The space magians are the monster( one-fourth)

The space magians are the monster( one-fourth)

After the conference ended, Link has turned down detaining of Anthony, he prepares to return to oneself territory directly, then looks for Waynes, wants to repair Nana, needs his help.

Punctures from the vault of heaven, Link walks how while thinks to repair Nana.

He and Nana has fought, has very clear understanding to this Golem strength. Her speed drew near the extreme, had nearly 700 years of Combat experiences to accumulate, the reaction rate fast, has the extreme sensitivity sensation ability to the weakness, her body was formidable, ordinary Elemental Magic almost to her invalid ..... In brief, this is almost a perfect soldier.

Link has thought that also had not discovered that has any place of big revision, Waynes that old fogy spends Golem that 20 years build, is indeed highly regarded.

Then the matter was simple, since has no way to revise, then he strengthens, strengthens the Nana ability limit with every effort.

Isn't Nana the speed is quick? That makes her quicker!

Nana does not arrive at the extremely fast time has no way to carry on the curve? That finds the way to make her be able to make a turn!

The body of Nana is not insufficiently powerful, one was crushed by Divine Artifact? He finds the way to make her more intrepid!

Along this mentality, in the Link brain emits many corrective methods immediately. All magic knowledge that he studies these days such as the air bubble braves generally in his mind, the air bubbles of these thought or blend, or the fission, then blends, forms all kinds of wonderful ideas.

„Un, I must quickly go back to make Nana!” Link presented the extreme anticipation at heart, he steps out to walk toward the East Valley horse stable.

Arrives at the halfway time, there is a sound from behind to transmit suddenly: „Mr. Link, waits for me.”

The sound timbre is clear, just likes tumbles Yuzhu in plate, this unique wonderful timbre, belongs to Fairy Princess Milda.

Link stops the footsteps, turns around to look that saw a Milda person slightly to run to pursue, abhorring of perhaps running, on her glittering and translucent carving cheeks flood two light blushing, were beautiful such as a picture people.

„What matter has?” Link is somewhat strange, he should anything not occur together with this elf princess at present.

Milda to Link side, long implored the tone, has adjusted the breath, restored the appearance of virtuous young woman, her smiling tunnel: „About the Space magic matter that you used a moment ago, magic is very unique, but as far as I know, East Valley Academy the book collection about Space magic, I do not want to know knowledge where very much you must come?”

Link continues to walk toward the horse stable, he has not concealed, honest tunnel: „East Valley indeed does not have, but I have been deducing a Space paper, has continued for one year, recently started to have the achievement. My Space magic is one of them.”

Milda follows to walk side Link together, after hearing this saying, she is very surprised: „Said that this magic is you originally creates?”

In the magic domain, improves magic, obtains super magic skill already very difficult, originally creates the magic difficulty even better, if originally creates abstruse obscure Space magic, this little was scary.

What appears is the magic insight of shocking everybody, this shocks everybody the worldling, but also includes many Magician!

Suddenly, Milda also has to acknowledge that at present this young people indeed have his unique merit.

„Can I have a look at your paper?” Her paper to the Link deduction has given birth to the curious heart.

„Now?” Link looked at already not the far horse stable: „I prepared to return to the territory, this was not quite perhaps convenient.”

„This......” Milda looked at the horse stable, wants to let Link as princess intentionally in the East Valley Academy dull two days, but changes mind thinks that here is not the dawn island, the opposite party is not her subjects, if she puts on the airs of princess, the opposite party does not pay attention, her honor lost.

Thinks it over, Milda said: „You and others my, a half hour, ok?”

„That line.” Link nodded, the time is not long.

Milda also mentioned the skirt, ‚thump thump thump’ slightly ran, crossed for probably more than 20 minutes, she ran, with 2 High Elf Magician, included Romson.

Is upon the jump continuously, the Milda face was redder, on the forehead has also leached the beads of sweat, she breathed heavily to put down the air/Qi, said: „Walks, I am just about the dawn island, heard that your territory also has the harbor, I pass through toward your territory.”

This time Milda Li color unparalleled, Link also has to the dangling vision, he nod saying: „Is honored utmost.”

2 High Elf Magician, in addition Princess Milda and Link, that is four people, to the horse stable, Link looked for a big carriage.

In this carriage has a small table, usually turns on the carriage wall, with turns on the line, after 4 people ride the carriage, small table of Milda under on turning, then stretched out the powder to carve the jade to carve the common small hand to Link: „Your paper? Brings to make me have a look.”

Then, as if feared Link was not happy, she adds: „I white did not look that I listened to Headmaster to say you prepared to repair your Golem, here happen to had «Heart of that Golem» 9-Level(s) Grand Magician wrote, exchanged with you are looking what kind of?”

