Yu Ren

By E Mei

253 are fools

253 are fools

After watching it lively, Bai Hao returned to Yiyi Palace with the two lords of the 璁珑 and 璎珞, and Princess Antai returned.

She changed her dress to Huayi and called Baiyun alone to speak in the dormitory. Her temperament is straightforward. She only treats her as her daughter. She can't talk a few words and go straight to the topic, asking questions about her feelings.

"Auntie heard that you like Ganzi, you can think that his temperament character can be suitable for a lifetime together? You just don't want to enter the palace, don't like the emperor, and should carefully consider your own marriage candidate." Princess Antai is true. Worried for the day.

Bai Hao reacted all of a sudden, only to wake up "Imperial" refers to Yang Lan, to tell the truth, although the whole process of watching his enthronement, he can not adapt to his identity change.

And the topic of Princess Antai made her very helpless. How can she explain it? She will be with Ganzi, precisely because she knows that he is not a good person.

Whether it is Yang Lan or the thorns, or even Lu Ying, she is very good to her, so she can't bear to make them sad. Yang Lan and the thorn fruit are not giving hope from the beginning, but Lu Ying It is an effort to reverse the feelings of the two into a simple brother and sister.

For Ganzi, there is absolutely no such concern - you make me heartbroken, I also make you sad once, just to level

And for a bad guy to make a bad, at least the psychological burden is not that heavy.

Many people don't understand why she easily regained her grievances with Ganzi. It is simple because she has already planned to make him sad.

So she did not tell him the fact that Yang Shou will do it. Nothing like him to indulge his closeness and enjoy his care.

Her mind is very small, not necessarily revengeful to revenge the person who hurt her, but if this person is sent to the door, she will not be polite, and she complains about this kind of thing, she never does.

But these can't say to Princess Antai. Therefore, Bai Yu only has a mysterious saying: "Auntie don't ask, just a few months, more than a year and a half, you will naturally know the answer." She is not sure whether her parents will temporarily conceal her death. In order to avoid stimulating the grandfather who had experienced the mischief of the blackheads twice.

Princess Antai gave her a look: "You are going to be 18 years old, and marriage should not be delayed."

Bai Yan smiled very rogue: "I know, aunt and my mother's embarrassment"

Princess Antai knew that she could not cover her. She had to give up temporarily. She said, "Let her marry on August 16th, you should have left without leaving, remember to send her. You don't want to stay in Beijing, left me. A solitary person who wants to find a speech is very rare."

Mu Peilan and Bai Yu have been negotiating. At the end of this month, Bai Changshan should be able to settle down in Beijing. When they return to Baili Mountain, they will not be able to escape Bai Changshan.

Bai Changshan and Princess Antai are very puzzled. They only think that their family can't adapt to the life of the capital. They often complain with words, but they are mostly helpless.

Fortunately, the white ugly has no official position and no fame, otherwise it is this, you can be pointed at the nose and filthy.Bai Hao missed the wedding of the cricket, and there was some regret, when the next one promised.

One day tired today, Bai Yan washed and slept early, and woke up and went up three times. He got up and packed up and called Baiguo to go to the Princess Antai to leave the palace.

He and the two are also planning to return to their homes. One has a husband's family, and one is about to marry. He is not allowed to stay in the palace for a long time, just to go with the day.

The four women and women said a few gossips, and suddenly heard the eunuch sent a message from the front: "The emperor drove"

When Princess Antai’s three mothers and daughters listened, their eyes could not help but fall on the white.

Bai Hao feels innocent, what is it about her?

Calculating the time, Yang Lan should have just been in the early morning. On the first day of his new emperor's enrollment, shouldn't he be in the royal study room to show his ethics and demeanor? Fortunately, he has not officially accepted the shackles. Otherwise, he will go straight to the harem after the early days, and it is really hard to hear.

