Yu Ren

By E Mei

214 food color trap

214 food color trap

214 food color trap

Yang Yu’s words are poking the pain in the sea pumice.

It’s true that not only the white ugly couple never let go of the marriage, even the little girl who is heartless is just verbally agreeing to the marriage contract, there is no specific intention to fulfill the promise, even the sweet words that have to be with him forever never before.

Looking at the apparently gloomy face of the sea pumice, Yang Lan’s heart was loose.

On the way, he knocked on the white ugly attitude and found that he was really disgusted with the fact that the sea pumice became his son-in-law, and that the speech clearly showed that the white puppet and the sea pumice were not voluntary.

Now look at the reaction of the sea pumice. It is clear that Bai Yu has never given him any indication. As long as the heart of the little evil woman is still there, he asks himself to have the opportunity to struggle.

The sea pumice hard channel: "How about that, I will not give her to you."

"I didn't say you want to let..." Yang Yan smiled and looked up at him, word by word: "I don't need you to let me, I will let her take the initiative to choose me."

The self-confident and full-spirited spirit made the pumice stone extremely angry. He was very impulsive to say that he and his wife had already had a husband and wife, so that he would not be delusional, but he felt bored when he said it. After all, Bai Yu is an unmarried body. It is extremely unfavorable for such a thing to pass out. It is not necessary to disclose the ** of both of them for the sake of the moment.

The day is his, and what Yang Lan is doing now can only be in vain. He just waits to see him die and leave.

"When you come here, just want to give me trouble?" The sea pumice stone enjoys the feeling of hiding an overwhelming chip in his hand, and then asks about everything, and the tone is a lot easier.

Yang Lan is slightly surprised, but he does have some cooperation with the sea pumice, so he will not raise the topic of feelings for the time being. He replied: "There are some things to discuss with you."

Bai Ug and Yang Lan have arranged the inn in the town. Even the comfrey that came to explore the road was invited by the hotel to wait for it. Several people used the food without knowing it. Yang Lan had talks with the sea pumice and took the lead to Yang. The hustle and bustle of the room went to talk, and the white ugly and the daughter also had a "business" to talk about, bringing her daughter back to her room.

The daughter has only left the couple for more than two months, but her eyebrows have already become a bit more charming and charming. This is not only as simple as the beginning of the sinus, but the white ugly is more and more shocked, but it is not easy to ask directly, hesitating for a while. Asked: "You and the sea pumice... In the end, what is going on?"

It seems that the sea pumice does not mind his sudden appearance, and there is not much restriction on the action of the day. There is a certain calmness in the demeanor. If it is not certain that he can't leave at will, he will never be such an attitude.

Bai Yu understands what his father wants to ask. It must be concealed and hidden for a long time. She has organized a language and whispered: "Auntie, I will not be angry when I say something later, listen to me quietly. Is it finished?"

Bai Ug only felt that his heart and liver had been hoisted, and he said: "Well, you said."

"I have a couple with the sea pumice...""He, he forced you?" Bai ugly took his daughter's hand tightly. This possibility has been thought of thousands of times on the way he came, but when he actually heard it, he only felt that his heart was broken.

That damn bastard dared to touch his daughter.

Bai Yan saw his father's face pale and a little scared. He quickly reached out and gently stroked his father's chest, while he sighed for him: "No, it is the daughter's own willingness..."

"You don't lie to me, even if he doesn't use strong ones, he must use some evil means to seduce you." White ugly will never believe that his "smart and pure" daughter will take the initiative to dedicate himself to the big devil.

The daughter did have some heartbeat on the sea pumice, but she was never the kind of ignorant woman who used her feelings regardless of the consequences. She should be very clear about the consequences of doing so.

Bai Hao shook his father's arm: "He didn't force me, nor yin* me...I am, I want to have a baby, but I don't want to marry."

White ugly, shocked and angry, said: "What stupid you said?"

The white man said with a flat voice: "I don't want to leave my grandfather, I don't want to marry. If I am recruiting, what good things can a man who is willing to be recruited? I don't want to spend a lifetime with a guy who has no bones. It’s better to take my children with my mother and my grandfather. It’s easy and simple.”

Bai Ug was stunned by her words, but it seems that it is in line with her daughter's temper. He is very daring for his daughter, and has a terrible headache. He is forced to slap the corner: "Even if you don't even want to provoke the kid"

The white singer said: "My daughter likes him, he looks good, and my baby is very good in the future." My father used to pamper her. She wants to be stupid, her father can't take her, and she is guilty. The big mistake is that parents will forgive her unconditionally.

