Yu Ren

By E Mei

247 confession

247 confession

247 confession

The next morning, Bai’s family started from Fengshui City. Two days later, the dusk was parked at Ziyang Wharf. On the road, Bai Changshan had already said his decision with Bai Ug and Mu Peilan. The two couples had no objection and the family had used dinner on the boat. Just wait for Yang Lan to come to the door. [叶*子]【悠*悠】

Ziyang Wharf is much larger than the pier outside Fengshui City. It is the most important water and land transfer station in Kangzhou. There are many merchants from the south to the north. Even if it is already in winter, the dock is still full of passenger ships. The merchant ship is very lively.

The place with a lot of people is most suitable for fish in the water and hiding the identity. Yang Lan chose to connect with the white family in this place, presumably also to see this. The white house was responsible for buying and replenishing the shore. In the market on the side of the dock, he took a turn and brought back a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people on board, he simply let the growers pick the burden and send them to the boat. One of the hunchback vegetable gods did not know how to stay on the boat.

The white family was prepared and secretly took him to the cabin. The white family had already been there.

After the hustle and bustle had retired, the hunchback vegetable farmer slowly straightened up and took off the fight on his head. Originally, a small and humble little trader was like a timeless reincarnation. Although it was still a short coat, it was already high. Gracefulness.

The face under the fight is as smooth as jade and the rough and dark hands that are exposed outside the clothes.

Needless to say, this person is Yang Lan.

Bai Hao with his grandfather and parents rose up and greeted, but I couldn't help but think: This guy is not a brother with the bastard. He can usually wear it. Before that, she couldn't see the clue.

Yang Lan smiled and Bai Hanshan and Bai ugly couple chilled a few words, attitude is neither arrogant nor humble, it is like a spring breeze, talking and behaving like visiting a family of close relatives, but not deliberately concealing the royal power.

His eyes seemed to be unintentionally swept over the day, and his eyes were a little more gentle, but in front of the elders, he was very careful not to reveal a look that should not be there. Seeing the white eyes, the eyes are clear, it seems that there is no blame for the last time he secretly kissed, and suddenly felt a lot easier.

Bai Changshan’s heart nodded secretly. Among the emperor’s sons, the most outstanding one was indeed the Sixth Highness, especially when he no longer showed up in the face of the Playboy’s children.

Everyone arbitrarily pulled a few words and then entered the topic. The Bais and the Whites were not in the court. Some topics were inconvenient to participate, and they retired with interest, leaving Bai Changshan and Yang Lan to discuss separately.

The two men talked for more than one hour, and Yang Lan left to leave. From the beginning to the end, he did not mention talking to Bai Yu alone.

Watching him prepare to leave, Bai Yun thought of the two wishing pearls, and quickly said: "Wait, I have something to tell you."Yang Yiyi, only feels overjoyed, seeing that the white family seems to have no objection, naturally happy. He really wanted to talk to Bai Yu, but the last time they were in the Qinghe Town Inn Garden, they were said to be unhappy. He couldn’t help but add a heart to the emperor’s secret agent, so he kissed her. I wonder if she will blame him for this.

Regardless of whether it is public or private, he does not want to leave a bad impression on the white family, so he forcibly resisted not to provoke the day, but she did not expect that she would actively speak to him, even if he was to call him to swear, He is also as sweet as he is.

"The last thing, I am very sorry." After the other white family left, Yang Lan immediately opened the door to apologize.

White sighed a sigh: "You two brothers are not good things." From what happened in the back, it is not difficult to guess that Yang Lan and Ganzi were deliberately co-starring in the same day, so that the emperor thought they had turned their backs and relatively reduced the pair. Their suspicions.

With Ganzi’s disposition, even if she is acting, she will not promise to let Yang Lan kiss her, so 19 is the opportunity for Yang Lan to take advantage of the opportunity to "seek her".

Yang Xiao smiled and did not refute, but said: "We secretly cooperate, you must know... He is like you, why can you forgive him so easily?"

White has a small face and said: "Who told you that I forgive him?"

"He said that he has already brought you a kiss, and you have promised, even the dowry has been accepted." Yang Lan is extremely reluctant, but Gan Ganyan is so hard, and he is not allowed to believe. The temperament of this brother is his heart. With his pride, even if he wants to force him to retreat, he will never lie. Those who warn him not to provoke "嫂嫂" are at least true.

"In this case, I have my own reasons, not what you think, but now I don't want to explain it to you." Actually, there is no need to explain that Yang Yuding is a common friend, she and Ganzi, There was no need to tell him too much.

Yang Lan did not know the mystery in her words, but it seemed to be beneficial to him. He did not dare to ask the little evil girl in front of the details, but he had to secretly scrutinize it.

