Yu Ren

By E Mei

246 night talk

246 night talk

246 night talk

"You have driven so far, lie down and sleep with me." White is very difficult to be considerate.

Ganzi is of course happy, but his understanding of "sleeping together" is fierce, and soon there is a vague protest in the nest: "What are you doing? Quickly stop..."

"I thought about you for a long time, is it good?" Gan Gan whispered.

"After you have been driving for a few days, you are not tired?" Bai Hao felt that this guy's energy was too strong.

"I won't be tired when I see you." Gan Yan smiled a little bit like a rogue, screaming at the effort, and his hands attacked the city and quickly sneaked into the white bedclothes and went to sensitive places.

He glanced at him and finally did not resolutely oppose it. The bastard didn't know what to do. Once the ability to open the cockroach quickly improved, she almost doubted whether he was secretly looking for someone to "practice".

However, from the enthusiasm of Ganzi’s son who could not wait to die on her, she quickly overturned her ridiculous thoughts. If this guy didn’t have a good time, he would probably not be enthusiastic to this extent.

It’s a lot of time to think about it, and he’s not too concerned about his night attack behavior.

It must be admitted that she also likes this mixed sport.

After the lingering, the two leaned together and quietly did not speak.

Ganzi seems to have some words and stops, and finally finally made up his mind: "Yang Hao said that if he wants to meet your grandfather, he should contact your family soon."

These two guys really are wacky and want to see her grandfather is planning to ask Grandpa to go out to help him?

Bai Hao just finished heavy physical work, some were drowsy, lazy and asked: "And then?"

"Then I don't want you to see him."

In the past, he will definitely use the tone of the command and the gloomy face to force the order to "not to see him."

However, this is not the same as before. Now he is still "to be guilty of sin", and he is about to fight for good performance so that Bai Bai willingly marry, and then giving her face will only force her to centrifuge completely.

This woman can be ruthless and unreasonable. He has already taught him. If she is completely disappointed with him, even if he forcibly leaves her with her, it is also a loss.

Ganzi likes the sweet, sweet and daring little fox, not the cold woman who looked coldly at him that he didn't deserve her revenge. He didn't know when he started, he would endure to give up in order to please the whites, to be stupid and even whisper.

But every time I saw the beautiful eyes of the white water, it reflected his figure. Every time I saw her stubborn and cowardly appearance, I heard her spoiled and complained to him and even made him work. Even if she only smelled the sweet and fresh smell of her body, he softened uncontrollably and could not help acting in a way that would make her happy and satisfied.

He felt that he was like a wicked but he couldn't give birth to the idea of ​​getting rid of this "evil temptation."

Bai Yan listened to his words, biting his head on his nose and said: "Small ghost, what happened to me when I met him, he is still your brother?""He is not good at you." Gan Gan said.

"You are guilty of misconduct." Bai Hao yawned and decided to ignore the unreasonable request of the big devil head and the big vinegar barrel. She didn't want to see Yang Lan more often, even if she didn't see it because she didn't want to see it, not because of the big devil. Requirements.

Opened this bad head, the big devil will definitely get the inch, and today she will not let her see this, and she will not let her see that tomorrow.

Ganzi still wants to say that Bai Hao has already snarled with his arm: "I am sleepy, you sleep too..."

Ganzi wants to wake her up and teach her the truth of the scorpion, but she looks at her face with a thick and tired face, and her stomach is irritated and suffocated. [叶*子]【悠*悠】

If she said that she would not change her mind, she should not lie to him. Although Yang Hao’s guy is really good, but the little fox wants to like him, he has long liked it, and now he will not share the bed with himself... Ganzi reaches for her thin waist.

This little girl is his, no one can take it away.

Woke up the next day, Ganzi has disappeared, and a large cluster of pink begonias in the vase on the window sill is particularly bright in the morning sun.

White 茯苓 only feels sweet as honey. This flower is naturally brought by Ganzi. Now it is winter, it is very difficult to see such a beautiful flower, and I don’t know where he got it. .

In many small details, as long as she made a clear statement, Ganzi will remember in her heart and try to satisfy her. For example, sending flowers is an example. Since the plum blossom outside the capital has won her favor, Ganzi will often send a variety of flowers.

From this point of view, Ganzi has the potential to be a good lover and a good husband, but unfortunately...

Bai Hao sighed and sighed. He suddenly heard the snoring of the little raccoon flower at the end of the bed. When he turned his head, he saw the little raccoon flower coming out of the bed and licking a pair of sly cat eyes, looking at it with a bad look. The begonias at the window.

