Yu Ren

By E Mei

251 life and death

251 life and death

The scenery of the Chungcheong Government remains the same, but the owner Lin Pingzi is not at home. Since Yang Lan officially took power, Lin Pingzi, Lu Ying and other people who were previously deliberately idle have been used again. The two are responsible for the management of the Yulin Army and a management household, all of which are busy.

However, I was told that the Bai family had already entered Beijing, and they quickly confessed that the business at hand had come back. Bai’s luggage items were not completely packed, and Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi arrived.

See you again for more than two years. Although there was communication, it was not as happy as seeing each other. Lu Ying stayed in the government office for the night, and everyone talked about life afterwards.

Lin Pingzi and Lu Ying were dragged into the thief boat by Yang Lan for their respective purposes. In the past two years, they have been idle and unrestrained. In fact, they have done a lot of things for Yang Lan, and now there is nothing. Hidden in hiding.

Lu Ying is still a calm and steady big brother. The change of Lin Pingzi is relatively large. The former style of arrogance has converged a lot, and a few more mature and mature husbands.

Bai Hao looked at the sorrowful praise, this guy is now standing out, the woman who is fascinated is definitely more than before, even in the capital city for two years did not talk about marriage, it is magical, the ladies in the capital, the eyes of the ladies are not stunned, even Have you let go of such a big-selling golden tortoise? She remembered that he was very popular before, and the matchmakers just didn't level the threshold.

However, after careful consideration and understanding, in the eyes of most people in the past two years, Lin Pingzi, a young and handsome national grandfather, was suspicion by the emperor. With the loss of His Sixth High School, he became a promising, unidentified and empty man, in the capital. Those snobbery certainly refused to take their daughter to take risks.

Bai Hao looked at Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi. The two men were also looking at her. Lin Pingzi’s face turned like a flower-like idiot. He sighed: “It’s really a woman’s eighteen, and the cousin is getting more and more beautiful. The dead are not killed."

Bai Hao raised his face and said: "Sure enough, you have been in Beijing for two years, and your mouth is stupid. This is how many years ago, it’s a cliché, but it’s a good idea to use it. No wonder you still can’t find a wife. ”

Lin Pingzi's flattering did not make a touch of gray, and he said: "Who said that I can't get a wife, I want to marry my wife, it is the loss of all the ladies and prostitutes in Laos."

When the white paws stretched out, he went to lick his face: "I see what your skin is like." Lin Pingzi was shocked and hurriedly covered his face and fled. The white family laughed and laughed, and even Lu Ying showed a rare smile.

Only when Lin Pingzi turned his back to everyone, his brows tightened tightly, and there was only sadness on his face—the white eyes looked bright and pleasing, but in his eyes it seemed to bloom to the extreme flowers, maybe in the next moment. To fall into the branches, her early phase has not changed, and from the breath of the eyebrows, the limit has been very close... more than half a year, as little as three months.

The shoulders didn't know who was patted hard. Lin Pingzi stunned and turned his head. He saw Bai Hao standing behind him and smiled and said: "Even if you don't hide, you don't have to hide. I don't want your face."Lin Pingzi was a little shocked, trying to pull out a smile, but he was helpless and he was more ugly than crying.

Bai Hao has been with him for many years. When he looks at his look, he knows that he really remembers her face and Yangshou, and suppresses the voice: "Don't think so much, I will tell you later."

Lin Pingzi thought that there was a turning point, and his face suddenly touched the clouds and saw the moon. He threw a happy thing as if he had hooked her shoulders and bowed his head and said: "Guiguo said Miss and the sea pumice... Hey..."

Bai Yan squinted at him and opened his arm and said: "Do not hesitate, worry about yourself. You are all old, don't hurry, people are old and look at who wants you."

The two talked and laughed, but in the eyes of Bai Changshan, they were too intimate. He thought about letting Lin Pingzi be his granddaughter, regardless of his appearance, and they were said to be "green childhood", Baijia He has been obedient to her granddaughter. He has verified it with his own eyes. If Bai Yu and Lin Pingzi are married, although they are inconvenient, this life will definitely make Bai Yu feel comfortable.

It is a pity that this idea was vetoed by his son and daughter-in-law early. Now, if you look at the two people’s laughter, you can’t help but secretly helpless.

Bai Yan pulled Lu Ying to see his two younger brothers, laughing and snarling: "Hey pig, come to ask your brother and sister to find you the best brother in the world, you are so happy."

Before the two little dolls came, she was educated by her good health. Two pairs of round eyes looked at Bai Yu and looked at Lu Ying. Zhang Da mouth screamed loudly: "Hey, hey."

