Yu Ren

By E Mei

208 Emperor

208 Emperor

208 emperor

Yue Laosi was naturally made speechless by Bai Baili. After a while, he said: "This rescuer is also divided into his own family and other people's home?"

"This is nature, my family, I want him to go east, he has to go to the east, he wants him to go west, he has to go to the west, he wants him to climb the wall, he dare not punch the hole, he is not obedient, he wants to fight, he wants to punish, even I am happy to sell it, not my family. What good is it for me to pay for it?" Bai Hao is just saying that now, Yue Laosi is not willing to do things according to her. Get out of the way as soon as possible, so that you don't have more trouble later.

Surely, Yue Laosi suddenly changed color on the spot: "You are not saving people, you are the danger of swearing, and you are good."

"Four elders don't say too exaggerated, even if they are degraded, they are not forced by me. Even their own livelihoods can't be solved. Isn't it expensive for you? Selling to me, I will be able to redeem myself in the future, and I will be a good citizen." Opportunity, if you don't do it, you can't keep your life, let alone the future."

On the bickering, ten old Yues four add up, may not be able to catch up with a white one, he is not worried, entangled: "I am good to save people, how can it be so utilitarian?"

Bai Yan stretched out a white finger and shook it in front of him. He said: "This is not utilitarian. This is efficiency. I am not strong enough to save the world. I have to use good steel on the blade. Leave the opportunity to survive to someone who is more likely to contribute to the world."

"My family has saved more than 9,200 people, of which 60% have been redeemed, and 20% are about to be redeemed. Most of these people are now living well, and there is still room to help other people." Proud.

Yue Laosi can't be channeled: "More than 9,200? How, how is it possible?"

An ordinary family of five, the life of January requires two or two silver, more than 9,200, does it cost more than 3,600 and two silver dollars a month? More than 40,000 yuan a year, Jinshan Yinshan can not afford

Bai said: "It is definitely impossible to use your method. I will use my method... At least my family is not bankrupt now, and there is a little savings."

This is very modest. It is really in front of these people with lofty ideals. The whites are not courageous to show off their wealth. If they are eye-catching, they will be difficult to deal with.

Yue Laosi is not a fool. He can understand with a little bit of his mind that Bai Yan bought these people to work for Bai Jia, enough to support himself, and how Bai Jia may lose money.

"It’s too treacherous, this is not to save people. This is clearly a huge profit.” Yue Laosi still can’t agree. In his concept, saving people should not have such a strong purpose, and should not be from the rescued person. Profit.

However, Bai Jia at least as far as he can see, but everyone is convinced by the white, and according to Zi Cao, there are quite a lot of people, although many of them have been redeemed from Bai, and later they are just ordinary people, even big ones. People, shops, workshops, foremen, craftsmen, but everyone has a craft, and is also a person in the peers."To teach them how to make a living and find suitable job opportunities for them, it takes a lot of manpower and resources. Without these huge profits, we can't persist until now, and it is impossible for so many people to benefit. At least in terms of results. My approach is correct." Bai Yuken spent so much saliva to convince Yue Laosi, but also hope that he can really help, the strength of the community is not a joke, with their help, her things will be smooth many.

She feels that her work in these years is similar to employment training and professional intermediation. Because the basic education of the world is backward, she even has educational contents such as literacy calculations. For some people who have a promising future, they even provide Entrepreneurial loans, but these are obviously too advanced for Yue Laosi.

The reason why she insisted on being signed by the person who was rescued was because there was a lot of evidence. As one of the evidences for completing the task of helping the people, it is also one that is convenient for controlling and managing these rescued people.

Bai Hao is impatient and tells people the truth of life, let them understand their own painstaking efforts, she pays more attention to the results, as to whether these rescued people are grateful to her or resent her, in fact, she does not care.

Therefore, she simply and rudely used the sales contract to force all those who were rescued, and she must obey her unconditionally, and the latter things are much more labor-saving.

Yue Lao four twisted his brow and struggled for a long time. He still couldn’t accept it. He sighed: "Small girl, maybe you are doing so, but it’s good, but we have to go to the world to sign the contract. The people who are suffering, I am afraid that not only the old man, no brother in the church will agree..."

Bai Yan smiled and said: "I didn't say that you want to do this. I always want you to help me to see where there are suitable people who need help, and when I buy these people, you can send people to escort them. I will give you money to pay for the place I have appointed. Just hire someone to be a bodyguard and send a letter for my contact message. These people’s money for sale is from me, and the buyer also writes my name."

