Yu Ren

By E Mei

Fanwai - imaginary enemy

Fanwai - imaginary enemy

Fanwai - imaginary enemy

The situation in Laos has gradually stabilized. After several years of good weather, several small countries around the country began to resume tribute. Near the Mid-Autumn Festival, they gathered in the capital of Shuguo. .

This is a good thing to highlight Guowei. Therefore, after asking for Yang Lan, the officials of the Ministry of Education specially held a grand banquet in the Royal Hunting Court to entertain these distant envoys.

A few small countries are not rich. The first messenger is sent to four different styles of twins and some indigenous products. Four pairs of beautiful women perform a dance in public, one by one is soft and graceful, like no bones, it is weekdays. The Hanlin bachelor, who is well-prepared, also sees secretly swallowing water and envied the emperor's good blessings.

Yang Hao looked at a few eyes and seemed to have some interest in such an exotic style, but there was nothing to say on the surface. The messenger observed the words, and the hearts of the drums came. These beautiful women were sent out by their monarchs in order to please the emperor of the country. How did the emperor seem to be not satisfied? I don't know if I am used to beauty, or I am not interested in beauty.

The second messenger came up with the special spices of their country, the large pieces of gold and silver gemstones and some dyed and dyed fabrics. Yang Lan also smiled and gave a few words.

After the two countries’ retreats, they looked at each other and felt a little helpless.

When the two people met in the hotel, they began to secretly compete. Who knows that the Emperor of Laos does not love beauty or love gold and silver jewelry. Is it really a saint?

The third one came to the country to the poorest, only to send some strange birds and animals, one by one iron cage pushed to the front, the size of the monster in the cage after long-distance transportation, either **** or skinny, ministers Efforts to suppress, did not reveal the color of disdain.

Yang Lan suddenly pointed to a cage at the foot of the messenger and said, "What is that?"

The messenger met the other two countries before, quite a bit self-deprecating, and took up the cage and stuttered: "It is a cat, introduced to China by a distant businessman, is said to have the reputation of 'golden lightning' in the local area, agile And very loyal to the owner."

A large, golden-colored cat in the cage is in a good state, lazily raising his head and aiming at the people around him.

Yang Lan looked at it and suddenly smiled, his eyes showing a gentle look, said: "Show it up."

Not only the messenger of the gift was flattered, but even the ministers on the sidelines were strange. The emperor did not love the beauty jewelry, but loved the cat?

Only the loyal country of the loyal country, Lin Pingzi, looks strange.

When Yang Lan wanted to open the cage and release the cat, the messenger woke up from the shock and hurriedly said: "The emperor is careful that the cat will hurt people."

The reminder came a little late, the big cat jumped out of the cage, and the hand that was facing Yang Lan was bitten and licked and licked his claws. He lifted his hind legs and licked his head and neck. Silent.

The messenger stared at the hand that Yang Lan was bitten by the blood, and the face was as earthy. The eunuch guard next to him would rush to kill the cat. Yang Lan waved his hand and let them retreat. They still looked at the hurting cat and the sorrowful color, and even stretched out the uninjured hand to touch it, causing a burst of exclamation.The big cat looked at him with his eyes, and seemed to confirm whether he really was not malicious to himself. He licked his teeth and showed his pointed teeth. It seemed to threaten Yang Lan. You have to dare to come again, I will give you another bite.

Yang Lan did not back down, but instead reached out to the big cat's mouth. The big cat looked at him doubtfully for a while, and finally turned his head, a pair of arrogant gestures that did not eat the food.

Yang Xiao smiled, and it was like the little evil girl said. This kind of cat is very smart. It will feel the malicious and goodwill of others. It’s a bite, but it’s played with people. If you don’t fight back, you don’t want to hurt. It, it will slowly accept your closeness.

According to the little evil woman, the little raccoon actually appreciates him, but he finally has no chance to get close to the little raccoon...

The heart slowly remembered the way the white scorpion touched the little raccoon. Yang Lan slowly touched the wicked cat twice. The vicious cat shook his body and seemed to be somewhat unhappy, but for a long time no one was so gentle to it. Massage, the man in front of this gorgeous dress seems to be really not malicious.

The evil cat was touched a few times, relaxed and slowly squatted down to accept the smooth hair service of a king of the country, and snorted directly in the royal case.

