Yu Ren

By E Mei

248 Is it heaven?

248 Is it heaven?

Is 248 a sacred?

In the case of being blackmailed, Yang Lan was actually very willing, so after deliberately hesitating for a while, he took a hemispherical jadeite jade that was only lotus-shaped and carved out of his arms. He said: "There is no pearl. The same is true for you to accept this jade."

The white pheasant took over the jadeite beads that were still in the body temperature. The middle of the beads passed through a slender green silk rope. The bottom of the lotus flower was engraved with two complicated strokes. This type of font is only in some bronze bells and copper tripods. I have seen it on the seal, which is the ancient scripture here. It is similar to the ancient Chinese script. For her guy who doesn’t learn anything, it’s too difficult to identify. She thought it was a lucky charm in the palace. However, I did not find the strange look of Yang Lan’s eyes.

The white ransom was successful, and he was in a good mood. Suddenly he thought of him coming to talk to his grandfather. The nineteens did not want grandfather to do things for him. Now the emperor is seriously ill, but he can still arbitrarily arrange a few emperors who stay in the capital and his own. The cronies are in charge of the political affairs. Will Grandpa break into the water at this time, will it be dangerous?

After thinking about it, I couldn't help but ask: "Grandpa said, you should go back to Beijing soon. Are you sure?"

Yang Xiao smiled and said: "It has been a bit of a grasp for planning for so long. The father has called the ancestral hall and the junior high school member half a month ago to publicly announce which prince can find a cure for his strange disease. The method is to set him up as a prince, and he will never eat. "His smile has a faint ambiguity, and the word "father of the father" is also very cold.

Bai Yu thought of the emperor's actions, it is really difficult for his son to respect him and love him, but what is his promise of the same kind of drama?

"His illness... can't it? Or deliberately set up a bureau to lure you to be fooled?" Bai Yu thought and asked.

"Everything. I know that I have to return to Beijing in the near future. I will propose such a bait at this moment. If I can find someone who can heal him, I am afraid I don't have to say anything. The spit of the royal history can drown me." The poisonous monarch, the crime of squatting in the picture is really sitting." Yang Hao's face is no longer a smile.

It is a fact that the emperor's body is not working. After many doctors' treatments, his condition has stabilized for a while and has recently erupted again. In the face of the threat of death, everything can be sacrificed, including his imperial position and authority. Therefore, he openly announced that he would like to use the position of the Prince to exchange the cure for illness.

The disease came too eccentric. The emperor almost certainly confirmed that this was the ghost of Yang Lan and Ganzi. However, no one could try to cure the famous doctor's hand that he tried every means. Even after the illness was relieved, he repeatedly tortured him. A dilemma between life and death.

Jun has no jokes, although the promises made by the emperor are absurd, but once they are declared in front of many ancestral chambers and the cadres of the DPRK, it is the sacred purpose, and the South is repented, so all the emperors understand that they are hidden and dangerous but can not help.

The emperor had to give in at the moment of his life, but he still had to lay down a dead moment to prepare for a counterattack."I don't know if he should be smart or stupid. Does he want people to cure him, or do you want people to avoid him from dying?" Bai Yu said, there is no other person in the cabin, and there is a white house guard outside. The group guarded, she said nothing to hear from a third party.

Although Yang Lan was disappointed with the actions of his father, he even did a lot of things in rebellious crimes. However, listening to Bai Yu’s words and sayings that these criticisms are a smirk of a country, he still couldn’t help but change his face.

He secretly smiled. I really don't know how the Baijia couple taught such an unscrupulous and indifferent daughter, but he did not think that she did anything for granted.

“The father feels that only the bait is attractive enough, even if there is a risk, someone will be willing to go to the hook.” Yang Lan is like talking about other people’s affairs, and a side-by-side attitude.

Now, there are several emperors in the capital who occupy the hills. Whoever can't control them? If you want to defeat all other opponents with your own strength, you will eventually become a leader. Even if you don't know for many years, you don't dare to say that you have to win.

At this time, as long as the emperor can say a word, he can save all the battles and go straight to the sky. Who will not be moved?

Therefore, even if you know that you may be suspected or even refer to the murderer who is guilty of murdering the monarch, as long as there is a cure for the emperor's strange disease, you will still be unable to take the risk.

"His illness... is it sweet?" Bai Hao finally couldn't help but ask. The emperor's disease, regardless of the timing of the attack, or the horrible symptoms of the disease, is easily reminiscent of Ganzi.

Although this imperial emperor has nothing to be worthy of sympathy, she can think that Ganzi can even start with her own old man, and even Yang Lan is an accomplice, she feels hairy.

In history, there have been many fathers and sons who have killed each other for the throne, but once it happens to them, it is still unacceptable for those who know and are close to each other.

