Yu Ren

By E Mei

234 green eyes, I like it!

234 green eyes, I like it!

(bxzw. If you can, the day is very willing to beat the sea pumice, but considering the difficulty and risk of the actual operation, you have to give up. bxzw.

The less than two years left, she can't be wasted on entanglement with the bastard. She still has a lot of big things to finish. For example, the "green eyes" dating from the stone slope outside Beiguan City today is one of them.

Although Bai Shanglu repeatedly persuaded her not to be in danger, she felt that it was necessary to see the green eyes in person to determine the extent of their cooperation.

This is related to the livelihood of everyone in the White House in the future, can not be treated with care, and she is consciously watching the Tibetan King Bodhisattva below, she will not have any big problems before the age of 18, so it is even more fearless.

Bai Ugly and Mu Peilan couldn't bear to be too rebellious to limit her, so I specially invited Bai Ada and other four people to accompany me personally, so she went.

The stone slope is in the west of the north of the city, and the nearby area is the plain of the grass. It can even clearly see the north gate city. It is still within the control of the northern army of the town, and it cannot be ambushed. Bai Shanglu chooses this place as It is also a lot of painstaking to meet the meeting place.

Bai Hao sat in the carriage and had a chat with Bai Shanglu outside the car. He suddenly thought of this question: "When you choose to meet here, do you think that this meeting will be dangerous?"

Bai Shanglu nodded: "The Tianying is very famous here in this place. His appearance is obvious. The person in the fruit department must have known his existence. He is not malicious to us, but it is difficult to prevent the stab. The people out of the North Guancheng are the barbarians of the world, they are good at bow and horse, come and go like the wind, can not help."

The facts behind it show that Bai Shanglu gave birth to a crow mouth...

The ebony carriage slowly came to the slope of the stone. Here, more specifically, it was a small mountain bag of big stones. Bai Ashi and Bai 13 who came to explore the road first stood on the top of the hill and looked around to confirm the vicinity. There are no suspicious people.

Bai Hao only wants to turn a big eye on their nervousness. The modern head of state travels, and the security guards are not as exaggerated as she is. Bxzw.

Seeing them coming, Bai 13 and Bai A dozens of greetings, turned over and jumped directly from above, ran to the front of the white car, smiled: "Miss, there is no half of the ghost shadows nearby, it should be no problem."

As he said, Bai A Shi shouted on the top: "There was someone in the north who came over and brought the flag of the Eagle." "It’s very early, now it’s half an hour away from the appointed time...” .

In the distance, the sharp sands rolled and the horseshoes rumbling. The apparently coming people were not in a minority. The smile on the white face was screaming and shouting: "Be careful! These people have problems, call A Shi down, let's first Retired and said!"

Others listened to her crying like this, and they couldn’t wait to think carefully about what happened. They did not hesitate to act in accordance with the words of Bai Yu.Bai Shanglu took out the fireworks promised by the Zhenbei Army and threw it on the ground. Soon the fireworks slammed into the sky and thundered the general explosion. Everyone took the armor helmet from the saddle bag and kept going to the north. Run in the direction of the city.

The white horses are all good picks, especially the ones that are used to pull the white horses. They are well-trained. Although the carriage affects the speed, they run hard and are no more than ordinary people. Slow.

Living in a place like Beiguan City, other methods that are not dare to say but the life of the enemy are to be practiced very skillfully. A horse-drawn carriage of the White House and an eight-riding guard are not in a hurry.

The original man was still two or three miles away from them, and he couldn’t catch up with it at one time. However, the white family cared for the speed of the white horse carriage and never let them leave. Fortunately, not far from Beiguan City, they ran to When Beiguan City was under, the mustard personally led a team of Zhenbei troops to pick up the city.

He waved his hand, and the team was neatly separated to let Bai Hao and so on retreat to the gate of the city. At this time, the situation was in jeopardy, and it was too late to confess what. He only ordered the archers in the city to prepare.

The white family all breathed a sigh of relief, and they saw the chasing soldiers in the back. When they ran in, they discovered that those people were born one by one, and the clothing was not the attire of the eagle. It may be that the identity was seen. The Skyhawk banner was also left in the middle of the road. Bxzw.

The other side chased all the way to the north of the city, see the town of the northern army, the military is neat, the arrow is on the string, the knife is out of the sheath and waiting there, have been holding the horse hesitant, whether to go to the first battle.

At the time of the stalemate between the two sides, the smoke and smoke in the distance rose again. Another team of cavalry officers holding the flag of the Eagles rushed in. The team did not talk to them, and they screamed and started to fight. Soon the true and false Skyhawks were in the north. The city is under fierce battles.

Bai Hao walked down the carriage and asked Bai Shanglu to pull her on the horse to see the situation.

