Unprecedented issue!( three-fourth)

Unprecedented issue!( three-fourth)

After Link returns to the River Valley Town inn, throws to inn waiter one pack of copper, about 30, in the opposite party surprised vision, he said with a smile: „Three oats bread, smear the cream, one cup of milk, deliver to my room, thanks.”

In the pocket is holding 300 gold coins, was the time eats a wave of good thing, but also not needing ample food, this body appetite was not big, snack one on line.

„Link, did you get rich really?” The inn waiter teased with a smile.

Link smiles, did not explain that returns to oneself garret, delivers while food these days, he puts out to write the parchment of paper from his Space pendant, routinely inspection oversight.

Finally is very good, has written on the paper does not have the place of oversight basically, revised some good logic to be smooth and exquisite, read, there is an indescribable aesthetic sense.

The original man of Link this paper, when under sinking the heart read oneself paper, in the heart some may not believe unexpectedly: ‚This thing is really I writes? It is not Radiant Lord will borrow my writing by hand?’

This matter also really has the possibility, but Link will certainly not go earnestly, with is much higher own exists earnestly is very stupid matter.

Quick, food delivers, Link good delicious, immediately feels to be refreshing, then puts out the parchment that buys newly , to continue to deduce.

Perhaps was makes mission to trade brain, turned head to write again, Link discovered in own brain were many new inspiration, quick, his mind immersed thoroughly.

This time, had enough gold coin, Link is disturbed by the earthliness again, his day in writing the paper and improved in magic to pass.

One week later, Link improved three 0 levels of magic once more, is the earth punctures the technique, the flash technique and mire technique respectively.

Improved three magic, Link assigns Named separately: Screw Stone Spike, dodges, sticks the thick liquid technique, these three magic Mana Consumption turned into 1 point, the magic scale changed small, but strength condensation actually endured compared with Level 1 Magic, coordinated the precise control strength of Link to magic, these magic can play the extremely astonishing might.

However, after revising 3 magic, interest also almost consumption of Link to 0 levels of magic completely, these magic is really too simple, simply does not have the challenging, his present need is more formidable more profound magic knowledge.

He even more longs for that entered Eastern Valley Magic Academy to study.

But the paper has not handled, Link is the person of finishing what one starts, from repressing the thoughts , to continue to write the paper. However when when his free time writes a letter to Elliot, in the letter, the magic issue that he inquired about complex is even more abstruse.

This point, has not noted including Link. He had not discovered that the issue that actually he thinks, has greatly exceeded a range of magic beginner.

This side, Link is writing the paper with concentration, another side, after Elliot received a letter, actually scratches the head, he discovered that magic question that Link this time asked that he can only understand one unexpectedly, other, he was fuzzy, is unintelligible.

„Does not manage, asked teacher.” Elliot issue transcription on letter on the parchment, then along the Magic Tower circular stairs upward, to the top layer hall that the teacher is.

His teacher Jasmine Yila disposition is happy, only if attended class, other times, she does not like being disturbed, this is in Magic Tower the mutual recognition of all apprentices, but this all customs, are invalid to Elliot.

He can anytime and anywhere looks for the doubts in Jasmine Yila explanation heart, from the beginning, Elliot some are not familiar with, but under the Jasmine Yila multiple injunction, he is also gradually optional.

Whenever anything is wrong will ask that today is also same.

To the entrance, had knocked on a door gently, Elliot to a gate near sound wave Transfer [say / way]: „Teacher, now are you convenient?”

The voice just fell, only listens to ‚click’ a light sound, on the door magic rune slightly one bright, the gate opened automatically.

This indicated that the teacher agreed he entered room.

Shoves open the door to walk, transmits ‚click’ a light sound, the gate automatically closes, Elliot has been used.

After the door, is 11 walls, on the wall is drawing up the colored mural, it has happen to blocked from the following hall, by the wall is enters the channel of hall, Elliot walks, at present presents over 15 meters in diameter rotunda, in the hall is placing the material quality luxurious furniture, on is spreading the camel's hair rug, around hall also many windows, what on the window mounts is the special one-sided diaphanous crystal.

The ray comes from the window photo, hall photo unusual insightful, by the nearby crystal window, can the bird's eye view to the entire East Valley beautiful scenery. In the hall edge, suspended several bookshelves, on the rack has been chocking up the books, before the same time the bookshelf, one about 30 -year-old female Magician was sitting at the desk, in the hand held Magic Book to look.

This precisely Elliot teacher, Jasmine Yila.

Jasmine Yila, Level 5 magician, the year 35, are the Academy Headmaster Anthony favorite disciple, the Eastern Valley Magic Academy first magic talent.

This female has bright golden hair, magic Aura is rich, almost sends out light, she wears the dark blue crazing magic long skirt, such calmly partly lies down partly depends studies on the chair, the leisurely and carefree satisfied, gentle sunlight penetrates the crystal, sprinkles on her fine five senses, appears an inenarrable gracefulness.

