The most common sentence that Song Beibei said from small to big is: "Gu Yanqing, I have a generation gap with you." Who is Gu Yanqing? The chief CEO of the Pearl Group, the fascinating “Jade Face” in the mall, the youngest entrepreneur on the Forbes Fortune list, the tallest woman in the city who wants to climb, of course, he still has an unknown identity – Song The child’s daughter-in-law. When Song Beibei was 18 years old, he was forced to get a secret with the 28-year-old Gu Yanqing. She became her guardian husband. In the eyes of Song Beibei, Gu Yanqing is a shameless person who will still be a rogue. He is much better than her. If he is not happy, he will be called "bad old man". Every time he quarrels, the three sentences are not finished: divorce! I have a generation gap with you. Song Beibei knew very early that Gu Yanqing had a woman hidden in her heart. So in the eyes of Song Beibei, Gu Yanqing’s all good and gentleness is a virtual snake. She said the most embarrassing sentence: "Gu Yanqing, you just It is a dog of our Song family." Gu Yanqing is not annoyed and angered, faintly said: "Any girl of your age is not the most popular loyal dog husband?" This man! Too shameless!

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