Bai Hao was very embarrassed by the screams of their ruins, and poked their chubby little faces to correct them: "Brother is calling his brother again."

Lu Ying smiled, Bai Hao corrected twice, the two little dolls finally issued a standard "brother", Bai Hao happy to sip on their faces, and then picked up one of them to Lu Yingdao: "You hug Look, soft and fun."

Lu Ying’s expression was stiff and he said: “I won’t hold it, what should I do if I accidentally hurt them?” Let him lift the stone beasts in front of the government office to be easier than holding a delicate little doll. In particular, he knows the importance of these two children to the family of the righteous father, what can be done in his hands?

Bai Yan’s face doesn’t take it for granted: “You didn’t always hold me everywhere to play?”

Lu Ying remembered the days when he first arrived in Baijia, his expression was soft as water, and that was the fastest day of his life...

Mu Peilan just turned to listen to her daughter's words, smiled and said: "You are also very embarrassed to say that Lu Ying was only a child of ten years old, he was very thin, and still

I have to run around you all day, and I don’t dare to suffocate my arm. ”

Bai said: "I didn't have a heavy weight at that time..." When she was three years old, she looked like a two-year-old baby because she was sick for a long time. She was thin and small. I can't eat enough, I don't wear warm skinny bones, but the bottom is much better than her. The difference between a man and a white cockroach is different. Bai 茯苓 did not expect that he would impose such a big burden on him.Lu Ying hesitated for a moment, reached out and patted Bai’s shoulder and whispered for her: “I’m crazy about forgetting my active arms and not doing anything.”

Mu Peilan sighed: "You are used to her." Although the language condemned helplessness, but everyone can see, she did not know how happy Lu Ying guarded her daughter.

On that night, the family dine at the flower hall regardless of the main servant. Lin Pingzi was pulled by the white ash and they were drunk in the past. The white family was sitting around and eating together before they went to the first dish. I rushed in and rushed to report, saying that it was the Sixth Highness who heard that Baige was returning to Beijing, and specially sent the insider of the Imperial Family to come and ask.

The insider’s surname is one of the most trusted people around Yang Lan, and he is familiar with Lin Pingzi. Lin Pingzi went out to welcome him.

Wen Gonggong and Lin Pingzi walked into the flower hall while seeing Bai Changshan and others, and they were very respectful. They also told the little eunuch to send a bunch of gifts.

According to Yang Lan, now equal to the status of the emperor, it is not necessary to do so. Wen Gonggong is now in the house, and only others give him a gift, but Yang’s attitude is there, and Wen Gonggong naturally does not dare to blame himself. The indifferent posture of the foreign minister was ignored, and he only left for a moment in the government office and left.

Bai Hao and Yang Lan did not have a big habit. I don’t think there is anything. Bai Changshan knows that this is Yang Yu’s sincerity and attention to him, and he has a little more affection for him.

A meal of the banquet was eaten all night long, and all the talents went back to the room to rest. When Bai Hao returned to the room, he saw a pot of flowers on the small side of the window. The flowers of Yubai Naina were blooming in the night wind, and the fragrance was overflowing. Enchanting.

The cloves and ginkgo that followed her into the room and waited for her to bathe and go to bed could not help but admire, and the ginkgo said: "The skill of the guy who is the son of Pingzi is more and more pure."

Here is the National Government. It is very difficult for outsiders to send such a large potted flower silently without disturbing anyone. Therefore, Ginkgo is only happy when Miss Lin Pingzi is not interested in other possibilities.

"Hey? Little raccoon? Sliding out to play?" Ginkgo looked around and found that the evil cat was not there, and suddenly relaxed.

Bai Yu stretched out and gently touched the delicate white petals, knowing that most of it was sent by Ganzi... Others must be in the capital, and they will touch the door tonight. I don't know where the little raccoon was taken by him? If the raccoon is in the flower, most of the potted flowers are now a residual flower.

Putting it in the past, Bai Yu must be very worried about the safety of the little raccoon, but now it is... Ganzi is not too late to ask her, she will not hurt the raccoon flower, so she is not in a hurry to find a cat, comfortable Take a bath and go to bed.

Sure enough, when she slept shortly in the night, a big devil headed in silently and found that she had not slept yet, and she had to take off her outerwear and shoes and lie down to her side to hold her firmly.

Taking a deep breath of the fragrant smell of the beautiful woman in the arms, Ganzi whispered and complained: "How come you have been in Beijing for so long, let me wait."White squatting on his arm, lazily said: "You don't have a lot of things to be busy?"