Little raccoon is the most popular flower, especially the flowers sent by Ganzi. It is so good and funny. He stretches his hand and prepares to jump to the window to destroy the little raccoon and kiss his furry head. Road: "The little raccoon is sloppy, don't mess"

The little beavers often unwilling to scream, and a pair of round cat eyes still aim at the flowers with no good intentions. I can't do anything with it, I have to be careful.

The white family is not in a hurry, Bai Yu and Mu Peilan remember that her daughter once said that she wants to go.

Take a good look at the scenery of the world before the world, so they will stay for a few days for almost every scenic spot, let the white and white Changshan go ashore, sometimes the two couples will accompany each other.

Bai Changshan has been floating in the sea for many years. Basically, he has not left the capital. It is rare that there are children and grandchildren who are enjoying the scenery. Not only do they feel tired at the slightest, but they are spirited and seem to be ten years younger.

Of course, this is thanks to Fang Hai’s adoption in the past year.However, the other side of the sea is quite a bit of hateful iron. She has tried her best to make him a redemption. But this guy seems to have the same spirit as money. No matter how much he earns, he will inexplicably spend it in the blink of an eye, or When you are a big man, you are either a good person. Bai Hao is basically certain that he is deliberately against her.

Although I don't understand why he had to rely on her family as a slave, and refused to redeem himself as a good citizen, but no one in the White House took him as a slave. After a while, Bai Hao finally decided to give up this stubborn wood. He feels that it is a reward for her family, so let him go.

Today is still in Fengshui City, Bai Ug is accompanied by Mu Peilan in Zhuangzi, and Bai Yu and his grandfather brought the guards to Fengshui Lake outside the city to play, because they are afraid of the incident of being drugged last time, so Fang Hai Also accompanied by the side, white grandfather in front of the opportunity to face the green hills and green poetry, secretly pulled Fang Hai to one side, said: "I want some medicine that can prevent pregnancy."

Fang Hai stayed in the same place and couldn't speak for a long time.

Bai Hao was a little embarrassed by him. He bluffed: "Hey, do you give me a word?"

Fang Hai lowered his eyes and said: "Yes, but I don't have the medicine in my hand. I have to go to the city to buy a few herbs to get it."

Bai Hao put down his heart and stone, and said with pleasure: "Fortunately, you are there, but in addition to my mother, you must not tell others, that is, your mother can not get the medicine out to me as soon as possible, um... most It’s good to make a pill, and it’s good to eat once a month.”

Fang Hai nodded, promised, and refused to speak again. [Ye*zi] [Yu*you] Bai Yu does not know how suddenly he is a melancholy teenager. Is it too complicated to ask for? No, others may feel trouble, but the other side of the sea, this is just a small case.

She simply asked: "Are you having something difficult? Just listen and don't be alone."

Fang Hai shook his head and said nothing. Bai Hao never had the ability to know his sister. He had to suspend the matter for a while. Anyway, Fang Hai is the person of her family. When he wants to say it, let me talk about it.

She originally planned to borrow a child, but now she has given her two younger brothers, she no longer has to toss, and now she is only one year and two months away from her limit, in case of this The days are pregnant, and when the children die early and add a problem, the trouble is big. What is more bloody is the accident of making a corpse and two lives. It’s too sorry to reincarnate yourself. The poor child on the body.

Although she felt that the judge of the local government knew her situation, she should not make such a big oolong, but everything is still careful.

When I returned to the manor from Fengshui Lake, I saw my father’s white ugly face sitting solemnly in the hall. The white heart knows differently, so it is easy to say: “Auntie, mother and brother?”

Bai Ug heard her mentioning his wife and children, and he said: "They are behind, your two younger brothers are going to sleep, and your mother is not watching."He said that he took a letter from the side and sent it to Bai Changshan. He said: "Someone sent this letter today."

Bai Changshan has some accidents. Who knows who he can have this ability to know his whereabouts? Since the resignation of the official, he has been arrogant to avoid the emperor's suspicion. He intends to alienate his old friends from the DPRK. He has never contacted them since he left Beijing, and then looks at his son's expression. The person who sent the letter may not be very small.

White ugly waved his hand and retired the person on the hall, saying: "The letter is sent by His Highness."

Bai Changshan took a look at the letter and looked calm.

Bai Hao had heard from Yang Lan last night that Yang Lan wanted to meet her grandfather, so it was not an accident. Just look at the aunt and look at Grandpa and ask: "What does Yang Lan say?"

"He asked me to meet at Kangzi's Pier in Kangzhou." Bai Changshan's appearance is not to be cautious or happy, and Bai Xin's heart is moving. It seems that Grandpa does not really enjoy retirement as he usually does... otherwise He will not react to Yang Lan’s appointment.

