„Qin Province! I came back!”

„Qin Province! I came back!”

Disappointed sigh Zhang Fan looks to Li Fu of serene deep sleep or is the embryo department of pediatrics color in her abdomen good however appears complex incomparably seems to be the limitless feelings in the chest.

This puts down him to remember I,

Extremely light. Supply also the obstinate one type tenacious is not extremely loose throughout.

Dragon my Zhang Fan, if some day cultivation has to make your rebirth receive for the disciple trains to recompense this graciousness carefully ”

Past in the purple hot territory the last earth fire eruption day leaned an corner/horn all that had instant. Suddenly places in the mind of Zhang Fan flash through.

Before the dragon those words once made him obscure at the point of death. Is not actually able to inquire into that this time finally had the answer.

Is dialing the soul big law to split divine soul instant. A fragment of this memory just like yesterday reappeared matter dragon Er who will have in the past to remember that the most profound each article matter launches in his front.

And then had his first time from underground cultivated to turn over to go through the universe gold rate accidentally to meet dragon Er and his party of instances past to the overseas.

How when meantime Zhang Fan regards a passer-by not at all to look that attractive little girl to her one eyes, therefore had not recalled to mind this in the young girl of fog hidden island reunion. Once had a reason unexpectedly.

Zhang Fan shook the head only then draws out the vision also slowly to put aside in the heart secretly thought „past you to save me from the body of Li woman from the same day situation, as soon as ordered the date the graciousness of my also your life water drop, when the report bubbling spring my Zhang Fan must tread to receive you to cultivate to report your eternal life for the disciple on the same day carefully.”

As if induced the Zhang Fan aspiration also or dragon Er divine soul body fusion the mutation with that without owner lives the mouth finally in an instant suddenly

Whiz whiz whiz ”

Said brilliance innumerably suddenly from is lying low peacefully on the pregnant woman scatters, but just like restores justice. Ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) ray.

Spreads from a corner completely in a flash. Lies down in the ground already was one as if pure the human form that was gathered by the ray.

On the face of near at hand people own clear to see pregnant woman in the flying hand all exposed place layer upon layer dirt peelings reveal in a fair and clear skin abdomen also to eliminate restore as usual. Then is that dirty does not know many years have not washed clothes also under the wash of this brilliance attractive such as new.


At the same time crying aloud of baby. Suddenly from the sky reverberated came shakes divine soul of people to resound in the heart of hearts probably directly.

The Zhang Fan brow selected returned to at once normal.

Phenomenon ”

The inborn phenomenon that the grandfather said all day considered this appearance is ”

When Zhang Fan knows in the heart this for world jealous aptitude birth the phenomenon just like high-rising infant great acomplishement. The ghosts and gods do not allow generally this extraordinary aptitude in appearing while the society all sorts of vibrations that bends/bow.

You feel relieved ”

The child will live. ”

Looks at the brow one to twitch to seem to be that intermittently the pain unconsciously sends out Li Fu Zhang Fan of gratified smiling face to heave a deep sigh to say in the body.

Nobody compared with his clearer this pregnant woman while restoring most attractive semblance vitality of her. Murmur passes just like the running water momentarily possibly annihilates in these.

The dragonet you stays there makes line ”

When vanishes into thin air on that Li Fu brilliance completely to collect Zhang Fan then to ask suddenly.

Again many thanks master ”

The dragonet one responded fiercely comes to hold such as hot potato general the nether world white bones streamer in the hand receives thanks politely to say respectfully.

Was saying on his face also revealed the ashamed color apparently to not to have the prompt feeling thanking a teacher graciousness feels guilty.

His small thoughts naturally were do not hide the truth from Zhang Fan the dragonet of eye to receive on Li Fu startled first change affect to be divided the mind to this treasure of nether world white bones streamer type of gloomy murdering to feel second irritable has not responded for a while.

He is not does not know that fondness this top rank spirit item of dragonet was actually the present stage most suits his thing.

After several day, soon will visit Qin Province regardless at the appointed time afterward how first step unavoidably and an underground big heavy city war. Particularly most in the past in underground cultivation world the white bones three city cultivation Yin spirits were divine ability cultivator are as though him to meet. This nether world white bones streamer is their difficult adversary mouths

This treasure in hand, even if had anything to nurse does not work as the dragonet also sufficiently self-preservation no worries.

However this point cannot relate in detail but actually he asked was not this. Why sees only the Zhang Fan brow to select to shout also quickly to go to a town/subdues to ask a steady woman to come there. ”

Is master ”

Steady woman ”

The dragonet complied with one to respond the unusual look of whole face subconsciously immediately.

Goes to few idle talk quickly ”

Zhang Fan did not wave „ dragon Bugan saying that patiently slightly anything takes out Flying Clouds Ark to want toward extremely happy small town place to fly hastily.

I said that brother dragonet he knows how to look for the steady woman ”

Xiang Ming worried that said.