Ganzi was very dissatisfied with her attitude of not being too close, but she resisted it and did not attack. She bowed her head in the face of Bai Yan.

The white cockroaches were unbearable, and had to bury his face in his arms and circle his waist without speaking.

"The capital here only waits for the kid to complete the throne ceremony, I can leave, at most a few more months, I don't have to worry about anything else, I will only be busy with you and my relatives." Ganzi because of her initiative to get close to the mood Quickly improved.

"A few months?" The day was repeated somewhat blankly, without the following.

After a few months, most of her has been buried and buried...

Ganzi couldn't see the complicated look on her face, and whispered in her ear to tell her plan: "Do you like to hold a wedding in Beijing or in Baili Mountain, Haizhou is also good... No Huashan Wulin League can."

In the last sentence, with a cautious temptation, since the incident, the Wulin League has become a "forbidden place" that Bai Yu does not want to mention. Ganzi is not allowed to be white. Now it is forgive him, or another Idea calculation. He is eager to find out what she thinks in her heart, but she is afraid that it will make him unbearable, so he can only try this by chance.

"I haven't forgiven you yet." The voice of Bai Yu is vague.

"You will forgive me one day." Ganzi is like a swearing: "You will stay with me forever, I will be good to you, so that you will never want to leave me again."

The white cockroach did not answer, and opened his mouth and took a bite on his chest.

The next day, a lot of loyalty officials outside the loyalty government came to send a post to visit Bai Changshan, Lin Pingzi invited the white side ear to sit in the town, one by one polite reply. A lot of things are waiting for the opportunity to send a post, secretly asking the people in the government to inquire about the news.

The servants in the loyalty government are carefully selected, and all of them are from the small village managed by the outside of Beijing. It is difficult for others to find useful news from their mouths. It was disappointing and back.

However, I don’t know how many eyes in the capital looked at Bai Changshan before returning to the capital. Wen Gonggong personally went to the door to give greetings, silly.

The child understands where the wind is going to blow.

Bai Changshan has been a official in Beijing for decades, and he has a wide range of contacts. His old students and his peers are countless. Even if he deliberately low-key, some entertainment is inevitable.

However, Bai Yan discovered that although Grandpa occasionally showed signs of fatigue, he quickly planned to do all kinds of great things after reinstating. She felt that it was right to let Grandpa return to Beijing to shine, and Grandpa is far away in Beijing. What does she have? It is easier to temporarily hold the news.

When the two younger brothers grow up, they can hold his clothes corner and be naughty. Even if he knows his death, the time of sadness and grief can be shorter.In addition, she also found an opportunity to tell Lin Pingzi about her own affairs. Lin Pingzi could not accept it for a while. He sent a slogan to resign from all positions and concentrate on studying the family biography books at home. It is not necessary to find a way to crack. Also persuaded, almost said that the mouth is broken, Lin Pingzi still insisted on his own opinion.

"Life and death, I have borrowed from Bodhisattva for fifteen years. It is no good to be stubborn. I have already lived enough, and there is no regret. The more you can't let me go, the more I will be sad. Death is also not dead." Bai Yan smiled.

Lin Pingzi took a look at the ebony desk in the study room. For the first time in his life, he screamed at the white sigh: "You can live, everyone is happy, why do you give up hope early? Since you can borrow fifteen years, why? Can't you borrow another 50 years or a hundred years?"

After a moment of sorrow, the king wants you to die three times, and you can keep people to five more, not to mention that she can’t see the king’s judge and the king of the earth, but she wants to ask for it.

Moreover, Lin Pingzi really said that she was right. She never really thought about how to renew her life. From the first day of the world, she was thinking about how to complete the rescue before the 18-year-old limit. The grand project of man.

She has never seen Lin Pingzi so dark and screaming, not to mention loudly fierce her, Bai Hao silent for a while, said: "I really did not think how to fight for more years, from the beginning, I am Preparing for that day, I have done everything I want to do. It really makes me live for another 50 years. I don't know how to live..."

Lin Pingzi is speechless, and his face of hate iron is not a steel road: "You can get along with the sea pumice you like, you can have children, how can you not know how to live, how do you usually say us? You let us Individuals must learn a skill, learn how to make money, learn how to live, and raise parents to have children, do more good things, and work hard to live happily, yourself?"

Bai Hao thought for a moment, whispered; "Becoming a biological child... I never thought about going through such a day..." This is the truth, even if she is interested in finding a sea pumice to give birth, it is only for parents. Leave a thought, let them have some sustenance, instead of thinking like ordinary people, to prosper, inherit the incense, enjoy the fun of family, or toss a love crystallization with the most loved ones.

