Stealing The Heavens

By Blood Red

Beast Warrior

Beast Warrior

The twilight is misty, Wu Qi lies on a big tree looks into the front, on about glade, is a small Barbarian(s) village.

Joint held the back wall that the thick or thin wooden stake encircled to circle village with them, in the back wall was the arrangement neat about hundred bushes top the log cabin. Approached the place of back wall, the house has excavated the smooth land, has planted some common medicinal herbs.

Several old Barbarian(s) are sitting in the village, slantingly by in back wall, laughing chat. Several young Barbarian(s) men, are washing and scraping clean one at least to have thousand jin (0.5 kg) wild boars by the rill of Cunwei, the bloody water dye half rill have become the scarlet.

In the village, dozens the Barbarian(s) young girl who lives the skin fairly, to have a beautiful face is tidying up the medicinal herbs on a flat land. That flat land upper berth neat plank, medicinal herbs entire simultaneously places on the plank abreast in row, had been exposed to the sun the subarid by the sunlight, the young girls is taking in the wooden chest the medicinal herbs.

These Barbarian(s) men, their dense and numerous model community embroideries seemed are really frightening. However these Barbarian(s) young girls, Wu Qi first time see. Their skin young and fresh-looking are pure white, the appearance also lives extremely beautifully, the body has worn the short animal skin women's clothing merely, has revealed the arm and thigh, the big piece white and tender skin reflects gentle rays of light under the sunlight.

Different with the consanguineous man, these young girls embroider on wrist, the ankle area nearby a flake riot of color flowers and plants trace. These flowers and plants model communities are not ugly, instead made these young girls baseless many several points of unusual attracting strength.

Wu Qi slid the big tree, gestured to Yan Bugui: „Many old people and woman, young adults do not see several.”

Yan Bugui chopped the next section of timbo to fill Qingshui in several timbo, he said: „At this time, young should hunt outside. First kills off the person in village, these young come back, solved them while convenient. Watches the weather, they should also come back.”

Liu Suifeng has smiled immorally, he makes an effort to rub the thigh, said with a smile in a low voice: „The barbarians women are very good, my this time must kill several while still alive!”

Lu Quyuan, Old Devil and Lord Flame have simultaneously shown the obscene smiling face.

Yan Bugui looked at their one eyes indifferently, light saying: „Gives you quarter. You only then the quarter handle that matter.”

The Old Devil creamy plump red tongue has licked the lip, he blames the sound track: „Quarter is enough, suffices the old man harvest cultivation three females!”

Lu Chengfeng looked up wear a look of obscene wicked color people, shaking the head of slightly. He took out three piles, cautiously has gotten down White Platinum blade around a big tree arrange. Zhang Hu and Hu Wei also slightly intended, but saw that Lu Chengfeng that sinks such as the water expression, hurried little darling withdrew several steps, left Liu Suifeng and the others.

Lu Quyuan turned head to stare Lu Chengfeng one, scolded in a low voice: „Hypocrisy, the barbarians woman has the flavor one by one, does not seize the chance on many several, hypocrisy!”

Yan Bugui is the appreciation looks at Lu Chengfeng, he said slowly: „Young Master Lu also browses spell formation unexpectedly, is good. In these Barbarian(s) villages will perhaps have several masters, we wanted the slaughter up the village, cannot keep a living witness to disclose secret information, if bumped into the character who pricked the hand, but must depend upon Young Master Lu spell formation.”

Lu Chengfeng held the fist in the other hand good a ritual, said indifferently: „Said, says!”

Wu Qi has not spoken, he draws out long sword, squatted under the Great Formation big tree, has exhibited one stance that assumed Great Formation not to leave. Liu Suifeng and the others looked that he such does, immediately in the heart satisfies. In perhaps the Barbarian(s) village can find any good thing, Wu Qi they not to begin, these good things to be possible to be their.

Dim light of night gradually falls, in the Barbarian(s) village shone to drag the uncertain lights. The young Barbarian(s) merriment that several teams go out to hunt was returning to the village. Yan Bugui stands has calculated in the high place young, in log cabin quantity according to village, almost all young came back. The Yan Bugui low acoustics several night workmen, several other Scouting division youngster held the long sword, submerged mountain forest in abundance.

Puts out a hand to face forward a finger, Liu Suifeng and the others who already could not repress overran toward the Barbarian(s) village hurriedly.

50 Liu Suifeng guards defended Cunwei, Old Devil left have kicked from the village, Lord Flame from the village right attack, Liu Suifeng and Lu Quyuan led other guards to cry out with one voice that flushed from the village main entrance.

78 the guards of Houtian peak levels get rid, long sword numerous bang on the front door of village back wall. A bang, has two chi (0.33 m) wooden door to be been broken by the violence bang thick. Stands has not shouted the early warning in Barbarian(s) that on the front door stands night watch with enough time, Yan Bugui wields, several handle throwing knives project, deep submerged the throats of several Barbarian(s).

Barbarian(s) called out pitifully is falling from the back wall falls, in the village a piece clamored immediately, over 300 Barbarian(s) young hurried exercises dispatched troops into battle to clash from the room.

In the village only then center a track, more than 300 Barbarian(s) young pushed on the track, chaotic you pushed I, I pushed you, who made the period of time not to clarify is where launched the surprise attack.

Liu Suifeng issues an order, dozens guards have pulled out nine heavy crossbows together, aimed at dense and numerous Barbarian(s) to take away the trigger. Between they and Barbarian(s) the distance is less than ten zhang (3.33 m), the strengths of nine heavy crossbows can pierce heavy armor beyond more than hundred. These Barbarian(s) fleshly body every embryos, where can block the heavy crossbow concentrated fire, only listens to the innumerable miserable howling sounds to transmit, at least half Barbarian(s) was shot through the body to pour by the heavy crossbow on the ground.

