Crazy Leveling System

By Crazy Meng Meng

Running away

Running away

The guard shield was dashed with ease, Tian Xinghuan Power rapid sharp decline, drops the 50% might all of a sudden. No wonder said that can only break through the guard shield, but cannot escape.

So the eruption, most can only shake several moves with Tian Kuangyue hardly. Naturally, perhaps she also has other hideaway styles, but definitely has no way to insist too for a long time, no wonder will choose the compromise.

Now runs out of the guard shield, Power sharp decline are many immediately.

„Really also wants to struggle to escape, wants to escape from my hand, that is impossible!” Tian Kuangyue sneers, opens the big hand rapidly, wants to continue them to give to surround, in the heart the anger is dreadful.

The good intention unties the guard shield, making Yi Tianyun good to leave, who knows or chooses the revolt, how can not make him feel the anger.

At this time, Yi Tianyun one towed to entrain Tian Xinghuan, in the hand is pinching Teleportation God Stone.

„Transmits to me!”


With a twinkle, they disappear in on the spot immediately. The attack of Tian Kuangyue came up empty-handed immediately, almost gave to surround them, how Yi Tianyun's speed to be quicker, brought Tian Xinghuan to vanish rapidly.

„What situation, disappeared?” Tian Kuangyue was shocked, at once was insane, looks rapidly toward all around, wanted to find their forms.

Regardless of but how he looks, how Spiritual Sense outgoing/manifestation many 1 million miles, does not have the significance. Could not find Yi Tianyun and Tian Xinghuan form completely, does not know where vanished to went, all without a trace, vanished in this world likely.

„How possibly to vanish, vanished under my nose?” Tian Kuangyue wanted insanely, in his heart thought oneself has the absolute control power, they were impossible to escape from oneself palm.

But the fact such occurred, Yi Tianyun and Tian Xinghuan such vanish in on the spot, does not know where went.

„fluctuation of energy, probably was not teleportation, was the running away effect of what magic weapon?” Tian Kuangyue is analyzing the situation unceasingly, wants to have a look at the true situation is anything.

Regardless of but how he analyzes, how to feel that fluctuation of energy, actually attempts to investigate Yi Tianyun they to flee to where, had not found the least bit clues. An induction did not have, making his sincerity probably fall insanely.

Found Tian Xinghuan with great difficulty, now actually sneaks off in the hand, this is really makes people feel demented. The key could not find the least bit clues, this lets him is wants insanely, has never had this dilutedness.

Normally, the opposite party escapes regardless of any way, somewhat can seek for clues. Along this clues, can seek for the position that they escape, like this traces without doubt is most convenient quick.

But 1 : 00 effect does not have now, is he first time so runs into a wall in history.

„A trace does not have, actually how to achieve...... Does Damn it, where this time seek?” Tian Kuangyue attacks toward all around angrily, all around resulted in everything may become vulnerable by his attack to the bang immediately, under his crazy offensive, the ground was rumbled the innumerable giant holes.

When all around Cultivator(s) induces to here situation, was frightened is frightened out of one's wits, they also think that the world destroyed.

Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun and Tian Xinghuan appear in other region, that then arrives at Six Origin Territory.

The relaxedness returns to Six Origin Territory, simply with ease. After returning to Desolate Dragon Star, thinks that Tian Kuangyue was hard to find them. Only if they expose themselves intentionally, will otherwise not be discovered.

„Where our arrives at?” Tian Xinghuan looked around, the whole person was shocked, can escape under the Tian Kuangyue nose, this grade of skill is not really small.

She holds the mentality that is wrestling at first, she does not want to return to the family similarly, therefore can only wrestle. She does not know that Yi Tianyun will use any means that but failed, at the worst is without a fight.

As for the Yi Tianyun's safety, she can preserve.

„Desolate Dragon Star.” Yi Tianyun said simply.

He does not want to use Teleportation God Stone, feared that frightens Tian Xinghuan. Currently uses, all are forced reluctantly. Naturally, that meets him to have no way to use, after all Tian Xinghuan by Tian Kuangyue is stranded as soon as the law is promulgated it will be enforced, Teleportation God Stone has no way to come out to the belt her.

„Desolate Dragon Star, did we arrive at Desolate Dragon Star?” Tian Xinghuan has been shocked, shows the shocking expression, her sincerity has not thought that so rapidly will come here, is she is far from thinking of the matter.

An instance, arrived at Desolate Dragon Star, this was any Heaven Defying treasure.

„Yes, we arrived at Desolate Dragon Star, so long as were not we do intentionally, believes that Tian Kuangyue will not expect, we arrived at Desolate Dragon Star.” Yi Tianyun has smiled, he can foresee Tian Kuangyue that crazy expression, definitely was insanely falls.

Was only a pity that he cannot see at the scene, he most likes seeing expression that these Expert go crazy, but also is really joyful enough.

„What treasure you are, can bring to arrive at Desolate Dragon Star instantaneously, feared that is pays the price not to be small?” Tian Xinghuan inquired.

„Yes, if no no recourse, I really have not wanted to use. You looked, broke to pieces......” Yi Tianyun to take out Teleportation God Stone that broke to pieces, just used the number of times to the limit, was broken becomes the innumerable fragment, pinched slightly becomes the powder.

Tian Xinghuan looks at this group of powder, some guilty say/way: „This definitely is your escaping magic weapon, actually used on me, if you walked directly, definitely has no need for this thing.”

Saw the Tian Xinghuan guilty expression, the Yi Tianyun innermost feelings actually cannot bear smile, although the deceit person was not good, but under this thing retained the secret for good.

„Is unimportant, can give to rescue you to be good, as the matter stands, is well treated here.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile: „Although by the present situation, you have no way to help Senior Tian Youyuan, but looks at Senior Tian Youyuan, does not have the issue?”

„It is not good, I cannot help him...... Tian Xinghuan shake the head to say now” rapidly.

„You cannot think like this, since Senior Tian Youyuan is willing to ask you to help, surely does not have too many opinions to you, said that does not permit to have any concern, wanted to say with you.” Yi Tianyun encourages one in side, the person rescued, has not been willing to pass, then on Taikeng.

„This......” Tian Xinghuan was excited, she had still not found the Tian Youyuan whereabouts, now knows with great difficulty, making her want to see.

Struggles a moment later, a Tian Xinghuan layer on layer/heavily nod said: „Good, I see the Elder Brother, even if caught up with me to come out also to hope!”

Looks at the Tian Xinghuan expression, in the Yi Tianyun heart sighed, it seems like their brother and sister's relations are good, otherwise cannot so the manner. Should say initially, is living frequently together, but the family has a matter on the way, making them disintegrate.

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