Invincible Martial Sovereign

By Liang Jia San Shao

IWZ Chapter 3608

IWZ Chapter 3608

The Cang Que-dominated Dong Cd God Clan army has an absolute advantage, but some of the powerhouses in Zhongzhou are still optimistic about the Pang.

In addition to the three great superpowers, Zhongzhou should now be two super powers, and there are countless other cultivate forces.

The super power is the super-class power, and the first-class power is also in the whole of Zhongzhou. These forces are usually the forces that the three great super forces are trying to draw.

In addition to the first-class forces, there are second-rate, third-rate, four-stream, five-flow and other forces, these forces are still waiting to see.

For the election of the station, all the forces in Zhongzhou are very cautious and cautious, knowing that this after all is related to the survival of the entire Sect or the entire great clans.

If you stand on the wrong side, the consequences are extremely serious. There will be a crisis of extinction or extinguish sect at any time.

Even though the Pang people are now eating, the Dongcang God Clan army led by Cang Que is not allowed to come out in the ancestral land, but the major strong clan of Zhongzhou does not dare to stand on the side of Cang Que.

The strength of the Pang is still there. It cannot be judged that the Pang people are defeated because several powerhouses in the Pang are defeated.

At this time, in the South Heavenly city of Southern Domain, the South African God Clan army under the leadership of Nanzhou Sword Emperor, unexpectedly is to break through the South Heavenly city.

The Pang people in the South Heavenly city were desperate, and the reinforcements they were looking for did not appear.

“Put up with these guys!”

There was a tragic shout in the city of South Heavenly, a younger generation of the Pang family screaming through the violent aura toward the Nanzhou war soldiers who had entered the South Heavenly city.

A Pang younger generation suddenly rushed out of the alley next to the street, and fell into a Nanzhou war soldier. Then, “Boom!”, the whole person exploded.

The Pang younger generation actually held the war soldiers of Nanzhou, and the power of self-destruction was so powerful that the Nanzhou war soldiers who attacked South Heavenly City had not responded yet, and they died.


Seeing this scene, all the Nanzhou war soldiers are startled, these guys don’t want to die, even pulling people to play blew?

The Nanzhou war soldiers who had entered the city felt the scalp numb, and the guys of the Pang were crazy, and they couldn’t see the madman.

Nanzhou war soldiers quickly responded, several Humans, or a dozen Humans, dozens of people together, forming a simple battle to South Heavenly City?


? Kill it in.

The Pang people’s younger generation hidden in the city suddenly swooped at them from time to time.


A loud noise, five Nanzhou war soldiers were directly blown off, and five war soldiers fell to the ground and screamed.

That self-destructive Pang younger generation is naturally destroy both body and soul.

The power of self-destruction is undoubtedly a giant. The Pang people’s younger generation in South Heavenly City has been desperate. Anyway, it’s all dead. Then pull a back and pull two, that is to earn.

However, the South African God Clan war soldiers are also war soldiers who have been fighting for war. After being prepared, the chances of the Pang people succeeding are greatly reduced.

However, the casualties of the Nanzhou war soldiers are still rising, and the Pang people have carried out a brutal street fighting with the Nanzhou war soldiers in the South Heavenly city.

This kind of tactic of the Pang people is to maximize the consumption of the power of the Nanzhou war soldiers.

This one move is also really embarrassing.

The Nanzhou war soldiers marched toward the City Lord Mansion in South Heavenly City. Suddenly, a middle-aged man rushed out from a pavilion next to the street and rushed into more than a dozen war soldiers in Nanzhou.


A loud noise, as if the ground was a thunder, Thunder, the whole void was shaken. More than a dozen Nanzhou war soldiers, despite the precautions, still screamed and screamed and flew away.

There were several war soldiers who were directly bombed and shattered. They couldn’t live without it. Other war soldiers were also hit hard and lost the battle strength.

“impossible !”

A South American Battle General saw this scene, his eyes were red, and these bastards were too mean.


The Battle General went straight into a small alley next to the street, and the screams immediately sounded. Several Pang people hiding in the alleys were too self-destructive to be killed by Battle General.

That Battle General came out of the alley with a bloody knife.

“All give I, your father, leave the city.”

Angry roar came, all the South African God Clan war soldiers who were rushing to the City Lord Mansion in South Heavenly City.

Then, all the South African God Clan war soldiers will withdraw from the city without any fuss. These war soldiers are veterans with rich combat experience. They withdraw from the original route, so they will encounter the enemy. It will be much smaller.

However, even then, the crazy Pang younger generation rushed out from all over the city and rushed to the front of the Nanzhou war soldiers.

At the time of the complete withdrawal from South Heavenly, hundreds of South African God Clan war soldiers died under the crazy self-destruction of the Pang younger generation.

“Impossible, kill me for them.”

Sword Emperor was angry. He directly directed the numerous Nanzhou powerhouse behind him. The Nanzhou powerhouse behind him immediately soaring the heavens and swooped directly toward the South Heavenly City in front.

The Pangyang younger generation in the South Heavenly city is still crazy and rushed to the South Island powerhouse.

However, the Nanzhou powerhouse can be different from those of the Nanzhou war soldiers. These are real powerhouses. I saw a powerhouse wearing a battle armor. A smashing of the Pang people’s younger generation is too late to blew. It was split into two pieces.

“kill them!”

The Nanzhou powerhouse rushed directly into the city of South Heavenly, and the dense explosions continued to sound, and the entire South Heavenly city was shaking.

“hōng lóng lóng ……”

South Heavenly The city is like blooming everywhere. There are explosions everywhere, and the violent power is constantly erupting. The Nanzhou war soldiers outside the city are dumbfounded.

No one can think of the defeated Pang people and so many people are hiding in the city.

If the Nanzhou war soldiers continue to kill the City Lord Mansion, there will be more dead people, so the South African God Clan army will suffer a lot.

This is something that the Sword Emperor does not want to see.

South Heavenly City is just a city under the Pang people. Although it is a very important city, it is definitely not a Pangzu ancestral home and Zhongtiancheng.

The city is so difficult to attack, not to mention the Pangzu ancestral home and Zhongtiancheng.

Soon, the remnants of the Pang in the entire South Heavenly city were uprooted, and all the Pang people’s younger generations were killed by the killing attack into the city’s Nanzhou powerhouse.

Even the Pang powerhouses stationed in the City Lord Mansion could not stop the pace of the Nanzhou powerhouse and were killed in the City Lord Mansion.

The entire South Heavenly city fell into the hands of the Swordsman.

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