Later, the number of Skyhawks was slightly less than that of the previous ones, but each one was brave and very brave. The False Eagles who had previously chased them were not weak, and the two sides were difficult to win.

Bai Yu said to the white merchants behind him: "We went to ask the mustard to help, and grab the people who just chased us!"

Bai Shanglu hit the horse and went to the side of Bu Yu, and he said it, and the mustard was not nonsense. Immediately, he shouted and shouted that the city’s northern army would rush to the front.

The two sides who are fighting together are not as many as the Zhenbei Army. These soldiers are long-term battlefields. They joined the battle group and the situation immediately reversed completely. However, within two quarters of an hour, the killing sound gradually stopped. Or if you are injured or beaten, or you are killed on the spot, or you are escaping, no one is sitting still right away.

Later, the team of knights took up the weapons under the command of the leader. The leader ran a few steps and talked with the mustard. He told others to take a break.

As soon as I was on standby, I walked toward the gate with the mustard.This man is the thorns and spears that he has not seen for more than a year. He sat in the distance and saw the white cockroaches safely standing by the carriage. There was a strong joy in the green eyes, regardless of the horses being trot, jumping over and jumping. After dismounting, a few arrows rushed to the front of the white scorpion, holding her in her arms, happy: "God bless, Miss Dear, you are safe and true!"

His slang is very fluent, but he still carries a unique squeaky sound, which sounds very sweet.

Most of the Baijia people are familiar with him, and they have no precautions. I didn’t expect this kid to be a sorrowful sorrowful sorrow when they came up. When they reacted, they would swear to block, but they saw that there was nothing angry about it, but they took a shot. He smiled and said: "I'm fine, you let me loose it first... you are all sand..." There is blood, and the smell makes her faint.

The thorns and the spears are very obedient, a password and an action, immediately release the white scorpion, retreat two steps and a sigh: "I'm sorry, sorry."

If someone dares to hug her without permission, Bai Hao will definitely ask him to find him to find his teeth, but the thorns and the spears... She feels like a foreigner’s meeting, not offensive. There is no mourning, so I don't care.

Look at him so obedient, more satisfied.

This is the first time that Bai Yu saw the thorns and spears after he recovered. Before she left Beiguan City, he still had to rest in bed and could not stand up. Now he really feels his tall and strong, she stands. It’s straight to his shoulders.

His body recovered well. Before the pale weakness and even the shadows could not be seen. This year's security career, his skin became a healthy honey color, the muscles of the trunks of the limbs were picked up, and the clothes were almost broken. .

The black long hair is tied up in a bundle and hangs behind the shoulders. A pair of green eyes burns pure enthusiasm and joy. The white cockroaches suddenly think of the "green eyes" on the Baili Mountain. When they see her, they look like this, no matter how they are to others. Ferocious, facing her forever so docile and docile, and even pleasing.

This is awkward and honest green eyes, she likes it the most!

She turned her head and pointed her finger at a group of fake eagle eagle and asked: "Who are these people, do you know?"

The thorns and spears shouted: "They are the people of my thorny tribe. I have a spy and I know that I am coming to see you today. I want to pretend that I am catching you." Fortunately, you are fine, otherwise I, I ... "Speaking of raising his hand without hesitation, he gave himself two punches.

He was really scared when he got the news and brought him in. If the white is hurt, he will die and he will not forgive himself.

Bai Hao also guessed a general, looking at the security guards of the Skyhawk in the distance, said: "Now the North Gate City is playing outside, it is inconvenient for your men to enter the city, I have something to talk to you, you Let them go back first, are you going with me to Bailishan?"Bailishan has no problem in hosting these people, but now the situation is tense. She wants to take the big team of barbarian coalition forces to sway through the city. They will be very embarrassed, especially now they have a new Zhenbei general Matang.

The thorns and spears did not want to say no to their heads. They immediately went back to tell their brothers to go back to the camp to wait, and they took the horse and the white horse into the city.

Bai Xiaoxiao asked him: "You are not afraid that I will drive you into the city to sell?"

The thorns and spears shook their heads: "Miss Dear will not harm me. I am not afraid of where you want to take me."

The white heart was full of enthusiasm, almost wanting to reach out and touch his head to praise the "truth". "The person who stabbed the fruit still refused to let you go. What are your plans?"

On the surface of the thorn fruit euonymus, it is very different from the sullen and sullen, rigid: "I don't intend to let those who harm me and my father!"

What is a hit? This is it!

Bai Yan smiled even more openly: "What are you going to do? Now your strength is against the entire thorn fruit department, not enough..."

The thorn fruit spear whispered: "Not the whole thorn fruit department, I have to deal with it, just the big priest and my good brother!"

The last few words, he said almost gnashing his teeth.


This is awkward and honest green eyes, she likes it the most!

Xiaobai’s “green eyes”, I also like ~~bxzw.


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