Fierce Deskmate

By Liu Xia Hui

The cell phone lost!

The cell phone lost!

In world really has so impudent and shameless person.

Chen Shu air/Qi shakes the hand of cell phone to tremble.

„Chen Shu...... Chen Shu are you listening?” The Ren Guangming kind sound passed on.

„Bro Ren, this is not the truth, is they discredits me intentionally.” The Chen Shu sinking sound was explaining said.

„You do not need to explain to me. Although our working together as colleagues time is not long, but haven't I known your Chen Shu manner? If you such person, I have not been worrying about you. If before, you said that with me, I lift both hands welcome. Your ability I approve. However just had this matter, I the words that you must come, feared that is not good to confess.”, Ren Guangming in a low voice said: „Qiao Zonghe Wang Xin of company relates well, feared that was you at this time to the brilliance, exempted can not be ridiculed by him......”

„I understand.” Chen Shu knows that the Ren Guangming difficulty, he also works to others, is not the brilliance big boss, let alone the head also many head limits, the innumerable looks follow closely. He does not dare " because of too to be just near with one, moreover before that person, embezzling dismissed fellow " walks also once was he in the Huamei subordinate and hardcore trusted friend. „Bro Ren, this time I did not put to trouble to you.”

The Ren Guangming hesitation moment, said: „Was Huamei too was mainly dirty toward that basin water that on you sprinkled, if you did not find the way to show that own pureness, feared that was this profession is very difficult the place of your taking shelter......”

„Bro Ren, I understand.” The Chen Shu look is cloudy. „I know how should do.”

He thinks the gravity head to start, has not thought that the opposite party must be ruthless.

Such being the case, everybody under sees while you are at it really clear.

Hangs up the telephone, Chen Shu then starts to form in one's mind the plan of counter-attack.

Thinks, discovered suddenly the belly was hungry.

„First eats the bowl noodles.” Chen Shu is thinking at heart.

Arrives at alley entrance " Father Noodle Restaurant " , the father is busy at work in the kitchen, sees Chen Shu to come, with a laugh and Chen Shu greeted, said: „Came. What today eats?”

„Pig's intestines surface.” Chen Shu looked for a table to sit down, makes noise to say.

Father is busy at work, while and Chen Shu discussed the daily family activity, asked: „How haven't the days seen Ling Chen that girl?”

„We bid good-bye.” Chen Shu sound tranquil saying. This matter is unable to conceal, after all, later he again did not have the opportunity to bring Ling Chen to come Father Noodle Restaurant to eat the noodles.

„Bids good-bye? Why?” Father surprise.

„Perhaps was she sick of eating your family's pig's intestines surface?” Chen Shu said with a smile. The expression that he wants with cracking a joke said this matter, but a words opens the mouth, the innermost feelings still pained.

Painful matter, really can only hide the truth from the bystander, could not deceive itself.

„Is the beef steak of big restaurant so delicious?” The father is defending against injustice for Chen Shu likely. „My daughter leads me to go to France, I cannot eat that butter bread, therefore sharply is running......”

„What if others eat is the foie gras?” Chen Shu said.

„What foie gras and do pig liver have to distinguish? If you like, food market several money one jin (0.5 kg), I change the pattern am doing daily am eating to you.” Appearance that a father face disdains. He carries large bowl surface to lose to Chen Shu in front , the pig's intestines that above presses soon overflow. „She does not like eating, you eat.”

„Father, we come first, how to do to him first?” Nearby guest expressed the disaffection.

„He is my son.”

„......” Chen Shu and that brothers look at each other one, awkward smiling.

Chen Shu is eating the noodles earnestly, hears that brothers to shout: „Boss, his pig's intestines are that many, my so how few?”

„He is my son.”


Although was scolded is " son " , Chen Shu actually eats very happily, the noodles scoff scoffs smooth smooth toward the mouth attract.

Holds surface bowl to toss down the hot water, Chen Shu approximately guest also arrived.

„Did I ask you to eat the noodles?” Chen Shu asked.

„Has eaten.” Cai Zhao shakes the head. He looks at Chen Shu with a laugh, said: „What good deed does Bro Chen have to look after me?”

Cai Zhao is the founder in Bailing advertisement media company, said that is the advertisement company, actually in hand holds several influences also to calculate the good entertainment number. These entertainment numbers enliven in Weibo, WeChat as well as today's headline and other large network platforms, pushes star scandal entertainment gossip , etc. to attract fans by every day, wrestles the eyeball.

Naturally, will dope some smuggled goods. Promotes some advertisements, or holds some star to step on some entertainer.

Each media company has oneself independence or the cooperation marketing company, this is the commonly seen behavior in the industry.

Before Cai Zhao is, Ren Guangming introduced that to Chen Shu, Chen Shu has handed over in several business his hand, he to the Chen Shu also continuously unusual gratitude. Therefore, today Chen Shu has sent an information to him, he at the maximum speed appeared in the Chen Shu front.

„My cell phone lost.” Chen Shu pulls out the paper goods cleaning mouth, while said with a smile.

The Cai Zhao eye shines, asked excitedly: „In cell phone has certainly the secret that could not say?”

„I could not say, you can say actually.” Chen Shu said with a smile.

„Cell phone?” Cai Zhao puts out a hand.

The Chen Shu eye stares, said: „Can my cell phone, where give you really? Gave you several screenshots to suffice. Other matters I do not manage.”

„Understood.” Cai Zhao two shine, looks like sees the prey the wolf.



Li Xin is the Zhang Shu assistant, naturally, one of the assistants.

