Dies of punishment on a false charge, Li ghost sees Li ghost!

Dies of punishment on a false charge, Li ghost sees Li ghost!

„Who are you? Comes to speech”. Hears open/stretch Fan the words, the youth member first is one nervous, at once calms down, the sinking sound shouted.


„Who am I? I naturally was the star have caused, can be the pedestrian?”

The sound drifts erratically, as if changing positions. The previous quarter also front in the crater place, next one already passed through to be after death ordinary.

„You possibly are not,”

The words of youth member have not said, then stopped.

The wind sound/rumor soughs, the gravel flutters about, pours into his mouth instantaneously, stops up all voices.

„Not many idle talk, under the hand see the true facts.”


If the belated action is common, the fresh breeze carries the gravel to raid right in the face, „killing” character side


Youth member startled anger occurred simultaneously, actually can only put out one „you” character, then such as was seized the duck of neck to be ordinary, stops suddenly.

Ten transparent superhuman hands, depress near spatial such as the mountain, not and body, the air fulmination sound is lingering on faintly. The entire space as if solidified generally, the huge pressure makes the person lowly bend down, sees some stones, for no reason disintegration.

The sound called out pitifully, the old man was light, if did not have the thing to be thrown flies, glided by far, until hanging above a young tree, such as the puppet person fluttered generally with the wind.

At the same time, the giant palm already pressed less than person of high, rumble the sound continues, above below ground, performs by the five fingers shadow is covered.

„Scoffs!” The sound, the electric light presently walks randomly together for the first time, when is at a crucial moment refers to the end plundering from the giant palm, flashed.

In instant, the giant palm that the electric light lightens receives the potential not to live, strikes loudly above the earth, immediately everything may become vulnerable, the dust confuses the eye, the surrounding area ten zhang (3.33 m), are all dim.

The youth member appears figure from the electric light, happen to sees this, on the face is pallid immediately a piece. Full is with amazement the fear look.


In this time, a surprised sound, resounds from his exactly, sounds, was similar to formerly the person of making a move.

The youth member is terrified and startled, will be reckless stimulates to movement once more mystique dodges, one jin (0.5 kg). Yin-Yang two color distinct radiance presently, enter in which its circle for the first time instantaneously.

The electric light with just appeared on his body, then vanishes, at this time like the cageling, the broken cage, the strong escape secret technique has not wasted.

The secret technique that then transporting has made half cancelled, makes his complexion even more pale, if not the Yin-Yang radiance circulation is all around restless at this time, then with daytime damn not different.

At this time he saw, this Yin-Yang radiance is from a pair colludes on the ferrule to send out, looks at its momentum only. Apparent is far from every.

The youth member sees that clenches teeth, does not attend to again other, he had the premonition, if not get out of trouble immediately only feared that wants the body dead at the scene.

Sees only him in the universe circle that shrinks suddenly, both hands combine to make the sword to refer to facing upwards, the whole person imposing manner also one changes, such as the long spear/gun makes a great show of one's talents generally, direct impact horizon.

In a twinkling, space cloud Dong, as if received anything to summon the direction to be ordinary, the gathering collides, a purple glow appears intermittently.

„ This is

In his, open/stretch Fanxian comes to come. Looks to the horizon, in the vision hesitates, has a familiar feeling faintly flood.

However again how familiar, his impossible ignores opposite party to display, if such, he did not open every.

In the hand pinches finger joints with the thumb, directs distantly.

Shrinks suddenly Yin link notch, immediately shakes the whining noise sound, from infancy to maturity, from invisible to having mark. Covers in the circle instantaneously completely.

Youth member fiercely one ignorant, only thought that just likes some people holds the copper bell glass head, then raps suddenly general. In the hand operates half, the technique law that wants the good thunder to strike immediately is broken shortly, the whole person vitality shakes, a disgusting feeling flood. Wanted such as formerly the old man generally to vomit.

Is so the movement of vomit, he has also made half, in the field of vision completely is the scarlet color, at once thought body light, dizzy, last looks, sees only a headless corpse to drop down, just falls to the ground, was then torn to pieces, disperses the innumerable blocks.

Also without enough time sends out anything to sigh with emotion, last consciousness, then such as in wind candle annihilation.


The alone head/number of people falls from the midair. Shot the ball, finally rolled under a young tree, full was the both eyes circle stares unwillingly, closely was looking steadily at the place above, was good to seem to be that the infinite hate was needless.

„My mother”

The sound compared with formerly also wanted on the miserable several fold the cry to resound from the tree, „” a branch breaks, an old man go fall flat on one's face fell, ** behind the head forwards, to that head/number of people.

Immediately, is dumbfounded, the old man corners of the mouth pull out, the appearing intermittently foam, forced to squeeze a smiling face to the head/number of people, at once cries out strangely, tumbled ran up to every side, vertical position chest that just now the fright just decided.

Saw his movement, open/stretch Fan to has gawked staring, this old boy, but also was really not ordinary being tactful!

Saw his such, no matter has a mind or has no intention, so long as he dares to take advantage of opportunity toward the mountain under runs, open/stretch Fan planned that clutches him, blows along the guidance and teaching.