The white ugly words frowned: "The Sixth Highness is too familiar with our trip." Ziyang Wharf is the next stop they are expected to park. However, when he looked up and saw that he did not know what he wanted to think about the daughter of God, he immediately became clear. It must be the reason of Ganzi. Since he knew that they would return home to worship the ancestors, it would not be difficult to calculate if they sent someone to pay attention. Out of their itinerary.

"Grandpa, do you want to see him?" asked Bai Yu.

Bai Changshan hesitated a bit, so it was easy to say: "Let's talk about it later."

Without a refusal, it is intentional to see, and Bai Yu is more and more sure of the thoughts in his heart.

When the family used dinner together, they took a break early and prepared to leave tomorrow. Bai Yan walked outside the room of Bai Changshan, and saw the room still lit.

Reaching out and knocking on the door, said: "Grandpa, can I come in?"

Bai Changshan got up and opened the door, and she greeted her into the room, licking her heart: "Why don't you rest earlier, the weather is so cold and you walk around."

"Grandpa doesn't have a break? Is there something wrong?"

Bai Changshan laughs

Shaking his head did not speak.

"Then, let me guess, Grandpa must be bothered by Yang Lan's things." Bai Yu laughed with confidence and waited for Bai Changshan to answer, and continued: "Is not wanting to return to the court, but also afraid of being used , disappointed again?"

Bai Changshan smiled bitterly: "You are a ghost, how come this many thoughts?" This is equivalent to admitting in disguise.

"It's not too hard to guess." Bai Yu proudly raised his face: "Grandfather worked hard for the emperor for decades, and finally removed the party, thinking that he could retaliate from then on, assisting the emperor to revitalize the DPRK and clean up the rule. Powerful countries and rich people, did not think that the emperor’s power was first thought of not the transformation and revival, but the expulsion of heroes, the arrogance of power, and the closeness of the villain. Instead, the government was even worse than the former authorities, so Grandpa was disappointed and resigned. Leave with us.""But Grandpa has been thinking about how to save the country and save the people in the past few years. All kinds of ideas have not been put into practice, and I feel sorry. And Grandpa still has energy and ambition, but he has to force himself to put on a celebrity who loves mountains and rivers. The style, every day worrying about only two pigs when you are hungry, when you cry, when to change diapers, so I still feel a little helpless, right?"

Bai Yu’s remarks are straightforward and frank, and it’s absolutely unbelievable. It’s a sentence that speaks to Bai Changshan’s apex, so he can’t deny it.

"What little pig? How can you laugh at your brother like this?" Bai Changshan smiled and sighed: "It’s a pity that you are a daughter..."

"I don't want to be an official to do a big job. What is the pity of my daughter? It is Grandpa, you are now in the immediate future. Any concerns may be said. Our family is only rushing for decades. Cherish now, don't leave regrets for yourself."

Bai Yu said that Bai Changshan was a little excited. He knocked on the case a few times and laughed loudly: "I have more than sixty to me, and I don't want to cherish the time. I am afraid that he will be reluctant to lie in the coffin. I think that I am more transparent than my old man. Grandpa, I am looking forward to it.

Bai Hao looked at the grandfather, and he secretly smiled: It was because my death was in front of me.

She cheered up and poured a cup of tea to Bai Changshan and asked: "What is Grandpa worried about? If you listen, I can't solve it, but also your son and daughter-in-law."

Bai Changshan does not regard Baiji as a child, but he does not care about negotiating with the younger generation. This kind of thing has a decent face, and he puts together all kinds of thoughts in his heart: "The six halls are looking for me, and I am looking for nothing." The last few points, one is the connection established by Grandpa in the DPRK in the past years, the second is the prestige reputation, and the third is the grandfather's ability to do things."

"The Sixth High School has been away from Beijing for more than a year through the disaster relief of the Ning'an River. This year, the Ning'an River has been tempered, the victims have been properly settled, and the local affairs have been rationalized. In any case, he has no excuses to stay outside. It is estimated that he will immediately He has to return to Beijing. Once he returns to Beijing, he must directly confront the emperor and several other emperors. He dared to leave Beijing, but most of the arrangements were made before, but the capital is the emperor, so he must be as soon as possible. Strengthening his own strength, otherwise the emperor will not be able to deal with him publicly because of his reputation. It is also a method that makes him aspiring and difficult to stretch or even step down."

