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230 My time is precious

230 My time is precious

On the way back to Bailishan, Bai ugly took the time to ask Bai A two to ask him all the white family to retreat. What happened on the picking star ridge, the daughter did not cry like this when they met them last time.

Bai Ai is also very confused. He was hiding on the Xingling Mountain on the same day. The development of the situation is the same as that expected by the day. The sudden emergence of the people of the Wulin League is a matter of direct attack on the Star Ridge. The people escaped most of the time because of the white reminder.

The people of Tsing Yiwei searched in the yard and found the sneaky scorpion. They learned that the white scorpion was hidden in the secret room. The leader of Tsing Yiwei knew that the organ of the secret room had been wrongly activated three times, and the passage would collapse. His task was to catch the white cockroach, so Do not dare to act rashly.

They quickly found the entrance to the secret room to make people break from the outside, trying to break into the door. There was a sudden commotion in the Wulin League Villa, and then the sea pumice took people to attack. The people in Qingyiwei rushed to think of the white family left from Houshan. The passage of the passage was withdrawn, only to find that the lower half of the rope ladder had been destroyed by the righteous people who later retreated.

As a result, the two sides fought a fierce battle. Finally, Tsing Yi Wei fell into the hands of the sea pumice and was detained.

After the end of the battle, the sea pumice immediately rushed into the room and opened the organ into the secret room. Soon the lady came out, and then it looked like nothing, but it made people feel uncomfortable.

White ugly listened to frowning, and her daughter would have been so wrong with the sea pumice. When her daughter had been willing to go to plant a child, the couple felt that it was not right. The pumice stone was not a good thing, and they all expected it. It’s just that her daughter’s feelings for him are obviously deeper than she thought, otherwise she will not be sad and sad.

The girl’s heart, he did not ask, he had to wait until he returned to Bailishan, let his wife guide her.

What makes the white ugly accident is that the low mood of the white cockroaches seems to be much better after crying, and it has returned to the former happy appearance. After a few days, when the pedestrian arrived at Baili Mountain, even the white peony and the white fruit. The maid who was from her side could not see what was wrong with her.

Bai Changshan was old, and Mu Peilan had a big belly. Both of them stayed in the mountain hot spring valley and waited for the daylight. They were naturally happy when they met, and they also had a tacit understanding of the sea pumice.

The family was having a good meal and had a reunion dinner. Bai Changshan touched his beard and said: "A few days later, it’s a birth, we have to celebrate it."

White ugly, Mu Peilan and Bai Yu listened to these words are a slight change, Bai Yu first recovered, smiled: "The grandfather must give me a big gift or wait for the brother to be born, you will definitely be biased of"

Bai Ug and Mu Peilan thought that my daughter would soon have a 16-year-old birthday, and she was close to the limit. She couldn’t smile because of her heavy feelings.

Fortunately, Bai Changshan's attention was attracted to the past by Bai Hao, not paying attention to their dark face.

"No, no, what you want, is the moon in the sky, Grandpa also wants to find you." Bai Changshan thought of the grandson who was about to be born, his eyes were smiling, and he only felt that there was no regret in life."Then I have to think about Grandpa. Have you seen Platinum yet? There are Wangcai, Afu, Feifei them... Hey, the little raccoon has left the Baili Mountain for so long, and now he must go to bully Wang Cai, Ah Blessed." Bai Yu tried to shift the attention of Bai Changshan, and later said that he simply pulled up Bai Changshan and went outside.

Now that it is at night, fortunately, the hot spring valley has geothermal heat here, the climate is warmer than the outside, so it is not very cold to walk outside.

Bai Changshan is happy to have a grandson and daughter, and walk in the valley with one old and one young. The white whistle blows the whistle, and calls the evil dogs such as Wangcai and Afu, but sees the little raccoon standing on the back of the most powerful Wangcai, a look of arrogance, Wang Cai and Afu, etc. It’s a bit embarrassing, apparently just being bullied by a bad cat.

However, seeing the masters who have reunited for a long time, Wang Cai is excited again, and they are surrounded by shackles and squats, and they use their saliva to shake their tails and please.

Before Bai Changshan, I saw these evil dogs wandering in the forests of the hot springs. I felt a little scary from afar. Now I am surrounded by a bunch of people, and I can’t help but feel the world.

Fortunately, these evil dogs did not make any vicious and unruly behavior. Bai Yan saw his grandfather’s face slightly unnatural and snorted: “Sit down all”

The group of evil dogs turned out to be a password and an action, and they were very obedient and circled around them.

Bai Hao reached out and touched the head of Wangcai, pointing to Bai Changshan: "This is my grandfather. You must be jealous in the future. Don't yell at him, do you know?"