However since he such fine clever, that.

At this time old man also set god to come probably, a small eye mouth used round and round, a while took a look at the wreckage that protected, the little while secretly looked at several. Heart to heart thinks only then he knew.

open/stretch Fan does not pay attention to him, but puts out a hand a move to take the universe bag of youth member, the simultaneous ignition star flies, the corpse wreckage ash.

In this process, is seeing the corpse fragment and number of people are firing the ashes instantaneously, the old man as if relaxed, look also even more nimble and resourceful.

However at this time open/stretch Fan has had no time to pay attention in him. The gods know, once were searched into the universe bag, on his face reveals startled the color first, immediately the look fluctuates splendidly incomparable.

„ Unexpectedly

The feeling that open/stretch Fan suddenly unexpectedly a little does not know whether to laugh or cry, takes a look at the ground the ashes, in the heart many is a little unworthy for this youth member.

Since this person has been he builds the base, meets building base member who solves with ease, it seems like it is one is ordinary with him, just built base soon young people.

If this time does not die, later the future has greatly. Lives more than hundred years not to be a problem with ease again. Further completely has not hoped. But unexpectedly such ” died also very treats unjustly.

Shook the head, open/stretch Fan looked back to look at old man one eyes. If there is referred to asks: „Pretends to be?”

The old man wants not to think, blurted out: „Yes. Yes, pretends to be, is pretends to be absolutely!”

This old is really interesting, open/stretch Fanwen said smiles. Is looking at him with quite some vision of appreciation.

This smiling face one presently, the old man only thinks such as restores justice, suddenly sees the light general, the heart big stone fell finally, feels the head, on the simple and honest face reveals to laugh foolishly.

Such smiling face, is joined to the fine clever manner. The nimble and resourceful eye, making open/stretch Fan look at being able help smiling. At once no longer manages him, looked out distant place to hesitate.

Formerly he in the universe bag of youth member, had discovered one not only familiar, and unexpected thing, this thing, making him cry not to smile. Meanwhile feels aggrieved for the opposite party.

Puts out a hand to wipe in the universe bag, the magical amulet that two nature ground submergence concentrate presented in his hand, purple radiance that above often flashed through, aroused him to think past events that already put behind.

Slightly not returns to the valley, under the good fortune tree, the god night commanded, thunderous nine days!

Many years, saw it unexpectedly!

At this time, in open/stretch Fanzhang, what isn't the god night commands is?

Abatement symbol, some universe strongly also assorted compounded drug Buddhist musical instruments and so on, only look at the attributes of these Buddhist musical instruments, apparent is this youth member himself all, is not his thing, naturally was that star causes the token.

This person of merit Fatt selects, the god night to command, various Buddhist musical instruments that as well as the coordination uses, had proven entrance door disciple who his status, considers Yong Zhoushen the night sect first-class, certainly not possibly is the star Monarch disciple.

Ten it **, was kills the genuine star to cause in halfway, was ordinary with open/stretch Fan, similarly held the goal of imitation to come.

Does not want to kill Li Qian actually to run into Li ghost, open/stretch Fan originally when really he is the star causes, this words did not make him say much remove directly, then patted the racket on the preparation ** left.

So the cause of death, was really treats unjustly again does not have.

Observes him, although has to build the base to cultivate is, but the method are not many, the Buddhist musical instrument is inferior, even even/including Shenxiao commanded dies compared with the past years the refining time member in open/stretch Fan hand must come little, in addition he was not a female, all these explained his status.

At the critical moment of this three state wars, how this person said again is also one builds the base member, delivers the battlefield now the cannon fodder is also good! Now actually goes into the overseas to cultivate the paradise to do really?

If said that to instigate the overseas cultivates the paradise to make war to Qinzhou, eases the front pressure, opens those not to believe absolutely, nobody meeting believes.

The overseas cultivate/repair the paradise to be self-made, has its characteristics to exist.

As a result of general resources of region and dispersion. Creates present situation in a state of disunity, the congealing inadequate joint effort. Under such situation, assembled has been short, affected does not have \; Homing person were many, the news disclosed inevitably, not only anything affected, they have not left the overseas boundary to prepare to be decapitated!

Such simple matter, idlers of even/including Zhangfan this dissociation beyond sect gate decision-making is clear, old monster that say nothing of these people always become a ghost, not possibly so is certainly naive.

That for what matter? Let this person catch up from afar, but also prepares the status that pretends to be the star to cause?

He may with opening differently, opens those to gather up by chance, simply does not have what special goal, this person actually so deliberately plans, if attentive is not deep, is really side that old men does not believe.

Thinks this interesting old man, open/stretch Fan and looked at his one eyes, actually sees him to stare at the ashes of ground, an appearance looking pensive, then beckons, mouth middle course:

„Old person, comes a to chat”.

„Does immortal master have what instruction? Small old managed certainly to you appropriately!”

As soon as the old man listens to open/stretch Fan to summon, immediately runs, when grovels, vowed solemnly that strikes one's chest to say.

Today first, surplus old rule 6 : 00 pm.

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