"I don't talk nonsense with you, the two pearls, do you still accept the bill?"

Yang Lan reluctantly said: "Nature is recognized."

"The two requirements I think about it, but it is estimated that I will wait until you are enthroned. I will tell you first."

"You really have confidence in me." The world believes that he can be the emperor's besides some of his cronies, only Bai Yu and Lin Pingzi. I don't know if she is confident in Lin Pingzi's technique, or is she confident in him? He hopes the answer is the latter, but the reality is usually cruel, so he simply does not ask this question.

Although Bai Xin was a little angry with him, he thought that he would have to be an emperor one day, or to give him some face, so he did not refute, just continued: "The first one

Ask, for whatever reason, don't hurt my grandfather, righteous brother, and Pingzi. If there is a dynasty, they really don't look good, let them resign and leave. ”Yang Lan’s lips moved, a similar promise. He had promised in Beijing before, but now he has added a white mountain. Now Bai Yan once again puts it forward with caution, even using one of the two wishing pearls. To put it bluntly, he didn't trust him very much. He couldn't help but feel a bit stunned. He nodded and didn't speak.

"The second requirement is to give the Baili Mountain and the three islands of the South China Sea to the White House. As for the specific three islands, it is up to us to decide. Once it is selected, it will not be changed. Anyone, including the officials of the court, will not be changed. With the permission of my family, I can't enter or restrict the free entry and exit of the white family for any reason."

This requirement is tantamount to establishing a country in the middle of the country. Yang Lan is slightly discolored, but he soon thinks that the place where the day is required, one in the northwest and one in the South China Sea, are nothing but a projectile. Laos made any threats. When he thought about it carefully, he nodded and agreed.

When he saw him on the road, he was very happy. He smiled and said: "Then we will make a decision. When you are enthroned as the emperor, I will ask people to send the pearl to you to ask for the sacred purpose."

"Do not worry, debt collectors, I will never rely on the account." Yang Hao shook his head and smiled.

Bai Yan was proud to say: "Have you ever seen a ghost with such beauty and wisdom?"

Yang Lan laughed, but soon he smiled again, as if he made up his mind and said to him: "On the same day, he was swindled and left you in the Wulin League. Although it was not my idea, I deliberately led him. Thinking about it in that direction, I am the mastermind."

White: "Why?"

Yang Lan took a deep breath: "I am jealous of him, I want you to see clearly what kind of person he wants to let you know to leave him earlier."

"You are not afraid of me going wrong? Your two brothers are really jerk" white air.

"Tsing Yi Wei also has my own people, Wang Song and he can not succeed." Yang Hao has long placed a large number of people in the Qingyi Wei hometown Wang Songhe, once the white 茯苓 really fell to the Qingyiwei hands or fierce battle There is danger in these, these people will not only start to assassinate Wang Song and will fight to protect the day and leave.

White sputum has liver pain, these two brothers are all the way, I think that as long as she is fine, it does not matter how many people die or hurt. Although it is sensible to understand that this is actually the normal idea of ​​most people who are in high positions, but Bai Yi thinks that those who have accompanied him for many years will feel cold and chilly. Those who are not only her The amount of tasks is related to the happiness of her future life, and her relatives, although in fact there is no blood relationship.

"I know that you will be sad and sad, but long-term pain is better than short-term pain. These are my self-righteousness... In fact, I am the same person as Ganzi, and I am not much better than him." Yang Xiao smiled, he wanted this. I don’t know how many times I regretted it. Although I have never seen it before, I don’t know how sad she is.Bai Hao looked down at his fingertips, and after a while, he said: "Even if you deliberately guide, he is willing to cooperate. I ask you why, I want to know why you should tell me this, to Ganzi. The temper, even if you know that you are deliberately ruined, you will not pull the following to tell me that you are leading him."

"I don't want to lie to you, even if you don't know about it for a lifetime, but I can't lie to myself. I want you to know that I am such a person, but I will try to do better than him. You have not really married him in a day. I still have a chance in the day, isn't it?" Yang Hao said.

White is speechless.

In fact, whether it is Lu Ying, Yang Lan or the thorns and spears, it is very good for her, but it is because of this, she is not willing to give them a little hope.

The two were silent for a long while, and she finally laughed and said: "This can't be done so much. You give me a wishing pearl."

"You... don't you blame me?" Yang said differently.

"Weird, so I want you to pay, and I will hand over the wishing pearls soon." White gave him a big face.

Yang Lan does not know if he should be relieved.


After being reminded, it was found that sputum and sea pumice can be used together as medicine, and the fate is fate~~~haha.

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