Everyone was stunned and looked at this scene. Lin Pingzi had already found the royal doctor and sent the prescription for the treatment to the past. In the past, there were many strangers who had been bitten by the raccoon flower in Baijia. Fang Hai had already prepared special medicines. Ginkgo and others even took the medicines with them and were ready to heal them. Lin Pingzi himself has been hurt more than once by the evil cat, and the memory of the prescription is still fresh.

The banquet ended in a hurry because of the dragon body injury, but Yang Lan still praised several messengers, and told the rites to prepare corresponding rewards for them to bring back.

Yang Lan did not use the cage to lock the evil cat. He ordered the palace girl to prepare a delicate bamboo basket mat with a soft cloth as its temporary nest, and placed it directly in the palace.

In the evening, a night banquet was held in the palace. I was surprised to see that there was a golden big cat next to the emperor. The emperor was very good at the cat, and even let it sleep on his lap. We never had the presence. A person has been treated like this, and one is jealous and his eyes are red.

Some of the minds are flexible, and they have changed their minds. They are going to start from this cat and win the favor.

The position of the Queen has always been empty. Whoever wants to take the lead: it is the supreme power of the world. The royal family can only have one wife. For any reason, it must be forever. Do not continue to string, even the emperor is no exception.

No one knows the true intention of Yang Lan...

I heard that this year, the White Family will go to Beijing to reunite with Bai Changshan, and these days are coming. The white pheasant will come, and the little raccoon will come. If he sends this wicked cat to the white pheasant and gives him a companion, she will be very happy.

Thinking of Bai Hao’s “gift” as a baby, his pro-big brother’s face will look pretty good.

Yang Xin’s heart turned to destroy the idea of ​​a couple’s husband and wife. The more gentle the smile, the sensation of the golden big hair group on the lap, and the heart said: You are looking for a beautiful companion, you have to be angry.Outside the city of Chun'an, which is not too far from the capital, in the Baijia Manor, the little raccoon is shaking his tail on the soft couch, watching the hostess bully the little master.

Bai Hao held a small piece of sweet cake in his hand and smiled at the little doll yin* who was playing at the end of the bed: "The sweet and sweet red bean cake, Xiaomi, do you want to eat?"

Xiaomi is the first son born to her and Ganzi. The reason why she is also called Xiaomi, Bai Yu began to explain her love with Ganzi. Later, everyone understood that she thought she was a father’s debt. ......

The little doll is not yet full. The beautiful facial features are completely narrow and naive, and I can hear the voice of my mother and smell my favorite sweet taste. I immediately climbed up with my hands and feet.

When he climbed to the front, he opened the mouth of only a few millet teeth and took a bite on the sweet cake. Suddenly he shrank his hand and stuffed the sweet cake into his mouth under the eyes of his son’s innocent desire. Two swallows swallowed, proud to say: "Climb slowly, did not have to eat"

Even if an adult is being played like this, he must be angry and jump, not to mention a little weaned doll? Xiaomi’s mouth was on the spot, and he woke up.

Bai Hao was not guilty at all, smiled very openly, and took his finger to scrape Xiaomi’s nose and fell into the stone path: “Shame and shame, love crying”

The crying of the child in the quiet night was very far away, and soon he cried to save the soldiers. First, Ganzi came to pick up his son and touched his head. He said: "You bully your son? I am not afraid that he will grow up. Big hate?"

Bai Yan poked his son's crying red face and shouted: "He dares?"

She worked hard to give birth to this guy, what happened after bullying?

Afterwards, the two pink-carved little boys who arrived at the door just heard the conversation between the two. At the moment, they turned and shouted: "My mother is coming to my sister and bullying Xiaomi."

When Bai Hao reached out and squeezed their noses, he smiled and said: "Sister is so good to you, you two piglets will know the warning."

The two little boys shunned her claws and ran to Ganzi to hide behind them. They widened their eyes and said the same thing: "My mother said, Xiaomi is the smallest, we must protect him."

"Hey, why are you not as good as two younger brothers..." Mu Peilan was so upset that he would fall into the door.

Although Xiaomi’s age is small, he also knows how to look at it. When he sees the rescuer, he immediately squats and kicks his limbs to Mu Peilan.

Mu Peilan took him over and gently stroked it for a while. Xiao Mi’s mouth twitched and stopped to cry, and Bai Yu secretly made a face to him. This little guy especially knows how to sell beggars in front of his grandparents, and to be with him. The general will do the play.

When the white ugly came over and did not lightly count the number of bullying weak daughters, he took his wife and children back to the room to rest. Mu Peilan saw the appearance of his grandson and decided to take him back to comfort.

