Yu Ren

By E Mei

Fanwai-Accounting Ledger

Fanwai-Accounting Ledger

Fanwai-Accounting Ledger

Bai Yan felt that she was just a little sleepy. She blinked and opened it and found herself floating in the air. .

Not far below, the eldest brother Lu Ying carrying another "her", like the body-building method, standing still in the snow, the parents rushed to the "her", could not stop shouting...

She wanted to fly closer to see the real thing. Suddenly a huge suction drove her away to the sky. In the panic, her mind flashed and she suddenly understood that she was dead, the soul was away, now Probably going to the local government.

She looked at her parents and her brothers and ginkgo. Their eyes were anxious and sorrowful. Their eyes gradually became stunned, and their voices could not be heard in their ears. Only the voices of the wind and the unspeakable heart could not be said.

It seems that it has been a long time, and the pain in my heart is gradually numb with only one ethereal. I have already changed a scene in front of me. It is obviously dark, but I don’t know why, but she can clearly see it in front of a big river, a small bridge on the river, and There is a towering ghost gate over the bridge.

Not far from the crowd, a large number of wandering spirits floated under the leadership of the ghosts and crossed the bridge to the ghost gate.

"Lu Xue, go on the sedan" Niutou horse noodles did not know which corner of the horns came out, behind them four ghosts respectfully carried a delicate small sedan seems to be waiting for her.

Lu Xue? The day was a bit stunned, and it took a while to react. This is her predecessor's name.

The cow's head looked at her and tried to test: "Or should we call you a day?"

"You still call me a day." She didn't want to be a bad luck, she was a fifteen-year-old, almost forgetting the things she had experienced in her previous life.

But how did the bullhead horse face suddenly feel so polite to him?

Nothing to be diligent, non-rape

The white scorpion looked at the bull's head with some defense, and there was no movement.

The bull's head looks like she knows her doubts and smiles: "You have saved more than ten thousand souls and set great merits. The treatment is naturally different from ordinary ghosts."

"Ten tens of thousands?" Bai Hao was shocked. She remembered that her sales contract was only over 11,000, how could it be turned ten times? The people of Modi Prefecture also used Arabic numerals to keep accounts, and then accidentally gave her a zero.

"Exactly, you are going to go to the Temple of Jurassic, and the Bodhisattva is waiting for you there." The bullhead horse urged.

Whether or not the people in the land are wrong, it is a good thing for her. Anyway, she puts doubts and puts them in the sedan chair. The sedan chair flew up in a fluttering manner, and soon went over the countless ghosts lined up in the ghost gate to go to the temple.

The king of Jurassic did not know where to go. Only the judge accompanied the Tibetan king Bodhisattva to sit in the temple and saw the white donkey smile at her. The face of the emperor’s bodhisattva’s kindness is just that, and the judge’s cold-faced man’s face has a smile, and the effect can only be described as terror.

In the day, I will try my best to put my attention on the big oss, the scented and scented Bodhisattva, and open the door to see the mountain: "The bullhead horse said, I saved more than ten thousand souls..."Bodhisattva said: "Exactly, you persuaded the thorns of the thorns to lay down the butcher's knives and not fight against the people of the country. Only this one saved the lives of nearly 100,000 sergeants, plus your daily good deeds, saving 10,000. The more difficult people have regained their lives, and the number of souls who receive the benefits directly is 50,000.

A glimpse of the day, I don’t know how to laugh. Was it that she has complicated complicated things?

She did not expect Bodhisattva to calculate the task of helping the 10,000 people so low, she casually persuaded the thorns and spears a few words, asking him not to attack the country, not to rob the people of the country, even if he saved nearly 100,000 people, By knowing this, she is so tired of doing something, and waiting for the rescue of the thorns is enough.

The most hateful thing is that according to this algorithm, she does not hesitate to let the people who have no food and clothing learn to stand on their own feet, learn a skill, and ensure that they will have the ability to settle down and support their families in the future. As a result, the people who have been tossing for 15 years are not as good as her. Save a few words with a few words.

Just as someone is careful to run and ask how much is one plus one? You spent countless hours of wisdom, reviewing countless data and deducting a half-day conclusion that you can hardly understand.

Bai Hao almost ran away on the spot, but I thought about it, but it was a better result than expected. She overtook more than ten times to complete the task. After a few years, she was sure to be rich and glory, and good luck could not finish.

"I have these merits, can I give them to my parents and my brothers, can they?" asked Bai Yu.

"Nature can, otherwise, the Bai's couple is destined to have no children, lonely and old, how can they give birth to twins, let alone enjoy their old age." The judge intervened, this is all he awarded.

When Bai Hao heard about her mother's pregnancy on the same day, she already thought of this festival. Now, when she heard the judge say that it was really so, she felt very comforted and could let her parents who love her enjoy her old age. With her children and grandchildren, even if she is doing more white work, it is worth it. What's more, these merits will not be wasted?

The Bodhisattva of the Diocesan Bodhisattva originally came for the day, and now it’s all said. Turning his head to the judge: “The female donor’s merits are infinite, enough to offset the predecessor’s killing, and the reincarnation will ask the judge to take care of it. Second, let the female donor be satisfied."

"Must be sure" the judge tried to open a flattering smile, a coffin face twisted more terrifying than a bullhead.

Although the Bodhisattva of the Dizang Bodhisattva is not his direct superior, he can't stand the high level of the family. Even if he sees the king, he has to pay attention to it, let alone he is a small judge?

I thought it was very

The simple task, the result of dealing with the white scorpion, only to find how difficult this woman is, especially she is very good at holding chicken feathers as an arrow, all kinds of bargaining, picky and picky, almost tortured the judges crazy.

More than a day, the judge failed to persuade Bai Bai to accept his reincarnation arrangement. Fortunately, Bai Yu was forced to repay the sun, otherwise the judge felt that he would collapse.After sending away the white pheasant, the bull head horse suddenly remembered a question and asked the judge: "White 茯苓 this time is still yang, when is the end of life?"

The judge bites his teeth: "Take her?"

The bull-headed horse looked at it and the bullhead swallowed: "In case she died earlier than Ganzi... What happened to the comet of Ganzi, it may not be good..."

The judges thought that they were also reasonable. They turned over the life and death books and said, "Let them die the same day of the same year."


Make up the section of the land. In theory, there is another exception, that is, the ending of everyone, as well as the children and horses. Ask, for the shrimps, everyone called the children a "small steamed buns", what is the origin?

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