Sun eastern sovereign bell, day fire purple gold copper

Sun eastern sovereign bell, day fire purple gold copper

East Chapter 373 sun sovereign bell, day fire purple gold copper( third, asked recommendation ticket!)

„Suppression pool of water wind is I wants!” open/stretch Fan the vision concentrates above the brocade/bright box, wipes the fiery meaning to reappear gradually.

This aurora Daoist the say/way cultivate/repair to indeed profound, at least displayed its originality in this lock day seal.

Suppression pool of water wind fire. Perhaps has exaggerated a point, limited to magic weapon's strength, suppresses the magical powers magic arts of opposite party, is the refiner technique and mentality, is really is worth learning.

That bell in legend. Once were sounded three vibrations, suppresses the pool of water wind fire, subsides the vitality disorder, passes the state of mind deep place, such as the big date brilliance shone. If will lock on the day seal refinement mentality and technique, unifies with the startled god bell, integrates three full sun laws again the essence, although could not have compared in that legend the thing. Also sufficiently made running amuck of open/stretch Fanzhang tie pill time nobody to make.

What this need is the accumulation. The accumulation of material, the accumulation of refiner technique, the accumulation of banned technique......

Present lock day seal. Is the first step.


open/stretch Fan gazed at a meeting. Glances back, looks steadily at the eye of mist wind saying: „Mist brother, helping Zhang take this treasure.”

Saying, was turning, wiped the purple electricity appears, has handed his front purple null cone!

Although the purple null cone is not weak, but to having ten thousand Jiantu of hand every, by no means any essential thing, now anything, refining this life magic weapon is more important. Puts out this thing, he may point not love dearly.

„This is, good treasure!”

„Opens the fellow daoist no longer to consider?”

Itself is also ties pill to cultivate is, but the mist wind sees the purple null cone, slightly nosing, acclaimed, could not bear advise his one.

„ Troublesome mist brother. Many price differences, turned head Zhang to make up again walk.

open/stretch Fan shows a faint smile. Pile, not slight hesitation.

Since has put out the purple null cone, the ownership of this lock day seal again did not have the suspense.

Although the tying pill member in field are many. Is but stronger than the purple null cone first-level spirit, was top step spirit of genuine, open/stretch Fangan said, besides him, feared was nobody has.

Even if draws back 10,000 to say. How some people have, how to take the exchange to lock day seal? This matter, is opens every this to refine this life magic weapon to think insanely the person will not do.

The mist wind sees so firmly, no longer said anything, sets out to walk toward the lotus throne on.

At the same time, several maidservants leave below cultivating virtue in order to become an immortal, same stepped the lotus throne.

These went out of the person of price obviously.

Withstand/Top a step spirit thing not to be uncommon, if takes splendidly, feared that is many people may infer to be traded the status of successful person from younger sister silk horse Ji, behind will have anything to be needless to say.

At present so, is in the topic the inherent connotation.

Other people and other open/stretch Fan have not cared, in hundred li (0.5 km) sunlight maidservant mounts the stage, slightly wrinkled under the eyebrow.

If may put out compared with the purple null cone good thing, only possibly is this young lady.

Is good because, open/stretch Fan good luck once more has the role.

However the moment, the mist wind on stage has turned round, did not pay attention to reveal for the person has wiped the happy expression.


Locks day seal to succeed in obtaining. open/stretch Fan breathed a sigh of relief finally.

Had formerly 50 including the sunshine reveal, in addition this lock day seal, this dark blue market one line, really returned home with a full load, did not have again regrettably.

In the future, tempers refiner technique, simultaneously will collect the good enough material, can start to refine that to accompany his lifetime magic weapon!

Has the eastern sovereign bell, has three full suns to be magnificent \; Along with falling from the sky of antique monster sovereign, the eastern sovereign bell also lost its proper brilliance, buried in the river of history.

Now, open/stretch Fan must make this treasure reappear the daylight in his hand.

Although, even if now is makes him refine successfully, the eventuality of innate most precious object also and on the hearsay this is not born on Sun. However in the future the innumerable years, will walk step by step along with him, not necessarily cannot evolve the development. Results in limitless.

Hereafter trade fair. open/stretch Fan did not have 1 to care, is other people also so, locks the day printed book to come is the thing of next to last act, thing that this thing, behind presents again, but weak, carelessly interlude.

Seabed dark blue, the market finished had the less than half double-hour, in a peaceful room, open/stretch Fan and mist wind sits facing each other.

After the maidservant provides the scented tea, was wielded by the mist wind draws back, one big is afterward small, two brocade boxes laid aside on the tabletop.

Is caressing slightly big that brocade box, the mist wind sighs saying: „Was a pity that aurora Grandmaster, it seems like he gave up, started to plan for the later generation.”

„, Said?”

open/stretch Fan opens the brocade box slowly, will lock day seal to take is holding appreciatively. Asked absent-mindedly.

„ This is not aurora Grandmaster first time refines the magic weapon full power, afterward sells receiving in exchange to withstand/top step spirit

„This is the third time. Also is the last time.”


