Some people waste money ( 4 ) ( 4 / 4 )

Some people waste money ( 4 ) ( 4 / 4 )

Flame Star Thorium

Quality: Epic

Metal introduction: After Thorium and fire elemental perfect mix , the variety that has, has inconceivable magic conductivity, the structure is stable, is one of the eternal law most ideal materials, it suits especially uses fire elemental magic!

( Note: Only producing place: Mountain range Tylobo Volcano)

Except for Tylobo Volcano, other places totally do not have, artificial possibly has not accomplished basically.

Because of this, Flame Star Thorium expensive not being able imagine, in the human race world, almost by upper Magician monopolizing, has been short of certainly in the market flows.

In the Spa City magic market, shouting out the price of this metal is 1017 gold coin each grams, is the few single Kechao thousand precious metals, but still valuably did not have the city.

The Flame Star Thorium that Elindore puts out, has the baby fist to be so big, the Thorium density is also high, one cubic meter about 13 tons, then this metal at least 1000 grams, what concept is this?

Link is always calm, but this time also had a scare, although the opposite party did an elder gift on first meeting anything talking nonsense reason, has taken a Link advantage in the rank, but was this gift on first meeting heavy a point, take action was about 100,000 gold coins, knew according to Link, Norton Kingdom royal family Abbel Family one year of income also on 130,000 gold coins about.

„This was too precious, I cannot receive.”

This is not issue of profiting, the world free lunch, under the heavy ritual cannot ask, moreover manual labor that must go all out absolutely, Link, although wants this Flame Star Thorium very much, but feared one have the life to receive gifts, dies the flower.

Has not thought that the following matter makes him shock.

The previous quarter, Elindore is grinning, sees the Link rejection, she receives Flame Star Thorium first silently, then holds on the Link lower hem corner, gains ground, a big eye covered mist, the mist has condensated rapidly, concentrates the teardrops, then small mouth one shrivelled, the sound has also taken the weeping voice, pitiful tunnel: „Why doesn't receive? You look down upon me, is right?”

„......” Link by small Dwarf(s) of this spirit demon was made the head sends to rise, this little thing chatted smiles, suddenly cries, did not press the common sense to play a card completely.

„I am not this meaning......” Link am trying the argument.

„You are! Hum hum ~ you think certainly! You dislike me short too to be too young, therefore you don't like me?” Elindore cries even more happy, the sound specially is loud, the words that spoke also at sixes and sevens, has been full of the misleading different meanings.

This sound was a little big, several Magician of passing by heard, immediately is hard to imagine the vision that looks around between Link and Elindore with one type, cannot master this is any program.

„human race and Dwarf(s), is this not quite appropriate? The size is not right.” Some people think.

„Isn't this recent crest of wave very vigor Link? How will he annoy female Dwarf(s)?” Some people take pleasure in others'misfortunes.

„Morally degenerate!” This is the idea of moral gentleman.

Although these Magician have not made noise, but that emotion-charged look fully expressed in their hearts to think in pairs that Link does not have to think completely one can encounter the matter of this pestering endlessly unexpectedly . Moreover the opposite party is 6-Level(s) top strong Grand Magician, moreover forcefully gives a present.

Suddenly, he stands is not, walks is not, was awkward.

Saw the effect to achieve, before Ilindore approached, small sound track: „Do you receive, did not receive me to continue to make.”

„....... Brings.” The Link headache wants to crack, was hit by opposite party hooligan somewhat dumbstruck.

Just said that in his feeling slightly one warm, that priceless Flame Star Thorium arrived in his hand.

Flame Star Thorium is naturally warm, but Link thought that now this thing is very hot, wants to throw, but turns the head, he saw Elindore suddenly still the big eye of eye tearful, although the opposite party has suddenly cried, but does this look look like such pitiful? The teardrops rolling did not say that once for a while also pulls out the small nose, the appearance that this dies by heartbreak, does not install likely.

Link is startled, the miserable history of previous generation person well ups suddenly, associates is known as Women of Destiny to the opposite party, he went study the opposite party this to pester endlessly the despair and sadness of behind the action hiding immediately.

‚young miss predicts the master, she definitely saw the future illusion. In the future, her pitiful bitter experience, entire human race will also face the total destruction, she such does, should to give person looks for some allies, leaves a way out...... Why can look for me?’

This question emergence, before Link remembers Ilindore, extracts the unusual performance after Tarot, he awakens suddenly: ` I knew, the prediction, confirmed actually I was Lord's emissary of Radiance, reason that Yi Lin concealed, feared that is the road of matter interference future destiny the worry has now. ”

This joint thinks through, all performance of Ilindore became logical.

‚She immediately said that must help me form the engineer brigade, creates the opportunity of alone being together, gives back to my priceless Flame Star Thorium, although she denied orally my emissary status, but is the maximum degree is actually supporting in the motion.’

Thinks of here, Link sighed darkly, in the heart actually recalled in previous generation game when he completed Ilindore mission obtains one's blood bubbles up to the brim that opposite party soul Blessing that flickered.

Defeats Abyss Lord Nosamax!

He thinks at that time, is having this faith, he goes forward, when finally Nosamax arrives at the time, leading own ally to complete to kill successfully.

This, he arrives at the real world, will he flinch? Naturally not, because he simply did not have the escape route.

Such being the case, person seeks with him cooperates, why does he want to reject? Hasn't his handling matters principle gathered available strength as far as possible?

Thinks, Link on thorough clear headed.

Took in Space pendant this warm Flame Star Thorium, Link just also again is returned to by at sixes and sevens mood that the opposite party stirred normal, he put out a hand to tap the head of Ilindore gently, said one inexplicably: „Relax, I will not forget your help.”

