Yu Ren

By E Mei

224 female overlord's hot nature

224 female overlord's hot nature

224 female overlord's sultry true color

There is a huge ebony plaque hanging in front of the main hall of the Wulin League. The four gold lacquer characters are written in the book, and the plaque is the first generation of the Wulin League. It has a history of more than 100 years. There have been some peeling and fading, but it does not affect the majesty of the plaque, but it adds a little bit of simplicity and solemnity.

Bai Hao walked into the hall under the support of his own guardian maid. When he passed the card, he couldn’t help but look up and look at his eyes. The heart said: You hang up the natural glory, but those of you later may not be able to get it. Start these four words.

The hall is full of people, the elders of the Wulin League and the members of the martial arts who are temporarily living in the Wulin League. There are also people from nearby to hear the news and the people of the Wulin League. The people from the Wulin League look at the clothing. The most popular is Wuyunmen. The people who fly with the Qionggong Palace accounted for a total of ten out of four in the hall. The look of Liu Wanjin and a middle-aged beautiful woman in the lead were not good.

That Liu Yiyi and Hua Yinghan stood by them, and they mourned, but they saw white sorrow. The expression of the white flower-like grievance immediately turned into hatred and schadenfreude.

The middle-aged beautiful woman's appearance is similar to that of Huaying Han. It should be the mother of flowers and shadows.

There are also many disciples in the Jitangtang. They are obviously accounted for by Yue Laosi and Han Baizi. They are to support the Baiji, but they are all disciples with low grades. Most of them look anxious.

The elders of several martial arts leagues were dignified, and there were also several elders who supported Wu Yunmen and other "opposition" faces in a cold and cold eyes.

The strange thing is that the people in the Situ family in Jizhou only came to the cat three or two, and Situ was not present.

The former martial arts lord was indifferent to the red land, but the faint excitement in the eyes could not be concealed.

Bai Yan only knows these people. Other people who are kind or malicious in watching her don’t know or care.

On the other side of the hall, standing with a young man in a smug blue shirt, hand-cranked the fan, posing a very romantic posture, faintly facing the people of the Wulin League.

The young man followed a dozen of Jinyi guards. The body was like the guardian costume of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. One of the guards stood in a large wooden box and stood still. The rest of the people guarded him carefully, but I didn’t know the big wooden box. Put something in it and make them so cautious.

Bai Hao secretly frowned, she heard that the capital is now a few emperors of the emperor, Yang Lan is out of the limelight in the disaster, I think these emperors have some thoughts in their hearts, it seems that this time things are not so easy for Wu Yunmen and others to think that she is so simple .

Since seeing the white scorpion, the young man of the silk shirt has revealed a gloomy expression with a sullen face, and found that the white gaze passed over him and blinked at her more contemptuously.

Bai Yu was bored in his heart, only to disappear, and he walked to the great elders of the Wulin League to gather for the ceremony. He said: "I have seen the elders."The elder is the oldest in the martial arts league and is fair and sincere. Although he also believes that most of the sea pumice has died, he still respects and maintains the white peony. He also agreed to the requirements of Yue Laosi and others. One year later. Re-elect the new ally to show respect for the sea pumice.

Therefore, Bai Hao is very polite to him. After all, one more helper, especially the heavyweight helper, will only benefit her.

The elders got up and returned, and they looked suspicious and sorrowful. They sighed with a sigh: "I have to take the opportunity to ask Miss Bai to go down. There is something that you must confirm..."

The elders seemed to think that things were a bit difficult to say. They shook their heads and brought the day to the young man in the silk shirt: "This is the guest of the Three Emperors' House, and Zhou Wenhua Zhou, who is said to be ‘hundred miles without a trace.’

Bai Hao knows that most of today's things are related to this Zhou Wenhua, a faint "oh", then don't open your face, a cold attitude that does not want to pay more attention.

Zhou Wenhua’s eyes flashed a stunned look. His identity as a guest of the Three Emperors’ Court was enough for him to be a stalwart of the martial arts. He was a great elder. Even if he was disdainful to him, he would also like to be polite. .

But this identity has arrived in front of the day, it is totally not enough to look at, not to mention the pile of identity of a person who is taller than a high-ranking relative, the title of her own Jingyi County, the grade is higher than him, if it is Meet other occasions, he is not a grade of the emperor, the guest of the Crown will also bow to her.

Any man was blatantly disregarded by the beauty, and his heart was inevitably angry. Zhou Wenhua thought of his own intentions and suddenly shook.

He raised his head and said: "Zhou is visiting today, but he was asked by the three emperors to send back the corpse of the Haimeng master."

Although Bai Ding was still alive, he couldn’t help but tremble a little. He couldn’t help but look at the big wooden box that Zhou Wenhua was protected behind.

