Feng Yin Tian Xia

By Yue Chu Yun

Chapter 391

Chapter 391

I squatted on the ground and thought silently, how these people are so gossip, an old lady fell from the stairs, so I sympathize with it, so I arranged me.

I hesitated to stun the past, or jumped up and shouted, and took these gossips away.

"Mother, you are all right!" The man in black hurriedly chased me from the upstairs and leaned over. The gorgeous ink of the satin hangs down, and the elegant thin lips lightly open. "I didn't catch my mother-in-law, and my mother-in-law rolled. It’s my negligence."

"Look, look, this son really sympathizes with her." The whispering voice.

I clenched my fist and bite my teeth with hatred.

Suddenly, he jumped from the ground. However, the left foot suddenly hurts, I did not stand firm, so unfortunately fell into the arms of the black man, in a pose of giving up.

The black man took me and whispered: "Be careful."

Killed, twisted to the feet.

Oh, yeah, sure enough...

A strange exclamation of one after another.

My old face is blushing.

Turning his head, he yelled and shouted: "Look what you see, you haven't seen the old cows eat the young grass!"

Just before the stairs, the clothes were a little bit tidy, and the white hair was a little scattered. It was so shouting that some of them were fierce.

A group of people quickly dispersed.

Especially the young men, who are faster, are undoubtedly frightened by my "old cows eating young grass."

Looking at those people who fled, I was better in my heart.

Realizing that I was still in the arms of the black man, I shoved the black man in a hurry and smiled slyly: "Nothing, accidentally stunned, the son doesn't care about me, I mean to scare it." Theirs." I think it is necessary to explain to him the phrase "the old cow eats young grass."

"I know." He smiled and smiled, and there was a hint of evil in the grace.

"I think there is still something to do, I have to go back to the room." I was a little embarrassed by his smile.

I want to go up the stairs one by one, I am like this, I must not catch up with the fox, can't see the excitement. The clothes were suddenly caught, and I looked back and saw the black man’s eyes as deep as the night.

His lips smirked and said with a low voice: "My mother-in-law is so old, how do we care about the gibberish of those people. My mother-in-law is twisted, and I help my mother-in-law to massage."

"This, no need!" I said busy.

"I didn't help my mother-in-law to make my mother-in-law fall. If my mother-in-law didn't let me massage, it wouldn't forgive me." The black man whispered, and he apologized.

I sighed. "I didn't blame you."

The black man smiled softly. "Is that mother-in-law agreed?" He said, holding me to the chair in the hall, and sticking out the slender fingers on my feet.

He looked very focused, pinched carefully, narrow black sputum, long and dense eyelashes tremble like a fan, the lips slightly bent, seemingly laughing and seemingly not laughing.

"I don't know how to call the son?" I whispered.

"My mother-in-law asked me to record it!" His lips were slightly raised, but there was no smile in the black ink."Oh..." I said with a smile.

Suddenly the ankle hurts.

I heard the sound of "咔嚓" faintly.

The feet are dislocated! It hurts!

I can't help but sigh.

For the first time, I know that pinching my feet can also pinch my feet!

If this is a fox, I must think that he is intentional. But this person, I don't know him, and of course it is even more impossible to sin him. He has no reason to be so rude to my old woman.

"What's wrong?" asked the man named "Record" and asked him awkwardly. The man is not idle, continue to pinch my feet.

This hurts me, I can't help but shouted: "Don't move! Don't move! My feet are dislocated."

"Ah?" He was shocked. He hurriedly lifted my foot and gently touched it through the cloth socks. He said with apologetic apology. "My mother-in-law, this is really unbearable. I don't know how to pinch my feet. So, I will replace Mother-in-law is picking it up."

He said that he would hold my sole and lift the force upwards.

A bit of pain. Not connected.

I had a cold sweat on my forehead.

"No, thank you." I was busy saying that this would torture me.

"My mother-in-law is not anxious, I will try again." He said sincerely, the deep apology in the deep black is so obvious.

He held my feet and tried again.

Not connected yet.

"No, I really don't need it." If I can't get up for a long time, I am really afraid that my feet will be scrapped.

"That way, I took my mother-in-law to see if there was a medical center nearby, and let Lang Zhong pick it up for you." The black man couldn't help but clip me up and walk outside the inn.

Yes, not the back, not the hug, but the sneak up and pinch me under my arm.

I was forced to be clipped by him, and said with a sad face: "The son, really don't need it, I will pick it up." I think that any person who is practicing martial arts is distracted and easy to pick up.

He didn't even hear it at all, and I walked straight out of the inn to the outside.

The inn we live in is on a very lively street, except for inns, pharmacies, medical centers, and even brothels. The man in black did not go to the hospital to find a medical center, but instead took the light and leaped away from the eaves of the street.

At this time, if I still don't feel the same, then I will be mixed in the rivers and lakes for a few years. I was about to sneak up on him in the back, and suddenly I found myself unable to make up my strength. I seemed to be poisoned. It should be that he gave me when I was pinching my feet.

This is a shame that I have never had before.

One of my masters is Uncle Tang Yutang, who has not followed him to practice poison. Because I always feel that using poison is not a bright means, so it is not a last resort, never poison.

Unexpectedly, today, the apprentice of this poison king, was poisoned by people.

I took the internal force and felt it for a while. I only felt that the internal force was also controlled. Based on the toxicity reaction, I analyzed the poison in a short time.

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