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Fanwai - a wife like a tiger?

Fanwai - a wife like a tiger?

Fanwai - a wife like a tiger?

Shortly after the marriage of Ganzi and Bailu, they left the rivers and lakes to live in the Baili Mountain, and then did not intervene in the Wulin League. The magical teachings were also taken care of by the purple grass. .

Yang Lan gave the Yongzhou of Baili Mountain and the nearby Pingzhou to Guanlan as a land, and also gave the Baili Mountain and the three South Sea islands designated by Baijia to the Baiji family.

Ganzi was sealed as a prince in the name of the sea pumice. In the eyes of the ministers, the "poverty and ridiculous" frontiers were inevitably attracted to many speculations. Only a few people knew that this was actually Ganzi’s own initiative. Yang Lan is not very happy in his heart.

Yongzhou is the home of Bailu, Pingzhou is the land of Ganzi and her. The white eyes are reluctant to leave the green eyes on the Baili Mountain. They insist on living in Baili Mountain after marriage, and Ganzi naturally follows her.

Pingzhou and Yongzhou have built princely palaces. According to the rules of Laos, the princes lived in the fiefdoms and did not enjoy administrative and military power. However, local officials must have important things to report to the prince of Wu, and Ganzi’s military power is not Caring and being impatient to take care of them, so most of the time they lived in Baili Mountain with Bailu.

Originally, Ganzi had such an official identity. Generally, Jianghu people would not have the courage to harass, but his first master’s reputation was too loud, so there were always some martial arts rookies who wanted to become famous and wanted to become famous. Fighting.

These people usually end up losing in three strokes, but the number of people coming is too much trouble, and these people in the rivers and lakes are used to fighting, which is a huge instability for the ordinary people living near the Baili Mountain. factor.

After this type of challenger came over two or three times, Bai Yu thought of a new way of making money.

Soon after, a striking stone monument was set up at the gate of Baili Mountain. The stone tablet was printed on a large line: the description of the war charges.

Below is a detailed charge entry -

Registration fee: twenty-two

Service charge: fifty two

Appearance fee: one thousand two

Venue fee: thirty-two

Facility and site damage deposit: one hundred and two

Accidental medical expenses or funeral expenses: eight hundred two

Total: two thousand two

Finally, there is a warning: the challenge is risky, life and death are good, and the cost is not refundable.

Ganzi saw a good air and a funny laugh, and took the white saying: "If you want money, the magic is more, why bother?"

The white pheasant sat on his lap, ate a bite and ate the grapes that he had peeled off and sent it to his mouth. He said vaguely: "The money of the cult is the demon, you are my husband, you should earn money to raise me."

"Make money to use this earn?" Ganzi did not agree, just go to the nearby state to do a few votes "big sale", how much money there is.

"I still want to eat." White scorpion to the large plate of purple grape Nunu mouth on the table, Ganzi very easy to pick a big start to peel.

"Thundering and killing people, stealing and setting fire, you don't want to think about it. It hurts the Yinde. You make money. I don't have a life to enjoy..." He said that half of his cheeks were bitten by Ganzi and hurt. She shouted.What Ganzi is most reluctant to hear is that she hangs her words like "death" and "no life" on her mouth, and swears at her own face, secretly regretting her own time.

This bastard is not afraid to bite her disfigured.

"Don't say this again in the future." Ganzi's voice is a bit gloomy. He has already given up the hard-working foundation for this woman, and has resisted the easy life of killing people. She also said this to scare people. He is really hateful.

"Okay, okay. You are so fierce to me," he said, not daring to stimulate him. However, when the peeled grapes were delivered to the mouth, they couldn’t help but take a bite to take revenge.

The pointed teeth bite on the Ganzi finger leaving only a few thin tooth marks, no pain, only biting his heart itch, watching the white eyes began to become a little deep.

The white screaming is not good, and immediately picking up the previous topic to draw his attention: "Those people are willing to pay the money honestly, you will have to deal with it, don't win too easily, lest they be desperate and will not be hooked." They can't be crippled or even killed. They need to make their injuries look serious. They are actually very good, so they will feel that the 800 medical expenses are worthwhile."

Ganzi especially likes her eyes to look like someone else's appearance. Even if the object of the calculation is him, he is also willing to be ashamed, not to mention the unfortunate little ones.

He replied with a sigh of relief and asked: "If they refuse to give money, will they come up hard?"

"The organs of our family are not furnishings."

Our family... Ganzi likes this statement, and the eyes are dyed with a warm smile: "By hitting the real master, the organs here may not be able to stop."

Bai Hao hooked his neck and smiled: "Then you will repair them. After the repair, I will let them eat the 'Nine Leaf Soul Eater Dan', let them work for me, and wait for them to make enough money. Give the antidote again"

Nine-leaf Soul Eater is a chronic poison made of nine specific poisonous grass leaves. If there is no antidote, it will be painful for three hours every nine days. The pain can almost kill people.

