Pulls out holds up day lonely peak to throw

Pulls out holds up day lonely peak to throw

spirit qi erupts, gold/metal Rainbow breaks, throws in golden river instant, Zhang Fan was forced unexpectedly directly the figure.

In a twinkling, beside liking of abatement little girl still over the face. Regardless of Zhang Fan itself, were flourishing Heng and the others, all was the look big change.

„Pursued eventually!”

In the hearts of all people, has simultaneously flashed through such a thought.

Feeling of Zhang Fan. Compared with them clear, by boundless spirit qi the instance that compels from gold/metal Rainbow, he felt a thought covers on his body. Harnesses in spiritual sense is actuating four sides spirit qi, just likes the shackles fetter.

Arrived this time. The vortex place, surging forward, the sound of breaking open, just now entered in the ear of people loudly.


When at a crucial moment. In the Zhang Fan heart the unprecedented pure brightness, the sleeves wield, gentle spirit strength eruption. Rouses strong winds. Directly to blowing to return to gold/metal. Fell into her mother to cherish.

Where used him to say. Suddenly arrives in this thought that and Zhang Fan locking instant, abatement flourishing Heng and in the worthless person Daoist believers, other people, did not say a word, turns the head to walk.

When Zhang Fan drinks to make noise greatly, flourishing Heng and Daoist believers all deeply looked at his one eyes. Immediately disperses to walk. Five Nascent Soul cultivator face to face, all resistances, are the futile efforts. Only has a character: „Running”!

Zhang Fan wants to run. The issue is, now he obviously is the opposite party goal, is not that easily can run.

A words exit|to speak, he did not look at flourishing Heng and the others the responses, glanced back, wants not to think that extended a hand. The spirit qi gathering of everywhere, changes to an invisible giant palm. Grips fiercely! ”

By spirit qi of that Nascent Soul spiritual sense thought obligation, was grasped by Great Seizing of Innate Qi in the palm, immediately seizes greatly adeptly erupts loudly, the disorder spirit qi mighty current, will be similar to the rope will fetter in Zhang Fan spirit qi generally rumbles the smashing.

Feels suddenly a light time, Zhang Fan then relaxed.

If five people of simultaneously take action lock him, he today, even if were more unfortunate than fortunate, five big Nascent Soul actuated spirit qi together. That puts in order today with him for the enemy, is not easy to get rid.

However at this time, has not been out of danger, the spirit qi shackles no doubt are defeated and dispersed, but that spiritual sense, that thought that actually still solidly locked him, in the front spatial howling vortex, is surging forward, such as wild giant beast, air-splitting.

When the Zhang Fan whole person calms down, to think of the countermeasure exactly anxiously. The voice of bitter Daoist, at the right moment


„Only has one?!”

Although the bitter Daoist said Jane/simple Yixuan, but that meaning clear did not have again. Unexpectedly is only then Nascent Soul old pursues strangely.

hearing this, in Zhang Fan eye immediately one bright, one with five ” that is the difference of heaven and earth, is the life and death disparity.

Trust bitter Daoist. Let him not have first to be similar to headless fly general running all over the place, but calms the mind, is monitoring the front vortex by the split vision of corner of the eye, while observes the surrounding environment, has what can/but to use the place.

Afterward, the vortex is loudly stave, a piece sinks to congeal the blackness, swallows all, suddenly appears including the darkness that item band of light spiritual sense dies out together, compared with, if jet black nebula, revolves is spanning the horizon.

Dies out the divine ability territory! Nascent Soul honorable person adore/admire Tianyan, adore/admire is strange!

„ hahaha

The juniors, do you run actually? Do you run to obtain old ancestor's palm? ”

The divine ability territory just arrives. spirit qi all around by it and influence. Gathered. Concentrates is dying out the surroundings of divine ability territory, just likes the nebula surrounding halo, multiplies its power and influence.

In this formidable oppression strength, in adore/admire Tianyan the unscrupulous laughing wildly sound, on the face of Zhang Fan, is actually not startled counter- happy, appeared to wipe to smile.

„Nascent Soul is old. Wants my Zhang Fan life?”

„You think that who you are? Doesn't the blood dragon have absurdly?”

In the Zhang Fan heart calm, has worked loose from the suffocating anxiety immediately, in the heart the thought is anxious.

From only then adore/admire the strange person pursues. And has locked all of a sudden him. But actually turns a blind eye to other people, feared that with eliminates a potential informant differently, this Nascent Soul that their several people of institutes think is old. Clearly comes to the destiny heavy treasure.

Formerly nine quiet old ancestors recognized, he has thought may have such a situation, does not want actually language to become prophecy/omen.

Nine quiet old ancestor's past performance Zhang Fan may clearly in the heart. dragon Fuhai, so, makes a long story short. Is „empty should its matter” four characters, the control poison of upper boundary to Nascent Soul rank expert, imagines compared with him, must lower on many.

„Painstakingly old. My luck really good.”

Zhang Fan as if clearly hears adore/admire Tianyan clamoring, the intention passes on the sound said.

Indeed is good. These five Nascent Soul are old, seems many such as nine quiet old ancestors is ordinary, is not willing to be involved in the struggle of destiny, is not willing to the person of upper boundary, when the spear/gun causes, otherwise must face five old monsters all of a sudden, even if by the pride of Zhang Fan, assurance that also cannot escape.

Now is different.

„adore/admire is strange, do you come for the destiny heavy treasure?”

Since there is an escaping assurance, Zhang Fan sharply was not beginning or ran away, instead opens the mouth to ask.