Yang Lan shook his head and said, "No."

That won't be you? Bai Yan saw Yang Lan’s eyes eccentric.

Yang Lan understood her meaning, and she smiled and denied: "Not me... He hates it, but I have never thought of killing him personally. When he was young, he really loved me."

"I'm sorry." White, so doubtful people are not right.

The emperor’s illness, is it true that God wants to clean up? The white skull is full of question marks.

Yang Lan stood up and said: "If you want to know, come to Beijing to attend my grand ceremony next year, I will tell you the answer."

"Rare" snorted and asked strangely: "You are so sure that you will be able to become next year."

thing? ”

"Of course, otherwise you will not disappoint your confidence in me?" Yang Lan is still the tone of the gentle joke, but Bai Hao has heard the difference, which clearly shows the confidence of the world.

Bai Yan tilted her and glanced at her: "Then I am here to congratulate you on your success. My grandfather, can he have his plan to mention him?"Yang Yan said: "You are worried that your grandfather will be involved in these things. Is it safe? I will invite him to Beijing after I stepped on the throne." To say that, this girl is afraid that his grandfather will be tired of him, not Concerned about him and his affairs, Yang Lan was a little disappointed in his heart and looked cold.

Bai Hao was debunked on the spot, and he laughed a little.

Yang Lan wanted to get along with her for a while, but she had no time for it. She had to leave without saying goodbye. When she left, she said to the white: "The jade beads are very precious. You should take care of them... don't let Ganzi see them."

“Hey? Why?” Bai Yan wanted to ask, but Yang Lan smiled and refused to answer. He turned and left.

Bai Yu thought about it. It is estimated that Yang Lan probably didn't want to know how to be jealous. Yang Lan liked her. She knew it. She estimated that Yang Lan would not have harmless her, so she did not continue to pursue this matter.

After bidding farewell to Yang Lan, the next journey was very smooth. The Bai family’s ships stopped and stopped, and soon entered the Dingzhou area adjacent to Kangzhou. The Baijia people went to the shore and changed to land, less than two days. I arrived at Changlong County, the hometown of Baichang Mountain.

During the period, Ganzi had been exploring Baiyun several times in the night. Bailu seemed to have completely forgotten the unhappiness between the two people. Ganzi’s heart was once again pleased. The time between the two people was short, but it was a little sweeter.

Ganzi is very weird about Bai’s attitude. He dare not say that he knows how to be very deep, but as far as he has seen and heard, this little girl is not a kind of generous and loyal to her. If she sneers at him, she even sneers at him. Kicking, he still feels normal. Now she has such a peaceful attitude that no bad things have happened. They seem to have returned to the first time to test the harmonious sweet time.

Ganzi is naturally happy like a fairy. Knowing that this is not normal everywhere, I often can’t help but feel some ominous premonitions.

However, his own affairs are very busy, and it is rare that he will not be awkward with him, and there is still time to think carefully about it.

Changlong County was only a small village town that was not known for decades. It was only because of a cabinet university such as Bai Changshan, so the reputation was almost louder as Bai Changshan stepped up, even though Bai Changshan was not particularly deliberate. Care, the officials of the state government are particularly valued for Changlong County. If there is anything good, first of all, it will always be pushed to Changlong County. So today, such a projectile has become a county in Dingzhou.

The Bai’s people are thin, and the Bai’s relatives in the county are full of dozens of people, many of them are new populations in recent years. These people are not particularly close to Bai Changshan’s relationship, but they are also His light, one by one, is very moist.

The Baijia family lived in Changlong County until the 15th day of the following year. They worshipped the ancestors and took the name of the two little dolls. They went on the genealogy, and they went south and headed for Haizhou.Under the white home, Ganzi was originally unwilling, but he also received news that he needed to rush to the capital to meet with Yang Lan, so he had to reluctantly leave his lover. When he left, he still remembered to be in the sixth. Returning before the month, otherwise he will personally chase the island to catch people and so on.

From Dingzhou to Haizhou, it is another month.

Haizhou, as the name suggests, is facing a vast ocean in the south of the country. The Bai family built a wharf here, formed a merchant fleet and even several large warships responsible for guarding merchant ships. Bai Shanglu’s daily management with this place, Su Mu, etc. The operation of maritime commerce and trade, looking at the local partners, is very busy.

The magnificent scenery and warm climate along the coast are very refreshing, and the Bai Changshan, along with the line, is also amazed, often playing around with Bailu. It’s just that the white ugly and Mu Peilan seem to be full of enthusiasm. I can think of my daughter’s seventeen-year-old birthday. Now that there is only one year left, I can’t help but feel sad. They don’t want Bai Changshan to discover. I don't want to make my daughter feel sad. I just put my heart on my heart and carefully cherish this last good scene.


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