unavoidable, I use is also not the weapon for criminal, is only a branch, words that must blame, that can only blame the Third Brother scholarship not fine.”

Yu Fengyan was been pale to air/Qi complexion by Jian Chen these words, may Jian Chen these words also say is very reasonable, making Yu Fengyan unable to find the words to say.

Thinks that own unexpectedly by a young child perplexing, in the Yu Fengyan heart raised nameless anger, especially Jian Chen final that „must blame only to blame the Third Brother scholarship not fine” these words, lets Yu Fengyan complexion azure white, this did not bring to light said that own son might as well is unable to practice the Saint Force disabled person.

Sees Yu Fengyan unexpectedly being mad this by a young child, two paternal aunt hearts of Bi Yuntian and in Jian Chen feels a funniness, only then Eldest Aunt Ling Long unemotionally.

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