Wang Cai snorted and bounced his tail to Bai Changshan, and Bai Changshan was ridiculous.

I introduced my own dog one by one. The white dress and a dress have been completely scrapped. The upper part is covered with dog's saliva. The white must first go back to the room to wash and change clothes.

When she washed the hot spring bath and changed into a new dress, she saw her mother had been sitting at her bed waiting for her.

Bai Hao knows that she can lie to many people, but she can't lie to her mother. She walked over and squatted at her side and grievances: "Mother, I miss you and my brother." Touch the belly of Mulan's uplift.

Mu Peilan touched her long hair and said softly: "We also miss you very much. Your grandfather is also worried about you, but I dare not ask you half a word... How are you doing these days?"

Bai Yan flat and flat mouth: "Do you want to ask the sea pumice? Right? The big bad guy, he lied to me, he is good to me, they are all out, I will not see him again."

I can't stop it in my eyes.

"Well, you can't see him again."

. How did he lie to you? Do you really think that our white family is a good bully? "Mu Peilan's beautiful eyebrows are gently picked and angered."The sea pumice is a good martial arts high, but if they want to do their best to be with him, it is enough to make him a headache. He wants to be a good martial artist and a cult leader? They have a lot of ways to make him sleepless. Regardless of the church or the rivers and lakes, the hidden forces of the White House cannot be underestimated. In particular, the emperor and the sea pumice are now in a state of flux. He has just re-emerged to take power. Although his status is far more stable than before, he is not incapable.

Bai Hao shook his head and said: "No, things are gone, forget it."

"Forget it?" Mu Peilan is very surprised, this is not like what the daughter will say? Could she not forget about the kid?

Bai Yu saw what the mother thought and smiled. "There is a time when the enemy can report it. It is not worthwhile to spend that time and energy. My time is precious. I don't want to waste it. And, revenge him. It is very dangerous. Everyone in Baijia is very important to me. I don't want them to have a little damage because of this kind of thing."

She sighed softly: "I was really angry and resentful at the time, but when I saw you and your aunt, I suddenly felt that those were not important. I only have two years left and I can't afford to waste. The past No matter who is right or wrong, let him go. I still have a lot of things to do, and there are still a lot of blessings to enjoy. A bastard, why let me spend time remembering him and retaliating against him? Even if he really Fall, what good is it for me?"

Mu Peilan was really relieved this time, but she thought that her daughter had two years of yang life, and her brow wrinkled up. She smiled bitterly: "It seems that we are more concerned, you are the most open one among us." ""

"Life is too short, I have to be happy every day, and my mother and grandfather are the same, whether or not I am around, I have to live happily. Mothers don't frown, otherwise my brother gave birth to a bitter face. I won’t lie to the little girl later."

Mu Peilan was said to be crying and laughing, and she reached out and poked her eyebrows: "You..."

The family put down the knot and looked forward to the arrival of a new life in Mu Peilan’s belly. The production period is in February, it is the season of spring blossoms, and the barbarians outside Beiguan City are beginning to feel restless.

Lu Ying has been away from Beiguan City for more than a year. The Zhenbei Army is still there. Several of the leaders are also veterans who have fought in battle. The barbarian has been raided several times before Lu Ying left. The stronger tribes are either beaten. Remnant or turn to cooperate with Beiguan City to start a business, but it is okay.

However, with the move of a new tribe called the thorn fruit section in the north, this balance was broken and the situation began to undergo subtle changes, and at this time, the capital sent a new general to guard the place.

This person's name is Ma Tang, who is the family of the four emperors. He was born in the martial arts. Before Mao Zexia's family was big, the days of these two and three dynasties were relatively bleak. The military department is mixed.Until recently, the weather in the capital changed, the emperor was seriously ill, and several emperors lived up. They all secretly promoted their cronies. The emperor also knew these things, but once he had no energy, the two of them stood for their own sake. The emperor must do his best to do things for a period of time, and the factions can also supervise each other's checks and balances, so he will be able to agree.

The reason why the four emperors' hands reach the Beiguan City thousands of miles away is also that the barbarians in the vicinity have been suppressed by Lu Ying. They can't afford any big waves in a few years, so they have the heart to let their cronies mix here. After a year and a half, I can rely on my credit to rise and rise.

When Lu Ying left, he left his mind and asked a few confidants to take some war reports and complain to the court. If you deepen, you will be impressed by the situation, so that you will regain the military power of Beiguancheng in the future. Doing the introduction - the turbulence of the border city will require the general to be stationed.

The country has always thought that Beiguan City is the place where the tigers and wolves are located. (Before Lu Yinglai was here, it was indeed), but the four emperors got secret reports, knowing that the place was actually very safe, so they started this kind of thinking.


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