The wooden box is square and it is impossible to install a corpse, either ashes or the first level.

If it is ashes, it will be meaningless to send it. The martial arts people will be foolish and deceived, and they will not easily recognize a box of gray as their own lord...that is... the first level?

Bai Yan felt that she had some difficulty breathing. She suddenly remembered that the sea pumice had cut off the first level of the two men and sent them to the emperor to provoke the provocation, but soon forced herself to calm down.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, you’re in the middle of others’ calculations.

Bai Yan’s gaze slowly moved away from the big wooden box, looking coldly at Zhou Wenhua, who was smugly admiring her dramatic change. She fixed her mind and calmly asked: “Where did the corpse find it? ?"

Other people in the hall are a little surprised and calm with her, listening

It’s very strange to be able to calm down so quickly after this bad news. Many people, especially Wu Yunmen, who are more or less involved in today’s affairs can’t help but drum up, is she really sure that the sea pumice is not dead? ?"Nature is found in the Devil's Caves of the Demon. It has been turned into a ruin. After the incident, the Demon has blocked all the areas, secretly sent people to search and discover, and finally found the head of the Haimeng Master. I hate those devils. The demon man cut off the head of the Haimeng master and planned to hang it in the general altar of the demon, and burned his body. Zhou accidentally learned the matter and asked him to the Three Halls. Respect, so I sent Zhou to bring a group of masters to sneak into the demon to steal the remains of the Haimeng master and return them to the martial arts league for proper placement." Zhou Wenhua said very smoothly, obviously this rhetoric has been repeatedly scrutinized in his heart. .

The white cockroach did not move, and continued to ask: "The corpse of Ganzi, the devil can be found?"

Zhou Wenhua, a glimpse, did not understand why she was concerned about the corpse capital of Ganzi, but I thought that since the sea pumice stone entered the Devil's Cave and Ganzi decisive battle, the two people should be close to each other, so they nodded: "Nature found ""

"Why didn't you hear that the demon religion has been mourning?" Bai Yu asked, many people in the Wulin League really expressed doubts.

Yes, if the demon teacher found the corpse of the leader, it is really necessary to hold a funeral ceremony and formally mourn, but so far no news has come out. This is totally unreasonable.

Zhou Wenhua was asked to live, but he was also a bit eager to hesitate. After hesitating for a moment, he had already reacted. He raised his eyebrows: "The devils can never reasonably infer everything, knowing what problems they have inside, or Is there any intrigue? The testament of the Haimeng master is that Zhou and a group of masters have lost their lives before they are stolen from the demon religion. If Miss Bai does not believe, he can personally examine it."

Their intention today is to sit down on the fact that the sea pumice has died, so that the white priests will surrender the lord's tokens and leave the Wulin League. They are expected to have a slap in the house, and they can't really look at the head of a dead person. Moreover, the first level they sent high-handed hands and feet, it looks like the appearance of the sea pumice, even if there is a slight It’s not surprising that it’s different.

The first level of use of drugs can not be rotted so far. After so long, some deformation is normal.

Isn’t it necessary to see the dead body of the sea pumice to admit his death? Let her see enough now.

Liu Wanjin and Hua Xingxue sneered, and in their eyes, Bai Yu is an ignorant daughter who does not see the coffin without tears. The beauty of his identity is to take away the grandchildren of their granddaughter and daughter, and now they even bite the pumice stone. Undead, hindering their affairs, even if she is of high status, they dare not really treat her, but scared her, scared her, and dared to continue to stay in the Wulin League, they are very happy.

Zhou Wenhua’s words have been exported. Sure enough, everyone’s eyes are on the white scorpion. Some people are gloating, some people can’t stand it. The news that a weak woman accepts her fiance’s tragic death is cruel, and she needs to check the fiance’s first. Level, it is too difficult for people to be too strong.Putting two roads in front of the day, one is asking others to check it out. The result is that the news that the sea pumice has died is confirmed. Then she can no longer stop the Wulin League from selecting the new ally for any reason, and also leave the qiyuan. What is more, it will be questioned about the whereabouts of the Wulin League's tokens and the way the Chamber of Secrets is opened. The second is to personally see if the first level in the wooden box is the sea pumice stone, and then make a calculation.

Bai Yu’s life in a modern society with a stable civilization, blood is rare, let alone the head of the dead. In this life, although the people around him, including the mother-in-law, were murderous and non-good, they lived most of the time. The border town that borders the barbarian, but has been well protected, has not seen too bloody scenes, let alone touch the terrible things like the first level of the residual limb.

To be honest, she was scared, afraid of the dead man itself, and was afraid to find that it was really a pumice stone. However, because of fear, it stirred up the arrogance of her temper, and smiled coldly. "Well, you have made such a big squad, isn’t it like I look at this first level?"