Before coming, Yan Bugui asked these guards to quench violently poisonously in the arrow, even if these Barbarian(s) not by hitting a target body strategic point, so long as the body were damaged by abrasion a skin, in arrow violently poisonous also made them die rapidly.

The suddenly time, young in village was eliminated half, afterward a more serious attack follows on somebody's heels.

Old Devil ate delicacies strangely has been crashing in the village from the back wall, his both hands big sleeve wielded, 12 extremely thin cymbals flew to shoot, in the track following the village grazed. The cymbals have swept the track, dozens Barbarian(s) were hit by the cymbals, the body had been slivered two pieces around the middle.

Lord Flame has spouted one foot high red flame, he laughed wildly is outstretching both hands, the half step dashed about wildly from the Barbarian(s) formation. So long as on the flame by him were bumped into the body slightly, the body of Barbarian(s) deflagrates, suddenly was fired one group of burned bodies.

Yan Bugui has drunk one suddenly greatly: „Small pent-up anger, do not direct the village, avoid in the person by other barbarians villages was discovered. This all the way, all Barbarian(s) villages, we want slaughter!”

Listened to the Yan Bugui words, Lord Flame to restrain flame hurriedly. He twists True Qi in the palm, the double palm seems puts on the variegated butterfly same fast to lay out, these Barbarian(s) have not even seen clearly his silhouette layer on layer to be patted a palm by him. The high temperature emerges these Barbarian(s) bodies following the Lord Flame palm strength, the skin of Barbarian(s) suddenly becomes the red piece, their blood have seethed with excitement.

Two Xiantian Embryonic Breath Level old evil spirits join, Barbarian(s) in village was killed quickly, has left cleanly behind dozens facial features lovely young girls.

„Quarter, only then quarter!” Liu Suifeng could not repress the heart desire, he has torn down clothing, cruel threw toward a Barbarian(s) young girl equally. The young girl screamed one, draws out short sword thorn that maliciously a handle jade has carved to Liu Suifeng. A Liu Suifeng ear and area around it has pulled out, hits flew high to fly for several weeks, landing the time that young girl has remained unconscious.

Old Devil, Lord Flame and Lu Quyuan, as well as all guards impatiently fired into these to look the desperate color young girl. In quick village has resounded the grating scream and groan that endures to hear is not miserable.

Around the village has resounded the low and deep insect whining noise, the people on the scene only then Yan Bugui understand the meaning that these insects called to have 15 Barbarian(s) to want while to escape from the village randomly, had been arranged the Scouting division respective ambush outside to kill. In the jungle of dark night, these Scouting division elite skilled people, were representing the death.

Suddenly, a young girl has sent out appallingly miserable howling.

The Old Devil positive pressure on the body of this young girl, his whole body muscle is wriggling strangely, the body of young girl fierce is shivering, the quick young girl whole body becomes pale not slight scarlet. eyes that the young girls open stubbornly is looking at the sky, in the eye also only then a paleness, the pupil shrank the needle-tip size.

„Comes one again, ha, is Qi and blood of these barbarians women is more abundant!” Old Devil has put aside the tragic death young girl, a foot kicked one to shrug the guard of body crazily, impatient has pressed to the young girl.

Outside village in jungle, Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng standing side-by-side on crotch, in gloomy light taking advantage of village, static looks at all these.

„Very animal, yes?” Lu Chengfeng asked one low and deep.

„Is the animal. If there is an opportunity, I will kill Old Devil.” Wu Qi very earnest looks at Lu Chengfeng: „He to me the opportunity, otherwise I will certainly kill him.”

Stands Hu Wei under tree raises head suddenly said in a low voice: „Barbarian(s) captures Little Meng City time, does this.”

Wu Qi looks up the sky, his both hands hold in the sleeve, light saying: „But, we are not Barbarian(s)! Two clan battles, slaughter mutually, occasionally insulted several females, I also thought not to matter. However harvest cultivation like him, the female also died forcefully too miserably.”

Lu Chengfeng also gained ground, he is looking at a sky glittering star, sighed in a low voice: „Old Devil? If my cultivation base suffices, I help you kill him!”

Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng smile, they were just about to say anything, the distant place heard one tiger that made their whole body shake to roar suddenly.

Outside the village back wall, a height about two meters, is all over the body jet black, probably is strong carries one to have more than 2000 jin (0.5 kg) wild boars just like Barbarian(s) man one person of one hill sluggishly walks. When he stands when the village, saw matter that center in village that ordinary day is used to air-dry the herbal medicine on the flat land occurred, he has bellowed fiercely.

The wild boar that on the Barbarian(s) man carries was thrown dozens far by his one, he was roaring crazily, behind reappeared to have more than four meters suddenly high, all over the body scarlet red fierce tiger phantom.

The Lu Chengfeng body trembled suddenly, he calls out in alarm said: „Beast Warrior! In this small village, has Beast Warrior unexpectedly?”

Wu Qi surprised looks that behind has the Barbarian(s) man who fierce tiger phantom appears, he startled asked: „What is Beast Warrior?”

That Barbarian(s) Beast Warrior has cried, body throws suddenly forward, looks like fierce tiger descends the mountain to be the same, a caper jumped out dozens zhang (3.33 m) far, flies a fist to pound, in has been profaning to play in the guard back of the body of young girl.

Only listens to a resounding, seemed some people steps on has broken to pieces a honey peach, the body of that guard crushes together with the armor that his upper part has not taken off together.


The comrades, continue to pound the ticket, making pig enter one in the bank note list again.

hehe, bank note, bank note, bank note! Wu Qi started to contact this world true appearance!


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