"Lu Ying, Lin Pingzi, and even Yang Lan, no one is worse than him. Yang Lan is the emperor who may become the emperor in the future. This identity is too troublesome and does not say him. Lu Ying and Lin Pingzi grew up with you. They are very compliant with each other, and they are all better than the Haijia boy. If he is only a martial arts lord, he is still a cult leader. "White ugly only feels like a big fight."

"Big brother and peace son are like my brothers, how can I talk to them... Hey, I have already thought of a good way to deal with the sea pumice, as long as we drag him, it will not be married, so good." In the father's arms, he is coveted.

White ugly smile and sigh: "You grow up, do things yourself, don't have to listen to the words, you are all focused on the sea boy, 爹爹

What else can you say? ”

Bai Hao shouted in his arms: "Whoever said, you are the most important, the most handsome, the most powerful man in my mind, other men can't compare with you, my son will be in this life. With 爹爹, grandpa together"

Bai Ug was so embarrassed by his daughter's sweet words, and his expression was relaxed, but he began to worry about the actual problem: "I am afraid that the Haijia kid is not so good, and Yang Hao... Hey, if he is not a prince, it is really good. ""Yang Lan walked with Bai Yu on this road, and he was modest and polite. He acted decently. Even if he was picky and ugly, he had to admit that this young man is indeed a one-of-a-kind, but his identity and ability and ambition are doomed. He can't be a free king in his life.

"I am relieved, I have already thought about several alternatives. The most important thing is that you and the mother must hold him down, at least until we move to the island, to stabilize him. As for Yang Lan, when I left Beijing, I have already made it clear to him that this kind of thing always requires him to figure out the land." Bai Yan thinks that Yang Lan is not the kind of entangled person. She will always let go of her feelings for her. She is not worried.

"If you have a baby..." White ugly is still hesitant. He doesn't agree with her daughter's plan, but he knows her daughter's disposition very clearly. What she decided, ten cows can't pull back, they couple these The pampering of her daughter has become a habit, and his heart always remembers what his wife said, and her daughter may only live to 18 years old.

Perhaps the daughter gave birth to a baby, and she was more and more tied to the world, which could bring a turn for the better. To the point of incompetence, the daughter could not escape this robbery, and she could have a baby left to offer her incense, and their white house would not be cut off from the incense.

These words he did not dare to mention to his daughter, only to be careful in the bottom of my heart.

"When I had no choice, I went back to Bailishan to produce. When I prepared a baby who had no father or mother, I pretended to be my child. It was not difficult to fool the pumice stone." Bai Hao whispered in his father's ear.

Bai Ug did not expect her daughter to think about this, but it is indeed a solution, and finally sighed no longer opposed.

Seeing the sea pumice the next day, the white ugly mood is very complicated. I want to swear this daddy who dazed his daughter’s innocence, and she wants her daughter to feel guilty about the beginning of chaos and deception. He does not want to Let the sea pumice look at the clues, but have to pull down the face and ignore it.

The sea pumice had originally expected that the white ugly would not have a good look for him. He is very curious now. What did the two fathers and daughters hide in the room last night? He thought about eavesdropping, but once he had something to discuss with Yang Lan, and secondly, Bai Yu was not a leisurely figure. If he showed signs, his relationship might be more rigid.

He also thought about asking Bailu directly, did he confess the relationship between the two people, but last night they were separated by a room, white ugly and white room neighboring, he is not good to entangle others in the future Yuezhang The daughter, it is not convenient to take medicine for him (if the failure is discovered, I am afraid that the white ugly will directly turn the face), so I can only honestly realize the dawn.

Bai Hao got up early in the morning and told the ghost to buy it early, first personally sent to his father's room, and then took the initiative to find the sea pumice.

Ghosts and ghosts quickly took out snacks, rice porridge, tea, etc. from the food box and put them on the table, and then retired with interest.

Bai Xiao smiled and said: "I heard on the road that the four-in-one buns here in Qinghe Town tastes very good. I let the ghosts buy them specially this morning, but they are still hot. Come and try." Chopsticks, a hot buns were sent to his mouth.The sea pumice stone sat flatterly at the table, and Bai Yu met him for so long. When there was very little such enthusiasm, there must be a weird but sweet-hearted jade hand feeding. Even if it was poison, he would be happy to eat it. Anyway, he was not afraid.

Slowly open the mouth, bite the white chubby little buns, the soft buns under the skin are fragrant fresh vegetables mixed with fine minced meat, the taste is just right, two or three can eat one, it is endless.

"Is it good?" asked Bai Xiaoxiao.

The sea pumice saw no one left and right, and both hands caught her thin waist and smiled and satisfied: "Good... but I prefer to eat you..."


Grandma broke, went to the hospital to see her, the old man has a wounded really cup, but the grandmother spirit is not bad.

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