Zhang Fan hearing this shrugs calmly. Has not spoken is only in the hand wields Li Furu who the manor front door opens wide the ground to float off by the cool breeze. Floats into during.

After a double-hour, crying aloud as if startling thunderclap of baby generally vacancy in manor crack. The drizzle misty does not know unconsciously when faints to dye the world.

Runs away in this thin old woman again distressedly. Skinny such as in the palm of firewood closely is pinching spirit stone is having the wild with joy color of not being able to cover up in the flurry and fear.

What flurried and frightened directly tied up by a youth of whole face strange look has given the evil spirit that the entire town knows to receive to be happy was spirit stone starts to get rich.

At the same time the one by one place in the manor slightly had only been cleaned the room the dragonet stands depressed restlessly is stealing a glance same place looks is manipulating that newborn little girl Zhang Fan and the others.

He can not be depressed to be with great difficulty thick the facial skin to inquire that the steady woman's dwelling a saying received nobody to dare to walk without rest afterward several to that pregnant woman all so finally to think immediately the master was still waiting to steel one's heart finally ties up one to come actually.

By heaven and earth and my conscience his honest child this whole life has not handled this grade of matter.

The dragonet still is depressed is then hearing the Zhang Fan sound to resound the dragonet to come by the ear. ”

Is hugging your big Senior Sister ”

dragon Er mother that bosom the Li two years. Was regarded as the monster still tenaciously to live by all people. Is protecting in the abdomen child's woman eventually the child while the birth disappeared five to perish fragrant.

This is being doomed that does not have to reverse so

Her essence, qi and spirit all integrated child's body how, if not so a mortal female can let a child stays in within the body is two years is overdrawing of life can so.

The space cloud layer assembling and parting spatial original drizzle diverges crosses Ecuadoran cloud Che to cross the sea toward continent Nine Provinces. The Qin Province boundary extreme velocity flies mouth

Master master the elder sister she cries

The dragon is thrown into confusion is busy at work is being depressed he also to cry.

At this time his holds dragon Er one to hug the urine Qilin not to wrap child's arm to be stiff the ratio to take this spirit item and person battle must on more difficult two points.

What awfully is the urine Qilin as if with dragon inborn has the fate is bringing from mother 's womb to wind two little fellows the small hand to draw the claw head to rub the head ripe to play the delight once for a while.

To deliver to star Monarch location of not far away to make him give severe Peng the urine Qilin according to the Zhang Fan original idea to send back to see it seemingly the relations with dragon very much to play the same place well. Especially dragonet mouth groaning water Qilin accompanied her to play does not cry not noisy good to support immediately extinguished this thought very much.

First is a playmate with dragon Er ”

At the appointed time informs severe Peng and the others is. ”

Such urine Qilin was collaborated to kidnap with dragon by Zhang Fan, moreover seemingly was also turned very much happy appearance to swing the tail is very satisfied once for a while.

This time dragon was just born normally. But after all lives different skin white Zhe to play musical instruments to be possible young broken not to have any fold and that skin extremely thin bright red instead a little 1 or 2-year-old child's that fair and clear neat.

Especially when that eye is looking out in all directions pitch-dark probably anything feels curious.

How special younger sister is also only a newborn baby is a little again ignorant temporarily, but gradually long divine soul will recover her memory to come back along with the age, if not so could not be regarded


You nurse ”

Zhang Fan crosses the hands behind the back where, but tongue in Due cloud Che another looks out appears in the middle of gradually line of sight the Qin Province boundary is choked up with emotions has free time to pay attention to this grade of minor matter.

Cauldron ”

The dragonet complied with one to leap take action to take out on jar who a crystal has carved speechless the red light to flash from cosmos bag the rich milk at once reluctantly to send out immediately fragrant came out the entire jar to be won by dragon including has drunk a delight in an instant in the mouth.

dragon Er capacity for food that called a Daping homogeneous double-hour to feed over ten times if not Yue every early has to prepare to make the dragonet dial the collection the almost entire extremely happy small town as well as neighbor peripheral has the habitation quarter to have the same day complete breast milk of place to fear that was this sister-in-law/little aunt paternal grandmother already revolted.

Mentioned this matter dragonet to think that found it unbearable to recall to think his honest child visited to buy breast milk his solemn cultivator status in addition take action natural not to be regarded the lecher one after another to hit not to be possible.

The matter was complete the result came the face 21 double-hour of Xiaolong needlessly two to come within 12 double-hour near extremely happy small town in any case glowing red is almost the weeping sound of baby. Mother's breast milk was bought up only to be able on hungry a day

Thunders as if rough seas to whip the village wood within reef Qin Province coastline not far place surrounding area number abundant zhang (3.33 m) suddenly by huge pressure breaking off lodging place.

Everywhere mist clears several person's shadows to drop from the clouds.


Qin Province I came back ”

My Zhang Fan came back finally ”

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