Yang Yuchao has been replaced, and changed into an apricot-colored four-group dragon round collar uniform, followed by a large string of eunuchs, palace ladies and bodyguards, striding into the Yiyi Palace.

The white crickets followed the shackles and squats to get up and salute. Yang Lan waited for them to bend over and sighed first: "It’s all family, it’s free."

Bai Hao, 璁珑, 璎珞 is his cousin, but it’s okay to say, what kind of family is she with him?

Yang Lan waved his hand to leave a large string of "tails" behind him, and deliberately walked to the white sly and smiled lightly: "On the blood, you are actually a cousin of your sister." Just now her strange expression he fully absorbed the bottom of his eyes. .

That is also the grandfather of her grandfather and Yang Lan is a cousin, but her grandfather is an illegitimate child in the outer room, and did not record the genealogy of the clan, so she counted down with Yang Lan.

Yang Lan is nothing, it can be regarded as glory with the emperor as a relative, and the benefits are estimated to be quite a lot, but she thinks that she is also a relative with Ganzi, she feels a scalp tingling.

The eyes of Yan and Yan were shot back and forth between the two men. Even if the white skin was thicker, they couldn’t help but be angry and upset, and looked up and gave them a look at the two sisters.

Princess Antai smiled and played round the field: "The emperor has worked hard today and has not used lunch yet."

"I am going to ask my aunt to join us, and some cousins ​​will also be together." Yang Lan took the opportunity of Princess Antai very smoothly.

In this case, one of the "cousins" of Bai Yu naturally said that he had to leave, so he was taken along with the emperor.

The dining place was chosen in the temple of Yang Lan’s palace. Dozens of eunuchs waited for the wait. The dining environment was very elegant and quiet. Except for the occasional cup and sauce, the sound could not be heard.

Yang Lan and Princess Antai sit together, and three of them, Bai Yu, are on the side. There are so many rules to be with the emperor, so sitting separately is also trying to make them easier.

However, how easy it is, it is also within the emperor’s palace, the place where the highest etiquette of the country is the highest.I don’t say that the two people don’t consciously straighten their backs, and they look at the image of a dignified lady and a lady in the nose and nose. Even the white cockroaches have to take up the usual lazy do-it, sitting in the rules. Next to the case.

In this occasion, rude, Yang Lan and Princess Antai mother and daughter will never be in the heart, but let the eunuch palace ladies pass out, it is inevitable that grandfather and his parents lost face.

This kind of banquet is the real meal to open the mouth, where the white eyes fall, and the palace lady behind him will take the silver chopsticks and silver spoons gracefully and elegantly, and dig a small piece of food to her mouth.

In order to maintain the manner of the diners, the small piece is really very small, only the amount of teeth, no need to open the mouth.

In such an environment, I dine at such a thoughtful and over-fired meal. Now I will eat the white glutinous indigestion, and the chef's craftsmanship is no good.

Bai Yan feels that it is not a meal, it is depressed.

It’s not the first time that I have experienced this kind of scene. I didn’t plan to eat and eat well. I saw a white sorrowful sorrowful look that I wanted to vomit at any time.

Bai Hao sighed and stopped. This meal was eaten a few more times. She must have hung up in advance.

Yang Lan has been paying attention to Bai Hao's expressions without any traces. Although most people can't see what she is wrong with, she knows that she is very upset. He sighs and is very helpless.

He knows that his attitude towards him has been seen in the White House. He will definitely go home with Princess Antai today, so he specially sent a letter from the eunuch eunuch to the Yiyi Palace. .

He has already stepped into the throne, and it is inconvenient to leave the palace in the future. It is difficult to see her again.

After a few steps, I suddenly woke up and looked at myself. I was afraid that she would be more respectful to herself. She quickly turned to the palace to change her uniform. Fortunately, the two places were not far apart, and finally arrived at Yiyi Palace before she left.

Now it seems that some of them are self-defeating, and he wants to stay with her for a while, but the result is that the distance between the two is farther.