Saying, she put out this Magic Book first, Link has opened to look at several pages, immediately was attracted.

A while ago, he finds time also to look at Waynes to his Golem material, the content roughly looks was similar, only the remaining some details need to purify, but at present the heart of this Golem, says actually completely is another mentality, although looked at several pages, Link has felt this book author exquisite unique wisdom.

„Very good book.” Link said that he also puts out the Space paper that had finalized recently from his Space pendant.

Now this paper early is not initial time that light several pages of matters, its at least 100 pages, involves the mark and mark of massive Link original creation, to have all kinds of fluctuation types, complex to the extreme.

This is the Link as far as possible succinct achievement, if exhaustive writes to understand each deduction step that can perhaps inscribe 300 pages.

Naturally, Link will not do, in this paper has inscribed the committed step, the person who understanding that looks at naturally can understand, as for not being able to understand...... He has not studied the Space magic talent.

After giving the paper, Link starts the heart of dedicated Golem on hand, Milda opens the paper, reads with peripheral two Magician.

In carriage peaceful, only remaining horse's hooves sound and wheel sound sound.

Probably after walking for a half hour, Link immersed into the wisdom in heart of Golem to be individually uncorrectable, but three High Elf are actually tightly frowns, the painful color of whole face, seems withstanding in the world the most frigid torture to be common.

That Link does not know that the name Magician gave up, he starts then to look at the scenery outside glass, compares this obscure to the impervious paper abstrusely, he looked at the scenery to be good, so as to avoid the head exploded dead.

Milda and Romson are still actually insisting.

They are comparing a symbolic label table of Link specially manufacture, bit by bit is reading this Space paper.

From the beginning, but also is simple, they look is very relaxed, thinks good, but this relaxed feeling has only continued for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, the thing on this paper entered purely the rational domain.

What is purely rational? Is it conforms to the logic, the general knowledge that but many conclusions actually must come with five feeling observation world with the average person runs counter( reference theory of relativity).

The pure rationality, as two 7-Level(s) Magician, Milda and Romson can understand that is these many transform, do these many mana equations, deduce?

Among the rational logic this, really cannot understand!

Supported painstakingly for a half hour, Milda gave up.

As Magician of 7-Level(s) peak, she can feel that in this paper is containing the profound wisdom, but she looked at the headache to crack, looks again that she thought she will die.

Looks thickness that she looked , is actually only a less than half progress, probably is 20 pages, behind also has the larger part, Milda is awed at the sight, did not have the courage to look again.

Remaining Romson were still only insisting.

Before had been shamed one time by Link, in his heart has felt suffocated.

‚Isn't Space magic? The paper in me at present, everybody is Magician, you can write the paper, calculates that you are fierce. I cannot write, but can I also unable to understand inadequately?’

Under the support of this frame of mind, he looked compared with Princess Milda...... One page.

This page spent his one hour reluctantly to understand, after this paper to center-section, does not know that has taken any aphrodisiac, suddenly became incomparably obscure.

„Mr. Link, does your this mana formula push? I look that some aren't right?” Romson points at a formula to ask.

Link has not responded, he is looking at «Heart of Golem» dedicated.

„Mr. Link? Mr. Link?” Romson shouts.

„, What matter?”

„I want to ask that here is somewhat wrong?” Romson points at the formula saying that his Princess Milda also curiously looks, she really hopes Romson can discover some slight defects, such one, they not by this person of thorough crush.

Link looked at a formula, strange [say / way]: „Where wrong is at?”

Possibly to be how wrong? If there is made a mistake, he possibly does act according to the wrong conclusion to use Space magic?

„You look here...... Here...... Like this transformation, such does unreasonable, definitely will present the mana rapids.” Romson categorical tunnel.

Link shot a look at a paper, points at a parameter saying: „Did you underestimate its function?”

„.......!” Romson taps the head fiercely, suddenly wants to understand, then the complexion feels hot immediately, does, is he has not looked to understand that really loses face.

Link has not paid attention to him , to continue to look at «Heart of Golem».

This makes Romson feel that was slightly better, he clenches teeth to continue downward to look that probably crossed for a half hour, the Romson headache wanted to crack, he felt that must collapse.

Looked up Link, saw him completely to immerse in the Golem book, he was then low voice to Princess said: „Your highness, this paper more has no way to look to behind that I was unable to continue watching.”

Milda also looked at Link, here sees him not to pay attention, then in a soft voice said: „~, let alone comes out, lost face. You, use the magic image, hurries to transcribe one, I bring back to the dawn island.”

The paper is valuable, this without a doubt, but they do not have this talent.