The struggle of destiny, the matter of upper boundary. As his strength increases. Contacts the cultivation world high level gradually, such as the curtain has pulled open. Slowly appeared in has deleted the front. Is beyond control he not to clarify. „Un?”

adore/admire Tianyan has sized up his side up and down, the peak is Zhang Fan makes him feel the doubts calmly, unexpectedly is unprecedented does not have direct take action, but sneers saying:

„Junior, your good courage, no wonder to dare to bribe the destiny heavy treasure. even/including Shangjie commanded to annoy, was really the young bull does not fear the tiger”.

„Knowing the limitation hands over the destiny heavy treasure, the old ancestor I puts your divine soul to diverge, if not so, divine soul dies out, „ does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish.!”

Dies out the divine ability territory, annihilation divine soul, the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, the intention thought that has belonged to all quietly, is „does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish” not to seek livehood seriously, asked also unable, boundless terrifying.

Threat to adore/admire Tianyan. Zhang Fan no doubt knows fierce, has not actually placed in the eye, after all all must depend on the strength speech eventually.

Makes him care truly, „upper boundary commanded” four characters.

„Good. Good. Really is related with the upper boundary!”

In the Zhang Fan heart has sneered. Has taken down this matter secretly, the person of his bearing a grudge. Since upper boundary already to his take action. That do not blame some day, he all „repayment”.

After having clarified this matter, he did not have the thoughts to tell this upper boundary running dog, nine quiet old ancestor and dragon Fuhai and the others proudly made a comparison, this adore/admire in his mind, was actually strangely well below.

Turns around, the steps, a black cried. Gold/Metal Rainbow reappears, is just likes must such flick the sleeve unexpectedly, but.

„ You

„Junior, suffers to death!”

The Zhang Fan manner, was similar to a palm of the hand direct fan on adore/admire Tianyan the face, immediately the anger soared to the heavens, turns, dies out the divine ability territory to congeal suddenly, gathers in the hand, changed to water of palm, loudly


This, adore/admire Tianyan does not know that is the anger launches a psychological attack or is careful, displays divine ability power of Nascent Soul rank unexpectedly all of a sudden. As if regarded as expert of same level rank to be ordinary Zhang Fan.

Along with his movement, dies out the divine ability territory, just like the natural flow waterfall, flows swiftly, shortly, boundless dies out jet black, dyes his body first several thousand zhang (3.33 m) scopes, just like overtook the Zhang Fan back.

If were covered by his divine ability territory. Does not arrive at the Nascent Soul realm Core Formation junior, adore/admire Tianyan confessed that can be relaxed him ** in applauses, extinguishes directly kills or presses for an answer the destiny heavy treasure, is only easily may be.

The eye looks at divine ability territory will touched the back of Zhang Fan, wiped the happy expression, appeared on adore/admire Tianyan the face.

In this time, black cried exactly heavenshaking, the wind and cloud changes countenance, Zhang Fan has made the strongest counter-attack directly.

Is old facing Nascent Soul. Does he possibly treat it lightly? Facing powerful enemy who looks with fierce and covetous eyes the dan dawn, he possibly thinks that can leave with ease?

All artificial, all for this one strike.

Suddenly when turns around, gold/metal Hongguan the date, the hundred zhang (333 m) distance, was separated swiftly died out covering of divine ability territory, simultaneously resembled Heavenly Dragon to organize in Yunjian, just a movement, everywhere strong winds howled. ”

Sleeve cuff big, blocks the sky. Taking advantage of a revolution of potential, covers loudly.

The goal, is actually not Nascent Soul old strange adore/admire Tianyan, is not that will and dying out divine ability territory of body. But proliferates about, refer to day lonely peak.


The sound of continuous thundering, has become in the world the only sound.

In the sleeve the universe mistake, swallows all boundless power for the first time presently, lonely peak, rock instantaneously, if a colossus with feet of clay, rises straight from the ground.

adore/admire Tianyan at present, was suddenly dark, in eye pupil that in his happy expression still has not diverged, lonely peak. Shortly. Enlarged did not have the several fold, has fully occupied the entire field of vision.

This, actually is just the prelude. ”

In universe divine ability by the sleeve drew out lonely peak, loudly the hit the dying out divine ability territory that comes to, in an instant collapses and crush, fills the air, the innumerable preparing powders cover in the divine ability territory, dies out and precipitates, has not aroused the slight ripples.

Under is caught off guard, adore/admire Tianyan the dying out divine ability territory, still with ease annihilates lonely peak that this has dropped from the clouds, reveals a Nascent Soul old strange terrifying strength with nothing left.

However Zhang Fan these year and Nascent Soul old contacted strangely, early knows that cannot take lightly in them any. Therefore, this one strike. Also is the appetizer.

The strong winds wreak havoc, Zhang Fan flies high to stand, imposing manner Lingyun, compared with, if the giant who pulls out holds up the day, is fearing intent to vent the anger in heart, the right hand sleeves appearing intermittently universe livelihood rotates. About dances in the air, each, is the strong winds howls, lonely peak pulls out, swallows and spits, is the extremely heavy potential, the mountain capping.

Along with his movement, in less than the time of three breaths, dozens lonely peak rises straight from the ground, in sleeve under universe turnover, if there is an antique giant, is indomitable spirit, throws the mountain, peaks, just like one ** tide, the oath must submerge adore/admire Tianyan.

In a twinkling, an corner/horn space that two people place oneself, all finger/refers of day of peaks, hold up a day of column, swings however, feels towering incomparable.

All these setters. Zhang Fan suddenly deeply inspired, the universe sleeve of blocking the sky concentrates fiercely, rewinds on the arm. The tumbling such as startled big wave, remote to the place that front dozens lonely peak are dropping from the clouds, a storekeeper leaves loudly.

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