"If I can get my help, I can secretly contact a credible friend to help me. Even if I can't openly scream for him, I can secretly block a lot of guns for him. More importantly, the imperial court is now a mess. If the Sixth Highness is to be crowned as an emperor one day, there are very few people who are trustworthy and usable."Before Bai Changshan resigned, he had arranged for a group of credible backbone students, or asked him to transfer to Beijing, or to adjust to some idle positions, to avoid them provoke jealousy in front of the emperor, and to protect them. method. At that time, the emperor was already jealous of the Bai’s party. If he did not arrange it early, I was afraid that those people would now end up bleak.

These people are a huge potential force. They have the ability and experience. They have some connections. Once they are resettled in the right positions, they will soon be able to play their role and suppress the evil spirits of the DPRK.

This point Yang Lan must have been very clear.

Bai Changshan’s official voice is excellent, and he was once the cabinet’s first assistant. If he can return to the court after Yang Lan’s ascension, the benefits for Yang Lan are obvious. He is in need of such a heavyweight to suppress the forces in the DPRK.

Bai Changshan served as a cabinet university for more than ten years. He was very familiar with the operation of the political affairs. Although several chapters on reforming the tax system and strengthening the people and enriching the people were not implemented, they also caused great repercussions in the ruling and opposition. Such a person with superior business ability will be willing to hire as long as the emperor is normal.

"Grandpa is not worried, Yang Hao, he just used you to go to God, sit on the mountain, and in the future, like his father, now, he has the power to monopolize, and see the world as a dog." Bai Hao listened to the introduction of Bai Changshan Asked.

Bai Changshan smiled and said: "I did have this doubt, but after listening to your child's words, suddenly it suddenly became clear. Life is alive but seeking innocence, for what it is, even if it is used again, at least Grandpa I have tried my best, even if I am so ruined, I am dead, and I have no regrets in my heart."

When he heard this, he suddenly said his eyes: "Grandpa, don't say anything about death, no matter what happens, save your life and say that you will stay in the mountains without seeing the fire. See the situation is not right, we Just like the resignation of the past, you should never learn the stupid things like those who are too long."

Bai Changshan smiled: "Yes, grandfather can't even hurt you if you don't think about yourself."

"Well, this is the second thing that Grandpa is worried about. Most of the time, I am afraid that I will be tired of us." Bai Hao suddenly grasped the key points.

"You don't have to worry about this grandfather. We are going to take a look at our new home when we go out. When we live on the island, the emperor can't find us even if they want to catch it. Are you afraid of him?" If the emperor is Yang Lan, I still have the same life-saving thing. "White is proud of the ocean.

"Oh? What?" Bai Changshan was curious.

"The secret can not be leaked" Bai Yan thought of the two small pearls, he must ask for the two requirements before Yang died, or it would be too cheap to waste him. On the way she came, even the requirements have long been good. It is.

Bai Changshan saw that she didn't want to say it, and she stopped asking, and turned to curiosity about other things: "Hey, you seem to be a guesthouse for the Sixth House tonight..."Bai Hao calmly nodded: "Pingzi said that he has the king's hegemony. In the future, he will almost go wherever he goes. When the emperor has a much greater chance than other people. If Grandpa has the ambition to show his ambition, he must choose someone who can become an emperor. Come to assist."

"Is it true that the theory can be taken seriously?" Bai Changshan did not agree.

"Pingzi said, at least ** is credible." Bai Hao is very confident in Lin Pingzi's big god stick.

Bai Changshan looked at the granddaughter under the lamp, like a beautiful woman, and sighed in her heart.

Yang Hao has seen him several times, and he is very impressed. Unfortunately, he is a prince. He may even be an emperor in the future. Otherwise, he is a natural pair with his granddaughter.

It’s also that these two people have no fate, but they are cheaper than the grasshoppers.

However, Bai Changshan knew that Sun's daughter's disposition could not adapt to the royal life. However, the grasshoppers like the sea pumice would probably not care about her deviant and frankness. I hope that the kid really knows how to cherish his granddaughter, and don't let her sad again.

Bai Hao came out of the grandfather's room, and a bright moon in the sky had risen to Zhongtian. She suddenly remembered the holding of the Qiuhai in the room. She couldn't help but scream for a bad, and she couldn't take care of the moon. She ran off the skirt. go back.

But it was already late. There was no shadow of Begonia in front of the window. There was a vase of four-and-a-half cracks under the window, and a residual flower with leaves and leaves was left. The little raccoon was smug on the table and licked its claws. Ginkgo feared the evil cat. I went into the room and picked up the broom and stood outside the door and smiled.

White hate hate knocking on the little raccoon flower, airway: "You are a bad cat"


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