Wen Gonggong waited for many years around Yang Lan, speculating his ability to do not dare to say that the first can also rank in the top three, Yang Hao likes the white matter is never a secret, the moment in the heart, toward a standing next to the white 伺The little eunuch glanced.

The little eunuch bit his teeth, picking up the hand of the tea, the exquisite high-footed celadon in the plate suddenly lost balance, and the light brown tea was poured on the shoulders of the white stork accurately, and suddenly she was clouded in the clouds. Luo Yi has become a post-modern graffiti route from the classical and elegant style.

After a moment of sorrow, I was almost unable to believe my bad luck. The little eunuch had already stumbled on the ground and continued to confess.

Princess Antai turned her head and frowned. Wen Gonggong waved his hand and did not know where to pull out the two small eunuchs who dragged the ground.

Wen Gonggong walked to the front of the white squat and bent down and said: "The slave is incompetent, ask the county maiden to forgive sins, and the slaves send someone to send you back to change clothes."The eunuchs in the palace can wait for the imperial concubine, and will never make such a low-level mistake. Yang Lan vaguely guessed it, and cooperated with the white saying: "Come and go back quickly."

In fact, the meal has already been eaten. When this happens, the normal situation should be that you will go back to Yiyi Palace to change clothes and then leave the palace as planned. Yang Lan said so clearly that it is necessary to keep the mother and daughter of Princess Antai talking, and asked her to change her clothes and come back.

He is now an emperor. If he says that he is exporting, no one dares to raise an objection. Therefore, Bai Yu left the scene with the sympathy of the two sisters.

Ginkgo stayed at Yiyi Palace and saw a white man. He was sent back. The clothes were splashed with a cup of tea stains. I was shocked to think that I didn’t know where it came out and I dared to bully my own lady. The two Liumei were erected on the spot.

"The little eunuch is not careful, you can change my clothes first." Bai Yu felt strange in his heart, but there was nothing to be afraid of in Yiyi Palace, so he didn't think much, pulled the ginkgo and quickly changed into a body. White magnolia scented flowers are slanting outside.

Ginkgo went out to the water to wipe her face, and a white man combed the mirror, and suddenly felt that something was wrong. When he turned his head, he saw Yang Lan standing in front of the main hall and watching her go out.

The white cockroach was shocked. He didn't have a good air. "Women are scary, scared to death. What do you do when you don't say anything?" The words have suddenly roused his identity and he can't wait to sew his mouth.

Yang Lan does not mind her rude offense. Instead, she is happy that she is as sultry as she used to be. She smiles and says: "I am scared by the dead, what are you excited about?"

Claiming to be "I", that is to say that he does not need to be an emperor? Bai Yan looked at him with some doubts and quickly understood it. He raised his eyebrows: "You instructed people to take tea and splash me" is not a question, it is a positive sentence.

It’s not that he is almost the same. Yang Lan did not deny it. He sighed and said: “There have been countless people watching the emperor’s words and deeds. Many things can’t be done at will, I want to keep you, but in the end I can only use such awkward Method."

Bai Hao looked at him with a strange look, and finally could not help but said: "I always want to ask you, what do you like me? I have a lot of good, but I am right

You...have never had a good face..."

Yang Hao cried and laughed. This question, he asked himself more than once, Bai Bai really looks beautiful, but he asked himself not to be superficial, only to look at the beauty, regardless of the infatuation.

He is different from the sons and daughters in the capital who admire the first beauty of Bailu and the reputation of the first talented woman. From the very beginning, he has seen the beauty of the fairness, the arrogance, the arrogance, the rudeness, the deception, the luxury. The true nature of greed is just like a demon. I can’t help but put my eyes on her. I feel that she is very cute when she does something. She said that she has something to do. In short, what other people do is very annoying, as long as It was done by the day, and he felt that it was right.