"You are willing to give up your parents who are the root of your life?" Lin Pingzi had no words.

"I can't give up. But if I want to stay, it's going against the sky, I'm afraid I have to pay a lot of money. I don't want to drag them down. The world is full of feasts. Pingzi, Yi Niang and I have accepted the reality. You don't want to worry about me any more. Life is a life, first life and then there is a phase, life is already doomed, life is born, even if I ruin my face now, it is still coming." .

If she is not a parent and she has two younger brothers, she will definitely be hard for this. Fortunately, the parents now have a new focus, she sometimes thinks, is not the Tibetan King Bodhisattva to give her peace of mind, to reverse the fate of her parents for the rest of her life.People can't be too greedy, and she can be satisfied as she is now.

Lin Pingzi didn't know this truth, but he still had a hint of luck in his heart. He slammed into the chair and smashed the eggplant like a frost.

"This matter, you don't want to say to other people, I don't want them to start worrying about me now." If she can, she hopes that Lin Pingzi does not know that she has made her mother very sad and does not want to drag others into the water.

Lin Pingzi nodded in order to die, and he agreed.

Yang Lan’s assault on the throne was carried out in a dense manner. At the same time, he spent a lot of energy on the personnel arrangement in the DPRK. Some officials who had previously relied on other superiors were swept down by a group of people. Yang Lan’s Over the years, it has been plagued by the Ning'an River. In the dark, it has not given up the mastery of various personnel information in the capital.

He deliberately exposed the air, and let the brothers think that the throne is hopeful. He was also exiled by the emperor in disguise, so everyone was eager to show their efforts to seize the hills. Because of the long-term suppression of the great emperor and the second emperor, the other emperors could grasp the network. The resources are very limited, great opportunities are in front of us, and it is inevitable that they will be crony, and each of them will rush to plug their cronies and newly recruited officials to key positions.

After the two-year-old New Year’s Eve rebellion, there were a lot of official positions in the vacancies. At one time, the martial arts exchanged blood, the new officials took up the post, and several emperors had a different mind, and the officials were busy. They are swaying each other, making the scorpion and smashing the blacks all the best.

Under such circumstances, the small scorpions left by these officials are not small. Yang Lan has been sent to secretly observe and pay attention to collect evidence materials, and now it has come in handy.

First, all the officials of the cadres were replaced with new ones. Bai Changshan was asked to temporarily manage the cadre affairs. Then, the Beijing officials who had not been approved by the emperor’s serious illnesses were re-examined and the assessment materials were incomplete. .

Everyone knows that Yang Lan is going to sweep out those officials who are in trouble, but now they are the next leaders appointed by the emperor personally, and the throne ceremony is about to be held. This time, I have chosen such a good excuse. What are they doing?

The key point is that Yang Lan has a high reputation in the private sector. In the palace, there is the support of Princess Antai. The name is just the heirs appointed by the emperor personally, and Bai Changshan leads a group of old ministers and ministers to support them. Overshadowed several other emperors.

Everything that has been done in the past few months has always been a matter of righteousness, and there is no way to refute it.

No one will be willing to be deprived of what they once had, and it will not be able to do it. It will be dark. In just a few months, Yang Lan has been assassinated for more than 20 times.

Yang Lan has no opinion. He promised to protect his safe Ganzi impatiently. Especially after Bailu arrived in Beijing, he could not wait to touch the government office every night to spend the night. Where else is the mood and the assassins toss?So he couldn't bear to go to Yang Lan and directly suggested: "There are thousands of days to be thieves. There is no one-day thief. If you want to openly deal with those wastes, it is better for me to start and smash the roots." It is the rest of the princes. Yang Lan shook his head and said: "The temple is not a river and lake. The means of assassination is not the way of the emperor. I can't see anyone who is not pleasing to the eye and find someone to kill him, so the court will be completely chaotic."

"What is the way of the emperor, in the end, but the defeat of the king, you do not want to kill them? Instead of wasting time to find the reason for the bright and upright to clean up, it is better to say nothing nonsense, as long as there is no evidence of death, who can What are you talking about?"

Yang Lan knows that he is not convinced that he will not be convinced, and he is not angry. He turned to the topic: "Can the father's condition be controlled?"

Ganzi smiled coldly and said: "Do not worry, his current situation, not to be a problem for three or five years, you can safely pretend to be your filial son."

Yang Lan looked at him and suddenly felt a little gratified. Fortunately, he was not keen on the emperor. Otherwise, it would be a terrible thing to be an enemy of such a cold-blooded demon king who is too murderous and too powerful. But I don’t know why, in my heart. There is a haze that lingers...


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