Naturally, Elliot regarding this completely non-inductive, his has magic at heart, he salutes respectfully, tranquil tunnel: „Teacher.”

Jasmine Yila nodded, places on the book in hand the table, the eye looks to sheepskin scroll in Elliot, said with a smile: „What issue is this chapter?”

She regards as important this Half-Elf very much, because from him, she saw to rigid of magic, this and she of young time is exactly the same.

Elliot then walks to go forward, both hands hand over sheepskin scroll.

Jasmine Yila opened scroll to look earnestly, but looked at one, her look congealed, some doubts asked: „Your progress is big, has learned this situation?”

As Level 5 magician, her eyes see the depths of these issues, can ask that these issues, its magic basic theory is absolutely solid . Moreover the thinking mode is also unique.

On scroll altogether 6 issues, she glanced over, discovered that she one can explain, only then two, other 4, she must think to be good well.

„Really is a good issue.” Jasmine Yila cannot bear say.

But this degree, did not pay great attention to an apprentice whether learned the magic knowledge diligently, because was not diligent, radically could not become her apprentice, what she regarded as important was own apprentice asks the level of issue.

Because only then has studied earnestly, after having studied, has thought carefully, can ask that has the issue of level truly, but the issue on this sheepskin scroll, all has the level . Moreover the angle of view is unique, is having an intelligence beyond description.

Elliot can ask that these issues, she is pleased.

The face of Elliot somewhat feels hot, this is the teacher second time praises him, but god knows, these issues are not he asked that he has studied less than one month of magic, cannot understand.

The previous time, Elliot had not explained that this time, he thought he must talk clearly, otherwise misunderstands more and more in a big way, once later erupts, that troubled.

Organized under the language, Elliot saying: „Teacher, actually...... Actually these issues I asked for person.”

„Un?” Jasmine Yila maintains composure, the vision puts aside from scroll, looks own young handsome disciple: „For whom?”

„My friend, he is the same with me, 17 years old, but the magic talent is insufficient, has no way Academy, therefore is studying independently now magic. My ..... Reason that I can sufficiently collect the school expense, he help me a lot.”

„You said with me in detail that do not have any concealment.” Jasmine Yila has had the interest.

Looks own teacher that pair as if can completely understand that all secret Zhen blue color eye pupils, Elliot does not dare to lie, 1510 places said him and process of Link meet acquaintance, the communication among them, is scrupulous in one's work.

Jasmine Yila is listening earnestly, once for a while asked several, when listened, she sighed, asks: „Then said that he now in River Valley Town, the paper that writes a certificate magic insight?”

„Is this, Teacher.”

„Do you know the paper approximate content?” Jasmine Yila also asked.

Elliot nodded: „Link and I have said some, he said that he is trying to explain issue that the gravel why ejects can fall to the ground finally...... Said, these days I also frequently think this issue, but my clue does not have.”

Listened to these words, Jasmine Yila to be startled, she muttered is repeating the Elliot words: „Why will gravel fall to the ground? Why will fall to the ground? This issue is really strange, nobody such has always asked. However, why?”

She tries to explain that with the magic knowledge that oneself study this general knowledge, after crossing for dozen minutes, she gave up, her knowledge is actually not enough to explain phenomenon that this can see ordinary everywhere.

For a long time, she sighed: „This is really a rare good issue. Such an issue, sufficiently has proven his insight.”

She to this young people who called Link have had the extremely strong interest.

She takes up sheepskin scroll on table: „The angles of view of these issues are very unique, I require some time to explain them, tomorrow, I will give you answer tomorrow.”

„Many thanks teacher...... Teacher, I such do, aren't you angry?” Elliot asked cautiously.

„Why can be angry?” Jasmine Yila smile: „ My disciple is an honest person, I should Gao Xingcai.

Elliot relaxed, but he is always missing Link matter whether to enter a school, asked: „Since this issue had proven the magic insight of friend of mine, Teacher, the friend of mine can enter the Academy study?”

Jasmine Yila carefully thinks: „The Academy custom cannot abandon. Like this, you make this Link complete the paper first, then gives me, when the time comes I take this paper to look for Headmaster, I think that Headmaster will agree.”

„Thanks the teacher!” The Elliot great happiness, the teacher is the Headmaster favorite disciple, some of her these words make the guarantee, so long as Link writes the paper, even does not need to answer that question thoroughly, only needs to write the unique merit, should be able to enter a school.

„Does not use politely.” Jasmine Yila shows a faint smile, she regards as important Elliot, not only because of his outstanding magic talent, because of his disposition.

Thinks that Jasmine Yila separates to empty toward nearby bookshelf grasps, Magic Book has flown in her hand: „Your friend similarly is very good young people, I think his issue, he should really need the direction of this book. Thus, you will take scroll tomorrow, simultaneously takes to him this book. Magic Book is precious, to exempt the halfway loses, you must run laboriously one . Moreover, can only make the opposite party read for day, one day later, you must come back this book belt.”

„Does not have the issue!” In the Elliot heart was happy.

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