Elindore stares, she felt that the change of Link, has looked up Link, actually sees a pair of temperate tranquil eye pupil, this eye as if can see through the soul to be common, she understands immediately that the opposite party has guessed correctly.

‚Such profound insight?’ Elindore was surprised, her subconscious tunnel: „Sorry, I should not compel your, but I......”

This saying somewhat does not have not to have tail, but Elindore knows that the opposite party can understand.

At first, she sees own clansman future destiny time, she is constraining her mood, because she knows, although she saw the heading on darkness, but is actually incapable of changing, such being the case, can only accept.

But she had found the Savior now, saw the hope, once the constrained mood one erupted, in fact, to the slightly crazy action, felt including Elindore very surprisedly.

„You saw, right?” Link said in a soft voice that he does not want to intertwine a moment ago that broken matter, changes him to be in the opposite party region, he such will also do, will be drier than Yi Lin is more excessive.

In the Elindore heart even more shocks, she returned to one: „Will you shelter us?”

„Does my best, human race is outstanding, Bright World cannot be short of your strength.” Link replied.

Their dialogs are very vague, bystander cannot understand, but Ilindore is Women of Destiny, she can see the destiny, but Link has experienced the future, knows matter that in the future can have.

They have very formidable soul, although the short several words, the communication in spoken language only occupies them to exchange the content side few part, other such as the look, expression, the intonation fluctuation wait / etc., is conveying the massive information.

Finally is, they have been well aware to the meaning of opposite party, but has not said.

The short several words set the foundation of cooperation, Ilindore also returned to normal, she somewhat embarrassed has wiped tears, with Link, before arrived at the Gryphon column, in stepping up to the Gryphon back, will soon take off the time, Elindore turned the head to say suddenly: „Link, Sun has soon set, sky rays of light, but is some afterglows.”

Link smiles: „Sun will also raise.”

On the small face of Ilindore then appears the smiling face, saw only the crystal common pupil to narrow the eyes slightly, ruddy small mouth micro sip, on the face was keeping also sob some tear stains, this appearance, sprouted to walk with the picture.

Then, Gryphon took off, rushed to the sky, went toward north.

Link gazes after Gryphon rapidly far, to turning into a sunspot vanishes, this turns around to return to Magic Tower.

In pendant were many a priceless treasure, as if one has solved Link the financing gap of construction territory, but Link as a Enchantment master, moreover is a leaning fire of passion is the magic Enchantment master, will make a more precious equipment to take away to sell such precious material, then gives others to use?

Obviously is impossible!

‚It seems like, my Starseizer magic wand must eliminate. Un, must change, Polylucent Crystal(s) must take down, makes the high-level magic crystal to trade again together. Formidable Epic magic wand, the material also so is so precious, should the value 20,000 gold coins? Then builds several accessories to collect, the initial fund of construction territory should almost. Was right, the Green Leaf chamber of commerce is waiting for me, I must use well.’

Quick, Link returned to Magic Tower, in a hall, White also sits in front of the bar, in the wine class before body thinks of as before is ‚living specimen bubble’ drink, in his mouth the turnover is jumping the bubble that jumps, the delight of playing.

One side as for young miss Le Fu, actually ran at this time looks at Magic Book.

Link has arrived at side him, he discovered that sets out to say hurriedly: „Sorry that Link your excellency, you do have free time now?”

„Un, to my room, we spoke in detail.” Link said.

„Does not have the issue not to have the issue.” White follows hurriedly in Link behind.

To the room, Link two water have placed on the table but actually, after the opposite party sits well, he asked: „Wants the magic equipment that came you to have a liking for me to manufacture, what I want to ask, was the Green Leaf chamber of commerce scale what kind of? What way wants with and I cooperates? What important asylum you have to guarantee that in Kingdom your transaction securities are reliable?”

Is spending Roman, these three points are important, pertinent that Link asked.

The White spirit shakes, knows one ran into the sensible person, these issues, fully showed that opposite party had no way to deceive.

But the Green Leaf chamber of commerce in the Spa City a little strength, left Spa City to grasp blindly, asylum in Kingdom was also only Count, if the Green Leaf chamber of commerce did in a big way, making the person covet, this Count may not preserve him.

Therefore, his chamber of commerce competitive power is actually very weak.

He has not hugged to hope to this cooperation, although thinks, but his manner is very as before positive, starts to introduce the situation of own chamber of commerce: „Is this, Mr. Link .......”

He said very detailed, 11 answered the Link issue, said, straight sits, only waited for Link to open the mouth to reject.

The Link finger has knocked table gently, asked: „What easy terms can you pledge to me?”

This saying, White felt immediately one have the opportunity, hurried [say / way]: „Your excellency, so long as you give me to manage the magic equipment, then attains an equipment every time, I will settle accounts at the ordinary market price at the scene, after the equipment sells, if there is a premium, I not only meet the sum total compensation to give you, will also pay to you additionally ..... 10 ....... No, 15% selling prices. In other words, we are not only free sell the thing to you, will also pay your certain amount gold coin additionally.”

Link one hear, was happy, this merchant is a talented person!

If he wants to pull out from the sell funds, Link will catch up with the person directly, has not actually thought that this fellow wants to manage the reputation of chamber of commerce taking advantage of his Enchantment craftsmanship unexpectedly, and also pays for the Link not poor expense, this vision has surpassed this time completely.

Such merchant, gives him an opportunity he to be able the flying apsaras, Link is certainly liberal to this man-machine meeting.

„Pulling out becomes I wants 20%. I do not take something for free, your chamber of commerce background is too weak, after I join, Eastern Valley Magic Academy will become asylum of chamber of commerce.”

„Deal!” White was simple!( To be continued.)

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