The Li Xin daily work manages the Zhang Shu official Weibo number, is responsible for interacting with fans, issued Zhang Shu represented as well as daily traveling schedule wait/etc. work most newly.

Li Xin has a working habit, the first matter that every morning gets out of bed opens the Sina Weibo client side, admits the search frame the name of entertainer, which has a look at and entertainer related recent news. Commended that entertainer performing skill or diligent, she then retransmits or point to praise. If said own entertainer performing skill not good or bad conduct, mostly ignores to disguise not to see. The matter is extremely serious, they then must contact with the Weibo officials, deletes the placard or the title, at least must force the opposite party to apologize.

If in the past were the same, Li Xin sits before the dinner table drinks the milk, while enters " Zhang Shu " in the search frame these two phrases.

What arranges is searching page first is one is called " the entertainment world big storm " the information of Weibo number issue: superstar Zhang Shu is drunk to harness causing trouble to escape, injured labor tears of blood complaint.

In this Weibo, narrated in detail before more than one year, Zhang Shu are drunk to harness to damage to ride the storage battery car to get off work the malignant accident of going home migrant worker, and added Zhang Shu to maintain idol halo, shirks the responsibility, makes female friend receive for him unexpectedly, but he makes a getaway, disguises with this matter not any relations.

What is more hateful, disclosed added, Zhang Shu has not paid for the injured labor enough treatment cost . After Zhang Shu that female friend helped to pay the medical expenses of 20,000 dollars, then mystically vanished, the following expenses spent undertake by the migrant worker completely personally. This brought the disastrous attack on the impoverished migrant worker family.

The article actually also appealed finally Zhang Shu stands to shoulder the responsibility, the family apologized to the migrant worker, and compensated the victim medical expense and delaying work expense.

Repeater few, commentator several hundreds. These repeater watch the fun does not dislike the matter big eating melon people, but these commentators mostly are Zhang Shu fans.

„Person long opens mouth, makes money to depend entirely on the resentment......”

„How much black heart money collected? Suffices blogger one to drink enemy enemy to feed?”

„Picks up our family/home Zhang Shu, we not approximately......”


They or attack or insult, but also some were shouting directly " court sees " . Let the blogger who these spread rumors and cause trouble shoulder the legal liability.

Creepy feeling that Li Xin looks.

Many years of professional career, making her know that the matter is not the surface looks like so simple.

First, this matter truly has occurred, Zhang Shu is drunk to harness to damage the labor, to maintain entertainer image, making female companion Zhang young lady on vehicle help for the crime.

Second, a matter was exposed at that time by the media, but quick is successful on the public relations. Zhang young lady takes all responsibility, that side the injured worker also obtained the satisfactory compensation.

Third, this matter has subsided, more than one year of time passed by, again was mentioned why also?

Moreover, the time of this Weibo issue is also very fatal.

7 : 00 am, this is the office worker gets out of bed later washing or is catching up with the subway public transportation the critical moment. Everybody nothing does on the vehicle, naturally will brush Weibo to have a look at the novel or the news. Therefore, this is a morning peak traffic.

But their these staff also at home or on the road, do not have the means rapid accumulation to discuss together solves the law of issue. Possibly delaying time, making event ferment rapidly.

Li Xin does not dare to act rashly, as Zhang Shu officer slightly Manager, her every word and deeds is representing Zhang Shu. Regardless of makes any deals, by various person explanations.

Li Xin first has made the telephone report this matter to Department Head Xu Bin, after Xu Bin has looked at Weibo, to Li Xin is shouting: „I on the company road, you immediately catch up. Quick.”

When Li Xin rushes to the company, was in charge of Xu Bin to be ahead of time. Xu Bin somewhat agitated has stroked the long hair of non- cover, said: „Watches changes quietly. If this Weibo is in light of this quiet, does not have more person attention, naturally is best. If there is a noisy major trend, immediately asks the official to delete Weibo. If the official rejection, that then issues the lawyer's letter, investigates the rumourmonger responsibility ------ I make the attorney prepare now ahead of time lawyer's letter.”

„Good manager.” Li Xin nodded, somewhat is at heart restless, said: „If this is others malicious speculation, moreover in their hands has does not favor our Shu elder brother's evidence?”

Xu Bin look slightly cold, combative saying: „How long did matter pass? Where has what evidence?”

Xu Bin is the Zhang Shu assistant and manager, they it can be said that suffer if either one suffers Rong Jurong's relations. Now some people are drunk to harness the accident-causing escape the matter to turn Zhang Shu, obviously aiming at Zhang Shu desirably, wants to destroy his image, disparages his commercial value.

If situation if serious, will possibly endanger the entertainer career.

Can Xu Bin tolerate such matter occurrence?

Li Xin understands that Xu Bin the mood is awful at this time, silent did not say.

Xu Bin also knows oneself are somewhat rude before the subordinate, the matter of Li Xin reminder is not groundless, if they truly desirably discredit Zhang Shu, moreover on also is really grasping on hand Zhang Shu " black material " ?

The humans affair does not have absolutely.

Moreover, the matter must always think toward the worst aspect. Many years of professional career told him, so long as you can think, this matter also generally was real. The entertainment world is one " dreams come true " place.

Xu Bin looks to Li Xin, said: „First, this matter needs to keep secret in our interior temporarily, do not magnify. After all, the company many people will also look at the joke. Second, Zhang Shu makes a movie outside, you call to explain him this matter, for does not affect the entertainer mood, you told him saying that the matter we will process appropriately.”

, Xu Bin had pondered one where also has the place that anything omits, said: „I go to and Manager Wang report one. If the situation is awful, the person but who also needs the group Public Relation Department gate goes into action to solve.”

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