Bleach: Secret Intentions

By Meng She Li

Bleach Secret Intentions Chapter 114

Bleach Secret Intentions Chapter 114

"Hey, are you Kurosaki? Please take care. ”

Kurosaki ichigo, who had just sat down, and suddenly found a strange figure next to him.


At the moment of seeing the opposite side, Kurosaki ichigo eyes smashed round and still had time to talk. The small island water next to it said: "This is the Kuchiki classmate who came here today, and it seems that he was transferred to school because of family changes."

Kuchiki Rukia said with a smile: "Kurosaki, I haven't got a textbook yet, can you lend me your first money?"

Kuchiki Rukia said as he reached out and Kurosaki ichigo wanted to talk, but suddenly saw the words written by Kuchiki Rukia.

"If you dare to say it, you will kill you."

Kurosaki ichigo scared the body and shook, no longer talking.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan’s corner of the mouth in the distant tree showed a smile, Rukia, she was really violent.

Xia Yan was responsible for the arrival of Aizen, who had followed Rukia and came to the empty seat.

Xia Yan also thought that Rukia would not adapt to Human World's life, but it didn't take long to see her and Inoue Orihime Sado Yasutora, the island's water and the others.

This is safe.

Three or four days later, Yoruichi, who became a cat, found Xia Yan and said, "Go back, I will protect her, and you should take a break."

Xia Yan shook the shook head and said, "I can still stick."

One by one, the night was shot on Xia Yan’s head and said, “When you say you want to go back, do you think I can’t protect Rukia?”

"All right."

Xia Yan nodded, and Yoruichi could stop Aizen.

Xia Yan bid farewell to Yoruichi and returned to the location of the Visored Corps. After entering, several figures appeared next to Xia Yan.

"Pingzi seniors, Yasaka Maru Lisa, are you?"

Everyone in the Visored Legion appeared in front of Xia Yan.

Hirako Shinji looks at Xia Yan and asks: "What have you been doing recently? I haven't been back for a long time, and I went out with Yoruichi. ”

Xia Yan opened Zhangkou, did not speak, and immediately started to talk to the persimmon. "You don't say we know, is it related to Aizen?"

Xia Yan hesitated and said: "It is really related to Aizen, but it has just begun."

"Since it is related to Aizen, why not tell us?"

Some of the angry people caught Xia Yan’s clothes and yelled: “Let’s get along with each other for so long. You know the hatred of us and Aizen. After Aizen appears, you don’t tell us the truth.”

In the Japanese world, I was the one who hated Aizen most. In the battle with Aizen in the future, I was irritated by Aizen's words. The first one rushed up, and Ichimaru Gin cut off the body with a knife.

Xia Yan looks at her: "The Japanese seniors, Aizen have not yet shot, please calm down."

Calm How do you calm us down. ”

猿 猿 日 日 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 愤怒 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日It is very likely to fail."

"In the world, calm down."

Aikawa Luowu came out and took hold of the persimmon, and the latter's face was still angry, but he did not do anything to Xia Yan.

Six Chess West Looks at Xia Yan, asked: "What are you doing with Kisuke Urahara?"

Xia Yan replied: "We intend to attract Aizen to come out and kill him. Even if you don't succeed, you can enter the singer and encircle it. ”

Hirako Shinji interjected: "We can help you, killing him. Although Aizen's Strength is strong, we should be able to help you."

Yasushi Marissa took a step forward and said, "We can help you, let us join in."

These people were framed by Aizen.

Have to defect, in addition to the dislike of Shinigami, more hate for Aizen.

Now I can see how I can kill Aizen.

Xia Yan shook the shook head and said: "Impossible, you are hypnotized by Aizen, rushed to shoot, only count. What if you are hypnotized by him and treat me as Aizen and attack me? ”

When I heard Xia Yan's words, Hirako Shinji was slightly silent, and others felt that this problem was difficult.

Once it is as described by Xia Yan, then they will attack Xia Yan, and Xia Yan is unable to fight back, then he will die.

At that time, it will help Aizen.

More importantly, these people are not Aizen's opponents even if they are added together.

In the original work, they were together, basically solved by Aizen one by one, and even grabbed the whip after the Shijiao Shiro Shikai of Maple House to take them away.

Even Shikai of Hirako Shinji could not make a difference to Aizen.

So let them play, they simply can't work.

Six-car boxing sighed and asked: "So we can't do anything?"

"No, I have to kill Aizen myself."Shouting in the angry world of the persimmon.

Xia Yan showed a smile and asked: "Don't you already do it?"

The voice of the persimmon in the Japanese life is cold and hard: "What do you mean?"

Xia Yan replied: "Lisa's sister took care of me in life. Jiu Nanbai accompanied me in a train, and the six-player Western predecessors accompanied me to fight. There was a predecessor of Zhaotian Yuxuan who taught me Kido. You are actually helping me. Without you, I can't grow. ”

Having said that, Xia Yan looks at them and said seriously: "I am not representing myself, but the owner of the Visored Army. So please believe me, let me defeat Aizen. ”

In the words of Xia Yan, let Hirako Shinji be silent. Yes, Xia Yan is not an outsider. After living together for 30 years, she has already integrated into the Visored Army and became a member of the Visored Army.

This is why they are so angry when Xia Yan does not tell them the truth.

But because of this, let Xia Yan, who represents them, defeat Aizen. What about it?

Yasushi Maru sighed and said: "You are right, you are not an outsider, so I am willing to let you represent me and defeat Aizen."

Yasushi Marissa and Xia Yan have the best relationship and are the first to recognize him.

Six-car fist nodded and said: "I believe in you too."

There is a smile on the eyes of Akio, and he said, "Well, Xia Yan can definitely beat Aizen."

Hirako Shinji smiled and said: "If this is the case, then give Aizen to you, you must win."

猿 猿 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日 日

Having said that, the Japanese world has put together his head, looks at Xia Yan, and asked: "I want to warn you, you can't lose."

Xia Yan nodded and smiled and said: "I will not lose."

Fighting with Aizen, losing represents death, Xia Yan has no chance to lose, and will not choose to lose.

Now, with the ultimate speed, you can slightly exceed Aizen and be able to hurt it.

But I can only maintain a maximum of one minute, while Aizen can last for tens of minutes.

Once you can't win for a minute, you will be defeated by Aizen, and there is no possibility.

This is the huge gap generated by the spiritual pressure. Aizen has at least nine physical pressures, which are above the eight-class super Captain level and reach the peak level of Shinigami.

I have not been in the past hundreds of years, and I can't reach the nine-level spiritual pressure.

So I can't extend my time, but I want to continue to increase my explosiveness.

There are still two months, no matter if you can make Zapnakuto come true, you must use the god of the gods.

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