Since the opening of the sea pumice, she has always been a delicate and fascinating image of Miss Qianjin. No one in the hall would think that she dared to so surely want to personally check the first level, and looked at her in the look of surprise. Admire also

Some people conceived: Haimeng’s wife’s vision is really good. It’s some women in the rivers and lakes. In the face of such things, she is so calm and bold. If the Haimeng master is really dead, she can The lady is not worthy of this life.

Zhou Wenhua was also disturbed by her calmness, but today's business, there is no turning back to the bow, and things can only continue.

His face gloomy and glanced at the guards holding the box behind him. The waiter took the box and went to the big case in the middle of the hall. He opened the lid and the wooden box slammed open to reveal the middle of the binocular. Close the head of the hair unkempt...

The hall was suddenly excited, and the person who saw the outline of the first-level facial features couldn't help but take a cold breath. Who isn't the sea pumice?

Liu Yiyi and Hua Yinghan grabbed two steps and couldn't help but wow and cried.

Zhou Wenhua was very satisfied with this effect. One pair of eyes couldn’t help but squat in the direction of Bai Yu. Before I came to see myself, the third hall heard about the name of the martial arts leader’s fiancee, and the face looked very interested... this beautiful now It’s all a matter of sorrow. If you can find a way to let this woman voluntarily invest in the embrace of His Highness, it is definitely more than the control of the Wulin League.

Although this beautiful child is the fiancée of Hai Pumice, it is said that it has not been officially hired. It is not too difficult to cover this paragraph.

Her identity is what the Queen's Empress also deserves. If she wins her, she will be supported by Bai Changshan, Lu Ying, Princess Antai, etc. Princess Antai is the only sister of the emperor. The weight, Bai Changshan has retired, but many officials in the capital are her old students, Lu Ying in the military's prestige is extremely high, with their support, this throne is still not handy to get it?He turned his minds into a variety of ambiguous ideas, but he was surprised to find that the white enamel was not as eclipsed as he imagined, even crying and crying, but he went to the big case with great calmness.

Liu Yiyi and Hua Yinghan both squatted on the shore and cried: "Hey brother, you died so badly"

"You let me go, I haven't cried as a fiancee. Why both of you are so excited?"

In a word, Liu Yiyi and Hua Yinghan are both ashamed and annoyed. The two women are some of the city's abundance. They have resisted the fact that they have not rebelled against their lips and silently retreated to their parents. Liu Wanjin and Hua Xuan Xue saw their own juniors being humiliated and more and more I hate white sorrow, but what people say is also reasonable. It is not good to care about her under the public.

Liu Wanjin’s tone is stiff: “Miss White may want to see it clearly, so as not to delay the major events of our Wulin League.”

Hua Hyun Snow faked the road: "Miss White Festival is mournful, you are young and beautiful, and your family is good. You will be able to make another wishful prince, so as not to delay this great good."

Bai Hao only sang when they sang, and they ignored it. They stared straight at the head of the big case. Ginkgo and Bai Yu’s heart were stunned. They stood by her and didn’t know what to say. They are also not sure what Baixuan thinks, but the first level in front of me really looks like how the sea pumice.

Bai Hao took a deep breath, and all kinds of thoughts swiftly passed in her mind. She still didn't believe that the sea pumice would die so easily, and she was sent off by the first level.

Even if the emperor is angry with him, he will not be allowed to hold the first level of his own son. Even if he does not mention his family, there is also a face problem. Haipushi once said that some people at the top of the Wulin League know him. With the relationship with the emperor, the emperor took out the first level of his son. What do you think these insiders think?

If it is not the meaning of the emperor, it is the three emperors' self-assertion. The benefits of his work are obvious. It is nothing more than wooing those who want to be the martial arts lords, and will control the forces of the martial arts alliance in the future.

The three emperors were crushed by the second emperor, and their qualifications were mediocre. They are now eager to win over the forces, and they must be prepared to compete for the throne.

The emperor suddenly fell ill, and Bai Yu always suspected that it was the hands and feet of the sea pumice. Yang Lan left the Jinghai pumice stone and started to attack the emperor. He also took the suspicion of Yang Lan and chose the emperor to prevent the most relaxed moment.

With the strength of the three emperors, it is purely funny to sneak into the demon to steal the first level of the pumice stone. Although the demon teaches the "death", but there are countless masters in the teaching, one can let Zhou Wenhua die ten times. Times.