Yang Lan and Bai Hao "faced" for a while, finally could not help but smile and said: "Maybe I am too envious of you..."Yes, there are parents who love her life and care for her. What she has to do is countless people who are willing to support their effectiveness. They can ignore the consequences, regardless of the eyes of others, and have the power of all fame and fortune as the soil. The pride of persistence, there is always free and easy to leave all the sleeves.

And he, some are just the mother-in-law died, the father is ruthless, and every day is intriguing. Everything is exhausted. Before he ascended the foundation, he is patient and patient. After he ascended the throne, he still has to face various constraints and face numerous difficulties. Dangerous, we must be careful to operate, check and balance hundreds of officials, and settle the Quartet.

Every time he wants to do something, he always tries his best and even pays a huge price. I have to suppress myself repeatedly in order to achieve my goals. And Bai Yu, as if born is the darling of heaven, Ding's grievances can make her frown, and even he does not consciously retreat in front of her, lest she be irritated.

People and people, the difference is so big?

White does not fully understand what he meant, but it is still difficult to comfort him: "I don't have to envy me too much, I also have my troubles."

"I really want to leave you forever..." Yang Lan suddenly said, looking very serious.

Broken white expression is a stiff: "But I really don't want to stay."

"You can continue to be your female fighter, I dare promise, as long as you stay, everything in the palace, you have the final say... you just want to raise the wealth in the royal garden, Afu, I have no objection."

Bai Hao couldn't help but smile, but quickly condensed a smile and asked: "I stock Wang Cai, A Fu in the Imperial Garden, then?"

Yang Yiyi said, listening to Bai Yu continued: "Then kilometers will be messed up, and then the officials will go to the book to persuade the emperor to stay away from the ridiculous enchanting, grandfather will also be implicated, to become the beauty of granddaughter The color teaches yin* the emperor to become the traitor of the absurd faint prince, and then Pingzi and the big brother can't help but talk to me, so they become a traitor, and they are boycotted by the officials. Finally, the emperor will be busy with the ministers. Fighting against the stage, the decree will not work, and all the ambitions and plans will become dreams."

"You are too exaggerated," Yang Yan frowned.

"You have a few in your heart." Bai Yan smiled and said: "In fact, you should know in the morning that we are not suitable and cannot be together. You can't give up your ideals for so many years of struggle. I can't change my disposition. Acting together. If you are together, you will be tired of each other and will not be pleasing to each other."

"Is it right for you and Ganzi?" This sentence has been hidden in Yang Xin's heart for a long time. He consciously said that this is very unsatisfactory, so he has always resisted it.

The white cockroach was blocked by him. He was not angry. Instead, he gave birth to a feeling of desolateness. He said: "It is not suitable, but you don't have to envy him too much... I will not have any results with him."

"Why do you know this, still, still..." Yang Lan couldn't ask.

Bai Yu knew that he misunderstood what he meant, but he estimated that even if he explained to him, he would not believe it, so he simply said in a bachelor: "Because I am a wayward and reckless fool."Yang Lan is really speechless this time.

Bai Yu thought for a moment, took a small kit from the sleeves and handed it to Yang Yudao: "Two wishing pearls are still you, I have already said that you have already said, you are not allowed to rely on it"

Then I took out the lotus-shaped jasper beads and put them on his hand: "The last one is also for you. When you are angry or unhappy, look at it. Always remember your original intention, don't be Power struggles, conspiracy calculations have changed their ambitions."

Yang Zhen was shocked. He understood the meaning of Bai Yu. This reminded him not to embark on the old path of his father.

When his father-in-law was so eager to go to God, he did not have any ambition, but he was always suppressed by Mao and Xia, and he could only work hard to disguise himself as a faint prince who only knows the color of wine. When one day finally regained the power of the monarchy, it has already forgotten the ambitions of the day, only knowing the power of power, crowding out the loyalty, playing with power, and seeing the world as a dog.

"You don't always seem to believe me." Yang Lan had a resentful anger in his chest.


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