Yue Lao was listening to the four, and suddenly felt that the psychological pressure was much smaller. The patted the shoulder of the pumice stone that was pulled in and listened. He smiled and said: "The sea brother, your wife is too powerful, you have to take good care of it."

The sea pumice has a reddish complexion, a good-looking gentleman who is afraid of his wife, and defends the white scorpion: "When she is measured, she will not be chaotic."

Yue Lao was white and he glanced at him: "When the wife hasn't passed the door, she will be like this. If she is sent out, she will not be afraid of being jokes. You are a martial artist."

The sea pumice sneaked at the white sly, and some smiled apologetically and did not refute. Yue Laosi looked at his head and shook his head.

The superb performances of the sea pumice are as high as the waters of the river, and the levees of the Yellow River are out of control.Yue Laosi sighed: "Don't blame the old husband, the little girl, she is the head of the lord's wife to buy and sell the population, hehe, I am afraid that the old leaders of the martial arts league will gossip. Especially Wuyunmen, Feiqionggong, Jizhou Situ Home, and the old ghost of Red Land, you just rejected their marriage proposal, they will say it very ugly."

Bai Yan smiled and said: "When I buy and sell people, the four elders don't have to change their opinions. They just say that they are recruited to work and live for a living. Why should they be so honest with them?"

"It’s also going to... let the old six pick up some tight-spoken disciples to run for your errands, and avoid them." Yue Laosi really thought for them.

Bai Hao sincerely thanked him and sent him out the door.

The door has just been covered, the sea pumice can't wait to come over and hug her, Bai Hao pushes him: "Looks at people, saying that you are not doing well, light and lascivious, you can't hang up the false mask of false and false."

In the past few days, because the sea pumice has frequently dealt with the people of the martial arts, the two people have almost become local public figures. Under the eyes of the public, the sea pumice naturally converges.

For a man who is just beginning to taste the taste of the blood, the beauty of the heart is only able to touch it, but it is cruel. So once he determines that no one is nearby, he will not be able to linger. The feeling of being discovered by this taboo is similar to the taste of **, and the faint stimulation makes every short-lived intimacy unique.

He put a white shackle in his arms and made a few kisses. He sealed her little mouth that made him fascinated and made her angry. After a lingering sigh, she only slightly loosened and whispered in her ear. : "There is also a secret room on the ground floor of this inn. You will accompany me tonight."

The scorching heat is hot on her delicate skin, and the sea pumice wants to take her down to the secret room to do what, the fool knows. However, Bai Hao could not say that he refused to categorically, but only gave him a look.

That charming and charming, shy and provocative eyes, stronger than any tempting language, attracted a series of deep kisses of the sea pumice. When Bai Hao was fascinated, he heard a sneaky cough from outside. This suggests that someone has arrived, and the status is not easily sneaky.

The heart of the sea pumice has unwillingly loosen the white scorpion, adjust the atmosphere and make good clothes, and make sure that there is nothing wrong with his appearance, and then push the door out.

Bai Hao touched the face of his red hot omelet, and found that his collar was unwittingly pulled away. If not, someone will develop to what extent, God knows.

I have to say that the sea pumice is getting more and more attractive.

She didn't want to be seen by herself, so she fell down and was drunk by cold tea. She sat down at the table and tried to remember what the old lady was doing before she came to question her. As a result, no matter how hard it worked, the shadow of the sea pumice was still turning around in the mind, and Bai Hao held his head and screamed low.

It must be the reason of spring, so she also started to send *, damnBai Hao stayed in the room for a while and then slowed down. After finishing the rest, he called the ghosts to come in and pack up. Unconsciously, the departure from the sea pumice had been enough for an hour, but still No sea pumice turns.

Who has such a big face, want to stay with the sea pumice for so long?

"Who is the one who just came?" Bai Hao simply asked the ghosts.

The sneaky hesitantly said: "It’s the one sent from Jingli..." The sea pumice told me that these things don’t have to be white.

White, live, Jingli? Is it the emperor? It’s not a good thing for the emperor to find the sea pumice.

Since the mother of the sea pumice, the last demon teaches the king, with the help of the emperor's power to climb the throne, presumably the devil is a major force in the emperor's hidden in the rivers and lakes, the emperor let the sea pumice into Beijing to kill the queen and the second emperor, except It is because he is revengeful, probably because he is very suitable and even doing this for the emperor...

This time, what did the emperor want him to do?


Call the pink ticket, don't hesitate to have the guaranteed ticket at the beginning of the month, hand it over, oh. (

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