This first level must be fake

However, this fake first level can deceive everyone how long, today's news spread, the devil will inevitably have a reaction, if the demon caves have never been moved, Zhou Wenhua and so on have never sneaked into the site of the demon, the facts use It will not be long before it will spread throughout the rivers and lakes.Yes, as long as she has stopped her, forced or frightened, and deceived, as long as she admits that the sea pumice is dead, she will leave the Wulin League. Even if she debunks this first level is fake, she has no face. Come back and revisit the request to delay the election of the Wulin League, and it is even more impossible to re-enter the Zhengqiyuan. So they only need to be successful today.

Although this matter is not glamorous, but there are three emperors supporting the waist, coupled with the powerful ** of the lord's throne, these people will take risks and it is not surprising.

White blinked, my heart angered, and then I saw a horror and absolutely shocked anecdote in the audience. She did not say a word in two steps and reached out to grab the first level. Scattered hair, pick up the first level and go straight to Zhou Wenhua

This scene is far beyond everyone's expectations. Zhou Wenhua was almost stunned at a glance. Fortunately, he did a good job. He hurriedly jumped at the last moment, and he was very embarrassed to drive.

Full of stunned...

Bai Hao pointed at his nose and said loudly: "When you take a fake, you dare to go to the Wulin League to swindle and swindle? What is your heart?"

Everyone in the hall listened to her words and changed their face. The grand elders, including the grief-stricken look of the Jitangtang, and others, were surprised to ask: "Is the first grade a fake?"

The faces of Wuyunmen and Feiqionggong are very gloomy. Liu Yiyi and Huayinghan stopped crying and looked at the white sly.

Everyone's thoughts are the same. If the first level is true, how can Bai Hao be willing to use the fiancé's head as a meteor hammer?

Zhou Wenhua and others saw the atmosphere in the hall reversing in an instant, and the heart secretly complained, but things have already ended, but they cannot but insist on the end: "You, do you have any evidence that this is a fake?"

Bai Hao sneered a sneer: "The big brother in the right side of the sea hides a tiny black scorpion, which ordinary people will not notice. There is nothing on the dog head that you bring."

The eyebrows of the sea pumice are thick and dark, and the small black cockroaches in the brows are really difficult for ordinary people to find. The white cockroaches get along with him day and night, and it is not surprising to find this small feature. Everyone listens to her plausible words and believes a little more.

Zhou Wenhua’s face is hard to look at, and his mouth is hard: “This is indeed the first level I brought a master to steal from the general altar of the demon, how can it be fake?”

"Master? How high?" Bai Hao gave a look to Bai Ada, they immediately met, Bai Asan, Bai A four people deliberately respectfully toward the white body

A ceremony, then suddenly turned around, the ghosts usually flashed to Zhou Wenhua's side to play.

Others only saw that their ladies were calm and bold, but those who had been with the whites for many years knew that she was actually scared by the first level, but forced her to reach out and touch the thing she was obviously afraid of disgusting. How sad it is to be wronged.

I think that everything is due to this week's Wenhua. Bai Asan and Bai A are four angry and more unrestrained. Rao Zhou Wenhua martial arts is also good to be beaten by the two.The guardian of the Emperor's House, who came with Zhou Wenhua, came forward to help. Bai A Sanyi took two brooms behind the hall door, and one of them was thrown to Bai A's four for his own use, and several hand and foot forced the guards to retreat.

Bai A four brooms in hand, specializing in Zhou Wenhua, but the ten tricks have already played Zhou Wenhua only the power of parry and no effort to fight back.

The long bamboo pole on the broom smashed Zhou Wenhua's shirt into an armor. His face was covered with blood and scars.

Most people in the Wulin League hate Zhou Wenhua for taking a false first class to pretend to be the courage of their lord. Fortunately, there are white crickets to separate the true and false, otherwise the matter will be dismantled in the future, and the martial arts league will inevitably lose its reputation, so everyone sees Zhou Wenhua’s fall and feels Very happy.

Moreover, the two servants of Baijia have made Zhou Wenhua like this. How could he possibly have the ability to sneak into the general altar of the devil without being discovered?

Some people who made a special trip to see the lively people had a good impression on the beautiful and moving white heart. The people of the Three Emperors House did not dare to offend, but they were very happy to see someone let them eat, and some good people even applauded.

Liu Wanjin and Hua Xingxue couldn't sit still. This week, Zhou Wenhua came to the Wulin League. It was already a shame to be debunked. Now he is being labeled like this. How do they turn back to the Three Emperors?

The two exchanged their eyes and jumped out to stop Bai Asan and Bai Asi. They shouted in the direction of the white singer: "stopping"

Bai Hao was provoked very hot today, and also intends to completely stand up, where is willing to stop, she nodded to Bai Ada and Bai A, and they both stopped in Liu Wanjin and Hua Xingxue. Holding them in front of them, Bai Asan and Bai A went to repair Zhou Wenhua and others.


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