Bai said: "He will be hungry in the middle of the night, or stay here."

Mu Peilan glanced at the silent son-in-law and smiled: "Xiao Mi is more than you and your two younger brothers. I still don't know how to bully you here." Saying that you can't rebut the little dolls Just go.Ganzi personally sent them outside the courtyard, respectfully said: "The hard mother-in-law."

White ugly will also come to this moment, smiled at his wife and nodded.

Ganzi returned to the room, and slowly closed the window, and the door was bolted, and she fell down and watched the little raccoon who was very happy watching the show.

Bai Hao still doesn't know what he wants to do is a fool.

No wonder he didn’t see it after dinner. It was a deliberate attempt to give her a chance to bully her son, so that she could look at her and take care of her children, so that he would be unscrupulous to do bad things tonight.

"You guys are deliberately giving us a set of covers."

"You have a lot of heart in your heart, and we have a heart to cooperate with us. We can't live up to their good intentions." Gan Yan said that he was righteous and strict, and his hands had already opened her clothes belt and began to attack the city.

The Bais are not stupid. The attitude of the son-in-law just knows his calculations, but they also hope that Bai Yu can have more children and make this family more lively. In particular, Ganzi has promised that as long as the eldest son is sweet, others Children can be surnamed white. Under such preferential conditions, the two couples are willing to cooperate.

The voice of the **** in the account gradually subsided, and Ganzi held the sleepy white saying: "This time you return to Beijing, you can't see Lu Ying alone."

"Well? He is my righteous brother, why can't I see it, big vinegar barrels..." The white body was so soft and weak and protested. However, my heart is a bit strange. She thought that the imaginary enemy of Ganzi was Yang Lan. How could it become her righteous brother?

Ganzi’s voice: “A heart is not married, I don’t know what to save”

Under his unremitting efforts, the enemy is finally "innocent", and now there is a Lu Ying. As soon as I thought about meeting soon, Ganzi’s heart could not stop the pantothenic acid.

Although Bai Yu has already married a son and gave birth to a son, but the feelings of Lu Ying on the day, these are not problems. And Lu Ying is now a famous name.

It’s hard not to worry about being a good bachelor.

"Then you want to make the comfrey work harder." Bai Hao yawned, and the comfrey had some interest in Lu Ying some time ago, and he also vowed to be Mrs. Lu.

It is said that a few years ago, when comfrey and Lu Ying cooperated to trap the Mao’s remaining party, they had already moved their minds. However, Lu Ying was still a woman. Later, Lu Ying’s wife, Cui Zhenyi, was abandoned, but the comfrey was busy with martial arts. The ally and the devil's things, blink of an eye for a few years, comfrey finally decided to launch an attack.

Ganzi is optimistic, this sister is really considerate, before he promised that Bai Hao no longer easily kills people, so it is not good to deal with the thorns and spears, it is also a good idea for comfrey - white does not like the heart Men, it is even more impossible to serve people together, as long as all the competitors "pollution" into a playboy, then you do not have to worry about the white apricots out of the wall.

So he paid a lot of money to buy a few barbarian princes, and a group of beautiful women sent them to the thorns and spears. The thorns and spears were hit hard during the time when they learned the news of the white dowry, and finally they were won by several beautiful women. hand.As for Yang Lan, Ganzi is even more polite. As the prince of Wu, the only time he is officially sparse is to persuade the emperor to take the long-term stability of the country and to give birth to the royal servant as soon as possible. This play has been widely supported by the courtiers, and eventually forced Yang to accept four nephews, but the backseat has always been suspended.

Yang Lan has so far remembered to destroy the brothers, sisters and husbands, and the roots are here.

Both opponents have become the "remaining flowers and losers" who have a family's mouth. Ganzi's heart is determined. Only one Lu Ying is left in the calculation (Lin Pingzi's natural playboy, he does not need to work for him). I didn't expect the teacher and sister to take the initiative to ask him to pack him up. Ganzi certainly supported 120,000 points.

He is confident in the means of the younger sister. As long as she makes up her mind, Lu Ying can’t fly, so she will see when she will succeed.

In two days, he will go to Beijing. Before the comfrey succeeds, he will definitely not let Lu Ying be awkward. Ganzi kissed her little wife who could not support her sleepy, and her palms slowly rubbed her back to the flat belly and began to look forward to their next child.

Hope is a beautiful daughter... At least it is not necessary to be bullied by his little wife as his substitute.


Tiger touches everyone, there will be no surprises in the near future, which is estimated to be the last one.

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