Opens every slightly strange raising the head, if only has one time also passably, consecutively for three times, this little was strange. Moreover the mist wind knows that is last time?

Although the theory treasures the degree. Above the spirit magic weapon of purple null cone rank, but to tying pill grandmaster, unites is the year holds general Jiufa to display to be higher than the purple null cone easily a lot the cages. Does not need rigid in spirit of this rank to be.

„ Aurora Grandmaster has one. What a pity untimely death, only leaves behind three daughters, by its love, if treasure. Small.

„His so achievement. In the shop escape route, prepares to the granddaughter leaves behind something!”

open/stretch Fanwen said nodded, indicated to understand.

gold/metal pill accomplishment, that easy matter, leaves behind magic weapon might as well one person to keep top step spirit to come by no means materially beneficially.

„Was a pity!”

open/stretch Fan has also sighed. Immediately received two brocade boxes, has hesitated, asked one towering:

„Mist brother, may know a day of fire purple gold copper thing!”

„ Day fire purple gold stretches.

Also immersed in has been startled to the mist wind of aurora Daoist incident, responded, even if were the status that his market managed, saw the treasure, a little does not dare to believe to ask back: „Opens the fellow daoist, you determined that needs this thing?”


open/stretch Fan knows why he some so responded, on this day the fire purple gold copper ear is not the ordinary building up material may compare.

This thing hands down in the birth and day fire, is the purple extremely day hot crystallization, the fire is most top building up material, at least in mortal, could not find to compare the thing of its more appropriate achievement east sovereign bell bell body.

However this thing is not easy, then in the refinement method of startled god bell in the big date genuine solution recording, is the request has a fingernail big point to integrate in the bell body merely, only this, sufficiently enhances several prestige energies.

Opens every naturally cannot be so easy to satisfy, his final idea, is pure by this thing, refines a complete bell body, the day fire purple gold copper that needs, is unable to imagine simply.

„This, was sorry very much. Not is only here market, is we dark blue cultivates paradise all markets to add in the entire overseas, could not find many.”

The mist wind sighed, shrugs to say.

„Some dark blue also many markets? The scale is not small!”

open/stretch Fan paid attention, does not care , to continue to pursue asks: „That mist brother may know this thing the clue, if knows anything. Please must inform below, Zhang thanked for a kindness.”

„Cannot so!” The mist wind smalltalk, has thought, said: „ Mist some also really knows

„Mist brother please say”.

open/stretch Fan the spirit inspires immediately greatly. Did not hold anything to hope that but spoke thoughtlessly asked, does not think the mist wind he actually really knows.

„ Fog hidden island and heavy building Dao, Shanwaishan! In these three influences once had flowed out day fire purple gold

The mist wind has not kept guessing. Definitely said.

„ Three do, have?.

open/stretch Fanlve knits the brows, realizes not.

Day fire purple gold copper rarely. If accidentally obtains a point insufficient wonderful, but three all flow out, that must have the secret facts.

„Right, according to our dark blue information, the approximate about 30 years, will flow out one time. Moreover three influences, each other in turn, hundred years a samsara, is by no means coincidental.”

„Naturally possibly is not accidental!”

Listens to the mist wind to relate, open/stretch Fan knows these three influences have to win the day of fire purple gold bronze medal inevitably the way method, otherwise does not have certainly so tricks.

„ That mist brother

open/stretch Fanhua has not said. The mist wind knows that he wants to ask anything, said the answer directly: „ Is the fog hidden island, ten years later. Is 30 years of time, open/stretch the brother may prepare in advance

„Ten years?!”

open/stretch Fan has duplicated one. It in heart, how he not to be firmly disappointed, required certain time to be ready, cultivates consolidated is, has ten years of cushion, is good.

„So Zhang said goodbye. Came the date to see mist brother again.”

Hereafter does not have the words, open/stretch Fan set out to say goodbye quickly, 20 years have not returned to half idle hall, do not know that the accident sentiment of did not have, went back to understand 12 times.

The saying good-bye mist wind, is bringing the black and white two mice, three people returned to the black reef group region through transmission once more, the body flowing light, flies in changed/easy Shidao the direction.

At three people of escaping light speeds. However piece scissors, at present suddenly open, as if flew into from the dark dense fog all of a sudden brightly generally.

Unknowingly, stayed in the dark blue market unexpectedly a evening, at this time in the Eastern sea level, a round red glowing sun jumps, the brilliance spreads to sprinkle, has screened the previous golden color to the big sea level, the wave light is clear, dazzling dazzling.

Three Daoist believers light, passing over gently and swiftly horizon. Has a gust to crash to sea level, as if broke the bronze mirror to be ordinary, the radiant golden color in sea level was separated, curls up layer upon layer the fragment spray.

How long could not want shortly. Must arrive at changed/easy Yedao, flies open/stretch Fan in front line as if to realize that anything, has suddenly anchored the figure.


Black and white two mouse illness/quick clash. Also fled at a quicker speed, has fallen back on open/stretch Fan examined cautiously, as if also felt that has not suited, flutters to ask.

open/stretch Fan has not paid attention to them. Looked in all directions, slightly frowns to shout:

„Where the petty people, come out!”

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