To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie Jiang Zhi Yu

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The new holographic viewing technology allows viewers to experience the movie in person, so the love film is the most popular, and the horror film is unattended.
Su Shi is the first audience to experience horror movies.
Devil: It’s a sweetheart... Don’t dare to scare...
Su Shi: Actually, there is nothing terrible about horror movies.
Audience: No, no, no, you are playing a love movie! (loud)
The audience suddenly found that the horror film that was recently re-released was better than one, and there were ghosts in it.
1. [not fine, possessive desire, strong ghost attack x addicted to decrypt the Buddha love
2. Weibo @姜之鱼 y
→Next "Global Online Escape"
On the day of the graduation, the world became an escape game.
Those well-known spiritual hotels, hospitals, etc. have become copies of the game, and only survive can survive.
→Next "System Forces Me to Go to Han"
On the day of the countdown to the first-class Lu Xingzhou car accident, he got a learning system and completed his life.
System: "Hey, your first class student, Jiang Linchen."
Lu Xingzhou carefully planned all kinds of encounters, and the results were reduced.
[Good feeling -1, punishment: sleeping with Jiang Linchen]
[Good feeling -1, punishment: bathing with Jiang Linchen]
Until one day, Lu Xing was disheartened and decided to finish his homework.
[System: Good Sense +1]
→The next book, "Every time, cruelly abandoning the male master [wearing books]"
The death of a car accident has gained a system of death. To regenerate, you must repeat into a novel that breaks down the spirit and fights against the male master.
When Lu Zhi was 9 years old, Shen Zuo wore his stepbrother, secretly helped him, and finally drove him out when he regained his father's love.
When Lu Zhi was 18 years old, Shen Zuo dressed as his teacher, carefully taught, and finally reported his feudal superstition after his college entrance examination.
When Lu Zhi was 23 years old, Shen Zuo wore his confidant and worked hard. Finally, he took his little ghosts to run when his career was successful.
After a cycle, Shen Zuo finally got a new body rebirth, and as a result, he woke up and found himself tied to a sinister house.
Lu Zhi: "See you again."
Shen Zuo: "..."

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