The nine kinds of poisonous grass have different components, and the antidote required is different. Only the poisoned person knows how to detoxify. This is a secret medicine used by the demon to control the congregation more than a hundred years ago. It has been lost for a long time. I have no time to replant the poisonous grass.

"You love money so much, so you like to call people to work for you?" He is now undoubtedly the one that has been called the most thoroughly.

Bai Hao said: "I have offended me, how can I pay for it?"


Point Ganzi deeply experienced, kissed the white tip of the nose, and smiled: "If those people can't find me, start with you?"

"They are coming to find you famous, but they are not coming to seek revenge. You are still a prince. If you have this skill, it is better to raise two thousand and two. It is also simple to protect me." It is also your responsibility to protect me. Give Ganzi a task, and you can't refuse it.

"Do you not like to fight and kill?" Ganzi has long discovered that his little wife is a sly character, saving countless people, but tossing people from the soft, especially like black and black."Don't kill and kill, what are you afraid of?" Bai's bottom line on this issue is very clear.

The matter was settled in this way. In less than half a year, Ganzi earned 10,000 yuan to raise his wife's money, and Bai had more than six martial arts masters to work hard. It is a singular affair to spread the battles of the former martial arts lord and the first master of martial arts.

Why do the generations of heroes who are high-spirited and squandered and wealthy become such a "death to money" role? Through several descriptions of the challenge losers, everyone quickly discovered that the problem lies with the lady of the heroes.

Soon, the former martial arts lords feared the divorce of their wives, and they were vividly portrayed and became the most talked about by people who are full of envy and hatred of the sea pumice.

However, there are fewer and fewer people who are fighting for Ganzi. After all, two thousand two are not a small number for most of the rivers and lakes.

Yue Laosi was the first to see this kind of money-raising behavior. He traveled to Baili Mountain for a long time and was a guest. His object of persuasion was white.

Although he knows that the details of the sea pumice afraid of his wife are mostly fabricated by good deeds, it is true that the sea pumice is afraid of his wife. As long as the white convincing, the sea pumice must also follow suit.

As a man, Yue Laosi hates iron for his wife who is afraid of his wife, but he is not good at steel, but he is afraid that she is normal, such a beautiful and powerful woman, can they be honest with such honest men? Yue Laosi suddenly found the superiority of being a long-established old bachelor in the sea pumice.

I thought that when he was married, the two of them were not married yet, and they again suggested to Bai Yu to accept her as a disciple. Bai Hao answered him this way: "I learned your martial arts with my qualifications and can make the sea pumice full of heads. Pack?"

Yue Laosi was melancholy on the spot. He felt inferior to the "great ambition" who could not complete the day, and expressed deep sympathy for the tragic future of the sea pumice. He was thinking about making a fuss when he was not married. Such a bad wife is really not affordable for everyone.

When he euphemistically proposed that he could not understand the charges of the war, Bai Hao smiled very patiently: "Is there anything that is difficult to understand? They challenged my husband, took up my husband's time, and consumed his energy. There is no need to pay anything for compensation? And the sword has no eyes. If there is any damage to my husband, I also ask for medical advice. Is my loss not great?"

"My family wants to send people to receive them. It is money that damages my family's flowers and trees during the test. These are all money. If they are injured, we can't see death, it is a big medical expense. I want them first. What's wrong with making money?"

Yue Laosi was not good at bargaining at all. He was stunned by Bai Yan’s remarks and said: “That’s not so much... you don’t need money...”

"I don't need money and I can't spend it on those who come to the door."

"Compared with the competition, how can it be a trouble?" Yue Laosi Yue said that the more whispered.

"Those little ones want to borrow my husband's name, isn't it a trouble?" Bai Hao disdain.Yue Laosi is depressed: "You are so fierce, and you don't want to think of the reputation of the sea brother. The outside people say that he is afraid of his wife and tiger..."

Bai Yan squinted at the side of the sea pumice stone, sitting silently.

The sea pumice immediately took the initiative to say: "These people are nonsense, and the elders of Yue do not have to be on the mind."

What is the emperor not in a hurry, anxious eunuch? This is what is called Elder Chang, do not have to worry about it? Are you two parties who should be on your mind?

Yue Lao was weak for four times. He felt that he was really superfluous. People and couples didn’t mind the reputation. He turned down and said that he was terribly hot.

After sending away the guests who were full of helplessness, Bai Yan reached out and poked his husband, and said: "You are afraid of your wife like a tiger? Why don't I think? The most fierce and worst is obviously you."

On the face of Ganzi, the dullness of the woods disappeared cleanly at the moment when Yue Laosi left. She smiled and picked her up: "I am not fierce or not, how can I hold you this ruthless little fox?"


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"Families with little wife" Author: Gui Ren, ISBN: 2015193-- feminist women braving the Big House, a small bucket laughing Dandyism.


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