„Good.” Two High Elf Magician use the transcription technique, starts to copy the paper earnestly painstakingly.

From Eastern Valley Magic Academy to Scorched Earth Mountain Range of Feierde wilderness, probably more than 150 li (0.5km) road, the East Valley carriage speed is very quick, although loses headway, but one hour can also walk more than 30 li (0.5km), after 4 hours, Scorched Earth Mountain Range has been in sight distantly.

Arrives here, Link turned «the Heart of Golem» last page, he sighed satisfiedly: „Really is the good book, although a little small slight defect, but does not affect the wisdom in book.”

Milda that pair of beautiful lilac crystal eye pupil opens the eyes roundly: „Did your this look?”

„Almost, but under some detail places, I go back also to read carefully.”

Nearby two High Elf Magician listened, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, then with looking at the monster look looks at Link.

Heart of author this Golem is in the High Elf history very famous Grand Magician, has the 9-Level(s) Medium order strength, the Magic Book that he writes in the dawn island is famous abstruse obscure, generally Magician must read this book, that holds the mood of being unafraid of death to go, does not have six months do not want to look at the clear general idea.

However now, this human race Magician only has spent at present for four hours ..... A little terrifying.

Milda is reading at present also this book, she is suffering extreme distress that read, at this time saw Link this relaxed appearance, she did not believe that takes the book to point at a mana formula to ask: „Is this Parallel mana equation useful?”

„Manages the Golem intelligence.” The Link natural tunnel, said afterward: „Actually he has a small slight defect, with the Golem intelligence that this equation construction comes out, occasionally will have the situation that the logic deadlocks, I thought that like this changes, may be useful, but this is only my preliminary idea .....”

Link starts to speak with confidence, three High Elf hear, only then Milda has understood, the content that since she understands looked that what Link said is correct.

„Good, Space Magician is the monster!” Milda has closed Magic Book, acknowledged the Link magic talent thoroughly.

Romson also deeply has the same feeling, he is covering the head, some pain asked: „Mr. Link, your Space magic from which magic equation development?”

Link let go saying: „In fact, my magic related to the paper final 20 pages of all achievements, you , if interested, I can direct......”

Romson puts out a hand to prevent hurriedly: „Many thanks, but does not use, I take your time well.”

At heart, him gave up, the first half hard to bring about like this, the following 20 pages of all achievement that are any appearances, but applies magic to come up such abstruse magic theory, but must use freely, he light thinks that wants to crack on the headache.

‚I am honest geoscience my Elemental Magic, this whole life does not want to touch this Space this type of ghost thing! As for in the face that East Valley loses, loses loses, always compared with after studies forcefully loses the life good.’

At this time, the carriage arrived at outside Scorched Earth Mountain Range, one week has not seen, Scorched Earth Mountain Range had many changes.

The surrounding stony soil has become by the ploughing the soil, some people have planted the crops on the land, but in these open land, were many many sight of green, is been very fertile by the soil that the deep plowing comes out, the above weed, the small seedling wait / etc., are growing healthy.

Peripheral were many in territory many residents, territory surroundings were many many crude residences, has the log cabin, has the animal skin tent. Glances at thickly, really also had small town imposing manner.

The distant place, the Magic Tower ground has hit, Magician and workers are in around Magic Tower to bustle about.

All are prosperous.

Milda and the others also saw Magic Tower, Milda has thought that said: „I looked that the Magic Tower manpower has a little, Romson, Ala'er, you stay here to help these days.”

The princess has the life, two High Elf nature nods comply.

Link wishes certainly for earnestly, thanked repeatedly, he looked up the day, the weather was somewhat dark, access road: „Your highness, weather not early, since to my small town, has rested for night in this, tomorrow will hurry along again.”

Milda naturally nods assent.

The carriage then drove into Scorched Earth Mountain Range, before government affairs wooden ceiling stopped, landing time, book accountant Joshua welcomed, said to Link: „Feudal lord Sir, you came back finally, has your magic letter.”

Joshua has given Link a cowhide envelope, Link sees this envelope, the brow immediately a wrinkle, because the envelope surface rendering dark rune, is having light Darkness Aura to pass from the envelope.

Who will send this type of letter to him? Waynes? Is impossible, the old man will not do this not reasonable matter, because this matter will probably bring to Link greatly troublesome.

Commits fornication with Black Magic, this will make Link trouble to be encumbered.

While Link strange time, Milda from the carriage, her vision one in the letter by Link was also attracted.

„This letter, has the issue.” Milda considers the tunnel, she is waiting for the explanation of Link.

Not only Milda, Romson, Ala'er two High Elf Magician looked that were many to the Link vision an instinct anxiety.( To be continued.)

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